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Ai / 28 Review(7)




Manager Message

This girl is perfect about service, hospitality, and presence. She is one of our recommended girls. We hope you to feel secure when you request her.

Movie of Ai

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8/27 (Sun) 8/28 (Mon) 8/29 (Tue) 8/30 (Wed) 8/31 (Thu) 9/1 (Fri) 9/2 (Sat)
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Girls Information

T157 B86 (D) W59 H88 
Hair colour
Hair Type
Straight Long
Bikini area
Good at
Body Washing
Prostate massage


Oral sex w/o skin(CIM)
Take-home Panty
Take-home Panty hose
Golden shower
Over Night

Girl Message

Hello. I am Ai.

Thank you for checking my profile.
I want you to know about me, so I will introduce myself.
My attractive points are the smooth skin and voice people often say it’s cute.

People often say the bigger bottoms on my petit body are nice.
And I am good at body wash and nuru-lotion play with this smooth skin, which I would like you to try definitely.

I learned English in the English conversation school for 5 years since 16 years old, so my listening comprehension is good. But I am not so good at speaking, so I hope I will be better in the future.

I have been living in Osaka for 7 years but am originally from Hokkaido.
Please ask me if you are interested in Hokkaido.
I like reading books and traveling to hot-spring resorts, and I often go to wakeboarding in summer and snowboarding in winter.
People tell me I am relaxing and friendly, so I think we can get friendly quickly.

I like ecchi naughty things very much. I love being passive in the bed but love making you moan and writhe like prostate massage or male squirt, too. So please feel free to tell what you want.

You may find a new ecstasy. This is about me.

And more? The best part is for the sweet time we meet! I will make you happy with lots of smile, smile. I cannot wait the day we actually meet.

Staff Message

“How soothing.. This girl is like a loving angel!!” This was her first impression. Her smile will make everyone happy. Furthermore, her voice is cute. Have you ever fell in love for the girl’s voice? If you like young and cute type girl, she is perfect. (Ito)

Her charm point is the smile! That’s it. Being with her always smiling makes us happy. Smile is girls’ strongest weapon after all!! (Sato)

She is a beautiful girl with fair skin, and her voice is so attractive more than anything. She talks dirty with that sweet voice… I just imagine and… I envy you. (Sugi) 


Ai is a darling. She is a good kisser and she is so friendly and really provide GFE, a "must try" in Osaka

  SH Date and time 2016/09/27 09:59

I visited with Ai 2016/4/9. She was very kind and helpful. Her bikini area skin is so soft and smooth I was amazed. She really worked hard to make me comfortable and to please me. I will visit with her again!

  Dave w Date and time 2016/05/19 22:08

I had an appointment with Ai yesterday and I must say it was wonderful. She is very gentle and nice. She is even more beautyfull than on the pictures and her skin is very soft. She is absolutly worth the extra fee and if you are thinking about booking her, hesitate no longer. She will leave you satisfied and wanting more.

  David Date and time 2016/01/04 11:38

She is very cute girl. I spend good time!

  Cu Date and time 2015/08/18 19:13

It was a great experience, Ai was very nice and overall it was excellent. Thank you for following up with the availability. I'm definitely interested in doing another one or two visits before I leave in a few days. Could you please let me know whats the best way to check availability of the girls and how far ahead I would need to reserve ahead of time?

Thank you for your help.

  JZ Date and time 2015/06/24 15:20

When I think of a beautiful Japanese woman, she looks like Ai-chan; beautiful as any Japanese actress, cute and very personable with a melting smile. I will definitely try to meet her again next time in I’m in Osaka.

  David Date and time 2015/01/04 19:39

First time trying this service. She has a very cute voice and cute face. The moment i saw her i can feel like she is my girlfriend. Definitely will be back to see her again.

  za chie (singapore) Date and time 2014/12/26 02:56

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