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Osaka Girls Information

Rena / 29 Review(1)

Manager Message

It is not too much to say she is the best one about technical service. The skills she has got will surprise and impress you. Her service is a must-see with the cozy and happy mood.

Weekly Schedule

10/18 (Wed) 10/19 (Thu) 10/20 (Fri) 10/21 (Sat) 10/22 (Sun) 10/23 (Mon) 10/24 (Tue)
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10/25 (Wed) 10/26 (Thu) 10/27 (Fri) 10/28 (Sat) 10/29 (Sun) 10/30 (Mon) 10/31 (Tue)
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11/1 (Wed) 11/2 (Thu) 11/3 (Fri) 11/4 (Sat) 11/5 (Sun) 11/6 (Mon) 11/7 (Tue)
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Girls Information

T167 B88 (D) W60 H91 
Hair colour
Dark Brown
Hair Type
Bikini area
Ears ,Navel
Good at
Nuru-lotion play
Prostate massage
On training


Panty house
Take home panty
Golden shower
Demma (Machine)
Fish net stocking
Mutual masturbation

Girl Message

Hello. My name is Rena.
I started working for JEGC a little while ago. I have a very good time that is whole new to me.
I appreciate that I can meet gentlemen from many countries. I would like to meet more.
I like playing my dog and eating. The dog is so lovely. Looks like an angel.
Moreover, I am interested in medical herb in the world. Herb is an interesting category providing lots of knowledge. I want to travel around the world to try local medical herb meals.
I hope you tell me about your country.
My dream after retirement is a self-sufficient farmer. I’d like to renovate my home and farm... The dream is endless. I am such a happy girl.
I will start studying in a professional school from this April. I will work hard to make my dream come true. I want to speak English well. Unfortunately, my English is not enough to have a good conversation yet, but I want to talk well someday.
I want to be a person to tell Japan’s good points to people coming to Japan. I will work hard every day to serve as much satisfactory hospitality as I can to all from the world. I am really looking forward to seeing you. 

Staff Message

She is tall and voluptuous. Down-to-earth, but her smile is lovely, and she is a polite girl above all. She is devoted in service, so we are sure you want to repeat her again.

Her sensual mature eroticism, presence, and excellent technique might fascinate your heart and body.♪ This woman knows male body. Her sticky bed skills drive you crazy, and you will be fulfilled after the session. She is like this.♪ (Sato)

The first thing catching your eyes is her charming smile with full maternity! And soft body with assets! Men cannot stop loving her D-cup breasts, and as she keeps giving erotic pleasures pushing her boobs on you closeely, you will indulge yourself in ecstasy.♪ (Matsuzaka) 


Rena was as sweet and funny as she is beautiful. She has an amazing body and is very good at what she does. Her English skills are good and it made communication with her much easier. She is very cute and I will definitely see her again when I am back in town.

  Tim Date and time 2016/03/27 23:27

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