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Osaka Girls Information

Karen / 27 Review(10)


May 6


Manager Message

This girl is adorable with neat and clean impression. This bright and happy girl is the angel of healing! Her smile will fascinate all men. The time to spend with her will be good for sure.♪

Movie of Karen

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Girls Information

T152 B80 (B) W59 H81 
Hair colour
Light brown
Hair Type
Bikini area
Good at
Blow job
Prostate massage


Oral sex w/o skin(CIM)
Take-home Panty
Take-home Panty hose
Golden shower
Over Night

Girl Message

Hello ,I'm Karen 

I love traveling,music,movies and meeting new people
I'm bit shy at first but a good listener so I want you to tell me anything about you.

Id like to get to know you better and have a really nice time with you .
It would be so nice if you feel the same way .
Im looking forward to seeing you soon  

Staff Message

She is one of a girl who has both good looking and adult atmosphere. I hope you to have her great massage that many customer praise (Ogawa)

「Such a great figure and beautiful smile.」 I think this is what describe all about her. Why not see and feel her for yourself. You definitely willing to see her again.(Hirayama)

I think you thought it’s good to choose her when you meet her. And you should find out the reason why I feel so when you had her massage.(Matsuzaka)

She became tremendously popular soon after she join us. You might be little confused because she is little shy, but her smile will get your heart. Strongly recommend her when you considering who to chose.(Tanaka) 


As Karen-san says in her introduction, she really does want to get to know you and have a nice time with you. And believe me, the feeling is mutual. My trips to Japan now have to include several days in Osaka to catch up with her and enjoy her charming company. Conversation with her over dinner is wonderful, allowing me to practice my Nihongo, or listening to her excellent English, which comes with a little bit of an Aussie accent. And when the evening is nearing its end, seeing her lovely smile, feeling as happy as can be, what better memory of Japan could there be?

  Q Date and time 2017/02/20 07:21

Karen is a very kind and nice girl, she is also very cute, can speak very good English. I had a few experiences of similar service before, and if you ask me, I would rate Karen is the best so far I had, and I 100% guaranteed that you would have your best enjoyment ever. I would never ever forget the time I spend with her and the fun that we had, it also unbelievable for me that I booked her in for 2 times, I just couldn't find any word to describe how good she is, I believe that you can't either~

  Kai f  Date and time 2017/02/09 01:48

Karen is very friendly and smiles all the time,she speaks english and will engage in conversations.overall excellent service,very pleasant and will make you happy.

  Kadse_dog Date and time 2017/01/15 16:49

Karen's a cute and a very nice girl,she speaks great english and her service never disappoint.A very friendly person and keeps smiling all the time,i had a great time with her.will see her again.thank you karen for the great osaka experience.

  Fishigni Date and time 2017/01/13 01:24


It takes me nearly one week to write this review, because I have been thinking on how to write a best one. It has been a wonderful time to spend with (thanks to the staff for the smooth reservation). Karen is eager to listen to me, and is eager to share with some of her personal thoughts. Unfortunately I could not take another reservation during my business trip, and it is hard to say goodbye because I know I will miss Karen..

“You are the best.” I will remember this, and you know what I mean. When you are in hard time, see this review and you will remember that someone is missing you far away.

Will try my best to arrange my next trip to Osaka as soon as possible. Wait for the date.

  Sing Date and time 2016/10/18 00:53

Karen is a petite angel, beautiful, adorable, kind, smiling, eager to please, speaks enough english to communicate with, the only downside is I can't take her back with me. Thanks Karen, I had a great time with you. 😘

  Lues Date and time 2016/10/17 10:28

Karen is the best. she is very engaging and makes sure she keeps me entertained. I would love to meet her again. and she speaks excellent English :)

  Sam  Date and time 2016/10/16 19:59

What a sweet heart! I concur with a prior review. Talking with her was as valuable as the physical stuff. She seemed genuinely interested and asked great questions. Very sweet and pure of heart I think. Really lovely lady. If I wasn't married.....hehehehe

  Mr. Surprised Date and time 2016/07/05 11:43

I was a little nervous but I was definitely surprised to how well spoken her English is. She has a friendly smile and is very nice. She was super curious about my background and engaged in conversation the whole time. I would definitely recommend her again and her o shiri is very lovely and cute.

  Regular customer Date and time 2016/06/02 09:44

Karen speaks excellent English and is super nice. She gives incredible service and is an all-around amazing girl. I enjoyed talking with her as much as I enjoyed the physical stuff. Spending time with her is an unforgettable experience.

  Mr. H Date and time 2016/05/16 19:42

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