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Sayuri / 30 Review(7)


Manager Message

Petite, porcelain skin, jet black tresses. Not only her Japanese identity, but also her voluptuous body figure is a factor to captivate you. She will overturn your first impression after exposing her lewdness.

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Girls Information

Elegant , Sexy
T150 B88 (E) W60 H88 
Hair colour
Hair Type
Bikini area
Good at
Blow job
Prostate massage


Panty house
Take home panty
Golden shower
Demma (Machine)
Fish net stocking
Mutual masturbation

Girl Message

Hi, this is Sayuri. Thank you for checking my profile.
I’m glad if you know me even a little.

So let me tell you about myself. I’m too short and small. But I have big butt.
My skin is so soft and smooth, and also very white compared to other Japanese girls.

My hobby is watching American or British TV show and dramas. I learned English from watching these, so I can understand a bit of English. Honestly it is very hard for me to list up all my hobbies because I have way too much.
I like reading books which are written by people in old days, and also Japanese manga as well. I love foreign music, but also that of classic because I was a student of classic ballet and violin.
Additionally I’m a big fun of computer game recently.
Also I’m good at putting on Kimono, so I often go out wearing it.
I’m a type of person who loves to know new things, so please do not hesitate to talk about yourself! I will love to hear something new from you.

The best part on the bed for me is to see man feeling good.
And their moaning voice and face turns me on. Licking is one my favorite part of play. I will lick you everywhere. If you have anything specific parts you want me to lick, just let me know and ill give you the deepest licking to you.

And my skin is very weak, so when you touch me, please be gentle.
Lets have wonderful night with me and make it your best night ever!


Staff Message

If you are looking for a high integrity but naughty, sophisticated yet sensual and playful, Sayuri is the one. Undivided attention from the beginning to the end, pleasured from head to toe is assured. (Matsu)

Passionate, sensual and sexy, Sayuri is the answer to all discerning gentlemen. You will be pleased and aroused with her unrushed attention fulfilling your natural desires. In the end you will perceive yourself being captivated by Sayuri. (Ike)

Black hair, white skin, beautiful eyes, petite but large breast... Sayuri is your ideal Japanese woman, looks like a girl straight out of Japanese Animation! You'd better hurry, or she will be super popular girl for sure and will be booked out all time! (Kato)


She is so great!
She is beautiful, smart, sophisticated, good in English, while also wild. You must feel good for the "service part", but also, I enjoy talking with her too! I know it is a bit weird to say that, I love the talking part. It's not my first time to have this kind of service, but it's first time that I met a girl can talk about American dramas and movies with me! We had an enjoyable and memorable conversation. It feels good to know that we have common favorite show.
Thanks for your little present. And thanks for the delightful evening. Miss Sayuri.

(P.S. I remember the name of the character we forgot, it's Joffrey Baratheon lol)

  Tse Date and time 2017/07/27 21:55

First time experience of any sort with an escort. Sayuri had all the qualities I wanted: non-smoking, pretty, friendly, etc according to her profile. From the moment she walked in until 3 hours later, she was attentive to my needs and was totally at ease with her nudeness which put me at ease.

Definitely enjoyed my first experience and would definitely see her again if available. She speaks and understands English very well.

Thank you Sayuri for the pleasurable experience and great massage.

  D from Hawaii Date and time 2017/06/06 05:48

Outstanding girl I had the pleasure to meet. Very petite yet naughty with very good english skills. Met her over half a year ago but I had such a nice time with her that my mind ventures back to that very night sometimes.

  Nick from Sweden Date and time 2017/05/23 00:48

Hi Sayuri, ever after I met you in last Nov, I couldn't resist thinking of the moment together. I haven't had a chance to see you again :-( hope you are doing fine and feeling good.

  I Date and time 2017/05/18 23:24

Outstanding lady. Her pictures do not do her justist. She is very beautiful. Hope to see her again.

  D Date and time 2016/11/28 00:13

I had a great time with Sayuri! Her English is very good and we talked about a lot of things. She even recommended a few restaurants that I can try in Japan. Hope we can meet again soon!

  K Date and time 2016/11/09 02:00

Sayuri can speak english and provide great service. Really happy to have this experience with her.

  li Date and time 2016/09/23 20:21

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