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Rikako / 24 Review(5)




Manager Message

Petite, pale white skin, jet-black hair… She is like a gift box packed with full of Japanese cuteness for you. She is a cute girl who has big breast. You can expect her not only young, but also luscious.

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Girls Information

T155 B86 (E) W59 H87 
Hair colour
Hair Type
Long, Straight
Bikini area
Good at
Blow job
Prostate massage


Panty house
Take home panty
Golden shower
Demma (Machine)
Fish net stocking
Mutual masturbation

Girl Message

Nice to meet you. I am Rikako.
Thank you for looking at my profile.
I introduce myself, because I want you to know me.

First, I was born and raised in Osaka.
People always say that my character is pure and innocent.
I always smile and love enjoyable things.

I am not shy at first, so we can enjoy each other from the beginning.
I really love naughty things, and to be devoted. Also I think I am good at BJ.
I want to make you feel ecstasy and be excited as well.

Traveling, watching movies, and listening music are my hobby.
I cannot speak English really well but I go to overseas a lot.
Sometimes I go to concerts too. I love the time to do what I want.

My most attractive features are smile and pale skin.
My friends say that my smile makes them happy.
So I want to make you happy too.

It is a little story of mine.
I will do my best and hope you say “I was happy with you.”
Let’s make a memorable time together. 

Staff Message

Well hairdressed black long hair, white and smooth skin, her smile is quite adorable.
She is just what we think Japanese woman. Her smile make you relax.(Ogawa)

You will never regret of her. She has bright personality and cute face.
She makes you want to hug her after you see her for the first time and You will be surprised by her big breasts.(Matsu)

Her charm is very friendly and pretty.Her special skill is Blow job and her E cup of breasts.
She is not attending many times so please make sure to book her before fully booked.(Kato) 


I like Rikako. Happy with her professional service. Came on time, well mannered, will definitely try again. Tried very hard to please you. High rating definitely.

  Lawrence Date and time 2017/02/04 22:30

Rikako is a very gentle & sweet girl who makes you feel very comfortable. Shower time and bed time were both fun & great. She makes me feel like being with a playful girlfriend. We had a great time talking too despite the language barrier. I would be very happy to spend more time with her again.

  Jeffrey Date and time 2016/12/19 02:53

I really enjoyed my time with Rikako, and I will try to schedule her again when I return to Osaka. She taught me many Japanese words, and she worked at learning English words/phrases too. She is very good with her smartphone translator :-) She is so cute, like the girl you sit next to on the train and fantasize about. She is warm-hearted, and treats you very well. Such a sweet girl! I like Rikako a lot!

  ScubaFan Date and time 2016/11/14 10:25

Rikako is a very sweet girl with a lovely smile. I love the shape of her breasts and her technique is amazing. I will definitely request for her in the future.

  California Jin Date and time 2016/11/06 21:14

Rikako was delightful. Sweet, minimal English but no problem for me. Not here to talk about the world. and she is very dedicated and talented to get you off. Very high rating for those qualities! Definitely will repeat with her if I can.

  JEFF Date and time 2016/10/23 19:56

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