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Hanae / 26 Review(2)




Manager Message

She is a down-to-earth tender lady. I assure you will enjoy her gap between the cute look and glamorous body! Her technique is excellent. You must be totally fascinated in the end.

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Girls Information

T167 B89 (D) W62 H90 
Hair colour
Hair Type
Bikini area
Good at
My specialty
Prostate Massage


Take home panty
Golden shower
Demma (Machine)
Fish net stocking
Mutual masturbation

Girl Message

Hello! I'm Hanae!
Thank you for checking my profile. Here I would like to introduce myself!

I was born and raised in Kyoto. And still now I'm living in there. There're so many temples and shrines in my city, and so many tourists visit them.
If you have a plan to go to Kyoto, please let me know :) I could tell you anything about Kyoto!

and...I LOVE TRAVELING!! I often go to US. Once I was in NYC for several months, and I got into the city!!
Of course I'm interested in other countries too. Could you tell me about your country? I'm always all ears ;)
My next destination would be somewhere in Asia. I love ethnic food especially Thai food! The spicy food makes us vigorous, doesn't it?

The reason why I am here is I would like to do "OMOTENASHI" for you.
I think this Japanese traditional custom is really wonderful. Now you're in Japan, so you could stay here comfortably and happily! In many ways I will make you happy and excited ;)
Enjoy our "OMOTENASHI" here, and you'll love it I believe.

Are you interested in a bit "Rubenesque" girl? Actually I am not a skinny but tall. But if you could enjoy my body, I'm so happy :)
I'm still learning how to make you excited, so could you tell me if you feel good? I'm really curious for everything ;)
You want prostate massage? Yes!! I could do it!!

Please hug and kiss me when we meet! Why don't we make and share a nice feeling together!
I'm looking forward to seeing you. I believe that we have a good chemistry :)

Thank you!!



Staff Message

Her body is glamorous, curvy and smooth. You will be very satisfied for sure.♪ She is a grounded girl but have a naïve phase she feels lonely and wants affection, too. Many men feel like taking her under your wings, don’t you? (Ono)

She loves and cares customers very much. She is diligent. She will show her great skill of ‘prostate massage’ in your bedroom, which our instructor is a great vote of confidence. It’s premium! It could open your door to a new world. Welcome to new world!! (Yosuke)

We transmit not only Japanese tradition, but also original eroticism of a Japanese woman, toward the rest of the world from Kyoto!! She can speak English and a cosmopolitan with a very glamorous body! Have a sweet time with Beautiful Japanese Girl!! (Toshi)  


Thank you for everything! We could have such a lovely and sweet time. Also Hanae can speak English really fluently! There was only you who I can talk to in English in Japan during my stay. Your fair and super soft skin, sweet voice and everything you did to me, I'll never forget. Missing you. See you soon!

  N Date and time 2017/06/30 23:58

I spent amazing night with Hanae during my visit to Osaka. She made me extremely excited and comfortable. Her voice was so sexy and her body was very soft. Really great experience and I will definitely go back to meet her again during my next trip there.

  NW Date and time 2016/02/01 10:25

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