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Osaka Escort Girls infoOsaka Escort Girls info

2014/06 2014/06
If the difference of sexual-feeling bothers you, escort girls will solve.

All people have sex drive.
But sexual-feeling is different with each other.

Sexual service solves that distress.

Escort girls are various.

For example, sexy girls, Lolitas, mature.

You can choose your favorite type, so it merely happen you do not have any sexual-feeling with her.

Most escort girls are different from regular girls.
They have skills and techniques.

They will drive you crazy.

I hear many couples have a problem because their sexual feelings do not match.

It may sound strange.
How about you try adult entertainment with your partner?

Some delivery-health is ready for 3p course that you and your partner join and enjoy.

You can steal the technique of an escort girl.
And the sexual feeling must be so different from your daily sex life.
You and your partner must b refreshed.

I often use delivery-service
June 30, 2014 7:02 PM | [I often use delivery-service]Permalink

I have no girlfriend.
So delivery-health is a thing I do need.

The best part of delivery health is I can take my sex drive out on whenever and wherever I want.

I call in every time I can't stop feeling hairy.

Escort girls are really pretty in these days.

Some delivery-health clubs have many young girls that look like high school students to me.

I like young girls, so I choose a younger girl in a delivery-health.

They are young but good at sexual service.
Maybe they are experienced.

I get excited massively with French kisses and cum with blowjob in some seconds.

I cannot get this ecstasy with a masturbation.
I need living warm female body.

As long as I am single, I will need delivery-health.

My first sight of a Naked-Girl

I saw a real Naked-Girl first time in my life when I used adult entertainment.

I saw Naked-Girls on movies or pictures only.
I wanted to see a real Naked-Girl, so I used.

I am too shy to talk to girls, so I cannot have a girlfriend.

Adult entertainment is the only way I can see a Naked-Girl.

I had a hesitation to use it for first time, but I took my courage in both hands and called in escort service.

The escort girl was beautiful and sweet to me.

I was still awkward and could not communicate well, but she talked to me gently.
Her talk was fun.
I was relaxed.

After that we took our clothes off.
I could look a Naked-Girl body well.

The escort girl showed all and explains about her body part to me.
It was a marvelous time.

japanese-escorts are friendly.

There are not only japanese-escorts but also foreign escort girls, too.

Some people prefer their glamour bodies, rudimentary Japanese, and manliness.
But japanese-escorts are still popular.

Maybe japanese-escorts are 'pretty girls next door' type, so men can feel as if they were real lovers.

And the sexual service of japanese-escorts is flawless orthodox.

You can expect good service because japanese-escorts are superior with detailed response, care, and hospitality of 'omotenashi' spirit.

Traveler, businessmen, and residents from other worldwide like japanese-escorts.

They say the service of japanese-escorts is different from adult service in other countries.

Quite a few japanese-escorts have pride and policy in their job.
Each one has her strong point or charming point.

Beautiful? Cute? Cool? You can choose.
Which type of japanese-escorts would you like?

It's like I invite my girl friend to my home.

I do thank for outcall escort service,
It is nice they send a pretty erotic girl.
I just relax and wait at home.
I can have thier sexual service whenever I feel horny.

The best part of outcall is you can have an atmosphere like lovers quickly because you meet the escort girl in a private space.

I feel like as if I have sexual time with my real girlfriend during the session, which makes me feel so good.

I like it the best that we take a shower together.
I get excited strongly.

I do not feel as good as this when I am in a bathroom in a hotel.
Being at home is a situation with reality.
That's why I am turned on so much.

Also intercrural sex and blow job are so much better in my bed.

Adult service with real store
Real store type health is okay, but it is more exciting to call in an outcall service to my home.

I think the good part of delivery-health is

In a couple of situations, I realized how comfortable and nice delivery-service is, which is different from real store type health.

First, my sex drive is strong.
I sometimes feel it suddenly, and it is usually not a good timing.

During the period I do not have a girlfriend, I have nothing but a masturbation to solve it whenever it happens in the midnight or in the early morning.

But I have been able to satisfy me with delivery-health service since I got to know it.

It's a revolutionary service that an escort girl comes to your place with one phone call.

It saved me so many times that it is not too much to say delivery-health is my lifeline.

Especially when I work late and come home with tired body and lots of sex drive, nothing is better than delivery-health.

I believe many men like me appreciate this merit, so delivery-service is growing.

The secret of japanese-escorts' popularity

Many foreign gentlemen must use japanese-escorts at least once.

And I heard many gentlemen want to have professional technique of japanese-escorts.

It is true escort girls have special technique that regular girls do not have.

Nowadays, there is some delivery-health where escort girls around the world work.

But it seems that japanese-escorts are still popular.

I think the reason is their communication skill and culture.

Men cannot feel good just with technique.
We need communication.

The best thing of japanese-escorts is their tender character.

They are warm-hearted to care other people and learn service manner everyday to make you happy.

Many men think japanese-escorts are worth and choose them.

How do you deal with your sexual-feeling?

If you cannot satisfy your sex drive which is one of three big instinctive desires, it has a bad influence on your health and mental
It would be nice if you have a wife or a girlfriend and have an intimate time together when you feel strong sexual-feeling.

But it would be a trouble if you do not have anyone like that.

You should use adult service like an escort club.

If you use safe and secure delivery-health or other adult service stores, their escort girls will heal and satisfy you with sexual-feeling.

They will give a massage on your private part, French kisses like real lovers, and even blowjob that all men love.

In addition, they serve intercrural sex that you can feel as if you have real sex with, so you will have ecstasy quickly.

There are many sexual service in this world.
When we hit on sexual-feeling, we should use it easily.

Only adult entertainment serves a Naked-Girl

I am single in my 30's.
The only chance I can see a Naked-Girl is adult entertainment.

If you try, you will know a real Naked-Girl is totally different from Naked-Girls on pictures or AV.

Even if you did not think she is a real beauty, you will find her pretty when you meet.

And real girls speak and have real bodies.

You can see, hear, and touch a girl.
It is far more than a great AV a beautiful actress plays in.

And she is a Naked-Girl.
How can you stop yourself get excited?

And such a sexy Naked-Girl gives you sexual service in adult entertainment.

In addition, adult entertainment expands its variety and service recently.
More you know, more you want to try.

For example, a hot beautiful Japanese girl blindfolds and ties you up and toys your erogenous zones lustily in the fetish masochistic club I often call in.

Adult entertainment takes you to the world of dream.

Adult entertainment you can satisfy your sexual-feeling legally

Every person wants fulfillment of sexual-feeling and pleasure feeling immoral.

Men have stronger sex drive because of their instinct to procreate deeply stored in DNA,
and they feel pleasure when sexual-feeling is satisfied.

But it is illegal to force sexual activities to women only to satisfy your animal instinct.

If you ever move into such an action, you will lose social position.

However it is not so easy to meet girls and reach to a sexual relationship unless you have high communication skill or good looks.

If you use adult entertainment, it is easy to satisfy your sexual-feeling legally.

In Japan, laws allow adult entertainment business.
You pay for satisfaction of your sexual-feeling.

The escort girls are professional.
They will not say any bad thing even if your looks or technique is not good.
They will not hurt your feeling.

A full Naked-Girl is beautiful

Drawing is my hobby.
I like scenery and people.

When I draw a person, I draw only face or take a picture of the person moving before drawing.

The most beautiful picture is of a full Naked-Girl.

A Naked-Girl is really attractive.
That is real Venus.

I draw not only a slender Naked-Girl but also an well-rounded Naked-Girl, too.

The figure of a Naked-Girl tells you her character and allure.

I make it a rule to be only two of us when I draw.

A Naked-Girl must nervous, so it is important to build a trustful relationship.

I have a conversation about our private life to break ice.

We get closer after we talk about each other's private life.

Then I ask the Naked-Girl various posing.

A trustful relationship stands after we got closer.
Then her eyes get lively and add amorous atmosphere to beautiful posing.

I can draw a great picture when I have such a Naked-Girl as a model.

Do you want to be lovey-dovey?

Do you know GFE?

There are 2 kinds of GFE.

One is GFE where escort girls or boys work, and you choose one and have a pseudo-dating.

Another one is people who just want to find a boyfriend / girlfriend or a dating partner register.

This type requires membership with expensive admission fee and membership fee, so it might be a little difficult.

But men want some caring girl stay close when you have not had any relationship long or broke up with your girlfriend recently.

Why don't you try an image club, one of sexual service, instead of an expensive GFE?

Many image clubs set a love ( girlfriend / dating ) course.

You can meet an escort girl at a station or a cafe as if you and she were real boyfriend and girlfriend and check in a love hotel with hand in hand.

Safe and secure japanese-escorts

I often travel abroad for my business and have escort service in many countries, but japanese-escorts are good to me.

Looks and service is so different.

The best part of japanese-escorts is that they are dedicated to men.

In a bathroom, japanese-escorts kneel down and wash my body clean and give long nice blowjob.

I did not have these services abroad.

In a bed, japanese-escorts are modest.
What they are doing is very sexy and aggressive like intercrural sex and loving my anal.

But their attitude is still with a little shyness, The gap makes me turn on.

And japanese-escorts have wonderful hospitality.

They know male erogenous zones well, and apparently they work hard to make you feel very good.

Furthermore, japanese-escorts serve sweet time like real lovers though they work hard.

I have nothing to say more than that.

About legalization of outcall adult service

It has been a while since outcall adult service was legalized.

It used to be illegal called 'hotetoru' but was legalized politically.

Hotetoru offered soapland service including sex at a hotel illegally.

They put flyers into posts in apartments or on public phone boxes as an advertisement because they do not have real stores.

This advertisement has a bad influence on children, so there was always a conflict between local people and them.

Internet diffusion changed the environment.

They can build their websites and do not have to distribute erotic flyers anymore.

And cell phone makes their line of communication with customers easier.

So the government changes their political policy.
It is illegal to spread erotic flyers and commercial sex in Japan.

But it is legalized to put an advertisement on internet with a warning that it is allowed over 18 years old only.

How to choose a good delivery-health

Many men search delivery-health looking at an adult entertainment magazine or reviews.

We should choose a good delivery-health to enjoy the service fully.

My recommendation is to check the website, blog and mail magazines of the delivery-health.

The newest schedule and information of events ( campaign ) are in them.
We should check them and system.

Some delivery-health put a discount ticket only on those websites.

If you can use it well, you get a bargain.

It is important to tell your practical preference to the delivery-health in advance to meet a good escort girl.

I think it is a good idea to look at ranking or a website where many delivery health clubs are compared.

Probably you will see honest opinions of real users, so you can imagine how the service would be.

Sexual-feeling depends on each person.

Sexual-feeling is different with each person.

Some people have strong sex drive.
Some people do not.

Some people like normal sex and others like abnormal sex.

The great part in Japanese adult entertainment is its variety that matches and fills each person's sexual-feeling.

Sex is illegal in Japan, so you cannot do it, but they give variety to their service.

For example, adult entertainment called a peeping room exists.

You can look in a glass-walled room where a Japanese girl takes her clothes off.

The glass is one-way mirror, so the girl cannot see you.

It fills perfectly the desire of a man wants to peep.

In some stores, a girl who gives you hand job comes into your room.
It is a service for a man peeping is not enough.

You will get very excited.

You can fully enjoy something like a date.

Japanese sexual service is wonderful.

They understand what men want.

The first thing men in Japan need is healing.

Sexual technique and beauty of escort girls are effecting, but it is not enough.

That's why many sexual service companies adopt GFE.

We cannot date without a girlfriend basically.

It must be so fun to hold hands and chat.

You can choose an escort girl among many, so it's up to you.

You can choose a different girl every time you use.

Then you can enjoy time like dating with many girls.

Each one will give you different time and conversation.

But it is also good to keep meeting only one girl.

Every time you see her, you get to know her better, so the time could be sweeter like real lovers.

A fun on a business trip
June 27, 2014 2:07 PM | [A fun on a business trip]Permalink

I felt lucky when I was on a business trip far away from my wife.

I always dream of sexual time with someone but my wife and wanted to use delivery-health definitely if I have a chance.

No one knows me in that city, and I was staying in a business hotel.
So my wife would never know it.

I was excited while I was waiting.
Then a young pretty Japanese girl came that I could never meet in reality.

I was already so excited, but we had French kisses like an affair, and she gave me long blow job.
it was so nice that I forgot I was tired on my work.

It was really good, so I asked to expand the time.
Lastly, the escort girl gave me lots of intercrural sex.

Delivery-health during a business trip was like a delusional affair.
I had a great time.

Think about japanese-escorts.
June 27, 2014 12:01 PM | [Think about japanese-escorts.]Permalink

If you look back on history of japanese-escorts to Edo Period, there were japanese-escorts called 'yuujo, prostitute' or 'oiran, premium prostitute'.

Farmers who suffered from severe hardships of life sold their little daughters to flesh traffic dealers.
Those girls learned strict rules of 'yuukaku, the red-light district' and became 'Jorou, prostitute'.

A few girls who are smart, beautiful, with a good body are highly valued and became 'Oiran', that is known a luxury parade on the main street of 'yuukaku'.

The style has changed, but japanese-escorts exist.

We do not choose a Japanese girl in wooden sash bars anymore.
We look at their pictures.

Oiran system that a newcomer cannot meet does not exist anymore.
But it is not easy to appoint a top hostess in a caba-club.

This business runs by money and for money.
Still it is not so easy.
I think this is a snappy point of japanese-escorts.

It is men's luxe to spend a night with such a japanese-escorts.

Erotic play with a Naked-Girl
June 27, 2014 11:08 AM | [Erotic play with a Naked-Girl]Permalink

Spending with a Naked-Girl is the greatest time for men.

For example, you have a Naked-Girl in a delivery-health service, and you and a Naked-Girl take a bath together in soapland.

We do not have much chance to see real Naked-Girl, so the view of Naked-Girl is a feast for the eyes.

You have a Naked-Girl and of course you will be naked, then body contact will occur.

It is so nice to feel boobs, thighs and private part of a Naked-Girl on your skin.

Soft smooth firm skin texture brings sexual feeling to you.

You can taste the softness and warmness as much as you want.

If you can get facesitting of a Naked-Girl, you are lucky.
You lie down, and a Naked-Girl mounts on your face.

You will be sexually arousing not only visually, but also your sense of taste, smell, touch and hearing will be stimulated.

The good part of outcall is you can call in to your home.

When you want to fill your sexual desire, there are some solutions.

You can use a meeting site or call to your sex friend.

If you are not for these two, you will think of adult entertainment.

Adult entertainment has many categories.

For example, outcall, soapland and so on.

Each one has its good point and bad point.
The good point of outcall is you can call in to your home or hotel room.

If you call in to your home, you can relax in your territory.

And you do not have to go out to fill your sex drive.

Hotel is good because your acquaintance will not know it.

If you go to a real store type adult entertainment, you might hit on someone you know.

It might be uncomfortable to be with other customers in a waiting room.

If you like to call in a pretty Japanese girl in an easy way, outcall is the best choice.

If you search and check a good outcall in advance, you can call whenever you are ready for.

Dating with erotic service
June 26, 2014 6:08 PM | [Dating with erotic service]Permalink

I often use an adult service that offers a date course during the period I do not have any relationship.

It is OK to go to one of adult service stores and get a sexual service.
But it is a little boring.

I am a type of man that want to know about the girl, so I thought knowing her out the bed could our bedtime more passionate.

Adult service is just like GFE.

There is a promise I will have a sexual service in the end.

We meet at a station and eat out talking about each other a little.
Then we head to the store.

Now we have lusty kisses like real lovers, seek lots of sexual pleasure feeling a little shy, and make each other feel good with intercrural sex or BJ.

I believe a date makes a man and a woman to go into eroticism more deeply.

Naked-Girl is the most beautiful

Women are very beautiful to men's eyes.
However, the most beautiful existence is.
Naked-Girl, I think.

Artists often settle on the subject matter of Naked-Girl.
It means Naked-Girl has beauty.

But we cannot look such a beauty, Naked-Girl in our daily life.
Well, there is an easy way to look Naked-Girl for men.
Adult service.

Adult service allows us not only to see Naked-Girl, but also to touch Naked-Girl.
It is so nice.

Naked-Girl is visually artistic, but other respects like texture stimulate our sense.
Naked-Girl is an artwork that gives men excitement and peace.

It is a good option to go to adult service when you want to have a Naked-Girl.

You will be filled with pleasure by Naked-Girl.

The 2 big sexual feelings of women

There are two types of Female sexual feeling.

First one is clitoral orgasm.

Clitoris is the center of female erogenous zone and corresponds to male penis.

The method to stimulate is pressure and vibration.
A pink rotor, a vibe for critris, or an electrostatic massage tool is good to use.

Petting with men's tongue is welcomed.

It is called cunnilingus, and some girls like it for more than 30 minutes.

It gives a girl big ecstasy.

Another one is vagina ecstasy that a girl gets on G-spot in her vagina.

Vagina is originally insensitive so it does not feel even a tampon is inserted in it.

But the sexual-feeling inside vagina gets sensitive when a girl gets sexually aroused.

When you insert your finger into a vagina, you might feel a hard spot.

It is said that part is female erogenous zone.

Convenient delivery-health
June 26, 2014 3:00 PM | [Convenient delivery-health]Permalink

When you want to hang out with a girl at midnight or in early morning.
delivery-health is convenient.

Adult service with real stores open for certain hours.

They have fixed business time like bars or clubs.

But you can name time and an escort girl in delivery-health.

The place depends.
Sometimes a delivery-health has a rendezvous course that you check in a love hotel they names.
It could be cheaper than calling in to a far place that needs extra transportation fee.

You meet an escort girl and check in a room.
First you and she usually talk about today's session.

The good things in delivery-health are that no one knows and that you do not need to care about their business hours.
You just enjoy the time with an escort girl.

The standard of price is going down recently.
So it is good to try.

The japanese-escorts loved by many men

Many men use adult service when they are driven by sexual desires.

It is also fun to try adult service in another country.

You can also try an escort club specified for non-Japanese men.

Japanese escort girls men want are ready there.

Some clubs have good looking escort girls.
Some clubs are ready to offer many optional services.

Sexual propensity is different from each other, so it is important to choose one from many
japanese-escorts that is perfect for your preference.

You pay and can enjoy sweet time with a Japanese girl easily.

Girls in japanese-escorts are secure.

It is useful to add to your experience and gratify your sexual desire.

If you are beginner for japanese-escorts, a free information booth and big website help.

You just need a smart phone or PC to enjoy japanese-escorts at ease.

You can get information automatically if you register to your favorite stores.

Easy outcall makes me use adult service more often.

Since outcall service got common, I have used lot more often.

The reason is my sad experience in the past.

I bumped into my girlfriend in the front of an adult service store.

I was careless because I never dreamed she would come around such a place.

Of course we broke up for that accident.

Outcall removes this risk.

You call in to your hotel room or home and get sexual service.
So there is less opportunity people see you.

Even if your neighbor sees her, she looks like your girlfriend.
No problem.

If you call in to a hotel room, there are almost no chance people know it.

This merit makes me feel secure.
I use outcall more and more frequently.
Now I cannot imagine my life without outcall.

Adult service is like GFE.
June 25, 2014 7:04 PM | [Adult service is like GFE.]Permalink
Japanese escort girls and japanese-escorts evolve.

I had a girlfriend in my 20's and did not really use adult service.

Now I am in my 30's without a wife or a girlfriend.

I was in trouble with my sex drive, so I tried adult service.
I completely liked it.

I had heard girls in japanese-escorts have been with high-levels since ancient times, but it was beyond my imagination.

First, girls in japanese-escorts look good.

And there are various type of girls, such as mature, Lolita, foxy, classic.

Maybe they are good at make-up, but their skin is so beautiful and shiny.
I have to say perfect.

And their technique is great.

They know how to make men ejaculate.
In addition, skills like male squirt or prostate massage are adopted.
Oh, what is going on?
And there are so many categories in adult entertainment.

For example, image clubs serve story play, which is that the escort girl plays a role in your delusional story like an actress.

Japanese escort girls and japanese-escorts really rock!

Outcall increased, and adult service becomes easier.

Adult service has changed a lot.

There used to be a certain area that is a little far away from the station or that is at the end of downtown.
You go there and have adult service.

You could see massive architectures of soaplands and pink salons/ bars.

Recently, health with real stores open their business in that area.

The biggest change is outcall adult service become a big part of adult entertainment.

Outcall service is difficult for soapland because they need facilities.
But health is easy.

Health service is possible only if the customer's place has a bathroom and a bed.

Real store business requires much more money for maintenance or notification to an administrative office.
So outcall adult service has grown big in these 5 years.

And they can open their business, which are waiting rooms for their escort girls in apartments even in new areas that did not have adult entertainments or downtowns around the stations.

Delivery-health with one phone call

I get horny when I am tired.
I get horny in hot summer, too.

But if you do not have a relationship, it is not easy to fill your desire.

Here delivery-health solves your trouble.

The biggest point is they can deliver an escort girl to your home or a hotel room with one phone call.

It's a good feeling to command and a pretty girl comes all the way.

Another good thing is you can have a sexual service in a more comfortable space than in a real store.

It's a private space where you and the girl only are in.
You do not have to mind other people.

These days, delivery-health has its varieties, such as fetish, of married women, of non-Japanese girls, and of costume play.

They are to fill fantasies of many men.

Some delivery-health holds a campaign, discount or special offer time to time.

You can search such lucky information easily on your cell phone or smart phone.

Delivery-health is wanted in this world.

Escort service for your sexual desire

Men cannot control their sex drive sometimes.

It is said sex drive grows when a man is tired or hungry.

It is a good idea to use adult service then.

There are many categories in sexual service.

SM, femdom & masochistic sexual feeling, girls looks like non-professional, married women.
they are numerous.

Even fetish clubs exist.
All men's dream and desire are fulfilled.

It is important to clarify your budget, preference and what you want to do when you use adult service.

It is difficult to choose one from many.

You pick some that fill your requirement and choose the best one.

It is fun to taste sexual feeling deeply.

You will be excited from the meeting to the end.

You cannot forget the greatness especially when your ideal escort girl comes.

Naked-Girl is so attractive
June 25, 2014 10:08 AM | [Naked-Girl is so attractive]Permalink

All men get excited to see a Naked-Girl of course.

Naked-Girl on AV or an erotic magazine is sexy, but nothing is as hot as real Naked-Girl.

I get excited at my girlfriend's body, too.
But she can beat Naked-Girl in escort clubs.

She would get furious, but professional Naked-Girls are amazingly attractive.

The figure is perfect.
All men cannot stop getting hard-on in front of escort girls with big round boobs and curvy waist.

It is hard not to cum when such a perfect Naked-Girl gives you sexual service.

Most delivery-health stores have full nude in their basic service, so we can see a Naked-Girl.

And we can derive our pleasure from the sexy Naked-Girl as much as time allows.

If you just pay, you can get this happiness.

Secure GFE
June 24, 2014 5:10 PM | [Secure GFE]Permalink

If you are looking for a secure GFE, you should check if it is legal and trustful.

For example, if their price system is not clear, or if they do not answer clearly, when you call and ask about their system or service.

This is not only about GFE.
You should be careful about all kinds of money transaction.

You can think the store is secure if they have registered under the ordinance.

Such stores are big enough to pay big for commercial advertising, so a disaster merely happens.

They have more than a few escort girls.
It is another good thing.

More they have, more choices you have.

The attitude of the staff at an interview is important, too.

If staffs are polite and faithful, the store is quite trustful.

Outcall and sexual time like lovers

I stayed at a hotel on my business trip.

The next day was a day off and I was free.
I called in outcall to release my sex frustration.

Of course I called for an outcall escort service, not pizza delivery.

I thought it is more like real lovers that I met the escort girl at a station.
We met there and walked to my hotel together.

The Japanese girl was a very pretty girl I could not have a chance to go out with in my real life.
I was nervous.
But I got excited and felt like as if I made out with my real girlfriend.

The service is as same as real store type adult service.

In addition, she gave me a good oil massage to my whole body for free.
I was very satisfied.

I have called in to my hotel on a business trip so far.
But I want to call in to my home next time.

Let's have fill of delivery-health in boom

Old massive adult entertainment stores close one by one.

Especially it is a hard time for soapland, which polarized into premium one and cheap one.

That's because men rush into new style adult entertainment that is easier to use.

The king of new business is delivery-health.

You order on the phone at your home or hotel room.

Then an escort girl you ordered will be delivered and give you reasonable sexual service.

This is very easy and nice.

And it is quite inexpensive.

Unless you focus on intercourse, their service is erotic enough for a normal man to have a great time.
And you can ejaculate with hand job or blowjob at last.

Owners of delivery-health can start their business without big initial investment.

As interests of both sides suit, the number of delivery-health increased at once.

So a beginner should confirm the service well.

As so many delivery-health opened, the levels of each escort girls are different.
For example, if you have an erotic massage, the skill is important.

You might be unsatisfied at a cute but unskillful girl.

I need adult service My sexual-feeling cannot be satisfied with sex with my wife.

Since I was young, I have had adult service on weekend.
I cannot stop it though I am married now.

Sex with my wife is fine, but my sexual-feeling wants more than that.

I am a masochist, so normal sex with her is not enough.

I want more domination and sadistic play.

That's why I cannot stop adult service after 5 years from my marriage.

The thing I am really into now is a prostate massage.

I get it to have an dry orgasm ( an orgasm without ejaculation ).
It's unbelievably good.

The escort girl stimulates me a lot, so the sexual feeling fulfill my desire.

It is kind of hardcore play I feel like a woman and the escort girl is like a man.

Once you know this sexual-feeling, you cannot stop it.

The high standard of japanese-escorts

Escort ladies are girls who serve sexual service to men generally.

The job of escort girl is categorized in the service industry like restaurant business or entertainment business.

Japanese girls have a high rating and are popular in the world.

Adult entertainment in Japan is amazingly prosperous.
It is appreciated among us, non-Japanese residents.

Generally, many adult service companies hold their business around stations for transportation convenience in big cities.

The good thing about japanese-escorts is their superior technique to fulfill men.

The biggest reason to be japanese-escorts must be they want money of course.

But quite a few Japanese girls started japanese-escorts job because they are interested in sexual things or like to care and devote men.

Many young Japanese girls work as escort girls.

Those Naked-Girls will show you their beautiful bodies.

Internationally popular japanese-escorts can be a star on the backstage of the Tokyo Olympic.

My first time to look a Naked-Girl

I have not been dating even once though I am already 25 years old.

It is a shame but I am too shy to talk with girls.

My friend invited me to go to adult entertainment.

I thought it was a good chance to me to get over my problem and said yes.

He is popular among girls.

He said he had had adult service many times.

We went to one adult entertainment store and chose escort girls.

I am nervous about girls but like to see a Naked-Girl.

I chose one girl and stayed in a waiting room.

They called me and took me to a room.

The escort girl came in.
I was nervous but could talk with her a little.

She took off her clothes.
There was a Naked-Girl!
I got hard-on at once in front of a Naked-Girl.

I was tense under a Naked-Girl's touch.

The Naked-Girl stimulated my erogenous zones and led me to ecstasy.

I was passive all the time, but I am not as nervous as before.

Outcall escort girl is my steady plan on a business trip.

Every time I go on a business trip, I call in an outcall escort service.

I stay in a business hotel on my business trip.
Recently, escort girls are ready to come to such a business hotel.

It is much more reasonable than a love hotel or a premium city hotel.

I usually check on their website and ask them to send an escort girl I like.
It is exciting and fun to wait her.

Of course it is a secret fun to my company.
I feel safe because the owner of the outcall escort club and escort girls keep secret.

I have a busy stressful life.
I need this kind of fun.

Because I have good time with outcall, I can keep my motivation for my work and stay full of energy.

It is nice to have an outcall escort service with reasonable price because there are many.

Good point in delivery-health

The good point in delivery health is you can call in a nice escort girl you like quickly to your house whenever you feel like.

You do not have to go out.
This is very convenient.

Another good thing is you and the escort girl can spend time in a private room.

If you call in to your home, you will feel as if you were dating with your girlfriend.

This is a nice service for men who want to cuddle and spend sweet time with a girl in a private time.

The service is depend on the delivery-health you use.

Most delivery-health clubs offer kisses, blowjob, breast sex, full naked girl, heavy licking, and shower together and so on.

Some delivery-health clubs are ready for golden shower, looking masturbation, costume play, SM play, or a session with 2 girls.

You should confirm what kind of service they can offer and not on their website before you make a reservation.

To recall sexual-feeling
June 23, 2014 5:08 PM | [To recall sexual-feeling]Permalink

Businessmen in Japan are very busy.
I hear quite a few men are sexless.

Don't you lose interests in sexual things?
Let's think about it.

If you think you have that problem, it is a good idea to use an escort service.

Escort girls are professional.
They work hard to stimulate and recall your sexual-feeling.

Regular girls will not.
They will be disappointed or sad to see you do not get hard-on.

But escort girls will try to cheer up.

And if your escort girl is a nice girl, she will listen to your distress, too.

GFE becomes a hit
June 23, 2014 3:11 PM | [GFE becomes a hit]Permalink

There are many categories in Japanese adult service.

GFE like a dating club where an escort girl plays a role as your girlfriend becomes a hit through word of mouth.

You meet an escort girl at a meeting point like a station and enjoy dating with her for the reserved time.
She is a dummy girlfriend.

Service, price, and girls are different in each GFE, but most service but sexual service is generally fine.

The reason of this popularity is their service targets on men who do not have chance to contact with girls.

They do not want professional girls but want to talk with girls.
This service suits to their requirement.

Besides, most GFE cost less than regular adult service.

Actually, they are concentrated in Akihabara.

No one but you know.
People think you are dating with your girlfriend.
A user can get a sense of superiority and fulfilling time.

Delivery-health with no transportation fee needed

We are supposed to pay transportation fee to an escort girl when we use a delivery-health. But my favorite delivery-health holds a no transportation fee campaign on the days of certain number every month.
So I use them on the days.
It is nice to have regular service with less payment, isn't it?
I appreciate that I can keep it secret from people around me even if I use a delivery-health.
It is not a bad thing at all, but to be honest, I do not want even men around me to know.
So a delivery-health I can call in to a hotel room is good to me.
Nowadays, many delivery health stores adopt various optional courses. It is fun to check them and choose.
Some delivery-health stores are inexpensive but their basic service is satisfactory. I am going to try different delivery-health stores to find one for me.

How about an outcall of pretty Japanese girls?

Do you imagine pizza, curry rice, or sushi hearing the word 'delivery'? No. A healthy man like us wants an outcall service of a girl.
If you have not used outcall, maybe you do not feel secure. Don't worry. As the number of outcall service is increasing, they offer good service with fewer prices.
We are lucky to live in good time. Why don't you try?
If you have a question, the staff will explain kindly.
Some outcall clubs have special offer for a new customer or special course for a beginner. It is a good idea to try those.
And there are many maniac/ fetish outcall clubs, such as outcall of chubby girls, of short girls, mature ladies and so on. You can find one you like.
When you get used to the service, it must be fun to try their optional service.
It depends on the outcall. Some are ready even for anal sex or 3P/ 4P.
If you use their optional service well, you will be able to spend a fantastic time.
Outcall let you have an escort girl and your dream come true.

Adult service is like GFE
June 23, 2014 2:29 PM | [Adult service is like GFE]Permalink

GFE is an agent to set a date for you and the girl you choose on her pictures or profile and pay for.
The rest is up to you. You can have a relationship or be just lovers. But I assume quite a few of them are not licensed.
Legally licensed adult service is safe and secure though you cannot meet her personally.
You usually check girls' pictures and profile on their website.
You can read their blog in some escort clubs, which helps you make a decision.
And call in if you find someone you like.
After she comes, you just fill yourself at home or your hotel room. If you choose a rendezvous course, you feel like a date.
Sometimes you get a big luck, sometimes not.
Quite a few users think it is a part of fun.
By the way, commercial intercourse is illegal in Japan.
It is smart to enjoy a psuedo-love affair in a licensed adult service.

Do you want to see a Naked-Girl?

I am an ordinary single man and do not have a chance to see a Naked-Girl.

The best thing I can do is looking a nude photo book or erotic movie.

But a man's instinct wants to see and touch a real Naked-Girl.

But it is difficult to make a girlfriend, and I will be arrested if I peep somewhere.

Many adult services are great for men like me.

There are various adult services.
If you are a beginner, I will recommend you delivery-health.

Price is reasonable.
Basic service of most delivery-health includes bathing with a Naked-Girl.

This is to clean your body.
But it is still nice and erotic.

You can look at wet body of a Naked-Girl and even touch her.

This is what you can never have looking a nude photo book or erotic movie.

When you are excited enough, the Naked-Girl will make you feel good.

japanese-escorts have Japanese omotenashi spirit.

I was abroad long for my business.
I have just come back to Japan.

I did not have a relationship there.
My work was busy, and I was a stranger there.

Nostalgia ran deep when I came back to Japan.

Then I got desire to make out with Japanese girls.

So I went to an adult service after so long,
I realized japanese-escorts are better to me.

To be honest, I use escort service abroad, too.
But the escort girls are too open, which made me embarrassed.
I did not like it very much.

So I did not become a regular.

On the contrary, girls in japanese-escorts look to still have shyness though they are professional.

I like that pudeur.
I like Japan and japanese-escorts.

About out optional Costume Play

The thing you cannot enjoy with your girlfriend or wife... it's Cosplay.

We offer cosplay as an optional service.

Japanese girls tend to be small、

2 types of uniform known as animated characters

Our pick-up girl Sana is wearing it.

Idols are very popular in Japan. The members of the famous idol group wear school uniforms.

Don't you like to see real one?

Sana AKB.jpg

Our lolita escort-girl Sana is so cute that she could be a member of this idol group.

In Japan, a cute and coquettish girl like her is called 'koakuma' that means petit devil...

And another one is 'a sailor-style school uniform' that Japanese men love.

Would you like untying the ribbon on her chest?

You want to see inside her skirt!!

unnamed (1).jpg

You can add this option to any course.

1,000JPY / 1 costume

Caution: Please order it on phone in advance. Reservation is required.

Are you interested? Please call us now!!




No worry about your privacy on using delivery-health
Health is a very popular category in adult entertainment. But some people worry about their privacy.
They do not want someone to see them when they go into a health store.

Thus, many users love delivery-health.

Some showmen say they use delivery-health in public.

An escort girl comes to your hotel room or home, so you relax and enjoy sexual service in your territory.
It is like a rendezvous, so you feel as if you are dating at a hotel.

Delivery-health has various stores, such as lolita, high school girl taste, gals ( young playful fashionable chic ), office lady taste, mature... you can choose.

Dimension of our time is we have many choices.

As delivery-health protect your privacy well, both of beginners and heavy users like it.

Quite a few delivery-stores accept a reservation from a smart phone. Would you like to try?
Outcall is easy to use.
June 22, 2014 11:07 AM | [Outcall is easy to use.]Permalink
If you would like sexual service, outcall is good.

You can get at home whenever you want.

But maybe you care some neighborhood hear your voice.
In such a case, calling in to your hotel room can be better.

If you use their original campaign service that each outcall stores sometimes goes on, you will get a bargain.

For example, you cannot choose an escort girl and no cancel, but they give you a discount from their standard price.
Or they give you a discount if you make a reservation on their website.

I also saw a special offer of discount for a new escort girl.

If you are late, the session time will be shorter, so you'd better to be at the place earlier.

If you think to expand the session, please check if you have to ask before the session or in the end.
Adult service is comparable to GFE.
Since I graduated college, I had fun in adult service.

I am impressed at the change of adult service.
When I made a reservation for one escort club the other day, I saw a date plan on their website. It was new to me.

You can have a date with an escort girl.
You can enjoy eating out, amusement park, or the night view together... whatever you like.

Optional fee is needed, but you can get intimate like a boyfriend and a girlfriend, so bedtime will be sweet.

If you request, she can play the role you wish.
An affair, a high school girl, long distance love... anything is OK.

You can get sexual service at a hotel room or home, so you feel like as if she were your real love.
Precisely it is like GFE, and it is similar to adult free love.

This is current adult service. We should not miss this fun,
Delivery-health is convenient for busy gentlemen.
Men who are sexually unfulfilled get frustrated and mentally distressed.

We want to solve it, but sometimes it is not easy when we do not have a relationship with someone.

Of course, adult service exists for those men, but businessmen in their prime are too busy and come home late,so they do not have energy to do it after work.

The best solution for such men is delivery-health, I think.

They send an escort girl to the place you want to, so you can relax and wait her eating meal at home.
Moreover, delivery-health means you can have sexual service at your territory. Some men feel secure about this.
A secret fun, outcall
June 21, 2014 3:10 PM | [A secret fun, outcall]Permalink
I am into outcall escort club recently.

I can choose the place to call in to, so I check in a luxury hotel after my bonus.
I can change my mood totally, and escort girls think I was a rich man.
This is my secret fun, and I do not tell anyone.

I got a bonus the other day, so I reserved a premium hotel room and called in an outcall. I like the time I wait an escort girl coming. I get excited with an expectation. I tell and ask escort girls what I always want to.

As long as it is reasonable and decent, they accept with no problem. Some service needs optional fee.
Interests in GFE
June 21, 2014 10:49 AM | [Interests in GFE]Permalink
All men have a secret desire for one nightstand.

I am not a popular guy, so it is difficult for me, and I did not plan to do something for that dream.
But I realized GFE can make my dream come true without hurting anyone.
I was not familiar to GFE at all and had no idea how to use.

I had thought that kind of thing is for rich gentlemen.
But I got curious and searched just for a try.

It seems easier than I thought. That is what I can reach for. I have not tried yet but am going to very soon.
Grand Opening of Japanese Escort Girls Club in Osaka

At last!!!

Today, the Grand Opening of Japan's first Delivery Health for foreign guests.

Proving Trustworthy Achievement
The ONLY; Kinryu Group is the solution. Our third sexual service for foreign guests.

The grand opening of Deri-Heru a.k.a. Delivery Health for foreign guests.

In short, Deri-Heru / Delivery Health is GFE...without sexual intercourse(sorry, prostitution is illegal in Japan).

A moment with a Japanese lady, do enjoy sensual bliss.
For more customer satisfaction, original service will be added.

Changing the subject, have you ever heard of Japanese traditional Soapland?
It is THE commercial sex industry of Japan.
You will experience THAT Nurumassage; Nuru body srub.

Soft, smooth skin will closely be attached to your body.
Your heightened body warmth, covered with fascinating Nuru gel.
Will heal your mind... and your body to EXPLODE!!

Our most wish is "to be part of your memory making in Japan".
Ladies and staff are long waiting for your call with the spirit of OMOTENASHI.

From Osaka, we begin.

Today , Reccomend GIrl

g57_57_pc_03.jpg  Ms Sana 23 years  Type: Lolita

g53_53_pc_03.jpg  Ms Anna  29 years  Type: Mature

Be assured, don't miss it!!!

Feel free to call us 03-5793-1515 ((+81)3.5793.1515)

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