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Osaka Escort Girls infoOsaka Escort Girls info

2014/07 2014/07
Charm of Japanese-girls heals your heart, too.

What do men expect when we use escorts?

First, we expect sexual service of course.

But many men want not only sexual service but also spiritual comfort for more satisfaction.

If you are seeking psychological comfort, it is good using an escort of Japanese-girls.

Japanese-girls have omotenashi hospitality.

Japanese-girls are not the type of businesslike escort girls who think that only sexual service is important and focus on your physical sexual-feeling only.

Men can be satisfied sexually with those businesslike escort girls, but our hearts cannot be fulfilled.

Japanese-girls ask if we feel good during sexual service and serve feeling what we want.

Service to make not only body but also heart feel good will heal your daily frustrations.

Feel flee to contact us in English,

Thank you

Japanese Escort Girls Club, , Japan Kansai Osaka

Elite Escort You've Never Had Before

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Japanese-girls are special
July 30, 2014 2:50 PM | [Japanese-girls are special]Permalink

You can see Japanese-girls working in night entertainment in a downtown at night.

Japanese-girls look quiet somehow even if they dress flashy or ask someone cheeky.

Girls in other countries looked more noticable and flashy.

I guess characteristic fine skin and compact body of Japanese-girls make them look so.

Years ago, ko-gal was a boom, but fair skin seems popular now.

I think Japanese-girls fashion magazines led the trend that a little soft curvy body is more popular than skinny.

Men like soft chub more than skinny thinking of sex appeal.

Soft texture that men do not have on our bodies is specific to women.

Breasts and hips of Japanese-girls are smaller than foreign girls, but their curves are lovely and attractive enough.

I think Japanese-girls have their own charms in all of their bodies, faces, character, and presence and do not have to imitate flashy make-up and fashion of foreign girls.

Feel flee to contact us in English,

Thank you

Japanese Escort Girls Club, , Japan Kansai Osaka

Elite Escort You've Never Had Before

[Phone](+81)3.5793.1515 | [OPEN HRS] 9AM-5AM(GTM +9)

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Japanese-girls are amazingly good

I wondered if all Japanese-girls like erotic things.

Japanese-girls in the escort I often use look ordinary neat Japanese-girls. The Japanese-girls usually work as an office lady or a nurse, or study as a student.

But such ordinary Japanese-girls are very pretty. They are naked-girls having great figure with curvy waist and nice boobs.

I invited my friend from abroad to an escort service of cute Japanese-girls once. He was excited and told me the sexual service of Japanese-girls was so great that he was amazed with his legs giving away.

He loves erotic stuff. He moaned with thoroughly sticky BJ and nasty body to body nurulotion play.

He was happy about the looks of Japanese-girls that could be feast for eyes, too.

The level of pretty Japanese-girls in Japanese escorts is world class.

Feel flee to contact us in English,

Thank you

Japanese Escort Girls Club, , Japan Kansai Osaka

Elite Escort You've Never Had Before

[Phone](+81)3.5793.1515 | [OPEN HRS] 9AM-5AM(GTM +9)

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Allure and enchantment of Japanese-girls in delivery-health escort

We see more Japanese-girls with a great figure like a model in delivery-health.

I think many Japanese-girls have a good figure.

Many Japanese-girls try to be slender and make daily efforts to look better.

I called in delivery-health several times. Bodies of Japanese-girls are like models.

But those Japanese-girls are not just thin.

I thought thin Japanese-girls have small breasts, but those Japanese-girls had perfect breasts that were big and firm.

Many men must be turned on such bodies of Japanese-girls.

I think another good point of Japanese-girls in delivery-health is good-looking, beautiful and cute.

I heard the recruitment standard is high in delivery-health now.

They check not only looks but also personality and elegance.

Feel flee to contact us in English,

Thank you

Japanese Escort Girls Club, , Japan Kansai Osaka

Elite Escort You've Never Had Before

[Phone](+81)3.5793.1515 | [OPEN HRS] 9AM-5AM(GTM +9)

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Japanese-girls working in night entertainment

Girls working in night entertainment service have individual circumstances.

Especially Japanese-girls in escorts often have strong will and a faith.

Night entertainment has many categories though soap land and delivery-health are major. Customers and Japanese-girls workers have alternatives.

Services are various, such as erotic massage or dummy sex like sumata intercrural sex.

In Japan, commercial sex is illegal.

But soap land is like extraterritorial. It is a special bathhouse for intercourse.

And night entertainments are categorized by type of Japanese-girls like young ordinary amateurish Japanese-girls or mature married Japanese-girls and so on.

Type of customers is different to the taste or business model of the escort.

I recommend outcall delivery-health that you can have Japanese-girls with one phone call.

The best part of delivery is you can call in to your home.

Japanese-girls come, and you can enjoy sexual time in your private living space.

The sexual feeling is as if you invite your GF. It is GFE.

Escorts often hold an event or send a mail magazine for campaign. Let’s use those coupons.

Feel flee to contact us in English,

Thank you

Japanese Escort Girls Club, , Japan Kansai Osaka

Elite Escort You've Never Had Before

[Phone](+81)3.5793.1515 | [OPEN HRS] 9AM-5AM(GTM +9)

[Nationwide] http://japanese-escort-girls.com/concept.php

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apanese-girls in escorts are professional

Japanese-girls are really cute.

Especially the level of Japanese-girls in escorts is getting better. Probably this is because of an economy resession.

I think this comes from earnestness of Japanese-girls.

I played in foreign escorts several times. Their attitude to work is very different.

I mean both of thier apparance and service.

I had badly-groomed foreign escort girls who want to finich as quickly as possible..

Japanese-girls don’t do that. Even if the Japanese-girl is a new worker in escort business, Japanese-girls work seriously.

Japanese-girls ask us if they can do anything for us when we finish ealier and still have extra time. Ejaculation is not finish.

Of course it is about non-expert. Experienced Japanese-girls share my feelings without words. First of all, no minutes will be left in their session.

Japanese-girls think pacing of service and our best sexaul-feeling.

Men in Japan are lucky as earnestness of Japanese-girls is reflected in escort business.

Feel free to contact us in English,

Thank you

Japanese Escort Girls Club, , Japan Kansai Osaka

Elite Escort You've Never Had Before

[Phone](+81)3.5793.1515 | [OPEN HRS] 9AM-5AM(GTM +9)

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Japanese-girls from a viewpoint of foreigners

Japanese-girls from a viewpoint of foreigners are ‘cute’ and ‘young’ at a word.

Come to think of it, Western girls look more mature than Japanese-girls. Some look old.

It might be because of body type and attitudes like Western girls speak loud.

I think Japanese-girls make researches how to show them cute in magazines and on Internet. And there are more places to meet boys in Japan, so Japanese-girls go dating more.

And foods are different from Western countries. Japanese-girls go on a diet to be slender. Japanese-girls are slim.

Climate in Japan might work for Japanese-girls look cute, because it is humid and good for skin.

And more Japanese-girls speak other languages recently, so foreign boys who have a crush in Japanese-girls could increase.

Feel flee to contact us in English,

Thank you

Japanese Escort Girls Club, , Japan Kansai Osaka

Elite Escort You've Never Had Before

[Phone](+81)3.5793.1515 | [OPEN HRS] 9AM-5AM(GTM +9)

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Recent Japanese-girls
July 24, 2014 7:55 PM | [Recent Japanese-girls]Permalink

I like glamour Japanese-girls better.

A little chub is fine. I like a Japanese-girl with big boobs and well-stacked thighs.

Thus, I used to use an escort of non-Japanese-girls.

However, recent Japanese-girls are pretty well grown. Slender Japanese-girls with big boobs are increasing.

I noticed it when I went to an escort of young Japanese-girls my friend took me to.

Since then I have been crazy about bodies of Japanese-girls that are thin but have voluminous big boobs and booties.

I cannot resist that exciting gap.

My recent favorite play is titty sex (Japanese-girls hold my c*c* with their big boobs and rub it).

I thank my friend who invited me to the escort of Japanese-girls.

Feel flee to contact us in English,

Thank you

Japanese Escort Girls Club, , Japan Kansai Osaka

Elite Escort You've Never Had Before

[Phone](+81)3.5793.1515 | [OPEN HRS] 9AM-5AM(GTM +9)

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Modestly round and curvy
July 23, 2014 10:18 AM | [Modestly round and curvy]Permalink

Young Japanese-girls are very thin now.

Men who like slender girls might be happy, but I prefer round and curvy Japanese-girls.

So I want chubby Japanese-girls in escorts, too. I look their websites and choose an chubby Japanese-girl or ask the escort to send a Japanese-girl with soft elastic skin.

Some Japanese-girls believe a thin body is beautiful and attractive.

But I think they are wrong.

Quite a few men like a chubby Japanese-girl with round and curvy body. No need to inappropriately strict diet.

Escort Japanese-girls do not have to go on unhealthy diet to be thin for their work.

You can get enough nomination with chubby body. The most important thing is not your body figure. What is important is how good a man can feel and how nice and fun the time is. I recommend escort Japanese-girls focus on the quality of service.

Feel flee to contact us in English,

Thank you

Japanese Escort Girls Club, , Japan Kansai Osaka

Elite Escort You've Never Had Before

[Phone](+81)3.5793.1515 | [OPEN HRS] 9AM-5AM(GTM +9)

[Nationwide] http://japanese-escort-girls.com/concept.php

[skype] japaneseescortgirlsclub

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An escort-girl gives many men dream and hope.

Escort is representative in night entertainment.

There are any categories like delivery-health, soapland, sexual cabaret club and so on.

Each Escort has its character. Escort is supported by escort-girls.

People might think it's an easy job. But if you listen to their experience, it is true they have much hardship.

But it is needed in this world, and many escort-girls are working.

Men can work hard because there are places like Escort where they get out their sex drive.

The service depends on the Escort.

The common concept is to cheer and heal men.

Many men want to fulfill their sex drive of course, but they want energy and healing at the same time.

If escort-girls understand these points, they will be able to serve better service.

The advantage in escort-girl job is to learn sexual technique.

It will help when she has a real boyfriend.

What I look for an escort-girl

You must have a few checkpoints that is important for you when you use Escort.
Which category service you want to use, price, if there are type of escort-girls you like... the last one is especially important to users.

I have used Escorts. The memorable satisfying time was the session with an escort-girl who has excellent skill in the service I wanted and who was my ideal Japanese girl.

If possible, I wish an escort-girl had both conditions.

If an escort-girl has preferable looks and figure, I can feel as if she is my real girl. And I can imagine as if we have sexual time as real lovers, so my excitement and ecstasy get stronger naturally.

Thus, I check if there is any escort-girl I like first before I check the service of the Escort.

How to make a reservation for an escort-girl

An escort-girl is an woman who serves sexual service to men and gains income in adult entertainment like soapland, fashion-health, delivery-health, or pink salon.

The biggest reason escort-girls work there is 'money'.

Experienced escort-girls can notice if the customer is a gentleman and if he will come to see her again.

It is very important for an escort-girl how many good regular customers she has. Escort-girls make effort to appeal.

One famous stratgy of an escort-girl is 'hime-yoyaku' that the escort-girl take a next reservation instead of that the customer calls the Escort again.

Some escort-girls exchange their e-mail adresses or phone numbers with you.

It depends on the Escort. But it is not a taboo like 'urahiki', direct meeting between an escort-girl and you.

Because we can make a reservation surely, it is convenient for us, too.

Find your favorite escort girl. Sexual-feeling aroused.

Do you know how to get sexual-feeling?

I had a great sexual-feeling in an escort.

Men usually have sexual-feeling when touched our private parts.

No doubt, we feel good someone rubs our penis.

Escort girls have high skill and good technique.

And you can get sexual-feeling through sense of touch... and eyesight.

Many escort girls are beautiful.

I got excited just looking at her face.

But that stunning figure is more than anything.

I like a girl with big breast, curvy tight waist, and nice apple booty.

The escort girl in lingerie gave me unspeakable sexual-feeling and ecstasy.

There are various types of escort girls such as slender, big boobs...

So you can find your favorite girl.

I noticed sexual feeling double with a girl I like.

The level of escort-girl gets high in an economy recession.

In a good economy, girls are praised and spoiled.

For example, quite a few girls go out with men for money in the bubbled economy.

But most of them did not work in an escort club or adult entertainment.

They did not need it because some men support them financially if they are beautiful.

It is said the economy has come a little better in Japan. But most of us do not really feel it.

Even if it becomes better, it is not comparable to the bubbled economy.

So good-looking girls cannot get good job and start escort girl.

But girls who do not like erotic things do not come.

The beautiful erotic Japanese girls come to work in escort.

Thus, the standard of escort-girls is very high now.

I sometimes wonder why such a beautiful girl works as an escort-girl.

Upgrade for extraordinary sexual-feeling

I call in an escort service for a special occasion only.

It is when I want to deeper sexual-feeling and sex with my GF and masturbation is not enough.

I feel it when I am stressed. Normal stimulation is not enough.

I call in an escort in that state, and then my sexual-feeling is stronger.

The sexual-feeling in hand job with warm nurugel is different from ordinary hand job.

Escort is a place where you can develop extraordinary sexual-feeling. If you choose such an escort or an escort girl, you can have a little hard session service like AV or get your anal stimulated.

Once you try a hard play, you cannot be satisfied with normal play.

I think it is a loss you do not know the existence of possible sexual-feeling.

It feels good to develop and upgrade male original sexual-feeling and release stress.

Japanese escort-girl is cute!
July 18, 2014 10:07 AM | [Japanese escort-girl is cute!]Permalink

My foreign colleague calls in an escort-girl on his day off whenever he comes to Japan for business.

Escort used to refuse to foreigners, but escort girls who can speak other languages increase recently.

So foreign men can have escort service to get out daily tiredness and stress through fun time.

He speaks very highly "Escort-girls are beautiful with a good figure and nice character. And they are good at sexual technique that make a man feel good."

I guess escort-girls are patient and work hard to save money.

They give good service and make customers happy, and then the customers nominate them.

Customer's pleasure will turn back as their own profit.

An escort girl who consider of this is really smart.

I hope Japanese escort-girls do great as entertainers with 'omotenashi' hospitality.

Not only men but also women have sexual-feeling

When we meet an opposite sex, we sometimes have sexual-feeling that we want to know the person more.

The sexual-feeling is not a bad thing. It can be normal.

We think men have that sexual-feeling easily. But I guess women are same and just do not tell it. Maybe women think of 'sex with him' in their mind, too.

We sometimes have such a sexual-feeling in spite of we do not have a partner.

It is one solution to call in an escort and nominate an escort girl or boy you want.

You will have body to body sexual time, which makes you happy.

Escorts for men are well known, but escorts for women also exist now. Women can have sexual service by an escort boy you like.

It is a good idea to search an escort on internet at the night you see tide of sexual-feeling inside you and want fun.

Enjoy GFE fully
July 17, 2014 4:05 PM | [Enjoy GFE fully]Permalink

Men who have not been dating for a while feel lonely in a special event season suddenly.

Even if you usually use escorts, you want GFE?

Some escorts have GFE service.

It is a rendezvous style. You meet an escort girl in front of a building and so on. You and the escort girl walk to a hotel talking like BF & GF.

You can see not only an escort girl in sexual service, but also an ordinary Japanese girl in her daily outfit.

Or delivery-health escorts let you have erotic time at your home, which is very popular among men.

An escort girl visits you at home. You can feel like a date at home and start sexual time.

Come to see the favorite escort-girl

Men sometimes want to get out their desire.

I do, too. I go to an escort when I feel like that.

I used to control my desire, but one day I decided to use escort and get it out.

You can meet a very nice escort-girl once in a while.

I notice I go to the escort to see the escort-girl.

I think many men experience this feeling.

But to each his own. The most popular escort-girl does not mean the most beautiful escort-girl.

I think an escort-girl who understands men's feeling can be No.1.

My favorite escort-girl is that type. She is an escort-girl who gets the message of my heart.

Sexual-feeling differs in age or gender

Sexual-feelings differ from one person to another according to different age, gender and personal sexual preference.

I will not talk about personal sexual preference today because it is really complex and different. I would like to explain about the difference for age and gender that I have experienced.

People have the strongest sexual-feeling in puberty of sexual maturation.

Everything about opposite sex stimulates sexual-feeling and sexual arousal.

Men who get this sexual-feeling fill sexual arousal and sex drive with direct stimulation mainly.

Women are same to some extent, but women use fantasy and delusion to fill their sexual arousal. This is a big difference between women and men.

And we enjoy sexual-feeling for our active life period after first sex.

It is not only for intercourse. We also appreciate the each stage to sex like tactical game or communication. This is a big part of our love life.

Sexual-feelings are different in the situations like this. So I think the way in which we enjoy sexual actions ever-changing.

I wanted to try lots of erotic things to an escort-girl

The other day, I won in pachinko (Japanese pinball) after a while and went to an escort.

I called my friend, and we had a little drink. We went to an adult entertainment district and found a fashion-health with a mat play.

We went in and looked their album of escort-girls.

There were many very pretty escort-girls.

My friend and I decided to play there.

We chose escort-girls and were in a waiting room for 30 minutes.

The escort-girl was ready, so I went to a playroom.

The escort-girl looked better than I thought, I got excited.

We took a shower and went to bed.

The escort-girl was a little masochistic and liked to receive touching and licking.

I felt good and excited. I made her feel good.

She looked embarrassed. She moaned putting her hand on her mouth.

I asked her to touch my private part. She gave me a heavenly hand job.

It is very exciting to do lots of erotic things to an escort-girl.

I am going to go there again to nominate her.

What is good about GFE
July 16, 2014 12:00 PM | [What is good about GFE]Permalink

You want dating but you cannot because you do not have a girl to date.
Then, GFE is for you.

This is a service you can play quasi-dating.

GFE is like a real date. Any men without dating girls can have fun.
You can have GFE in sexual service escorts, too.

Escorts are adult entertainments where you get sexual service generally.
But you can meet an escort girl before you go to the store in those escorts with GFE.

You enjoy dating with the escort girl and get friendly first. You will feel as if you are making out with your GF in the sexual service after a date.

You can have a truly enjoyable sexual service through GFE.

If you have used only sexual service in escorts, it is a good idea to try GFE in escorts.

Improve immunity to Naked-Girl

I heard that men's age at their first experience is advancing.

I also heard quite a few boys studied or joined club activities earnestly and has grown up without romance experience with girls for that age.

It is a problem if a man does not know about a girl at all and has not seen Naked-Girl.

You could be labeled as a nerd or a chicken if you cannot be active when you have a special girl who approaches you.

Thus, if you do not have anyone to date or have not been going out at all, you should use an escort.

Beautiful escort-girls with a good figure are waiting to be chosen in escorts.

You will be nervous at first and cannot be active probably.

But it will be good for you to see escort-girls and improve your immunity to opposite sex.

I think escorts are a place precisely for young men to gain experience and get sex drive out.

The history of Yoshiwara Escort in these 30 years

I think the most traditional Japanese Escort is soapland.

Today, I will talk about these 30 years of Yoshiwara, the biggest soapland Escort district in Japan.

Most soapland Escorts in Yoshiwara charged 10.000JPY for themselves and 20,000JPY for their escort girls in the end of Showa Period.

Total fee was 30,000JPY for 90 minutes.

They upscaled their price system to differentiate sopaland and delovery-health in Heisei Period.

They set their course fee like 60,000 JPY for 2 hours and scouted Japanese girls as beautiful as actresses.

But those beautiful escort girls did not learn severe soapland service skill.

Then soapland Escorts changed their service.

They focused amateurish atomosphere like lovers and vanished soapland traditional service like nurugel bodywash massage on a mat or chair-play and
But this stratgy failed.

Price was high and service was less. Those beautiful Escort girls quit because they did not earn enough.

So they hired average girls keeping the high price...

Many soapland funs left partly for the economy rescession.

Recently, Yoshiwara Escort shows signs of revival because of Abenomics.

Some soapland Escorts set their price much lower and hire girls-next-door look. It gains new fans.

Also a plan to revive traditional soapland service that still remain in local soapland Escorts is anticipated by many men.

Easy fun in outcall
July 16, 2014 9:03 AM | [Easy fun in outcall]Permalink

I guess many men do not want to go to the store though they want to use sexual service.

Someone might see you. Or you get embarrassed at yourself looking single and lonely.

But it is not good for your body and mental to keep your sex desire inside you.
I recommend you an outcall delivery-health.

An outcall escort girl comes to your home or a love hotel.

You may be nervous about your neighbors finding an escort girl, but the escort girl visit you like your GF or a friend.

If you tell them in advance, she does not knock or ring a bell. The pick up car will park apart from your home.

You and the escort girl can be in a private space. Outcall is different from real store type business.

You will be relax and enjoy with no pressure at your home. Home is more secure than real stores or hotels.

Quite a few of them open for 24 hours, so you can call in anytime you are lonely

GFE in an escort
July 15, 2014 7:07 PM | [GFE in an escort]Permalink

I think some men do not want a fuss commitment like a steady GF but sometimes want to date and make out like BF & GF.

You have to always care about your partner or GF in a relationship. Periodic date costs a lot, too.

Date clubs are for this type of men.

Most of them are membership business that you pay member fee and referral fee and date with the girl they introduce only when you want.

But it does not include sexual act, and the price is high.

So some escorts offer dating service like GFE recently.

Escorts are reasonable, and their price system is clear as you just need to pay a course fee.

Above all, you can get sexual service in GFE.

You feel like real BF & GF after a date, so the session will be so hot that you will be satisfied.

GFE in outcall escort
July 15, 2014 7:01 PM | [GFE in outcall escort]Permalink

I am excited thinking what will come next when I check in a love hotel with a girl.

This is a nice thing of an outcall escort.

If you go to a soap land, you kill time in a waiting room, then a staff comes and calls you. You and an escort girl go to a playroom hearing the staff saying, "Please enjoy your time." or somewhat. But your time starts choosing a love hotel room like real BF & GF in outcall.

It turns me on when we talk "This room is nice." and so on looking a monitor.
We relax a little when we enter a room.

The escort girl pours hot water in a bathtub, and we brush teeth. If you help her, it goes quicker.

We check the facilities in a room and ask the hotel front for a costume or sex toys.

It is also turning-on to have a talk looking a catalog.

The GFE feeling is like sex friends.

If you want to have enough of escort-girl

3P can be nice if you want to have enough of escort-girls.

You can have 2 escort-girls at once, so your body and mental will be satisfied.
Fun with 2 Japanese girls... it cannot happen in daily life.

This is what you can enjoy in escort.

2 similar escort-girls are good. Different types of escort-girls are good, too.
My recommendation is to call in one young escort-girl and one mature escort-girl.

You can expect freshness and pureness from a young escort-girl and very hot eroticism from a mature escort-girl.

Enjoy the difference between escort-girls in different age.

It is also good to reconfirm what you like.

You can know what is really good for you without a try once.

3P allows you to compare escort-girls, so it will be a good opportunity for you to check your preference.

Escort gives you what your partner cannot give you.

Some men often use Escort though they are in a relationship.

Ladies would not understand their sexual feeling.

Men use Escort to satisfy their desire that they cannot ask you.

For example... A man really likes anal sex, but he cannot tell you to do that to him.

He is not sure if you say OK. Or the relationship might be screwed up.

If you fulfill all of his sexual desire, to use Escort could be unreasonable.

This is the reason men use Escort.

Quite a few men want abnormal sexual play or simply comfort.

Specialized Escorts are increasing recently.

We, men appreciate it.

If you are not be satisfied with daily sexual life, specialized Escort is good for you.

It is also fun to looking for your favorite Escort.

Naked-Girl is very mysterious.

I have been interested in Naked-Girl.

Girls wear swimsuits or hide their breast and private parts in gravure photos.

AV is OK, but it is a screen image, so it lacks a sense of reality a little.

One day, I found an escort club offers service by Naked-Girl.

Of course, the escort girl wears clothes but takes off in the session.

A little by little. I saw her in lingerie.

I had not seen girl's lingerie, so I gazed into her figure.

I found many new things, such as "A bra is like this." or "A panty is so small."

She taking off was beautiful, too.

I will not forget that real Naked-Girl in my life instead of a screen image.

Naked-Girl had expanded breast, curvy waist, round hips, and smooth skin.

I recommend you an escort if you want to see Naked-Girl.

Place for sexual-feeling
July 15, 2014 11:00 AM | [Place for sexual-feeling]Permalink

If you are in frustration, you should get it out.

There are many ways to release your frustration.

If you have a GF or a partner, she will help you.

But many men do not have a GF or a partner.

It is wrong to bottle your growing frustration because all people have sexual-feeling.

Many Japanese are shy, so we often bottle our sexual frustrations.

It does not help at all. Your frustration keeps growing.

Escorts exist as an outlet for frustration.

Professional escort girls offer satisfying sexual service, so you can release your frustration.

Furthermore, you can enjoy service you want.

You can choose from soft core play to hardcore play. Escorts are good and useful for men who want to try new things,

Gender difference of sexual-feeling

Men and women seem to have very different sexual-feeling.

Men have an erogenous zone on and around penis and ejaculate with up and down stroke of penis.

The way to stimulate is quite simple.

Also blunt end has sexual-feeling, but that does not lead to an ejaculation.
It is quicker to stroke penis for an ejaculation.

Women have other erogenous zones. They are clit and G-spot.

It is quite clear how to give sexual-feeling to clit. The best way is licking and using a rotor (sex toy).

Many women prefer being licked in a steady rhythm to anomalistic licking. I think most women like being licked more than 30 minutes.

It is difficult find G-spot in vagina. It gives sexual-feeling to rub her G-spot with your corona when you pull back your penis in her vagina.

Men get sexual-feeling when they insert, but women do at drawing back. So our sexual-feelings are different.

I found it very interesting.

Escort-girls are great
July 14, 2014 8:00 PM | [Escort-girls are great]Permalink
・ソGFE is available in escorts, too.

There is a service called date club for people with no chance to meet another genders. But it is for serious people's serious relationship with a serious commitment.

Some people want more casual GFE.

How about a date course of escorts?

Generally, adult entertainment escorts offer sexual service, so most of them start the session instantly.

But date course starts with rendezvous meeting. You play somewhere fun and have meal together. It窶冱 like real BF & GF.

Of course, you get a sexual service after that. It窶冱 an adult entertainment escort.

The good point of the session in a date course is you and the escort girl is more friendly and like real lovers because two of you know each other to some extent.

If you have not experienced GFE, you do not figure out how fun GFE is. Please try if you are interested.

A place you can reveal your desire and sexual feeling. That is Escort.

It is very important if sexual chemistry of two people go together. If you are in a relationship, you know this is true.

When you know you care about each other during sex, you will be fullfilled not only physically but also mentally.

But it means you control yourself if you care about your partner all the time.

You cannot tell your sexual propensity and desire because you are afraid of the reaction and the possibility to break off.

This kind of patience is not good.

That is why we have Escort.

Escort is not only for people who do not have sexual partners.

It is an extraordinary space you can follow what you want withing the rules of the Escort.

It is OK you have strange sexual propensity or are kinky. The escort girls would welcome your desire.

Escort for you to have fun with Naked-Girl

Any men are interested in Naked-Girl.

It is men's instinct to want seeing Naked-Girl. We are helpless.

But we have mere chances to see Naked-Girl in our daily life.

I think many men ease their desire watching erotic magazines or AV.

Escort is the best solution if you want to look Naked-Girl well.

Naked-Girls give you lots of sexual services in escorts.

Escort-girls strip erotic costumes. Naked-Girls give you body to body erotic massage or stimulate your erogenous zones to arouse your sexual-feeling.

And you can touch Naked-Girl's body, which arouses your erotic desire and brings fun.

If you do not have anything to do with girls and have no chance to see Naked-Girl, I recommend you to call in an escort to release your sexual-feeling and sex drive.

I like outcall the most in escorts.

I use only outcall recently.

When I was using fashion-health with real stores, I thought delivery and extra hotel fee are troubles. But I changed my mind at my first try of outcall.

The biggest good point in outcall is GFE that you cannot have in other escorts.

In real store type escorts, you look other customers and staffs. And you acknowledge this is professional, so you cannot relax. But you do not meet anyone but the escort girl in outcall. And the hotel I always use is a regular cozy hotel without intentional erotic interior, so I can feel like a weekend date with a GF naturally.

I always reserve a long course and spend relaxed time with an escort girl. So the session time is not just for ejaculation like real store escorts. We have coffee and chat before the erotic service.

Sexual service after GFE we get relaxed is great. It is very similar to sexual time between real lovers.

Only outcall can offer GFE sexual service.

There is an adult entertainment for gentlemen called date club.

There is no date club in my local area. I searched about a date club. It is an adult service you can date with Japanese girl members in any place you like. But it did not guarantee sexual time.

I personally think a date course of delivery-health is better as you can date and sexual time for sure.

Delivery-health services are very various now.

You can go to a movie or an amusement park in daytime or spend a night in a hotel you like with an escort girl in some delivery-health escorts. I saw an escort girl that comes to your home and cooks dinner.

Therefore, delivery-health is GFE.

Some escorts set the price of date course lower than regular sexual course. If the date course allows light body touch, you can make out during dating.

Of course you can check in a hotel and get a regular sexual service. You must be fulfilled physically and mentally.

Outcall is a box full of fun and excitement

Outcall means delivery.

You can get sexual service if you go to adult entertainment stores.

But someone might see and know you enter the place for sexual service. Some people mind it.

So outcall escorts started.

Outcall escorts send a escort girl to your hotel or home. You do not go to a store. No one sees you.

Men appreciate outcall for that.

Moreover, you have to wait with other customers in a room in a store escort. Some people hate it.

But if you call in outcall, you can spend the waiting time relaxing and can do whatever you want.

Outcall escort girls tend to be ordinary and do not look like professional call girls. But they look good. So the waiting time is exciting, too.

Japanese escort-girls are superior.

Japanese products and service are said high quality.

It is same about AV and escort-girls.

AV actresses are called porn actresses in abroad. Some of them are apparently flashy. In Japan, it is different. I know some AV actresses who became sexy actresses later. You can expect high standard in Escort, too.

It is Japanese tradition. In Yoshiwara, it was not just brothels, but an entertainment.

A pretty escort-girl devotes and serves to heal your daily stress. It is something lovely.

Japanese Escort is not just sexual service. You can have the sweetest 'Omotenashi' time from the beginning to the end.

This is what we call high standard. And you can choose from variety, such as big boob or not. I would like to waver a lot next time.

Open your sexual-feeling as sexual-feeling is human desire.

It is not always good that sexual-feeling is sensitive and strong.

If it is extreme, enhanced libido always haunts you, and the sensitiveness can turn to early ejaculation.

But it must be very difficult to control this sexual-feeling, because the man just follows his instinct and desire that all people own.

I am afraid it can bring bad influence if you force yourself to control the strong sexual-feeling.

If you suppress it, the desire becomes stronger after all like rebound on weight control.

Or you cannot concentrate and enjoy sex with your partner because you mind it too much. The relationship goes bad in such a case.

If you see your sexual-feeling for what it is, if your partner understands your condition, and if you enjoy escort service with easiness where you do not worry about your sexual-feeling, you will be released from distress about your strong sexual-feeling.

Real Naked-Girl will bring you an excitement you have never had.

Some men gather all their courage and go to escorts to lose their virginity.

You try to suppress your excitement, but the delusion grows. On the other hand, you are embarrassing partly. So it is difficult for you to remain composed.

Probably, you are so excited just at meeting an escort-girl with clothes on.

But things start from now. The escort-girl unclothes you and takes her clothes off. Then you see a Naked-Girl.

Most men with their virginity must not have seen a Naked-Girl.

Naked-Girl, not on AV, not erotic magazines, real Naked-Girl is stunning.

Especially in escorts, there are many good-looking escort girls as appearance matters in their service.

Slender Naked-Girl like a model, curvy glamorous Naked-Girl... you feel that you did well to try an escort looking a Naked-Girl.

A Naked-Girl will lead you from here, so just entrust yourself to the Naked-Girl.

The relation between Escort and men's sex drive

Sex drive is an original function of human beings.

People, especially men, get stressful if they cannot get it out. So they do musterbation or have sex with partners to get out their sex drive.

Men have been using Escort for sex drive from since ancient times.

Famous nightlife districts like Yoshiwara are in Japan, which many men have loved.

Nowadays, districts like Yoshiwara are all over Japan.

It means how men's sex drive is strong.

Men without sexual partners just need to pay money to use Escort.

It can be called adult entertainment where men can enjoy sexual time legally.

There are many categories in Escort.

Escort should flourish because sex drive is one of the big three desire of human beings.

If men have nothing to do with their sex drive, they get stressful and go crazy.

Escort is needed for men to work hard every day.

Beautiful curves on Naked-Girl

Women have some fat under the skin more than men.

So female bodyline is curvy.

But you cannot see much of curves when you look a woman in a dress.

And some clothes cover around waist. You cannot know how her body is under the cloth.

When you look at a Naked-Girl, you can see the beauty of figure.

It is not about proportion. It is about curves men do not have.

But there are not women who show you their naked body even if you want to see real Naked-Girl.

If you really want to see, you can use a PC or smart phone, or escort.

Just for your knowledge, a smart phone is convenient. You can see wherever you want. And it has more pixels, so the pictures are clear.

My recent boom is erotic fetish femdom play in Escort.

There are various categories in Escorts.

Caba-clubs and girls-bars are to drink and talk with girls.
Pink salons are more erotic where you can get hand-job, too.

Fashion health Escort is more erotic than that, and the king of erotic service is said soapland.

Unfortunately, if it is more sexual, it costs more.
So 'tasty play' in health Escort is the most reasonable and satisfying choice for me.

Health Escort is just a little more expensive than a Caba-club, and you can enjoy erotic service with an escort-girl in a private room fully.

Especially 'tasty play' is extraordinary.
It is what you can see only in AV. But you can experience it. You are the main character in a story, and an Escort-girl hog-ties you.
She toys and teases your private part whispering nasty words. And you beg her to allow an ejaculation.

This situation is addictive.

Many new Escorts will appear for years to come.
I will enjoy Escort as long as I am on the active.

Have fun with your favorite escort-girl

I have used many Escorts.

Escort is healing for me, and I believe escort-girl is the best to get my sex drive out.

I met one good escort-girl recently.

She is a popular escort-girl, so making a reservation is difficult. But I check her schedule on their website and call them.

I am happy and excited when I can see her.

The escort girl does her best for me, so I spend a wonderful time.

There are many escort-girls now. Quite a few Escorts set high standard for the looks of escort-girls in their recruitment.

I heard some Escorts give a training for communication skill. I have never had a unpleasant service.

As there are so many escort-girls with good looks and character, I often feel the price is very low.

I do not say I work for having an escort-girl, but it is a source of my energy truly.

Get your fill of GFE!
July 12, 2014 3:02 PM | [Get your fill of GFE!]Permalink

GFE is getting hot.

GFE was not in a category as sexual service escorts.

It was a business offering a user GFE that you meet a girl and spending the reserved time walking in a park or talking.

So this service was not only for men. BFE could exist.

On the other hand, sexual entertainment has had more varieties in their services.

They used to have real stores and users visited them. But they started delivery service that men call them and they send escort girls.

One of the new styles is that you meet an escort girl somewhere to enjoy GFE like eating out or walking in a park and go to a hotel.

Then, there is not much difference between GFE in escorts and old style date clubs. The only difference seems if sexual service is included or not.
Nevertheless, girls in old style date clubs can be ready for it as far as it is free personal romance instead of commercial sex though their office tells the girls not to go for more than dating.

This fuzziness is the fun point in date club service. So regular customers of date clubs like the fuzziness.

If you have any question about GFE, you can ask the receptionists. They will explain.

Sexual-feeling is important.
July 12, 2014 11:02 AM | [Sexual-feeling is important.]Permalink

Human beings are animal ruled by desire. So it is an important element to survive getting sexual-feeling.

If we lose sexual-feeling, we cannot procreate well. It weakens national strength and a nation can ruin.

In a sense, the excitement of all men, old or young, is important when they are attracted by young or beautiful girls and wish sex.

That chemical attraction works for anti-aging. Recent research determined this sexual-feeling activate brain and even prevent a dementia.

Falling birth rate is a social problem in Japan. One of the causes is a decrease of sexual-feeling and sex drive to procreate.

But there are bunch of tools to get sexual-feeling.

For example, AV, erotic magazines, soapland, delivery-health, fashion-health, pink salon etc...

You can get sexual-feeling easily when you go or take them.

I am not sure those vents are good or bad.

Sex in 'kanji' is a combination of 'living' and 'risshin-ben' that expresses heart and feeling. Sexual-feeling is important for human beings to live and survive.

The good point in outcall
July 12, 2014 10:00 AM | [The good point in outcall]Permalink

More men choose outcall escorts.

The reason is the high level of escort girls.

Outcall type can protect privacy more, so regular girls feel easier to start outcall escort job. There are some outcall escorts very beautiful girls you do not see around you.

Regular beautiful girls in reality have high pride. But those outcall escort girls are beautiful but like erotic things. So you can have your dream girl.

You do not hesitate to tell your sexual propensity.

You cannot ask your GF but can ask an outcall escort girl what you want and desire.

And the relaxing feeling at your home of outcall is good, too.

It is an amusement to go to a real store escort, too. But it is just a business store.

When you finish and go home by train, you will feel empty.

You can relax and enjoy in your room and sleep after sending the escort girl in outcall service.

Sexual-feeling are wide-ranging

A person has various senses. Stimulation of visual, hearing, tacticle, and smelling sense arouse sexual-feeling.

Generally these four senses are mainly although sense of taste also can be a factor for some people.

And human distinctive imaginative power and delusion are added in it, and that turns to a sexual-feeling.

We can get excited reading an erotic story or get a sexual-feeling with a sexual imagination.

And blindfold and bondage block a part of your five senses and sharpen your sexual-feeling to have an unknown ecstasy.

Eyesight is very sensitive to sexual stimulations.

Eyesight is the most necessary sense to get excited looking at AV or erotic magazines or your partner's body during the sexual time.

Tactical sense works when a man gets excited feeling a women's softness or temperature and a woman gets excited feeling a man's athletic body or erected penis
These senses are necessary for sex life.

The good point to call an outcall escort

I think many men use only outcall escorts.

The biggest merit in outcall is the most private feeling.

You make a reservation for outcall on phone call or email, so you do not see any staff.

The only man you have to contact is a receptionist on a reservation call. You can be with an escort girl only from the start to the end of the outcall session.

Outcall to home is like to invite a GF. It makes us excited.

When we have their recommended girl, we are nervous and wonder how the escort girl is till the knock on the door. When I nominate my favorite escort girl, I boil water thinking "Let's have cocoa together♪”

We are so happy about that a nice girl comes into our private space that we even reserved a long course.

This is a big difference to other sexual services.

This kind of sweet excitement is important. I pay for escort service, then I would like to enjoy.

GFE escort
July 11, 2014 2:04 PM | [GFE escort]Permalink

A man who often uses escorts says, "I felt good at that time, but I felt empty later."

Why did he feel like that although he got out his sex drive?

I asked him. He answered, "Well, I put my clothes on and trudge home after that."

I assume the escort girl's sexual service is too professional, and everything is too businesslike.

If you feel like he does, I recommend you GFE.

GFE is not a real store type adult entertainment. You meet an escort girl outside. You can walk around with her or go to a hotel or your home. You spend like BF & GF.

GFE is like a date club where a rich gentleman dates with a Japanese girl. But you do not have to register in GFE and can date with a Japanese girl. The easy convenience is like regular escorts.

If you make a reservation for the escort girl you like on website, you will have better time.

Good way to choose an escort-girl

Many men choose an escort-girl imagining her face, figure, and sexy reaction in the bed, don't they?

Unfortunately, quite a few men have an experience their expectation went into a disappointment.

There are a few tips to enjoy wholly with your ideal escort-girl.

First, you should read her profile well.

You can figure her appearance to some extent. Besides, you can know her character.

Looks is not everything. But it is one source to judge if you can have good time.

You should check if the escort-girl is good at the sexual service that you want very much.

It is better to check to avoid mismatch if the service you want is available and if the escort girl is good at it.

And you can check a review site of delivery-health and escort service.

User's real opinion will help you to find your perfect escort-girl.

Real Naked-Girl, not AV
July 11, 2014 9:11 AM | [Real Naked-Girl, not AV]Permalink

Even men always watch internet movies and AV do not have so many chances to be with a real Naked-Girl.

If you just look at female beautiful genital on AV and think you know female body, it is wrong.

The presence of real Naked-Girl is knockdown. You just watching AV do not understand it yet.

Intercourse sex is illegal in Japan, but you will have sensation and excitement just looking real Naked-Girl, which is different from AV.

Real AV actresses work in some escorts.

Fascinating beautiful Japanese girl serves you. You can have a session keeping the excitement and sensation from AV. It is a dreamtime for a man.

Your future GF might not have a beautiful body like premium escort girls do.

But your experience in escorts makes your confidence, and you can satisfy your GF.

Escort broadens your caliber as a man.

Escort girl's technique
July 11, 2014 9:08 AM | [Escort girl's technique]Permalink

I often use Escort service when I win slot and pachinko ( Japanese pinball ).

Easy money goes off from me before I know it, so it is much better to enjoy night entertainment as a special present to myself.

I usually use delivery-health.

An Escort girl comes to my hotel room for sexual service.

Escort girls have great sexual technique that usual girls do not have.
It is addictive once you get.

I called in Escort delivery-health the other day.

I checked in a hotel and named No.1 Escort girl. The Escort girl arrived about half an hour later.

I let her come in, and we said hello.

The Escort girl was an amiable slender beautiful Japanese girl.

We took a shower and went to bed.

It was great the Escort girl stimulates me lying by all sorts of techniques.

Some Escorts girls are good at making men turn on just with their erotic words.
It is irresistable for masochistic men.

The technique of the escort girl was superior.

We made out in the bed after I ejaculated.

If you have not tried Escort, I will recommend you to try once.

You will have the greatest ecstasy.

You can relax at your own pace with outcall

Many men prefer outcall to real store type escort.

You are away in a real store and sometimes can't focus knowing another man is doing it in the next room.

But you can call in outcall to your home and relax.

In real store escorts, you always acknowledge it is sexual service by a professional girl and it is businesslike. But you feel as if you invited a cute GF to your room in outcall. The fun excitement is a good point in outcall.

Recent outcall escort girls are high-level. You can see real pretty escort girls with good figure. You feel as if you are dating with an idol or a model.

If you do not want to call in to your home, you can use a hotel. Then nobody knows you called in outcall.

The time to choose an escort girl looking their website is a big fun of outcall.

Mysterious Naked-Girl
July 10, 2014 6:03 PM | [Mysterious Naked-Girl]Permalink

Men want to see Naked-Girl. Yes, we are men.

Why? Maybe we feel mysterious.

But we do not always see our GF's naked body well in sex, because girls are shy and turn light off or cover their bodies with a bed cover.

But we sometimes want to see Naked-Girl.

We buy a gravure magazine to see Naked-Girls or semi-nude.

I often used escorts when I did not have a GF.

The good thing about escorts is I can see a Naked-Girl if I ask.

My dream is taking photos of a Naked-Girl in beautiful nature.

But it is difficult, so I want to ask my GF in a love hotel.

July 10, 2014 2:07 PM | [Sexual-feeling]Permalink

I had not got my sexual drive out, so I used an escort.

I was wondering which escort I should use. Finally I chose an erotic massage club.

I got erotic sexual-feeling massage with aroma oil there. It was great.

The escort girl put nuru oil and gave massage on my whole body.

The pretty Japanese girl mounted on me and gave a massage. I was excited.

My sexual-feeling was stimulated during the aroma oil massage, and I felt my private part was getting hard.

When her hand came close to my genital, I got a straight erection.

The escort girl gave me hand job on my private part. I could get my sex drive out.

I will go to the escort for sexual-feeling massage when I want healing and comfort.

I had a great time.
July 10, 2014 2:02 PM | [I had a great time.]Permalink

If you call in an escort-girl, you should think of optional services.

You must be horny and want to hear erotic gasp from an escort-girl quickly.

A beautiful escort-girl with great figure and black hair came. I felt sure I would have great time.

I asked the Escort to send a sensitive girl who can be passive.

She got excited when we had French kisses and I rolled her nipples. During the shower, she gave me lots of BJ.

I ordered optional sex toys. I used them to her in the bed and cum with her sumata.

She said it was very erotic and she felt great. I will nominate this super erotic escort-girl again definitely.

Popular delivery-health with lots of advantages

I use delivery-health once a week based on advantage.

The best part is they deliver an escort girl to my home.

I have to go to the store in other escorts.

Then I have to go home as soon as I have an ecstasy.

But I can bask in the afterglow of the session after the escort girl goes back in delivery-health.

You know... I can still smell and feel the warmness of the escort girl on my bed.

You cannot expereince this feeling in a delivery-health to a hotel room or in a real store escort.

I started cleaning my room since I used delivery-health.

I cannot invite a girl to a dirty messy room.

And an escort girl gives you massive sexual feeling with her great technique. I feel I got out my sex drive after the session.

I would like to keep using delivery-health.

GFE with a young Japanese girl

All men wish to talk or have meal with a cute girl.

Many men dream making out, too.

There is a dream escort for those men in Tokyo.

I have used the escort many times. Their system is like a date club.

You can choose a Japanese girl you like among their escort girls and have fun.

I always nominate an escort girl looks like a college student.

We watch movies, go to karaoke, have tea at a cafe, or eat at a restaurant. I feel very fresh to spend such time with a young girl.

There are only men in my work, so I do not have opportunities to meet young girls.

Using GFE service is precious healing time like an oasis in my heart.

There are many Escorts, so...

There are many kinds of Escorts. The categories are getting unclear.

So we should make what we want to do clear and find the appropriate Escort.

But we can also challenge something new as an optional service.

Actually many men find themselves like it though they were not interested in it first.

Probably challenge without too much thinking is good.

Each Escort has its own system.
You can nominate an escort girl but you may not cancel or change in some Escort clubs.

Some Escort clubs allow it for free, and some others require cancel charge or change charge.

It is important to check the system of the escort in advance.

Then you will enjoy the session with the Escort girl in a good mood.

Just looking at a Naked-Girl arouse

We do not see a Naked-Girl so often and so long even in escorts.

Most escort girls wear something such as transparent lingerie, lingerie exposing their breast or hip like a g-string, bikini swimwear and so on.

There is an optional service with extra fee for a Naked-Girl though.

Of course, sex is illegal and forbidden.

You just look a Naked-Girl or touch within their service.

The point is that it is different from sexual time with your GF or wife.

You have an attractive Naked-Girl in front of you, but you cannot take an action as you want. This constrained sexual-feeling turns you on more.

It is same theory you want more if you cannot get.

Moreover, you can nominate any type of escort girl you like, such as curvy. glamorous, slender.

You might be going out with a girl who is not your ideal girl, but you can find your dream girl in escorts.

Sexual-feeling like in my youth

I got to know erection is depressed, as I get older.

I could not do anything about it and just take its depression.

I used escort service one day, and then my sexual-feeling was aroused. I noticed my private part erected harder.

I told it to the escort girl. She told me the testicle massage she gave me on the day is good to recover male genital function.

I was impressed at my penis that erected straight.

Since then, I get testicle massage that sharpens sexual-feeling and leads a penis to erection with a good blood circulation.

Professional erotic masseuses are good to sharpen my sexual-feeling with erotic massage and teasing.

I cannot do it by myself.

My exhausted penis got energetic. It made me happy the escort girl was pleased at it.

The greatness of escort-girls

When men get horny, most men use Escort though they sometimes get it out with masturbation.

Being with an woman is nicer and happy. It is different from masturbation.

And the most important thing in Escort is escort-girls.

We go to Escort because there are escort-girls.

The great thing of escort-girls is they match themselves to each man.

I often go to a soapland and was amazed at what the escort-girl I always nominate told.

I met her many times. She acts like a horny girl or becomes gentle thinking my feeling on the day.

I asked why she can do it. Then she answered she can estimate my feeling on the way to the room.

I was moved. It is great to read other's feelings in conversations.

I think escort-girls are professional that estimate people well and can play like an actress.

I realized I could be satisfied in the end of the session because these professional escort-girls work hard.

You can fulfill your desire in an Escort.

A saver for a single man who has much sex drive is an Escort.

Many sorts of Escorts run business in these days.

Sex drive is one of three big desires of human beings.
Even a reasonable man cannot control himself in a situation he can gratify his sexual desire freely.

The point sex drive is turned on is differ among people.

Escort is good because escorts can be correspondent to each person's sexual feeling.

There are various escorts to fulfill your abnormal sex feeling and the escort girls understand such a man.

Escort is precious to men who cannot tell their partners what they want in the bedroom.

You might think you are strange. You might not tell your desire.
But you do not need to hide it in escorts. You can feel as good as you want.

Single men need Escort.
July 8, 2014 2:06 PM | [Single men need Escort.]Permalink

Some women may not have good impression on men who use Escort.

But in our honest opinion, Escort is not only a solution of sex drive, but also our comfort.

It is necessary especially for single men.

There are many men do masturbation, but it is very empty.

If we use Escort like delivery-health, a pretty Japanese girl will make us ejaculate.

And it is also good that the price is getting reasonable recently.

Even nice delivery-health Escort that costs less than 10,000JPY within 60 minutes exists.

If you order some other optional service, your excitement will be bigger and you get out your sex drive.

For a single man who is not popular among girls, Escort is not only for having physical communication but also comfort.

Various escort-girls
July 8, 2014 1:03 PM | [Various escort-girls]Permalink

There are many types of escort-girls.

I think lolita, etoile, girl-next-door type escort-girls are the most popular.
They are not experienced, so the technique is not sophisticated, but you can feel as if you are making out with your real girlfriend with them.

On the contrary, mature, femdom, erotic type escort-girls are popular, too, because they are aggressive in sexual service.

They are experienced with lots of technique that please men.

If you want to be passive and given lots of ecstasy, this is the best choice.
If you have a secret desire for an dangerous affair, married escort-girls are good.

You can experience as if you have an affair with an erotic married escort-girl.

And gal type, mature meddled-age, chubby type... there are various escort-girls.

Please have fun with your favorite type escort-girl.

Deliveryhelth Report
July 8, 2014 1:00 PM | [Deliveryhelth Report]Permalink

Until we waited, she stack to my body, held my hand, and touched my face and body.

I was fascinated.

She unclothed me and took me to the bathroom.

After she washed my body and went back to the bed, she kissed me.

It was very passionate french kiss.

I was numb as if I whad been drunk.
I could smell her sweet scent.

She did not let me rest.
She took off the towel around my body and.

She was the sexiest, most passionate Japanese girl I've ever seen.

It was amemorable night.

Enjoy the basic service of a delivery-health

Delivery-health is a sexual entertainment that an escort girl is delivered to a man who is waiting somewhere like in a love hotel to serve a sexual service.

It is nice to feel as if you and she were real lovers in a love hotel.
And the basic service is very erotic.

For example, it starts with french kisses.

French kiss is a tongue kiss that intermingle salivary juice.

It feels so good when a beautiful Japanese girl puts her tongue into your mouth lusty.

Blow job with condom is safe.
If you want it without condom, you can ask an optional service.

The escort girl licks and tickles your blunt end and around urethral openings.

She will swallow and lick your penis and blunt end making erotic noise.
You can see they are wet with her salivary juice.

You can cum when your ecstasy goes the highest.

In intercrural sex, you will feel the warmth and wetness of her genital.

The time in delivery health service is erotic and sweet.

My ex-GF was an escort-girl

I used to date with an escort-girl.

First, I was a customer in the Escort. But we exchanged email adresses and somehow became BF & GF.

At first I was doubtful. I thought she wanted money. But I was wrong. She wanted someone to trust and talk about her. We are still good friends.

The reason she became an escort-girl was for school fee.

Her parents divorced when she was little. She borrowed school loan to go to a professional school and get a license.

She became an escort-girl on her own will to pay it back. And she decided to quit as soon as she finish paying. I felt she was a steady girl.

But she was popular and had a couple of regular customers. They do not want her to quit, and it made her sad.

She said she would be in trouble and could not pay the loan back. I think escort-girl job is not bad.

Escort understands my sexual propensity.

I do never want my wife to know I am a real masochistic man.

It has been tough to have sex with her hiding I am masochistic.

I always wished I could be open about my sexual propensity. One day, I found Escort where I can enjoy masochistic sexual feeling a lot.

I went there and experienced great ecstasy.

I was broken in a lot. Even if I asked this sexual feeling to my wife, it would be impossible. Anyway, she could not make me cum with such a great technique.

I moaned and writhed in my first masochistic sexual feeling and go to the Escort once in a while.

I could open my sexual propensity and had ecstasy. My life changed the color completely.

I think I am going to use Escort for years to come.

Do you know what delivery-health is?

Delivery-health is called deliheru generally.
They deliver escort girls whose job is sexual service to a hotel room or home of a male customer.
It is a sexual entertainment without real stores.

The biggest feature is they do not have real stores.
So they do not regulated about location and business time like other sexual entertainments with real stores, such as health or soapland.

They have an advantage that they can open for 24 hours and do not need to pay for a tenant, so the number of delivery-health is increasing.

The escort girls stand by in an waiting room, their houses, or family restaurants and will be driven to the customer's place according to the reservation.

They serve sexual service, such as french kisses, blow job, mutual blow jobs, heavy licking on your body, bathing together, cum in mouth, intercrural sex and so on.

They are basic service with no optional fee.

Optional service with extra fee includes a vibe, rotor, costume play, golden shower ( urophilia ) and so on.

The delivery-health and the escort girl share the basic fee, but optional fee is for the girls in most cases.
So escort girls who are willing to make money are welcome to optional service.

Your night companion, escort-girl
Good way to choose Escort
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I like Escort girls who value and respect their regular customers.

An Escort girl who is really pleased at reunion becomes popular.

Little attempts like memory of the conversation in last time or a little present for a customer's birthday make an Escort girl popular.

Likeable Escort girls do not take second best. They serve their very best.

Men are disappointed if an Escort girl burns away time with chatting or smoking.

It is big no-no dozing during the session :(

It is her responsibility to entertain a customer their very best as a customer pay much money to have sexual time with her.

I think an Escort girl who writes "thank you." and "I hope we can see you soon again." on their blog diary must be popular.

I choose this type of Escort girl.

The best part of delivery-health

Adult entertainment of this day has a very convenient system.

It's delivery-health.

The principal is as same as delivery pizza.
You call and order a hot girl instead of hot pizza.

We used to go to a store and get a sexual service.
Nowadays, we get it at home or a hotel room.
It had come very popular.

The best part of delivery-health is you do not have to care about other people.

Some shy men hesitate to visit a store.
Some people work for a square work.

And there is also an unspoken rule to ban using sexual service in some entertainment business.

Delivery-health looks like that your girlfriend comes or that you and your girlfriend go to a hotel.

So you feel free and secure to enjoy adult service.

If you get nervous easily, it must be more relaxing to get a service at home or a hotel room.
And it saves your time, too.

The way to be a popular escort-girl

Good looks does not always mean she can be a popular escort-girl.

Popular escort-girls have many regular customers.

What type of woman is a popular escort-girl?

Poplular escort-girl write her diary blog everyday.

She is popular and busy but does not skip update.

Popular escort-girl knows transmission of information catches customers.

The contents are mainly thank-you to her customers, her schedule, her thought about escort-girl job, or something she can talk with a customer in the session.

And sexual things once in a while.

They do not write boring things like what they ate today or what her pet did today.

A girl who can act like an actress is good to be an escort-girl.

People often say "an escort girl should not fall in love with a customer though she should make a customer fall in love.", but this is half right and half wrong.

If a man has a feeling like romance to an escort-girl, an escort-girl who can has an affection to the man for the session time can be popular.

And the escort-girl who can do that to each man naturally become a premiun escort-girl.

Lots of Escorts
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There are lots of Escorts in Japan.

It is very nice for a single man like me.

Sexual Escorts are like soapland, fashion-health, delivery-health and so on.

A single man tends to get frustration for sex drive. Escort is a wonderful place we can get it out.

When I am exhausted, kaishun massage helps me. It started with regular massage, and their prostate massage recovers my sexual energy. I can ejaculate with their heavenly hand job.

I sometimes feel lonely by myself.

It is not for sex drive. I just want someone to talk.

I go to a club called caba-club and have a drink.

Just drinking and talking with a girl relieves my lonliness.

Japanese girls listen to me well and give me a right answer.

They saw many different people, that are why they are thoughtful in spite of that they are young.

I can become cheerful. This is why I work hard everyday.

Looking for your favorite Escort

What is Escort? Escort is men's dream and adoration.

Ladies would laugh. But men follow a dream even in their sexual feeling.

By the way, how do they find their favorite Escort?

I tried many escorts. I think this is the best way.

I get an unlucky once in a while.

But I sometimes get luck and feel like coming back to the Escort or the Escort girl definitely.

The happy feeling is as if I find a treasure.

To be honest, men are forever boys who like an adventure to seek something new, so looking for a dream Escort itself is fun.

I like delivery-health the best in adult entertainment

I like sexual service and have it at least once a month though my income is not so high.

I used to like real store type health, but I have been choosing delivery-health since some years ago.

Each real store type health has varieties like of mature ladies, costume play, chubby girls, or soft SM etc.
I had fun, but I had to go far to have one I want at the time.

But delivery-health is much easier.
I just call in, then an escort girl comes to my regular hotel.
I just need to choose a delivery-health and call.

Moreover, I do not meet other customers or male stuff.

When I get a fun girl luckily, I ask something I hesitated in a real store, such as facesitting.
I really like it when an escort girl put her private part against my face.

Some men might think you have to pay extra hotel fee, but thinking of easiness, I prefer delivery-health.

How do escort-girls value on sex

My girl friend is an open-minded woman. She says using escort service is better than affairs.

So I use escort a couple of times in a year when I cannot see my girlfriend for long time, or when I am horny during her period, or for a social obligation with my friends.

I chat with an before we go to bed. There are many good-looking escort girls recently.

And there used to be unhappy escort girls working in escort for negative reason, but it is different these days.

Some escort girls told they wants money for their dreams like opening their own shops and do not want to ask their parents for money.

Or some others said they like erotic things and love their job.

Not only escort girls but also general young girls tend to be much more open-minded to sex than Japanese girls used to be.

The best part of delivery-health and outcall massage

Delivery-health is an adult service easy to use.

They send an escort girl to your home or hotel room, so you can be secure at having a session.

Basically, it is as same as real store-type health.
You can name what type of an escort girl you want.

You can request.

If you want to heal your tired body, it is a nice present for yourself to call in an outcall massage.

Internet reservation is getting common in addition to phone call reservation recently.

Trustful delivery-health stores have decent websites, so even if you are not familiar to delivery-health, you can see price and course clearly.

Adult service using aroma oil, original soap, and nurulotion is popular, too.

You can taste the best part of delivery-health being cared by beautiful Japanese girls.

Surely, she will pet your private part, too.
So you will be fulfilled when you call in with high sex drive.

A Naked-Girl is beautiful
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A Naked-Girl is mysterious.

All people were born from Naked-Women.
They are beautiful.

So I want to view all of a Naked-Girl, but I cannot ask to other people.
And my wife doesn't say yes as many times as I hope.

It can be the nest decision to use sexual service.

It is great to view a Naked-Girl, but sexy outfits and lingerie are erotic and get me on.

It is a big fun in adult entertainment you can look an escort girl in a sexy dress or sexy lingerie like a g-string takes her clothes off one by one.

I unclothe them and view her boobs or hips well before we go to bed.

It makes us more excited.

I believe not only just touching but also viewing a beautiful Naked-Girl is great.
I recommend you.

Collect information of escort girls on website first and call in

The good point of delivery-health is an escort girl comes to your home or hotel room with one phone call.

It is very convenient when 'you want fun with a Japanese girl, but you are too tired to go out.

You can call in an escort girl with one phone call.
The problem is if you can get an escort girl who matches your preference.

Some delivery-health clubs accept a change, but it sometimes requires fee.
And some other delivery-health clubs do not accept a change.

So it is important to meet an escort girl you like.

You need to collect information for that.

Check the profile of the girl on website before you call in.

Even if her face is feathered on pictures, you can see her atmosphere.

It is also nice to check her blog.

If you get some information of her, you have topics to talk with her.
It would be good to get close.

I do want to see a Naked-Girl!

If you have never looked a Naked-Girl in your life, you must imagine with an expectation.

But it does not happen until you have a girlfriend, so it is difficult for some men.

If so, using night entertainment is a good idea.

You can see a Naked-Girl with no sweat.

A beautiful Japanese Naked-Girl you have longed for devotes and serves you.

Delivery-health is easy and recommended.

It is not secure if you do not have any sexual experience with a girl after you are grown-up.

It is important have an experience even if you pay money.

You will be secure as a man.

Once you are secure, it is not so difficult to meet a girl for a relationship soon.

The time you are served by a Naked-Girl is so special that you love it.

It is also fun to search a good escort service.

Please use it being clear about your purpose.

The difference between delivery-health and real store type health

Delivery-health has a couple of merits that are not in real store type health.

The first merit is the convenience of business time.

Most real stores close at 24:00 because of the regulation of law or ordinance, but most delivery-health open till next morning.

So you can call for fulfillment of lust even in midnight on a business trip or after a drinking party.

You may have to stand boring waiting time without a reservation in a real store, but you can relax and wait in your room for delivery-health.

The second merit is you do not have to mind other people's eyes.

When you go to the area many adult entertainment stores exist, there are many pullers-in you have to deal with.
People look at you going in a store.

But you just call and wait in your room for delivery-health, you do not have to care about other people.

Wonderful omotenasi spirit of japanese-escorts

Gentlemen all over the world take notice on japanese-escorts.

It must be because japanese-escorts have omotenashi spirit, hospitality.

I felt their omotenashi spirit in japanese-escorts.

At first sight, japanese-escorts look in your eyes and greet with smile.

The escort girl cared about me during the session and sent me with smile.

My heart was healed and made warm.

And the sexual service itself was great.

The price is not high, but there are optional services like AV.

The technique of japanese-escorts is high in both of basic service and optional service.

I guess it is because japanese-escorts have severe training.

And Japanese people are earnest.

Actually there are japanese-escorts who study and practice personally.

All things are for customers benefit.
It is a great spirit.

Where you fill your natural feeling

Do you know the three big desires of human beings?

They are appetite, sleep drive, and sex drive to live.

Since talking about sex in public has been regarded as taboo in Japan, people do not admit their interests or strong sex drive.

But sexual-feeling and desire are natural because it is one of the three desires that is common for all human beings.

It is not something embarrassing.

If you have a girlfriend or wife, you fill each other's sexual feeling.

But many people are single and has not been in a relationship long.
Actually single people are increasing.

How do they satisfy their sexual-feeling>
The best solution is a help of an escort girl who is a goddess of sexuality.

Erotic magazines or AV helps, but they cannot as good as interactive communication to satisfy sexual-feeling.

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