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Osaka Escort Girls infoOsaka Escort Girls info

2017/04 2017/04
The reason why so called Osaka's "Dying Spot", Sex shop can not be comparable to high-grade delivery health


A while ago, lot of agencies used to speak to you with sex proportion on the street. 

The time passed, such agencies is still exist but have been decrease into few amount.

Yes, they still have provided sexual intercourse against the Japanese low.


Because of the firmly rooted demands, sex shops are still exist against the nabbing by police.
It is understandable that every guy want a sex since I'm also a guy.

There is no reason to refuse the propose of sex from beautiful lady. But the partner would be different lady:)

*If the shop has a licence submitted by low like us, you could definitely enjoy with high prophet.


The common issue:the rumor of sex shop.


When you have a session in sex shop, you have to make up your mind to do or be caught in jail.

In this century, it not so difficult to find the shop provide sexual intercourse on the web.

Besides, you could find a lot of review of experience.

So it seems that some might try that kind of shop to confirm this review is true or not, instead of believe in.

According to some review, it seems that the common issue that sex shop has is not only in Osaka but also all over Japan.


・The secret camera at the entrance of the hotel.

・The different lady will be waiting for you in the room.

・The lady who has a big mouth and tell the police that you forced me sex.

・Highly dangerous to happen to get a sexual disease unexpectedly.

・There must be no education system in sex shop


Since that they are required is not high quality of service but whether she could do sex or not, they don't usually Omotenashi hospitality.

Lucky you when the young lady will come to you, but you could not escape when unwilling monster show up.


In this industry, there are no "Next time" when you caught in jail, ignorance cannot be allowed, same thing could be said in job.




The precious time Osaka sex shop would never provide you : High-Grade Delivery Health

There are obvious concept and educational system in the shop as long as they say themselves as HIGH-GRADE delivery health.

No sexual intercourse but they provide alternative reason that you could enjoy without sex.


In Osaka, there are lot of delivery health service that's why we could compete with for a victory.

You could feel our hospitality when you just call and talk our staff.

We think the reason why you could enjoy our service without sex is that you could get highly satisfaction from whoever ladies you have a experience with.

Sex is carnal desires. Too poor to describe it as a pleasure.  

Trained service includes joy, relaxing, satisfaction and you could get these things just being let her all.

There is no fact the lady who could do sex is the best. We will make sure you will totally safe and feel at ease with only beautiful ladies.

This feeling that you could get when you have a session with our escort lady is what High-Grade delivery health provide you and it's totally different from that of sex shop.

*We do not take in the lady who try to have an easy life with sex service. 

*It means like "if you seek for faster car, could you enjoy without all equipment of that ??"


We think that asking for professional is the Sure-Way to get pleasure and relaxing.

The service our escort lady will provide you is obviously higher potential than just a sex shop.

And than anything else, it is so gladness for male to be able to avoid the disease.

The safety is the most important thing in everywhere.

Your ideal sexual play is our standard service


・Enjoy your session after dating with her at unknown place

・Happy Ending with full of sexual excitement

・Enjoy pillow talk after session


Your Ideal sexual play is our standard. Ejaculation is not everything, we put more weight on the way to finish. 

Produce the service in your dream.

The mind of hospitality you could never feel in sex shop

Why we describe sex shop as the "grave" ?

Because it would create nothing feeling after that.

Competing with another shop, pursuing the service and that's quality the customer expected is the top hospitality for us.

So such cheap sex shop is ridicules for us. Thinking about how do we make the customer enjoy and satisfied is the relaxing, and this is the basis of the service

Our shop has a confirmed concept as high-grade delivery health.

Now we have opened 6 shops within a year in Japan with your help.

You should know how we did that right after the experience of our service.


 g130_130_pc_03.jpg g183_183_pc_01.jpg


Now you understand our confidence that we will never be lower than the sex shop.

If you want to try our confidence, please freely call us at any time you are free.




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