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Osaka Escort Girls infoOsaka Escort Girls info

2017/09 2017/09
Osaka's custom options cannot be imitated by other stores and is 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Optional play can be chosen during reception without any embarrassment.


There is a shop that you can chose options for free in Osaka's escort shops.

It is a very nice benefit for men who use escort services.


After all, it is embarrassing to ask for play options on the phone in an urban crowded area such as Osaka.


Making a reservation through the phone is fine...

But it is embarrassing to order options.


In Osaka, there are many shops and other women around.


In front of such a woman, "Rotor/vibrator" and "Panty hose" ...

I am not that embarrassed in saying such things but I'd prefer not to if possible.


That's why special option lists are convenient.

Without ever feeling shy, the options are already added.


Over 90% of customers fear that options can't be added when selecting a coarse!



Approximately 90% of shops claiming to have free options are only included in long-term coarses.


If men have the time, it is natural to have the longest course possible.


However, there are times when it is impossible to choose a long course due to various circumstances.


Being on a budget, it is inevitable that the course time will be short.

Also having a tight schedule to be the reason for a short coarse as well.


It is cruel for men who can only use for a short time by their circumstances.


Although it is a free special option store......

It is true that few women prepare the essential electric equipment (adult toys) and bring it.


Let's say that the woman prepared it!

However you don't know how to use it? Have you even experienced this before?


● There is blemish on it... ...

● Even though it has not been used, it is slimy from someone else ......

● There is an adult toy that you wanted to try, but was refused by women ... ...


In this way it is often unsanitary and the electric equipment that everyone does not want to use is prepared.

Also most women don't want to use such things because it is cheap.


Course time can not be extended due to various circumstances so order one option you want to try for a short duration.


Then you will be refused by the reception ...

Why can't I just try one option?

Even if there is one option which I would like to try absolutely, I can not even try it unless I switch to a long course.


Our service will let you try all 8 options on a women


In option free service, a lot of options are attached when choosing a long course.

However, even if you attach a lot, you can not afford to enjoy all the options in time.

Your  precious time and money.

After all when choosing to have fun, instead of halfway, enjoying to your heart's content is desired.

It is a companion type service where she will fulfill your wishes thoroughly with options that you can enjoy with no hands.


Our service has a concept that you can enjoy thoroughly with basic play alone without attaching options.


After meeting, all actions will be led by the women caring for you devotedly.

Even before entering the bed, she will be right by your side and erotic.

When the bed play does start, we ask that you not worry about a thing and let the lady do her magic.


Like a lover/girlfriend! They do a rich lip service that does not happen at any other shop.

Then when you are ready, it is your turn now to initiate on the women.




Fingeling, licking, 69 ... ...

As a man thinks, you can continue to keep it cool.

Ejaculation can be made on the crotch or in the mouth.

It's not just simple ejaculation.


We will guide you through the second round or massage your tired body.


From the start to the end! The concept/service does not change       

It is unsatisfactory in basic play!

For men who feel that way, please choose from 8 options.       


Because it is a option that cost money, safe sanitation is  managed.


Every option included with our service costs money.

However, other services where the options are free usually don't properly clean their toys.


You can rid of all your worries and enjoy sweet bliss.

When you have decided your preference, please inform us at the reception.


The reception staff will listen to your every need.


We will inform the lady your request without missing any detail.


Those who are planning to use our services. There is nothing to be concerned about at the time of reception.

A carefully selected sex goddess will be attending your every need from start to finish.



For Those who want to see our services in action, please check our videos/manga.  




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