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Santa Claus is Coming to Osaka
December 24, 2014 6:30 PM | [Santa Claus is Coming to Osaka]Permalink

Winter is my favorite season.

The reason is it has a number of events such as Christmas and New Year.

I love a festive time as Christmas.

From Oboro

1419413393548.jpg    Oboro ,  T160 B81 (B) W56 H82 

We provide GEF Japanese Style .

That's Japanese traditional sexual service!!

Feel free to call us 03-5793-1515 ((+81)3.5793.1515)

The year-end and New Year period are as follows: 
We are open during the end and beginning of the year.
31/12/2014 :       9:00 am  open - 8:00 pm closed
01/01/2015  :      12:00 pm open - Next 5:00 am last call
02/01/2015  - :   Regular Hours * 9:00 am - Next 5:00 am Last call
We would like to take a moment to say thank you for the support you have
given us throughout the year.
We wish you the best this holiday season and look forward to your continued patronage in the year 2015.
Yours sincerely.
Japanese Escort Girls Club   http://japanese-escort-girls.com/

About out optional Costume Play

The thing you cannot enjoy with your girlfriend or wife... it's Cosplay.

We offer cosplay as an optional service.

Japanese girls tend to be small、

2 types of uniform known as animated characters

Our pick-up girl Sana is wearing it.

Idols are very popular in Japan. The members of the famous idol group wear school uniforms.

Don't you like to see real one?

Sana AKB.jpg

Our lolita escort-girl Sana is so cute that she could be a member of this idol group.

In Japan, a cute and coquettish girl like her is called 'koakuma' that means petit devil...

And another one is 'a sailor-style school uniform' that Japanese men love.

Would you like untying the ribbon on her chest?

You want to see inside her skirt!!

unnamed (1).jpg

You can add this option to any course.

1,000JPY / 1 costume

Caution: Please order it on phone in advance. Reservation is required.

Are you interested? Please call us now!!




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