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Madoca / 33 Review(12)

Manager Message

I wonder what you mean with “Asian beauty” if you do not think she is “Asian beauty”. We recommend her proudly. She is a trilingual and provides heavenly service. And she has excellent massage skills, too.

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Girls Information

T162 B83 (B) W63 H88 
Hair colour
Dark brown
Hair Type
Bikini area
Good at
Sexual massage
Prostate massage


Oral sex w/o skin(CIM)
Take-home Panty
Take-home Panty hose
Golden shower
Over Night

Girl Message

Hi, there! My name is Madoca.
This is a little about me!
I do remember I was interested in foreign countries when I was a little girl. I watched a lovely country with a lot of colorful houses, an island on a beautiful ocean, a very cold country, a country with a marvelous night view and so on on TV and still dream traveling all over the world by sea. And I have been keeping a complex from my childhood that I am too shy to be social!
I was very nervous when I chose this job. Fortunately, I joined this JEGC and knew valuable time to spend with guests! Our guests say “Thank you.” for each part of my service, and they express much more appreciation to my little caring words! It encouraged me a lot and made me more confident! To be honest, service was a business deal to guests paying money at first, but I realized how much they comfort and cheer me up! It is something to consider about. I feel I have grown up here. Mental communication is not easy but very important! I would like to touch you with all my heart. Would you care for a sweet time with a woman finally matured?
What is your favorite play? Please tell me! Please tell me about you, about your country or your interests and so on! I am waiting for you. Me? I like coffee and tea very much. It would be nice we can have a nice tea time, too. I am looking forward to seeing you! (*^^*) 

Staff Message

Her adult sexual attraction is irresistible. When I saw her first, I thought this. All men cannot help smiling if she sticks fast. (Sato)

Mature eroticism. My heart throbbed at her classy acts, and my private parts got hard-on at her slender body. (Sugi)

I had a desire to surrender all of me to her in the bed when I met her first. She is a brand-new stimulus for me, a beginner for a nubile girl. (Yosuke)



i have had a few dates with Madoca while staying in Tokyo. She is really a Pretty Lady and she has a lot of Charm and Class. Of course she is very professional and she has such soft hand ... her touch is really great. As usual after our meeting I sleep like a Baby and then in the plane , on follwing day, I had beautiful dreams again. Madoca , i want to thank here for the lovely moments and I'm already looking forward to seeing you again. You are a Great Lady! Jean-Marc Your French Lover

  Jean M F Date and time 2016/04/25 13:13

Just want to express my gratitude to Madoca once again. I was back in Tokyo last week and the first thing I wanted to do after a long 18 hour flight was have some relaxation.
So I called Modoca, She is such an amazing lady that within minutes I was completely relaxed, all my aches and pains where stroked away. She spends her time with you and you just melt away. I booked her for 90 minutes which is to short really as you want her to stay all night. Wanted to see her again before I left but my schedule did not work. But be sure I will call her the moment I arrive back in Tokyo in May

  Andy Andrew Date and time 2016/03/21 23:29

Ms Madoca
I dreamed of you all the way back to NYC. Your eyes and smile filling up my head. You are a beautiful loving women. I look forward to seeing you again and I hope soon.

  Ted3 Date and time 2016/02/01 09:41

I finished a service with Maodca last Saturday. She has a nice body and is very kind. Hope to see her again next time I am in Tokyo! Thank you for sending her!

  RC Date and time 2016/01/19 16:28

I met Madoca on the 18th December at the apartment I was staying. When I opened the door to let her in, I was stunned by how beautiful she was, so much better in the flesh. She was an incredible lady. I have never received such wonderful treatment. She made me feel so special and every part of me was excited and relaxed at the same time. The whole experience was incredible. So much so, I just had to experience it again, which I did four days later on the 22nd December. Call it any early Christmas present to myself! If you have the chance to meet Madoca, you will not be disappointed. I will be seeing her again very soon.

  Andy Date and time 2016/01/14 11:19

Just a note to report that Ms Madoca made my first night in Tokyo an amazing and wonderful experience - what an incredible woman and beautiful person inside and out - I look forward to spending time with her again. Thank you

  T Date and time 2016/01/11 17:29

I used this funny name to represent myself as I know Madoca remembers who I am. I don't know where to start telling my story with Madoca as every moment with Madoca is a magic and it is so difficult to return to reality after spending time with her. Words can't describe how great it is when being with her but definitely it has been one of my best moments. My words here are short as I don't want to share my precious memory with others but hopefully she reads my words here and feels the same
I am already expecting next appointment with her!!

  Cherry Grandpa Date and time 2015/12/21 22:19

Madoca is real beautiful woman.
Also She has a tender heart.I had a fantastic time.
Let's meet again someday.

  KK Date and time 2015/10/17 21:35

Madoca is a absolut beautiful and friendly woman. the superwoman is the right words. thank you very much Madoca Chan.

  Peter Pan Date and time 2015/09/18 17:26

Met Madoca a few months back and she was an extremely elegant woman. A very experienced woman, which you can immediately realize once her soft tender fingers runs through your body. I would meet her again when I am back in Tokyo. Thanks Madoca-chan.

  Nikhil Date and time 2015/06/18 10:01

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