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Mayu / 23 Review(16)


Manager Message

In spite of her young age, she is caring. I recommend this petit and cute girl very much. Moreover, she has a glamorous body with G-cup breasts, and the curve is hot and tentative. Also, this sexy girl love to get dirty. Isn’t it great?

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Girls Information

T154 B88 (G) W58 H86 
Hair colour
Hair Type
Bikini area
Good at
Body to body session fully using boobs & Heavy licking service
Prostate massage


Oral sex w/o skin(CIM)
Take-home Panty
Take-home Panty hose
Golden shower
Over Night

Girl Message

Hello. I am Mayu.♪

Thank you for looking my page.

I liked massage and started this job.
I was manager of the sport team in high school and often massaged members.
So, please let me comfort and heal your hard working body.

People often tell me I am calm and relaxing.
I hope you would feel comfortable with me like a GF.

Actually… I am sorry that I cannot speak English very well currently.
I will practice so that I can communicate with you a lot in English.

I think I sometimes cannot understand well what you say. But please talk to me. Let’s understand each other gradually.

I have been to Germany once.
I was impressed then and wanted to talk and get along with foreign men more. That was also one reason to start this job.

I would like to hear more about other countries. I like seeing pictures, too. So please tell me about the countries you have been to. I want to tell you about Japan.

Lastly, I like being hugged. I would be pleased if you flirt with me a lot. I am looking forward to our sweet time.


Staff Message

G-cup big breasts on this petit body. A very young girl joined JEGC!! Her working days are limited, so please make an early reservation. (Ito)

Black hair, fair skin, big boobs, early in the 20’s… everyone want this cute girl. I envy you because you can make a sweet memory with this girl. (Sugi)

Mayu has great body figures with big breasts on her slender body. She is classy and has very lovely smile representing the image of Japanese girls. I think the spending with her could blow off your fatigue on a long trip.  (Agawa)



Had an amazing time with Mayu-San on 28 Dec'16, she is a cute & sweet lady which give an amazing GF experience.

I am so upset that i could not meetup with her again before i return home, she is fully booked on 29 Dec'16 & 30 Dec'16. Will definitely look for her again when i visit Tokyo.

Mayu-San, Thank You for making my stay in Tokyo so unforgettable!

  Mr Ow Date and time 2017/01/02 12:09


  圭二さん Date and time 2016/11/26 00:09

She is better than the photos! I was surprised. Her English is very good. She gave me a good time and I think she really liked my kindness. The kinder you are to her, the better the time you'll have. Will definitely be seeing her again.

  Matthew D. Date and time 2016/07/16 20:44

Had a great time with the lovely Mayu. Great body (especially her oppai)and a lovely smile and laugh. Limited English but eager to try and learn.
No rush with Mayu and wonderful licking and blow-job. Try her you will not be disappointed.

  Gerard Date and time 2016/05/17 21:02

I met Mayu-san today, she is very sweet and really beatfull, she did her best to be like a real girlfriend and.. oh boy she really is an angel.
I loved every minute i've spent with her and i will sure look for her again next time (i already miss her).
Mayu-san Arigatou Gozaimashita

  David Date and time 2016/05/15 20:56

I met Mayu-san tonight. She is a very lovely young lady, gentle and kind. She has really beautiful curves and they felt wonderful to touch! Her bath play was the best I had ever felt! A wonderful, sweet, young lady; and an amazing GF experience! So, thank you Mayu-san, and all the very best!

  Philip Date and time 2016/05/04 00:11

Wow. Just finished 90 minutes of heaven with Mayu. Unbelievably tight body with perfect natural breasts...and such a cute pretty face. I felt like the only man in the world with her. A true girlfriend experience; very spontaneous and gentle. It didnt feel like she was following some , just natural, intimate time with a beautiful young woman. I hope to spend time with her again when I come back to Tokyo.

  John Date and time 2016/04/21 20:48

I had Mayu's service in mid April. She is young and cute. In fact, she can communicate in English well. I enjoy the bath and sweet time with her and hope seeing her during my next visit to Tokyo.

  James K Date and time 2016/04/18 16:48

Unforgettable experience, other than good body, sweet face, her attitude is very very good as well. I can definitely recall her when I come Tokyo next time.

Mayu, nice to meet you! Thanks for your kindly service!

  Lam Date and time 2016/03/25 00:09

Had an amazing time with Ms.Mayu. She is a young hottie with serious curves. A true GF material.You will feel like in heaven. Be gentle with her and you will not regret. Already started missing her. Will definitely repeat with her.

  DK Date and time 2016/03/08 01:40

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