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Lisa / 24 Review(6)


Manager Message

Cool and beautiful “horny girl” with slim body. Fair, smooth, beautiful skin, and erotic eyes. She is a lady with a class. Her face is cool beauty, but cuteness comes out when she smiles, which is one of her attractive points.

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T169 B87 (C) W59 H88 
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Girl Message

I'm Lisa.

Thank you for being interested in me.
I'd like to introduce myself to you to let you understand me. I would really appreciate if you would like me.

I'm going to talk about 3 topics.

First, my background.
I'm from Tokyo. I graduated from the private university in Tokyo two years ago. My major was international relations and I particularly did research on American studies. This is because I came to get interested in American society when I studied in America.
My dream is to live and work in foreign country.
I'm really interested in various countries and this is why I started to work here. So please tell me about your home country!

Second, my favorite.
I like reading books, watching TV dramas and movies, running, learning languages, traveling and so on.
I like to read both Japanese and foreign novels. I always have one book with me.
Recently, I began to run to keep my shape and stay healthy. I'm thinking about trying a full marathon. And I also began to learn Chinese language these days. But I do like to teach Japanese language to you as well. Feel free to ask me!
Concerning to traveling, I've been to Canada, America(Guam, LA, NY, Seattle, Las Vegas, San Francisco), Taiwan. Of course, I like traveling in Japan such as Osaka, Okinawa, Hakone and so on.
I like talking with people who meet for the first time. I'm so looking forward to talking about your favorite things!

Third, my character and charm points.
Though people who meet for the first time usually say I look cold and sadistic, actually I'm so diligent and faithful that I try to satisfy you. Besides, I may make up to you in bed with a feeling of shyness.
My charm point is my perfect black and glossy hair. I want you to smooth down my hair so that I feel good. And my thighs are one of my charm points as well because they are little bit chubby and look sexy. Please enjoy watching them.

Finally, I'm really looking forward to giving you a massage and doing various kinds of erotic and obscene things to you.
Don't you have a sweet time with me?
I'm waiting for you!

Thank you for reading my message!! 

Staff Message

This girl is tall and slender. She speaks English fluently, so no frustration in conversation. She is intelligent yet very cute. Her politeness is also good.(Ito)

I like this job!! She says it. She is always steady and earnest by all means. Her first impression is the nice smile!! You won’t regret. (Sato)

A newbie with high hopes!! A young and pretty girl with long beautiful legs and good-looking face.
She has no problem in English conversation with you. We are sure you will have a sweet time with her. (Agawa)


Lisa is wonderful she put me at ease in a way few women have been able to do in my life, time with her is time well spent she's sexy fun and just wonderful. You will have a hard time not falling in love. Nothing in this world is perfect but I believe she comes close.

  Eric Date and time 2017/02/17 23:33

This is the first time I enjoy the escort service in Japan. Lisa is a so nice girl. With her great professional skills,I was completely comforted by her. She is very good at kiss and soft and hot body attract man's desire. Very happy to play with her and hope for one more time with her.

  peter Date and time 2017/01/12 23:12

Lisa was simply amazing. She was a bit shy at first, but it didn't take long before we had a great conversation going. We went down to the hotel bar and spent an hour chatting over drinks. She was absolutely charming, smart, open, and worldly. This girl has class. We went back up holding hands. I'll spare the details, but suffice to say that Lisa was an amazing lover. Tender, deeply caring, and incredibly hot. A true GFE. She completely stole my heart - I think I fell in love last night. I'll definitely try to see her again on my next visit.

  H Date and time 2016/06/27 13:32

Lisa was great. She has more charming points than what she thinks. her conversation was with logic and indicates high education. I wish she can live her dream life in the future.

  John H Date and time 2015/12/19 11:12

Lisa is tall, slender and incredibly classy and elegant. Her pictures above do not do her justice, as her hips provide great curves and her butt is the definition of perfect. Her face is also remarkable with model-like cheek bone structure and a perfect jawline. Not only does she have a stunning body, but she is fluent in English and her intellect matches her remarkable looks. She is great at her craft and I highly recommend her to everyone. I will remember my three hours last night with her for a very long time, as it was definitely the highlight of my trip to Japan. A+.

In addition, the service at JEG.com is exceptional. They communicate well and deliver what they promise. If you're lonely on a trip, just call their reservation number and you won't be disappointed. I will definitely use them on future trips to Japan.

  el jefe Date and time 2015/12/12 05:13

Got a great time with Lisa yesterday. She is classy, beautiful and kind. Her English is also perfect. My only regret is that I could not afford a whole night for the time being, but I plan to do it later.

Thank you really much for this sweet time.

  Maxime Date and time 2015/11/11 15:06

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