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Minami / 22 Review(10)



Manager Message

It is not too much to call her service is our best offer for you. Three weapons are given to her; politeness, brightness, and eroticism. I think you will be caught with rapture once you experience.

Movie of Minami

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2/22 (Wed) 2/23 (Thu) 2/24 (Fri) 2/25 (Sat) 2/26 (Sun) 2/27 (Mon) 2/28 (Tue)
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3/1 (Wed) 3/2 (Thu) 3/3 (Fri) 3/4 (Sat) 3/5 (Sun) 3/6 (Mon) 3/7 (Tue)
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3/8 (Wed) 3/9 (Thu) 3/10 (Fri) 3/11 (Sat) 3/12 (Sun) 3/13 (Mon) 3/14 (Tue)
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Girls Information

T158 B84 (D) W60 H85 
Hair colour
Dark brown
Hair Type
Bikini area
Good at
Blow job
Prostate massage


Oral sex w/o skin(CIM)
Take-home Panty
Take-home Panty hose
Golden shower
Over Night

Girl Message

Hello!I am Minami★
Thank you for looking plofil among many girls.
I am very glad if you remember me as much as possible.

I am a sport instructed during the daytime.
So I love sports!
I teach mostly children.
I am healed by children and have fun♪

My interest are playing tennis and singing songs.
I am always doing my best as a tennis player.
Please tell me your favorite sports.

I have begun something.
It is an English conversation.
I learn English weekly.
I am glad to learn English conversation when I can talk!!
Thank you for understanding to be not good at English(>_<)
I will work harder at studying and want to speak English fluently!

I like doing things for others.
I want to see your happy face.
To be good at doing blow job¥(//∇//)¥
I want to lick you¥(//∇//)¥
Let's spend happy time together♪

I cannot thank you enough because you are busy the walk.
The meeting you is an important treasure.
I am very happy so I share your precious time.
Thank to you and staff,I am enjoying the work.
I am looking forward to see you.
Thank you for reading my profile until the end☆


Staff Message

She is bright, and her smile is the cutest. Above all, you will have a good impression on her caring devoted service! Her great body figure is perfect for your wrap. Once you spend a timem with her, you might be allured! We are sure she will be popular. We recommend you to try before it is too late.♪ (Ogawa)

First of all, she is outgoing. You will probably find it so fun being with her.♪
However, she is not only that! Her service level is satisfactory. You must have a good time.♪(Sato)

Great feedback from customers tells everything about her! I think you will see what I want to say if you try her once. Have a great time.♪ (Hirayama) 


Minami San is a beautiful and giving woman who knows just how to please a man and make him feel relaxed. After spending my initial time with her I decided to if she could stay all night. That was a great decision. I will definitely be calling in her again. Her love for tennis has given her a strong athletic body to die for. She has all the right curves in the right places, WOW! But mostly she has a sexy spirit and a great personality with a smile that will melt your very soul.

  SJ Date and time 2016/12/24 15:48

Why is the agent posting those ugly photos!?She is far more beautiful than those pictures! This night in Tokyo will never be forgotten and thanks to you Minami. Planning a trip to Thailand right now and hope will meet you there travel girl!

  XY Date and time 2016/09/17 02:34

Minami looks far more beautiful than her picture in web. She is very caring and fun to chat with . I guess i feel in love with her.. 'And thanks for sending such nice person. Surely i will call for her again.

"We found love in hopless place " ...( ~ _ ~ )...

  K Date and time 2016/06/22 06:40

Minami is a nice young lady who made me very comfortable all through the session. From the first moment she tried her best to let me having a girlfriend experience and I enjoy that. We had some good time(talking to each other, haha)

  Chin Date and time 2016/06/05 07:03

This was my second time enjoying the services of Minami. The first time with her left such an impression with me I had called many times just to try to reschedule again with this very sexy and exciting woman. Minami is pretty, sexy and very fun to be with. I almost wanted to give her a bad review so no one else will choose her and I can keep her time all to myself. JEGC has a gem on their hands with Minami. Such a great time I'm looking forward to my next chance to travel to see her again.

  Mr J Date and time 2016/06/04 11:00

Firstly, she looks much better than her photos. She teases me from the moment she got in. Her blowjob and kissing is amazing. I should have opted the blowjob without condom option. I really enjoyed my time with her. I will definitely booked her again.

  Someone Date and time 2016/05/27 21:31

She is very good girl.I had sweet time. Thank you for sending this amazing girl.

  Rg Date and time 2016/03/30 16:40

I saw Minami last month and was an absolute delight. Sexy, spirited, and a fun personality. 3 hours wasn't enough as she leaves you want to spend more and more time with her. I look forward to seeing her during my next trip.

  M Date and time 2016/03/06 03:14

She was the only girl available at the time I wanted so I accepted her. When she came to the room I was surprised as she looks better than her photos. She is a very sweet girl and makes you comfortable and is a little package of mixed charm and cuteness. I am not sure I will ever request a different girl. She was perfect for me.

  Craig Date and time 2016/01/27 20:53

We meet on January 20 in Tokyo. She is a lovely young women with a very engaging personality. She is keen to improve her English ans she is a pleasure to speak with. Fun and energetic in her attitude. She is very skilled at making you feel like you have known each other for a while and are lovers. She is a true girl friend experience. She is a good lover with passionate kissing and caressing and wonderfull slow skills in providing a blow job. I recommend Minami. My only regret from our evening is that I did not have her sleep over --- I suspect that would have been awesome.

  Ted  Date and time 2016/01/23 21:15

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