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Nene / 22 Review(18)


Manager Message

This is what erotic service is. The adult entertainment to stimulate all of your erogenous zones from the head to the toe is an ultimate bliss that you cannot have anywhere else. Highly recommended.

Movie of Nene

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2/27 (Mon) 2/28 (Tue) 3/1 (Wed) 3/2 (Thu) 3/3 (Fri) 3/4 (Sat) 3/5 (Sun)
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Girls Information

T157 B82 (C) W59 H83 
Hair colour
Dark brown
Hair Type
Bikini area
Still Studying
Good at
Licking service
Prostate massage
Yes * Beginner


Oral sex w/o skin(CIM)
Take-home Panty
Take-home Panty hose
Golden shower
Over Night

Girl Message

Hello. I’m Nene.

Thank you for looking at Nene’s page.
I am happy if you know a little about me.

I like listening to music like opera and jazz, watching ballet and ‘kabuki’, traveling, and eating.

I go to kimono wearing class recently.
I wish a date in kimono someday.

I exercise at a gym and eat out seeking good food on a day off.(^ ^)

I also like foreign countries, so please tell me about your country and other countries you have been to.♪

On a bed… I like to give and receive very much.
I get turned on for your dirty look and voice.
Nene’s spacial licking service can drive you crazy.///
And if you tease me with a sex toy gently and naughty……
You will find out in the room…

I am good at massage, too. I will refresh not only your “private part”, but also whole body.

It is hard to release daily tiredness and stress.
Get relaxed with me.
I will comfort you..

I am happy if you keep me somewhere in your mind.
I am really looking forward to the day we can meet.

I take reservation for overtime work so please feel free to contact me from two to three days ago. 

Staff Message

She is a very cute girl.♪ You would hold up your fists in triumph! Her good point is not only her looks! We think her service will melt you.♪(Ogawa)

She can rapture you with her moistly glistening eyes only. You are helpless.♪ You would be satisfied with your choice of her! Would you care for a sweet time with her? We strongly recommend.(Ito)

I could not believe my eyes first! Is this pretty girl real, or am I dreaming? This girl will be popular for sure, so I recommend you to book her before it is too late! (Agawa) 



It was my 2nd date with Nene-chan, she was as cute as an Angel, and you wonder if she had fallen off from the Heaven just to please us men...

It's not hard to know why she required a Special girl fee, as she is one special young lady. She is those type of girls that you just want to protect for no particular reasons!

She is like the shy girlfriend that you first dated, but once you get to know her better, she is one cheeky naughty girl...

I very much looking forward for my next trip to Tokyo, because I get to see adorable Nene!

Sorry Nene that it took me so long to write a review for you... I hope you are not mad… Gomenasai!

  H from Australia Date and time 2017/02/10 23:00

Nene-chan is such a gem. I would have not let anyone know how good Nene-chan is, and keep it all to myself, but that is so not fair for the adorable Nene!

I was greeted by a beauty on the street, she was a bit shy at first, but once we were in the room, she became a lot more relax and more talkative. Get to know her a bit more from the chit chat, and she is such a naughty and playful girl!

Cut the story short, her lips are like lips of an Angel, and so soft... Such a great feeling when kissing on that voluptuous lips of hers. Another great trademark of hers are her seductive eyes, they can make a king loses his kingdom...

I just want to take her home and save her all to myself, but I can't... So I will look forward for our next meeting!

"Heart" "Heart"!!

  H from Australia Date and time 2016/12/26 20:47

Had an amazing time today with the lovely Miss Nene. She is a very special young lady...her GFE was almost as pleasurable as her ample skills, passionate play and yet tender touch. Remarkable! Thank you so much, Nene. You've set the bar very high for P4P. The fact that we were wearing the same color clothes today felt like fate, as did our date. We WILL meet again! And thank you for the omiyage! I'm moved.

  Mr. K Date and time 2016/10/15 22:08

Fantastic time. Very cute and dedicated to make a great time

  R  Date and time 2016/10/10 01:32

One of least memorable encounter that I ever had, your experience may vary. Booking was easy and staff were very courteous. Childish and mechanical, with some good skills.

  Mr. K Date and time 2016/08/30 23:06

Nene is a lovely and beautiful girl, tender touch and soft hands. Her licking service will drive you insane, just looking at her eyes and smile would make you melt it's so dreamy. She truly exceeds at what she does to relax and comfort you, it's hard to keep her off your mind. If I ever come back to Tokyo, I will definitely see her again.

  I Date and time 2016/07/30 00:40

Hey my girl... U r dream of every men... Looks so adorable... can't stop thinking of you... Lucky to have u... Missing u.... :*

  J Date and time 2016/07/24 12:10

What can I say about Nene?, just one thing, she's AMAZING.
All day thinking about her, Thanks for showing me your marvelous smile.
Please be nice with her and treat her with respect.

  M. Date and time 2016/06/22 21:54

Nene is a nice girl and very thoughtful. She is more beautiful compare with the pictures... looking forward to book her again... anyone who book Nene, please be nice to her and treat her with respect.

  E Date and time 2016/06/17 17:01

She is a cute girl. She has very nice boobs, soft lips and the most beautiful eyes. All these combination especially the eyes almost made me cum in the first 15 minutes after shower. But she ask me not to cum and continue teasing me while also slower down her stroke. She is very friendly and really feel like a naughty girlfriend. Highly recommended.

  Dan Date and time 2016/05/27 21:37

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