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Kei / 21 Review(5)


Special lady Fee2,000JPY

Manager Message

Have a nice surprise at her adorable looks with long black hair first. No worry. It is sure you will be addicted to her devoted service once you try. Customers’ feedback tells her value.

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Girls Information

T160 B83 (C) W58 H83 
Hair colour
Hair Type
Bikini area
Good at
Blow job
My specialty


Take home panty
Golden shower
Demma (Machine)
Fish net stocking
Mutual masturbation

Girl Message

Hi I'm Kei.

Thank you for checking my profile.
I can speak English a bit,but my English pronunciation is not good I suppose..

My hobbies are watching movie,reading books,playing with birds(I have parrots) drinking with friends,listening music,enjoying yummy food.

I've been Germany. and some countries around Germany.
So I can say a few German. Like,Ich liebe Schokolade. Gib mir! Bitte! Danke! :D

I'm really not good at introduce myself, so if you have any questions,ask me!
People say I'm friendly and curious.

I like to make people smile and happy.
So I'll do my best for you.
I hope we have a sweet time :)


Staff Message

She is a neat and nice girl with black hair. You will fall in love for her adorable acts surely.♪ Caution: We assume no responsibility even if you get crazy about her service. ☆(Ogawa)

Such a girl does this and that... How can men stay calm? It is a fate you met her.♪ And her sincere dedication will move your heart for sure.♪(Matsusaka)

She is a real cutie pie, and her long black hair is a symbol of Yamato-nadeshiko.♪ You cannot lose if you choose her. We can recommend this girl proudly. Certainly, you will finish the session with a big smile on the first time and after the second or following.♪(Hirayama) 


Her mouth and hand skills are superb but most of all I liked kissing her soft lips the most,
it is so comfortable and silky smooth. Miss Kei also speaks very good English,
so communication with her is very easy.

  J/SIN Date and time 2017/11/27 01:02

Ok, it's me again. I couldn't get Kei out of my mind, and I had to see her again. Tonight was even better than last. We picked up right where we left off and I experienced pleasure in more ways than I knew possible; as she kissed and nibbled my neck, her hands went to work elsewhere. Before I knew it, 2 hours had passed; however, there was no way I could let this night end, so I called and extended miss Kei's visit. At the end of the hour extension (and my 3rd climax!!), we were in the middle of the most amazing full body massage ever, so I had to extend once again. Kei far exceeded every dream and fantasy I've ever had. So to miss Kei, thank you for the greatest night of my life.

  Patrick Date and time 2017/09/29 00:49

From the moment I opened the door, I knew Kei was special. She is beyond beautiful and her smile is absolutely captivating. I don't think tonight could have been more amazing. Her physical beauty is undeniable and easily the first thing that draws you to her; but her bubbly demeanor and loving/compassionate character are what ultimately her greatest assets. This is exactly what I needed on long business trip. Thank you Kei for a perfect night.

  Patrick Date and time 2017/09/27 22:08

Kei is a very sexy, intelligent young girl!

  Greg Date and time 2017/08/08 22:46

Wow! I mean Wow!! The perfect Japanese looking young lady that I have always wanted. Her cute young face, sweet coy voice, petite body, and her silky long black hair will drive any guy crazy. Enjoyed every minute of talk and play with this lady and will try to meet her again. Her English is very good and that is a huge bonus. Thank you for an amazing night Kei.

  Mr V Date and time 2017/05/13 23:17

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