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Tokyo Shinagawa

Shinagawa Girls Information

Ryo / 28 Review(2)




Manager Message

You will be excited at her attractive gap that you cannot expect from her classy, moderate, and tender outside for sure. Her steady personality makes her earnest attitude in the service. You will want to hold her tight.

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Girls Information

T157 B88 (C) W61 H90 
Hair colour
Hair Type
Bikini area
Good at
Prostate massage


Panty house
Take home panty
Golden shower
Demma (Machine)
Fish net stocking
Mutual masturbation

Girl Message

Hello. I’m Ryo.

My ex job is called a trainer of massage and aesthetic stretch exercise.
I love to please people.
So please tell me if you have stiff or tired parts on your body.
I will heal you physically and mentally!!

I am going to professional school to learn photographing.

I am at my own pace, maybe too much.
I feel awkward at first, but I am friendly and feel lonely easily in my heart.

I like bathing, bedrock bath, taking pictures, snowboarding, and sleeping.
I also like fruits and salad very much.♪

I was bred in an industrial district in Gunma Prefecture.
A lot of foreigners worked there. I had classmates from many countries in my elementary and junior high schools. But I can speak only Japanese unfortunately...
However, I am interested in foreign countries and want to go to many countries, so I would be happy if you give me English conversation and many stories about your countries.♪

I do not know what my attractive points are, and I am not used to this job, but I will work hard for you. I am grateful if you keep watching me with warm heart.♪
And I will be happy if we can share a sweet time.


Staff Message

She is a girl with a little shy mood. She could make you feel young and naive. I hope you enjoy Japanese classic girl. Moreover, she has nice body figures.(Ogawa)

Clear-cut face, fair skin, and black hair. She is a natural Yamato-nadeshiko. Her service is worth to try because this moderate girl never be pushy and always cares about guests.(Ikebe)

You need to try her special Blowjob and Sumata. Her service with a bit of shyness will make you more excited. Please be careful. We cannot help you even if you faint in ecstasy.(Matsusaka) 


miss ryo is the best you could possibly get... the time spent with her can never be long enough.. she's funny, sweet and everything you could ever ask for in a girl. I hope the next time I come back I can see her again.. I'm happy to have met her... I hope to see you again miss Ryo!! Much love, hugs and kisses to you!! Thanks for a wonderful time tonight!

  B ariake Date and time 2016/10/25 02:59

I met her on last Saturday. She is quite talented and really understands what you need at your wish. She is more than a girl friend and her BJ is The Best. I can bet once you meet her, you will forget your real girl friend and starts smiling about Ryo in a fantasy world.
Love you Ryo forever... Kisses...!

  Sv Date and time 2016/06/30 23:33

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