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Hihumi / 28 Review(21)


Special lady Fee2,000JPY




Manager Message

Her black short hair becomes her and makes her a very adorable woman. You will have butterflies in your stomach by just being gazed by her. Her slender body figure will even increase your excitement. Better call us and nominate her in advance!

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Girls Information

T156 B82 (C) W59 H84 
Hair colour
Hair Type
Bikini area
Good at
Blow job
Prostate massage


Panty house
Take home panty
Golden shower
Demma (Machine)
Fish net stocking
Mutual masturbation

Girl Message

Hello there!
My name is Hihumi.
Nice to meet you.

Thank you for seeing my profile.

I'm shy, and I'm a poor talker.
But I think I'm a gentle, kind woman. lol

Some people say about me,
"You look very good in a kimono"
"You are a Japanese style beautiful woman" haha

My charm point is black short hair and sexy lips. xoxo

I can only speak a little English.
But I want to study English and become able to speak in the future too.

I will do what I can for you♡

Do you want to spend happy time with me?

I am very much looking forward to seeing you :) 

Staff Message

She is the elegant girl who has suitable short black hair. Moreover you will feel her real Japaneseness from her appearance. Her service might be the best in our shop. (Ogawa)

Slender and good figure, good looking and good service…There is no way that you will not try her? She might become popular and it is going to be difficult to make an appointment with her. I recommend to get her sooner. (Hirayama)

Her GFE service is very promissing. You will be not bored with longer session because her relaxing and unique atmosphere. Totally recommend!!! (Kato) 



Hihumi is Very attractive girl. She looks like an office lady (O) . Very pleasant and gentle personality, easy to chat with her ,and also very good GFE.
Thank you, looking forward to see you next month.

  Bill Date and time 2017/10/15 14:51

Hihumi was amazing. By far my favorite from Japanese Escort girls. Her English is better than basic. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with her. I hope she is available the next time I'm in Tokyo.

  Chris  Date and time 2017/09/22 00:35

Hihumi is woman of woman. Her smile melt my hearts. Very gentle and can't wait for next time to meet her again!
Thank you, little Pancake

  Mr. J Date and time 2017/09/20 23:23

I had the pleasure to spend some time with this wonderful woman. Time passes quickly when you are in her presents. She is absolutely astonishing, cute and sweet.

  Mr. U Date and time 2017/08/12 16:20

Hihumi is an amazing girl. Tender and sweet. Open minded with a super nice skin and beautiful lips. Full of surprises...

  Etienne Date and time 2017/07/27 23:31

Just finished my session with Hihumi...I really enjoyed it... almost as much as she did! She enjoys sweet kisses and loving touches. She is a beautiful woman and a sweet person...I recommend her to anyone who wishes a great time and a warm lovemaking session

  Ken Date and time 2017/07/21 00:07

What can I say except Hihumi is elegant yet personable, delicate yet sexy, and beautiful yet real. That is all.

  ティモです Date and time 2017/07/13 07:25

What can I say except you are amazing in every way; elegant yet personable, gentle yet sexy, beautiful and real. That's all there is, thank you.

  Tです Date and time 2017/07/12 22:02

I spent a wonderful time with Hihumi.
She is so beautiful and smart. Her English is also very good.
An awesome GFE service.

  Andy Date and time 2017/06/29 18:55

Hihumi stands head and shoulder above her associates. Here beauty is stunning to behold. I have never enjoyed anyone as much as I did with Hihumi last night and cannot wait until my next visit. She is special and much more than words can describe.

  Bill Date and time 2017/06/29 08:29

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