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Manager Message

Thank you for waiting teenager girl is here!!! The balance between yongness and luscious is the best. Her smile and good English will make you relax. You can communicate with her eeasily, so totally recommended for the first time customers.

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Girls Information

T153 B82 (B) W56 H84 
Hair colour
Hair Type
Bikini area
Good at
Blow job
My specialty


Take home panty
Golden shower
Demma (Machine)
Fish net stocking
Mutual masturbation

Girl Message

Hi!! I'm Lily. Nice to meet you:)
I'm 18years old.
My favorite thing is sing songs and play the piano.
My hobby is traveling.
I have been to United States.
I studying English. So I can speak a little English.
I like blow job. I will do my best so thanks for your consideration.
I want to spend fun time with you. 

Staff Message

Listen up Gentlmen, the girl is18 years old! Of course she is the youngest girl. Moreover she is not only young but also luscious. Once again, cute young and luscious girl… It is the worth to try her once at least. (Ogawa)

I jelly you because you can have fun with the pretty girl. The way she speaks and the way she acts are the sorority. By the way she loves to do BJ. (Matsuzaka)

Open the door with your heart beat, you will see the girl who has a big smile. You will be melted by her cuteness. Of course it is not all, she is luscious. (Kato) 



Dear Lily,

I'm in love.

Hope you enjoyed the chocolates and I hope you will remember me.

Hope you will get the life you wish soon, and if it's possible, I'll see you again.

Have a good night and get a good sleep.


  Robert Ren Date and time 2017/08/26 01:55

Lily! What can I say? If I have to chose one word, I would say perfect. However, I bet many clients already told you that... So what can I say to be a little original? Something I hope it will make you remind me! I am the one who is not called Micheal, neither Spanish... so probably you know who I am after this introduction. I could easily fall in love for you, but I am already married, I am sorry! But I still hope you will love back!

Now a little bit of honesty. You was more than perfect and I will probably remember forever. However, I am poor man, so I will have to work another month to make you come and visit again!

Cheers my lovely company! You are the most fun of all. Thank you for the amazing time you provided me!

Love you!

  Micheal Date and time 2017/06/26 23:19

She is nice and she knows astrology also.Good friend and talkative girl.

  Kumaru Date and time 2017/05/05 01:34

Second time visiting Lily - wow she is so amazing. Truly not to be missed. She is a petite, beautiful, package of fun and so nice to spend time with. Lili I wish you all the best and thanks for a wonderful evening. xX -D.

  D Date and time 2017/05/01 00:30

Lovely girl and pleasure to spend time with her would like to do this more often.
Thankyou lily for wonderful time.

  Peter  Date and time 2017/03/31 19:12

She's cute, she's cheerful, and she's very smart !
Lily is like the girl next door,
it feels like we've know each other for very long,
then everything just happened on that day.
I should never forget the amazing experience she gave me.
Lily san, I'll always keep you in my heart.

  Natsuki Date and time 2017/01/24 23:41

I miss her blowjobs. Can't get enough of her face! She kept me rock stiff hard the whole night with that cute little mouth of hers ;) I'll see you soon Lily, I want to see you too 💕 リリ〜将来俺と結婚しよう!\\(//∇//)\\19歳なのに。。

  Adarm Date and time 2016/12/03 13:29

When I start to write this review after going back from Hakone to my country, I find out that Dani has written almost the same comments as what I intend to say. So I can assume that this little cute girl, Lily, can really get everyone an unforgettable experience. When I say that, it does not mean she is having excellent techniques as she is only that young, actually you will feel like dating with your girlfriend, shy at first but when you do her right, she can be horny on bed. So remember to be gentle to her!

  Chan Date and time 2016/11/28 18:13

I am writing this review from my home country, as i am missing Lily already.
Shes so cute and petit and clumsily cute too. I never thought such cute young girl can be so horny and erotic like her. it makes me really would like to date her for real.
i attempted to choose her again for my last night in japan but shes already taken. im sorry i cant keep my promise to see u before i go back. but please wait for me, i will see u again once i go back to tokyo

  Dani Date and time 2016/11/26 15:52

Lily can easily make your heart jump in and about, just don't be afraid to show that you're vulnerable and she will take care of you. perfect girlfriend experience that I cannot explain she just makes you feel really good about yourself :)If you saw her photos here then, take it from me she's even better when you meet her ;) Breaking the ice isn't so hard she's really open, bubbly, a really big flirt too. If she ever smiles at you, you'd better remember how it looked like! She can speak English too! Despite being a foreigner, knowing even a little bit of conversative japanese can would be the strength to dead lift the language barrier. Letting your guard down for her to do her "thing" to you is the best way for you to get to know her. If you both naturally click then that would be the unstoppable pair :) Yes she made me feel so loved. Thats why perfect GFE! <3

My 2 hours with her was worth all the yen spent. Made all the experience worth while. Though I wish I could have stayed with her a little longer. :/ I've only had one girlfriend in my life and telling her about that bit in my life made me trust her. This is my first time having a girl escort me to the hotel and I was really happy to have Lily be my first. And I'm sure she was glad to be mine too. :))

Just please make sure to treat her well and take good care of her, as she will gladly take very good care of you too. This being my first time, she easily stole my heart and I don't think I am ever getting it back till the next time I meet her :) Which I am really looking forward to! I miss you already Lily ;-;

リリさん、僕は君と一緒にすごい楽しい2時間をかかったのでありがとうございました。いつもあなたに助けていただいたので、ありがとうねえ。^_^ I'll miss you so much ( ; ; )本当よ:( 将来にはあなたと会うのは楽しみ\\(//∇//)\\ Translation: Lily, Being together with you for those 2 hours and having the BEST time, I really really want to thank you. Being in the earnest and honest care of you, I'm really glad thank you.^_^ I'll miss you a lot (; ;) Really. In the future, I'm really looking forward to meet you again!
-Adarm (アダム) あなたに会いたい:( 好きじゃなくて、本当に愛しているよ。また日本へくるつもりだ!でもいつかわかんない。だから僕を待っていて下さいよ〜どこへでも行かないで。If I come to Japan again, I'll definitely come meet you again! Thats why, wait for me! <3

  Adarm Date and time 2016/11/25 01:25

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