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We sincerely wish all customers to have a pleasant time. Please sign the pledge of our policy before the session.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

We will not provide our service to the following people.
Bad hygiene / Sexually Transmitted Disease carriers / Having suspicion of STD Hygiene is our priority.
We will not provide our service to people who resist to bathe or to take a shower before our session.

Drunk & Disorderly and Recreational drug users are not accepted.
Session after heavy drinking is unsafe. If such cases occur, the session will stop immediately, with no refund.
And we will inform law enforcement if necessary.

To request, negotiate and demand to have sexual intercourse are prohibited.
Please do not request an act that is not in our service content.
Please do not request illegal activities (prostitution is illegal in Japan).

To induce, seduce, stalk are prohibited.
Please do not invade our escort's privacy.

After reservation confirmation call, cancellation and request to switch to another escort is not accepted.
We do not accept cancellation or switching escort after the meeting.

Please pay in advance.
Our service is provided only with advance payment.

Use of violence, threat, intimidation, yelling, abusive language are prohibited.
Do not upset our escorts.

Secretly filming, secretly recording are prohibited.
Voyeurism is a violation of the Japanese law.

Do not stall our escort after the session.
Our session time begins to count when the escort enters your room and ends when she leaves.

Important notification

  • We do not accept customers sharing one room with two people and more.
    Customers that apply in this case need to choose a Rendezvous course (come to the designated meeting point to have a session at our recommended Love Hotel).

    *The session will take place only with one person (it should be you) in the room.
    Cancellation due to cases above (two people or more in the room) are subject to full payment of the session fee.

  • Due to the hotel security, in some cases, customer's help is necessary to have our escort in the room.

    *To meet at a hotel bar or any other eating facilities are not approved.

    We sincerely wish all customers to have a pleasant time Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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