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our escort girls are dedicated to you!!

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basic session

Embrace your Desire….

  • Facesitting
  • Handjob
  • Titjob
  • Footjob
  • Basic massage
  • Sixty-nine
  • Multiple orgasm
  • Nuru lotion

optional services

Take home panty Take home panty
Golden shower Golden shower
Vibretor Vibrator
*Tax Included

and so on...

Prohibitited Activities

  • Substance Abuse Substance Abuse
  • Sexual Intercourse Sexual Intercourse
  • "Violence / Digital" Abuse
  • Hidden Hidden "Camera / Video" Voyeurism
  • "Rudeness / Unpleasant" Behavior
  • STD / BAD Hygiene STD / BAD Hygiene


For example as follows:
serve tea, assist to seat,
light your cigarette and place an ashtray,
assist to undress, entire body wash from head to toe,
complete dry off after shower, a help to wear your bathrobe and more.
Enticing Japanese ladies filled with "Omotenashi" spirit
are to tender your needs.

Here is one option, close both eyes and
heighten your senses.
Seating in silence, without making a motion,
but yet will encounter a continuous
enchanting pleasure.
Undivided attention
from an alluring woman, it will be literally
With JEGC, you will be taken care with
extreme enthusiasm.

Granting, the unworkable
with your wife or your partner,
is JEGC's specialty.

Royal Style Shower

Japanese women's peculiar smooth porcelain skin will be fully attached to you.
Cleansing your body with passion as she would to a king.
Experience this exclusive shower play at JEGC.

Heavy Licking

Opposing to the ad, most brothels fail to give a satisfying body licking.
At JEGC ladies are carefully selected,
a zealous lick heavily all around guaranteed.

Reveal your instinct and Relish your desire

She will be your pseudo lover.
Give multiple orgasms as it's given to your genuine lover, make her moan continuously.
The method for a satisfying moment is infinite.
And the satisfaction ensures to make YOUR orgasm endless.

Finish as you wish


Titjob is to use the cleavage, the space between the breasts in order to stimulate orgasm.
This sexual fantasy is held as "A big dream" by many men.
Rather than the actual sensation, the situation and the process will excel the excitement.


Sumata is a sexual term in which the female rubs her labia majora and crotch against the male's penis with plenty of nuru-lotion.
The friction achieves an orgasm identical to penetrative-sex. This Japanese brothel's exclusive technique is non-penetrative, albeit the vision and the haptic sensation creates an illusion of vaginal penetration.
In addition, as much as sex positions, there are various positions in Sumata.


A tantalized blowjob with a great deal of enthusiasm will heighten the sex drive slowly but surely.
It is the key to maximize the final moment of orgasm.
Some will even shiver spontaneously.

Experience the unexperienced...

Two climax matching into a simultaneous cum...

Achieve multiple orgasms as women are capable of...

Make your
impossible Sexual Fantasies
possible at JEGC.


for example...


I want prostate massage
or testicle massage.

our staff

A couple of escorts are capable.


I need a massage.

our staff

We can only offer basic massage for now.
Later on, an escort with professional skills will attend.


I want to go out for a drink with her.

our staff

Some escorts can drink and some cannot.
Please make sure to always confirm with us in advance.


I want to take her out for a date.

our staff

If you are a repeater of the escort you wish to date with, it may be possible. However, the date must proceed in walking range from your stay. Ultimately the answer to your dating is up to our escort.

ask our staff

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