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Questions from guests
When should I make a reservation?
We do not take advance booking for first time customers. Please call us on the day you wish to use our service.
What should I prepare to have hotel delivery?
Please call us for details. Some hotels are not able to deliver. It would be certain if you book for two people.
Should I take a shower before she comes?
Please take a shower with our escort. Our service includes body wash, which has very good reputation. If you have already taken a shower, still, it is necessary to shower with our escort. Thank you for your understanding.
Are the escorts really Japanese?
Please be assured. Yes, all JEGC escorts are Japanese.
Do you take foreign currency?
We accept US dollars, however we charge additional 15% for transaction fee. Payment in Japanese Yen will cost you less. Other currencies are not accepted.
Will the escort in the picture come?
Please be assured. Yes, the escort in the picture will come.
Does 60 minutes means service for 60 minutes?
Our session time begin to count when the escort enters your room and end when she leaves. 60 minutes session includes preparation in the beginning and to tidy your room after the session ends. We recommend 90 minutes session or more to spend a relaxing time.
Why do you need my personal information for credit card payment?
You personal information is necessary for identity verification. However, it is totally confidential. And as soon as the credit card transaction is approved, we will discard your personal information.
I am a tour guide. Can I book for my clients?
We accept your inquiry. However, to make a booking, it is necessary to speak with the actual user. This policy is to provide better service and customer satisfaction. Thank you for your understanding.
Can you send girls to our double room, for me and my friend?
No, we cannot. The session will take place only with one person in the room. Double room is not an exception.
Can I change the course afterward?
Increasing the session time or extension request is accepted. However, if the escort is booked after your present session, it will be declined. Reducing the session time is not accepted.
Can I switch the escort?
We do not accept cancellation or switching escorts after the meeting.
Why is the booking on the phone only?
We take booking on the phone to explain our service clearly, which leads to provide better service and customer satisfaction. Thank you for your understanding.
Can I meet your escort personally?
Personal contact with our escort is strictly prohibited. Please do not show inquisitiveness and interest in our escorts privacy.
Can I take your escort to my hotel (home)? Its near the meeting point.
The concept of "RENDEZVOUS" is going to a "Love Hotel" with our escort from the meeting point. When the session take place at your stay, it will be"DELIVERY". Regardless of the distance, no matter how close your stay is from our meeting point, it will be "DELIVERY".
Is it okay we eat out?
If you are a repeater of the escort you wish to eat out with, it maybe possible. However, the eat out must proceed in walking range from your stay. Ultimately the answer to your dating is up to our escort.
What will we be doing specifically?
A girlfriend experience with our Japanese elite escort. An enticing Japanese filled with Omotenashi spirit are to tender your needs. Please note: Sexual intercourse is illegal in Japan. Sexual intercorse will not be provided.
Does all escorts speak English?
Some speak English. However, most escorts can only speak a little. All Japanese begin to learn English from junior high school. So if you speak slowly with simple words they will understand.
I have used your service many times. Do you have any discount?
On occasion, we set up an event and give out discount. However, on regular basis there is no discount.
Under what name will your receipt be issued?
We issue receipt in the name of a restaurant. If you need a receipt, please notify us in advance. In addition, if you have made your payment by credit card, description of your credit card invoice will be under the name of payment agency.
Can I stay over night in the hotel after RENDEZVOUS session is over?
Please note, some love hotel cannot stay overnight. Also, some love hotel will be quite expensive to stay the night. Please ask us in advance.
I don't have a Japanese mobile phone. Can I make a reservation on public telephone?
No, we do not accept reservations via public telephone. Please download SNS for booking. Also please make sure your SNS is mobile or call us from your hotel room extension or your landline at home.
Can I go traveling with your escort?
No, we do not accept traveling with our escort. Also we do not accept long distance delivery. For example, our escort in Osaka to Tokyo.
Can I exchange personal contact information with your escort?
Personal contact with our escort is strictly prohibited. Please do not invade our escort's privacy.

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