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Osaka Escort Girls infoOsaka Escort Girls info

The Dictionaly of Osaka Escort
July 9, 2019 11:01 PM | Osaka escorts

Red light districts in Osaka have many clubs and shops but just a few foreigner-friendly. You probably looked up some clubs or agencies but they are for only Japanese. You have that kind of experience, don't you? No worry. We JEGC is the agency for only foreigners.

Our Osaka escorts are all high class Japanese, so that's why JEGC have run for 5 years, specially thanks to your support. 

Want to know about the girls?

Here you can find details of some of Osaka escorts. 

Osaka Umeda Branch hot girls Information.

Ms.Mao Age 25 (T159 B91 (F) W58 H88)

One of a rear and young pretty escort girl from Umeda branch.

Her name is Ms Mao looking pretty with sexy hot boobs.

She doesn't usually turn up here for her personal reason though, 

it's lucky enough for you guys being able to see her. 


Her special technique of blow job seems to be very deep and dense. 

She can take care of your dingaling like ice candy to lick and once yours was 

wrapped up softly in her mouth, make sure to close your eyes and stay focus on her 

awesome skill can help you to go paradise.  


Her personality is very sweet and at her own pace always. 

Very comfortable to be with and doesn't make you feel tired at all.


If you are working in Japan, You might know about a plenty complication in the daily life.

It's usually said that the company's regulations are pretty complicated and difficult to get along unless you get used to. 

Then, She is the one willing to help you with tender loving care such as an oasis at the center of desert or nowhere you lost.


Once in a blue moon she is on duty here though, Hopefully you can find her on schedule

and having a lovely romantic time with her.


Last of all, it's a great news for Korean people that she can speak Korean language at communicative level and loves their culture very much.

Enjoy the conversation with plenty of laughter. 

Namba Osaka hot girls Information.

Ms.Azu Ages 25 (T160 B83 (C) W57 H84)



More adorable and beautiful than her profile picture.

That's how she looks like and I guess that you will be stuck deep rooted when you meet her practically.Her name is Ms Azu at Namba branch.  


Beautiful eyes with double clear eyelid once take a look at you seems that your heart  is pierced through and makes you feel way too happy for what is going to happen later with such a nice girl on the bed.

That you can't hold back on smiling across your face.lol

She's quite slim and not fat at all.Her special point which makes you guys happy is that  giving sweet and melty kiss to feel honey.   

Definitely you can enjoy her hot and honey kiss technique. 


On top of that,she do interested in English language and willing to have a communication with you guys and try to improve her level.

Hopefully you guys can help her gently in the language and makes you guys communication more fun.Or even you guys can instruct her some pillow talk English as well. 

Lucky you to have such a wonderful chance to encounter nice girl.
Seeing is believing. Take my word for it and have a try her wonderful moment.

She's looking forward to your call and I bet she will fit the bill for you.

Osaka Namba hot girls Information.

Ms.Minami Ages 25 (T150 B84 (D) W58 H89)

New sweet and innocent looking girl Ms Minami from Namba.

The first impression I can feel from her was that clean and neat.
As if she's working at shop or just an office lady looks.

She is slim and young with no tanned skin is silky texture which makes you feel excited.
She likes Anime and Game things sounds like plane young Japanese girl.

Especially of Anime,nowadays it's pretty popular and a great common topic to 

talk about, including game as well.

Because of the language barrier makes situation sometimes awkward with each other.

Especially like our sort of service that there's a timeframe for communication and play.

As long as you can enjoy the play and no need to exchange much word,then it'll be fine after all.But like her who is having pretty common hoby which makes you easy to communicate with.

Hopefully having a great time with both play and talk.
She is looking forward to your reservation call.

Osaka,Umeda hot girls Information.

Ms.Shiina Ages (26) T160 B87 (D) W56 H87



Smart beauty with modest atittude from Umeda branch.
Her name is Shiina.

Outer appearance magnificently beautiful like Office Lady just walking down
the street confidently when wind is rubbing across her hair and cheek.
That's the word most suitable for her to describe.   

This is modern sophistecated Japanese smart callgirl.
It's no wonder once you meet her and after a moment found yourself fallen in love with her.

Needless to say that she never gives out any erotic and red-light working atmosphere.

Therefore,there might be some guys shocked and galvanized over the first impression in the meeting.

Some people say that she seems to be on the member of Japanese idol group which is pretty suitable and no wonder she is mixed up. 

It's a kind of great surprise in a wonderful way and sure things that she will make your day.
Plus,she can speak english which is great point for you to have a communication, not to be fluent though,

Most probably she can come up to your higher expectation.

If you get interested in the girls above, please look at our website and call us.

All information you want to know are written there.

We look forward to your call.


Japanese Escort Girls Club , Osaka Umeda and Namba branch 

03 5793 1515

81 3 5793 1515 

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