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Osaka Girls Information

Sayo / 25 Review(47)


Special girl Fee2,000JPY


Manager Message

If you are looking for a beautiful young lady who will answer to all your desires Sayo is the one, the utmost vixen. She is an all-natural exotic Japanese beauty. She is kind, tender, caring, giving and friendly. She offers all her attention to fulfill the unrushed time together. Once in a lifetime fantasy fulfillment guaranteed. The memories created with Sayo will be unforgettable. If your schedule does not match with Sayo, don't hesitate to ask us!

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Girls Information

T155 B83 (C) W57 H86 
Hair colour
Hair Type
Bikini area
Good at
My specialty


Take home panty
Golden shower
Demma (Machine)
Fish net stocking
Mutual masturbation

Girl Message

Hi I'm Sayo
Let me introduce myself

I'm from Osaka
Making you laugh is my favorite thing
it makes me happy

In my free time⏰
I like see movies, playing video games, going out with my friends
and going for walks around Nanba and Umeda

Sometimes I start watching movies in the morning
and I have no idea how it happens but,
it's bed time

and I like a Kawaii things
My dream is to open a kawaii store

Thank you for taking time to read
My English is pooooor and I know that it is difficult to read my sentence
You are amazing.

I'm looking foward to see you  

Staff Message

Gentlemen, how about a girl with a visual statement? Whether you like it or not, Sayo wears lavish makeup and she's into her own style. And apart from her bold looks, she is equally hospitable (which I think you'll like without hesitation). Though not professional, she can give you a gentle massage to help you unwind from the stress of the day. And maybe follow up with BJ, or even rimming. Enjoy sweet, Japanese GFE with Sayo. (Naka)



I hope I can see you soon :)♡♡
My Sexy Osaka Queen :)

  Dragon Jon Date and time 2020/07/14 05:22

OK. I said that I would not write a review until after the next time I met Sayo, but her reply to my post made me remember something important I need to add. My original post said "I want nothing more than for her to be happy, successful, healthy, and treated well", I want to change that to "I want nothing more than for her to be happy, confident, successful, healthy, and treated well." She said that my praise was too much because she doesn't have confidence in herself. I don't know how to make her more confident in herself. Confidence is something that every person needs to find within themselves (actually, Sayo helped me find the confidence in myself to reignite the romance in my marriage). I do know that she has many, many reasons to be confident. There is no girl in JEGC, for example, that has 45 reviews. In fact, there's only one girl who has anything even close to that (yes, I look at this website too much!). More than that, she has so many great people skills in service and public relations that are transferable business skills. I love that she shares her dreams with us and I really hope that she is making plans to follow those dreams. I believe she can do it. I hope she believes it too.

  KJ Date and time 2020/03/24 08:48

Today I meet sayo after 3 weeks. I planned on 8th March and I cancelled the booking due to some urgent official appointments. Sorry sayo for cancelling the appointment on 8th March.😣😣😣

Everyone when I plan to use JEGC, my first choice will be sayo. Because she is the perfect girl friend for me. She care me like a king. She is very lovable and kind. Her skills are amazing. I already wrote several times about her skills.😘

The best memories for me in Osaka is with sayo. 😘😘

Sayo, i don't know you will read this or not.
Looking forward to meet you again.

I like the Bubble tea very much 😋😋

With lots of love

  NS Date and time 2020/03/20 18:50

Sayo said that my last review in the Japan Adult Entertainment Guide was “too much” and she’s probably right because it was really long. I think she meant it was too much praise because she’s “clumsy” (不器用 - Bukiyou), but I think that’s actually part of her charm. It leads to those hilarious incidents where she breaks showers, falls down, or lets the bath overflow (most of these I read about in her blog, I didn’t experience them first hand). Those are all things that don’t matter that much and actually create adorable stories and memories. Indeed, there is nothing clumsy about the “best blowjob in the world” (so called by many customers, not just me), the scintillating 69, or her sumata (which hasn’t been mentioned before but I think is really top notch). She says I really express my enjoyment of the little things that she does, and that’s true. I think I’ll calm down and not write a review until we meet again. I was going to make an inquiry for June, when I was planning to be in Osaka, but just found out that conference was cancelled. Looks like I won’t be back in Osaka until September, like I told her in our last session (fingers crossed). Good news is I keep putting money in my 風俗貯金箱 (I have a fuzoku piggy bank!) even though I’m not spending it, so I will be able to do a lot when the corona situation is finally resolved. Until then, I guess… Stay healthy, everyone.

  KJ Date and time 2020/03/19 12:18

I had the pleasure of seeing Sayo 3 or 4 times back in July. I still dream about her all the time. She is fun and sexy. I'm not a naturally charming guy, but the chemistry with her was automatic and amazing. She really makes it feel natural. She made me feel so great, I walked with a little pop in my step for days after seeing her. She's also a really nice person. One day it was raining, and she insisted I take her umbrella and wouldn't take no for an answer. I've read some of the other reviews on this page, it seems that she has done that for others. Simply wonderful.

I would meet her for 75 minutes on average. I'm usually a 30+min per session guy, but with her I somehow managed to finish 3 or more times each time I saw her.

Sayo, I don't know if you ever get to read these, but if you do, I just want you to know that you are an amazing woman. Next time I'm in Osaka, I will definitely find you again.

  アーサー Date and time 2020/02/16 10:47

Sayo’s blog is great! Even on her day off she takes time to post updates about her schedule. That is real dedication! It’s fun to check her blog and see how she’s doing and it feels really good when she posts something you know is meant for you. It’s great service in any industry. Can’t wait to see you in March, Sayo.

  KJ Date and time 2020/02/14 22:30

Very simply, by far, the best experience I have ever had. I can go on an on about how amazing Sayo is, how her body is a piece of art and and how she can work it like a true artist. But really, all you need to know is that you would do yourself a favour to pick Sayo. Unforgettable!

Sayo-ガール, you are a true angel. Sexy little angel. Hope to see you soon again.

  Ma-kun Jones Date and time 2020/02/11 17:07

Miss sayo is very good in everything. Take care you from head to toe. Felt like king when you book her. Definitely won’t disappoint you. Smile from start to end. Do everything as you told.

  David Date and time 2020/02/08 00:55

This is the first time i am using JEGC. The staff who handle the reservation is very nice and helpful. After I select Sayo-san i am little nervous. I can't find the meeting point on time. But Sayo-san managed to come to a nearby location. When I met her in front of the convenient store for the first time, she held my hand, which gave me a very strong feeling of girlfriend. Sayo-san is very beautiful. She was like real angel from heaven. She have a perfect body and perfect shape. Her skin is very smooth and nice, Actually her images do not do her justice on the website. She was more beautiful than the images shown in the JEGC website.

My "Girlfriend Experience" with Sayo-san was amazing!.
We had a great time together for 75 minutes. She can understands English . She truly gives me the best blowjob i ever had. I could not control myself. I cum totally 3 times during the session. She will do everything she can to make sure that you have the best time possible. In the bed she really surprised me. She was the best in terms of service, skill and enthusiasm. I wish she could stay together with me for a much longer time as I really did not want it to end so fast.

All the reviews in the JEGC website about Sayo-san is 100% correct.

When going back, I am not much familiar with Umeda area. I could not find the way to Umeda station, but Sayo san come with me and guide me to the entrance of railway station. She is so kind. The next day when i check her blog, I was surprised to see her message.

"Thank you for choose me yesterday ⭐
it's so nice to meet you 😆💡

did you arrive safely 🐣❓
umeda is giant maze 🧩

I'm sorry 😅
I didn't make it clear enough💦

next time we meet 🌎
📍ローソン 太融寺町店

I will be waiting at the place where we bye bye 👋🥺💕"

After leaving, I decided that I wanted to see her every month. But now i can't wait for a month, Planning to meet her on next week itself.

Definitely recommend her and look forward to seeing her again.

  NS Date and time 2020/02/05 22:21

I met Sayo last week. She's soo beautiful. I had a great time with her. She understands English well and had a good time talking to her. She's a great kisser. She truly gives the best blowjob in the world. I cummed 5 times with her omg. Also, she's a very sincere and gentle person. It was drizzling and she insisted I keep her umbrella. That was very sweet of her. Unfortunately, I was not able to give her a proper send off because I left my bag in the hotel. Thank you Sayo! :D

Vegetable (:

  Ji Date and time 2020/01/25 04:01

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