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【About Nomination fee】
Choosing a girl, we charge 2,000YEN as a requesting fee.
Without request, we send a girl in the order of popularity. So even without request we send the best girl in the moment. We are willing to adjust the girls as much as possible to the customer's taste, so give us the details.

【About Special Girl Fee】
Are Girls most highly popular among our customers, and passed promotion standards.The HOTTEST GIRLS of our shop. For qualifying Girl, From 1,000 yen to 8,000 yen will be charged for Special girl fee besides requesting fee.

Please double check girls schedule page.

delivery price girls schedule

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Special girl Fee6,000JPY


【Beautifully Charming】She has no problem getting reservations frequently!She is beautiful. It’s breathtaking.
She could be described as a first-class top notch companion.


Special girl Fee6,000JPY


【Bright & Natural】She has a great style and resembles a typical Tokyo Japanese girl.
A very cute voice and slender body she has the ability to get rid of any tension from the...


Special girl Fee4,000JPY


[Sweetest Thing] This girl with adorable and cute face and shy behaviors are the little sister type.♪ She has beautiful skin and her beautiful skin and perky D-cup breasts are a g...


Special girl Fee3,000JPY


[Little Princess] Thank you for waiting teenager girl is here!!! The balance between yong and luscious is the best. Her smile and good English will make you relax. You can communic...


Special girl Fee2,000JPY


[Be Bias] Have a nice surprise at her adorable looks with long black hair first. No worry. It is sure you will be addicted to her devoted service once you try. Customers’ feedback ...


Special girl Fee2,000JPY


Ms Riona will transfer to Osaka Umeda branch in middle of July.
A lot of Tokyo members sorrow at parting.
If you go to Osaka city please remember.
She will change h...


Special girl Fee2,000JPY


【Unsurpassed beauty】Here is Absolute Beauty!! You would be fascinated by her face mixed with cuteness and beauty when she saw in your eyes.. also her ideal slender body would amaze...


Special girl Fee2,000JPY


[Supreme] A young girl that is very enthusiastic and well figured. Her English is not so good but she can communicate without using words. Her voice is really neat and she is very ...


Special girl Fee2,000JPY


[All Mighty] She has an attraction that will lure you with her classiness and moderate female features.
Her stable personality makes her have a earnest attitude towards the se...


[Fully Loaded] Young girl with attractive body and pretty face. Who could ask for anything more? These things are called the Three Sacred Treasures. (youthfulness attractiveness ...


Special girl Fee1,000JPY


[Compassionate] A young but mother-like comforting personality. She may not be the slimmest but she is evenly balanced. If your looking for a sweet GFE she is all yours.


【Cuteness can heal】 She is a pretty lady who is full of innocence. Slim with a small waist those wanting a thin young lady look no further!


【Ideal girl】 Excellent Looks Everyone Friendly and friendly
You can relax when you are together. Such a pretty lady..
Please spend some time with her for your memories d...


【Petite cute girl】Very charming lady but also she has calm and mature side attractively that doesn't seem she is 25 years old. In addition She is very much willing to do all the b...


Special girl Fee1,000JPY


【Kaguya Princess】 A dedicated young lady who is betrayed spectacularly by her appearance. Being so young its hard to believe the discipline and dedication is at a high level. It i...


【Outstanding style!】
I am not afraid to say that the charm of the prettiest group the parts like the grabie aidle and the finest woman are!
I can not say a word other t...


A very young lady who has all the youthful features available to remind you of that first love. She's taller than average and has a lot to "grasp". A very genuine personality with ...


【Goddess of Eros】She is far beyond your imagination. The gap between her atmosphere and action will astonish you. She’s cute and she’s sexy. She’s petite and has H size breast a b...


A promising new lady that will make or break you. She will make you feel special and give you motivation to do your best. Pretty young and petite; most likely she'll be the girl ...


[Satisfying E Cup Big] She is a woman with a gentle character who is very calm with her innocent looks. A must have treatment for those seeking a ultimate boob job.


Special girl Fee1,000JPY


【Memorable smile】 She is an adult lady who has a beautiful cute face. The healing atmosphere which oozes from her character is very comforting.
Please spend a rich moment wit...


It is a beautiful woman who is outstanding in style and does not have any complaints. A friendly personality with good appearance which makes it worth while.


【The right choice】 She enjoys dancing which means her body will be very pleasing and she won't get tired too easily. She enjoys older folks so there's no shyness when it comes to g...


【Brilliant Smile】
Brighten porcelain skin and Pretty charming face especially when smiling.
She is actually a very international friendly lady!;)
Positive attitude ...


【Lady of high tall style of enchantment】 Exceptional proportion in slender and elongated hands! ! Bust is an elder sister who combines F - cup big tits with beauty just like a mode...


【Glossy Lips】
Cuteness Charming and Seductive;
She will provide an entertaining unforgettable rich moment for you.
Very attractive with various demeanor yet gir...


[Stunner] She is a very nice girl with beautiful tan skin. Don’t miss beautiful organized face and nice body-line. She can do much other for you. So I’m sure you’ll get big enjoyme...


【Exceptional Proportion】 She is a companion who`s lips can be taken as very erotic..
Small and beautiful legs! F-cup breasts that will please any man. She can get you very ex...


【Small devil cupid】 Small devilish smile like a man's tickle It's a cute little short cut woman! !
Everyone will be pleasantly chested with the adorable and friendly personali...


【Sexy charm】 The waist and hip line on a slender body is impressive. The E cup's bust and pretty smile that firmly asserts inside the slender are reminiscent of rich eros. Please e...


【Beauty legend】It is a high class woman with enough looks · style · personality to convince men into falling in love. With her soft elegance you will be intrigued from the moment y...


【Serene Queen】 A clean young woman drifting in a relaxed atmosphere! It is characterized by a small tight waist and a smile which heals you definitely. Please enjoy the chilling t...


Well proportioned with a slim body she has all the right features.
Her mouth is very clean and she is well maintained.
A clean proper lady is always a go...


【Skinny with F-cups】Full of life and experience♪ A very erotic way about her and her appearance. You can sense a politeness about her.
She has a slim waist that makes her larg...


Special girl Fee2,000JPY


She is a girl who makes you heal so comfortable from the moment when you had a look.
You will see if you meet her once you feel her gentle character overflow...


(Precious) Straight from the Japanese division she is now open to foreign customers.
She cannot speak English therefore it would be nice if you could speak Japanese.


Model Style!
Big tits of E cup who is tall and slim!
She said she was good at both initiating and receiving
You'll experience something new every time you meet her.


【The Ultimate Erotic Body】 More on the slender side She can be highly appealing just by her looks. Even though she is quite slim with an hour-glass figure she also has big boobs ...


【Wickedly Erotic】Her looks style aura and personality is erotic as a whole.
Please fully enjoy a glorifying moment with a women with a stunning appearance.


She will make you feel fabulous whenever you in her presence. Her smile and a good conversation will make it a experience never forgotten.
You can expect that sh...


[beautiful girl with black hair] A black haired beautiful woman having sexy eyed is great!The polished naked body tells the height of aesthetic sense.Let's have a pleasure with an ...


【Devoted lady】
She is a gentle and honest woman. She can be characterized with a calm expression adults-like behavior with long black hair. She loves to do horny things sure...


This girl is down-to-earth with brightness inside her. She will tempt you with her beautiful F-cup breasts. Her body-to-body service can be described as heavenly joy. Highly recomm...


Special girl Fee4,000JPY


High class Japanese escort now at your service. She does require an extra 4 000yen but it will be an unforgettable Japanese experience guaranteed. Please ask for further questions ...


Special girl Fee3,000JPY


【Forbidden fruit】She looks like good looking style and everybody turns around when she is walking. Nevertheless her personality is so friendly and gentle. Besides her splendid B...


Special girl Fee5,000JPY


【Cute Lady】Pretty with a lovely smile she's super neat! She'll make you want to be together for the rest of your life. She requires an additional 5 000yen and it is totally worth...


【High Quality】 In demand G Cup breasts here to serve you! Yes perhaps the main focal point will be her perky breasts which she knows how to use! She can be considered young for th...

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