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Hana / 32 Review(12)


Manager Message

[Stunner] She is a very nice girl with beautiful tan skin. Don’t miss beautiful organized face and nice body-line. She can do much other for you. So I’m sure you’ll get big enjoyment by her.

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Girls Information

T162 B85 (C) W59 H88 
Hair colour
Dark Brown
Hair Type
A Bob
Bikini area
Good at
Naughty Play
My specialty
Prostate massage


Take home panty
Golden shower
Demma (Machine)
Fish net stocking
Mutual masturbation

Girl Message

Hi my name is Hana.Thank you for coming to my page.If you have a little time and you are interested in me,please read my profile to the end.

★About myself★
I love meeting people from other country to talk about different culture so I used to go abroad a lot when I was young.I think I am a honest,outgoing and careful person.

★Hana means...★
My name Hana means flower.I like growing any kind of plants.

★My skill★
I am good at giving you prostate massage and I love to do that.Please don't hesitate to request it,if you want to try Japanese slender finger works.It might be different to your county's one.And also if I can help you s/th your fantasy,please let me know.I will do as much as I can.

☆I really appreciate you taking your time for reading my long broken English words.I hope you find a great girl and enjoy staying in Japan.I am sure that Japanese sex establish is the best!

I look forward to meeting you soon.

Kinky regard,

Hana xx 

Staff Message

She has a great body figure with beautiful legs. Good news for those prostate massage lovers, she is very skilled for it and which is something very unlikely to expect from the escort girls. Yes, this is your chance to have dry orgasm and girl friend experince at the same time!(Ogawa)

Her sporty tanned skin caught my eyes along came her beautiful body figure and clean-cut-features. You will be eventually proud of yourself nominating her. Her high quality skills will show you a hole new world, I meant a whole new world.(Ikebe)

Awesome body figure, awesome looks, and awesome skills, who could ask for anything more? We are absolutely confident in presenting her and strongly suggest you to nominate her. She is also fluence in English which you can also enjoy having a conversation with her.(Matsuzaka) 



Dear Hana,
it's me again!
Thank you for coming last night even under a special condition. And yes, I was happy to see you and spent the very limited but great 2 hours.
Last night was not the same as our previous style but
I did enjoy a lot and started to miss the every moment.
I hope and believe the our next appointment will be coming soon and I am looking forward to that.
Hopefully you had a good time as well and would love the cookie~

  Mr. No Name Date and time 2017/08/04 16:46

Dear Hana,
Thank you for coming today and it was another great time with you as always.
I have started to expect our next session right after you walked in the taxi.
I don't know if I am coming next month or at least in September but I believe I will see you again.
Pls get more sleep and be good!

  Mr. No Name Date and time 2017/06/24 05:07

Dear Hana,
I think writing a post here can be a way to get in touch with you. Due to some additional travels, I will cancel my Tokyo visit this month so will not be able to see you.
I believe I will visit Tokyo in another date soon and I hope we can make an appoinement as usual.
Take care and really can't wait to see you!

  Mr. No Name Date and time 2017/05/22 00:46

Dear Hana,
Thank you again for coming last night and I am sorry that I had been modifying your schedule recently.
No doubt and as expected, you have given me another wonderful night. Although we had a shorter time than usual, it is still so unforgettable.
I hope you have also enjoyed the time we spent together and tell me about the tea next time when we meet.
Can't wait for next time!

  Mr. No Name Date and time 2017/04/21 16:33

Dear Haha,
Thank you for your reply through your blog and I am so happy to see you have enjoyed the candy. I still missed the time we shared and really can't wait for the next appoinement.
I will be glad to hear your news next when we meet!

Hug and kisses~

  Mr. No Name Date and time 2017/03/11 22:21

Dear Hana,
It has been a wonderful night to have my 4th session with you as I have expected. And again, time is always never enough when being with you!
I am always so greed to taste every inch on your
body and I enjoyed so much.
You charming eyes and lips are really attractive so I can't help kissing you.
I hope you have also enjoyed our time as well as the "candy".
I hope and I believe I will see you again.

  Mr. No Name Date and time 2017/02/24 09:37

Dear Hana,
Yes, it's me! Thank you for reading my review and replies through your blog. Now I can see you on the blog and know if everything is going ok with you.
There are still long days to come before our next appoinement but sometimes day do fly fast.
I believe I will have a great time with you again as always and I am really looking forward to it!
Kisses and be good there!

  Mr. No Name Date and time 2016/12/16 22:36

Dear Hana,
Thank you for coming on Nov 24 so I can have my 3rd session with you. It has been over 3 days after our last session but every minute we spent on the night remains so clear and unforgettable in my head.
You have been such a great companion all the time and I did enjoy every second with you.
I have to wait longer time to for our appointment and I wish time could really fly so the day will come soon.
Thanks again for giving me those best moments and I hope you would enjoy our time.

  Mr. No Name for the 3rd time Date and time 2016/11/28 08:49

Dear Hana,
Thank you for coming last night so I can have my 2nd session with you. Yes, it is as wonderful as expected and the only thing I am still feeling regretful is the time is always too short when staying with you.
I can't stop looking at your eyes which has a special power to me and every inch on your body is like a dream land.
I did enjoy the session and again I can repeat the whole session in my mind from the first minute we met until the end.
I hope you enjoy the time as well and I am looking forward to seeing you soon!

  Mr. No Name for the 2nd Time  Date and time 2016/10/08 15:58

I had the pleasure of spending time with Miss Hana. She is a lovely woman, with beautiful eyes and a gorgeous, sexy body. She has wonderful skills that will keep me coming back for more! I highly recommend her and look forward to seeing her again.

  Mr No Name Date and time 2016/09/17 10:31

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