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Tokyo Shinagawa

Shinagawa Girls Information

Lily / 20 Review(33)


Special girl Fee3,000JPY




Manager Message

[Little Princess] Thank you for waiting teenager girl is here!!! The balance between yong and luscious is the best. Her smile and good English will make you relax. You can communicate with her easily, so totally recommended for the first time customers.

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Girls Information

T153 B84 (B) W56 H84 
Hair colour
Hair Type
Medium long
Bikini area
Good at
Blow job
My specialty


Take home panty
Golden shower
Demma (Machine)
Fish net stocking
Mutual masturbation

Girl Message

Hi!! I'm Lily. Nice to meet you:)
I'm 20years old.
My favorite thing is sing songs and play the piano.
My hobby is traveling.
I have been to United States.
I studying English. So I can speak a little English.
I like blow job. I will do my best so thanks for your consideration.
I want to spend fun time with you. 

Staff Message

Listen up Gentlmen, the girl is18 years old! Of course she is the youngest girl. Moreover she is not only young but also luscious. Once again, cute young and luscious girl… It is the worth to try her once at least. (Ogawa)

I jelly you because you can have fun with the pretty girl. The way she speaks and the way she acts are the sorority. By the way she loves to do BJ. (Matsuzaka)

Open the door with your heart beat, you will see the girl who has a big smile. You will be melted by her cuteness. Of course it is not all, she is luscious. (Kato) 



I met Lily last July, she is nice, friendly and always happy. Lovely young girl

  Fred Date and time 2018/11/08 01:14

Ms. Lily, what a fun loving & sexy young lady with a wonderful personality and amazing body. Thanks for conversing with me and letting me explore your body. You are amazing!!

  Mr. L Date and time 2018/11/03 16:18

spent two hours with Lilly chan. I have used service like these many parts of the world but never had service like this in my life. you do not want to pass this one up. trust me on that one you will not be disappointed in the least.

  willy Date and time 2018/10/18 00:19

Lily was my first time trying an escort girl. She is pretty, smart, speaks very good English and is very tough for her age. Her oral skills are outstanding, she had no problem with my size and seemed to really enjoy it. She made me cum twice and it felt fantastic. Thanks Lily for the lovely time :)

See you some day...

  Thomas Date and time 2018/10/08 21:55

As always, Lily is perfect. This is my third time booking her. She is so cute and considerate, and I felt so happy to be with her.

Lily, I will see you in Japan next year.

  Sheep Date and time 2018/08/22 15:22

"I had to book Lily again. She is stunningly beautiful and makes me feel comfortable. Next time I go to Japan, I must choose her again."

  Sheep Date and time 2018/08/19 16:37

Lily was great and cute. At first, I was very nervous, but she relaxed me with her cheerful personality. Before I leave Japan, I will choose her again.

  Sheep Date and time 2018/08/04 00:55

Lily is a very cute sexy girl. I had a lot of fun with her just being with her and she is great to talk to. Anyone would love to be with her. She is so perky and bubbly with a great personality. I want to come back and see her again. Maybe next trip whenever that is.

  Candy Date and time 2018/06/11 22:25

Lily is a very nice girl, not only good at massage but also funny and good talker.
Just because she is good at English, you can learn the Japanese everything while you massage.
She must be your best choose.

  Tommy Chou Date and time 2018/06/09 00:20

Lily is an amazingly friendly, fun, and cute Japanese girl who is really easy to talk to. We were laughing throughout the entire time; it was so much fun.

Miss Lily, thank you much for giving me a wonderful time. I absolutely enjoyed lying in bed with you, talking about our dogs, laughing at life, and just being goofy with you. You are awesome... And you are super sexy too ;) I love your cute petite look.

I am looking forward to the opportunity to see you again next time I am in Japan... I will bring you the other pink baseball hat :)

Xo Thomas

  Thomas Date and time 2018/06/06 13:58

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