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Tokyo Shinagawa

Shinagawa Girls Information

Umi / 21 Review(3)



Manager Message

[Fully Loaded] Young girl with attractive body, and pretty face. Who could ask for anything more? These things are called the Three Sacred Treasures. (youthfulness, attractiveness, beautiful) Don’t be surprised. There is a secret ingredient of luscious behind her youthfulness. Please enjoy the time with her.

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Girls Information

T158 B86 (E) W60 H86 
Hair colour
Dark brown
Hair Type
Medium long
Bikini area
Good at
Erotic Massage
My specialty
Sweet time, Shiatsu


Take home panty
Golden shower
Demma (Machine)
Fish net stocking
Mutual masturbation

Girl Message

Hello! My name is Umi.

The customers continuous love and support motivates me to be more healthy and sexy.
They always tell me how big my boobs are.
It is my first time doing this kind of job so I’m still get nervous at times.

I am very fond of my foreign customers so I feel very excited going to work. I like foreign guys more than Japanese guys.

Do you have what it takes to make me feel good? I like being dominated. Please choose me and make me feel good. I will try my best to make you feel good. I enjoy watching Foreign TV shows and sexy shows. I like listening to foreign music aswell. Dancing is also my passion. I’m not really good at speaking English but I really enjoyed traveling around the world. Las Vegas, New York, Los Angeles, Hawaii, Guam and many more had been awesome. I really want to travel more so i would like you to tell me about your country and tell me which places to go. Lately I have been doing Pole Dancing therefore I am very flexible. I like eating sweet stuff and I enjoy eating chocolate and cheese. I also love eating Hamburg but since I don’t want to get fat I only eat it often. I also want to learn English.

Please pick me and let’s feel good together.♡♡

Staff Message

Her body type, her charm, and her sexiness are out of this world. I’ve never seen a lot of ladies like her. Choose her and see for yourself. She is very recomendable. -Ogawa

A good mixup of her young looking skin and her sexy body. I’m pretty sure you will have a great time with her. It will be very hard for you to forget about your time together with her. Call us and nominate her before it’s too late. -Matsuzaka

Her great body is pretty much her most recomendable asset. Her Size E cup breast are nothing but gift from above and her nice shaped booty will make you drool. Please meet her and see what I’m talking about. -Hirayama


Miss umi, is a very sweet nice girl.. a great GFE!! I can’t wait to see her again next time!

  Mr.B San Date and time 2018/02/17 04:08

I had a great time with Umi! She has an amazing body, with perfect breasts!
She knows how to please a man, and her mouth does wonders!

I can't wait to meet her again!

  Lou Date and time 2017/09/06 18:26

Sorry for posting this late. I've been living in Japan for about three years and I want to say that umi is the most beautiful girl I've been met before. She has a cute Japanese face, and sexy lips just like western women. Actually I was shocked by the first time since I never thought I could meet such a perfect girl. Thank you for spending 2 hours with me, and I love your cosplay so much. Looking forward to see you again asap.(Maybe in early July~)

  Ash. K Date and time 2017/06/12 22:18

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