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Yokohama Girls Information

Shizuku / 35 Review(13)


Special girl Fee3,300JPY


Manager Message

[Untainted Love] A body that has a beautiful silhouette that just fascinates men. Her E-cup breasts will have you craving the next day! While being such beautiful. She is a very high recommendation as her service is the full package.

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Girls Information

T164 B88 (E) W56 H86 
Hair colour
Dark Brown
Hair Type
Bikini area
Good at
Blow job
My specialty


Take home panty
Golden shower
Demma (Machine)
Fish net stocking
Mutual masturbation

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This was my third time with Shizuku-san and my first time seeing her in two years, and it’s clear now that it’ll be impossible to wait that long to see her again! Her service, as always, was amazing, and she remembered our conversations from the last time we saw each other! Her sweetness, sexiness and conversation skills are unmatched, and she knows how to make you feel special. She pays attention to your needs and responds very sexily to your body language. If you ever have the chance to meet her, I cannot recommend Shizuku-san enough! Five stars!!!!!

  Tall Man Date and time 2021/07/11 10:25

Shizuku is a goddess. Amazing body and fantastic skills. Thoroughly enjoyable session and I cannot wait to see her again next time I visit Yokohama.

JEGC is the best.

  BigWIllie Date and time 2021/07/07 15:17

Lovely and extremely charming personality! Very sexy and feminine woman! I feel in love with Shizuku

  Mr. H Date and time 2020/08/18 15:30

I had an unforgettable moment with Ms Shizuku around 3 weeks ago (May 7th), but I was just too busy to write a review. She's a true definition of elegant Japanese lady. Omotenashi at its best.I can feel her playfulness and matureness at the same time. It was the first time I got a unique GFE thanks to her. She gave me an exceptional full-package service as said in this page. She has a nice body and smooth skin. She's worthy of the special girl title. I'm glad I made a right decision. I just wish I can enjoy my time with her a little bit more.

Hope to see you again soon, Shizuku san! Hope you enjoy your workout activity as well!

  Budi Date and time 2020/05/25 19:54

Shizuku is an artist who works not only on the body but also on mind and spirit.
It was a purifying experience and I had big smile and happy feeling when i said bye to her.

  Mr. Indian Date and time 2020/05/22 10:46

She put me at ease rapidly for my first time with an escort. Nice and very kind chat in beetween the services. Her body is nice and firm. I recommmend her.

  Didi Date and time 2019/09/19 00:35

I had my second visit with Shizuku-san, and she was simply phenomenal! My first visit with her was amazing, and the second was truly unforgettable! She greeted me with a warm smile and remembered our conversations from the previous visit!

She is listed as a “Special Girl,” and believe me, she definitely earns that title! If you choose her, you will have the best time you could ever imagine! She is so good at being attentive and making you feel special. She will shower you with affection and great conversation from the beginning of the session to the finish.

And I am not exaggerating when I say that her skills are without equal! Her body and her smile are perfect, and she knows how to kiss, touch (and more ...) in a way that will make you experience pleasure like you never have before! I love her voice and the erotic sounds she makes! I highly recommend booking at least a 120-minute session with her!

See you again soon, Shizuku-san!

  Tall Man Date and time 2019/08/22 11:05

I have had the opportunity to meet with Ms. Shizuka 5 times during my stay in Japan and each time was better than the last! Her English is really great and you can just tell that she really enjoys what she does. I found out that she loves godiva chocolates as well as sweet drinks!!! I hope to come back to Japan someday because I will definitely look for her again!!!! Thank you for all of the lovely times...

  Godivaman  Date and time 2019/08/02 23:20

Shizuku was charming, friendly and sweet from the moment we met. She immediately put me at ease and showered me, literally and figuratively, with attention and affection. She is very sexy, and she is my only choice for future appointments!

  Tall Man Date and time 2019/07/17 14:20

Where to start...
Fantastic woman, great body and absolutely lovely person. What a phantastic date I could experience,
If you let let her guide you through the date a little, you will not regret it. Believe me.
She's the right choice.

  Mr.U Date and time 2018/07/25 17:16

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