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Yokohama List of available hotels

Our service is only outcall service. We will make your session in your hotel room.
If you stay at a hotel, please check whether it is available.

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Available hotel
Hotel Front stopped our girl brfore. If it is happened, we should ask you to make session near Love Hotel.
× Not acceptable hotel
Yokohama City Naka-ku
Hotel Name TEL Address
JAL City Hotel 045-661-2580 Naka-ku
APA Hotel Kannai 045-650-6111 Naka-ku
Hotel Yokohama Gerden 045-641-1311 Naka-ku -
Hotel Ground Sun Yokohama 045-241-7551 Naka-ku
Comfort Hotel Yokohama Kannai 045-650-4711 Naka-ku -
Hotel Chatelet Inn Yokohama 045-681-4800 Naka-ku
Super Hotel Yokohama Kannai 045-650-9000 Naka-ku
Star Hotel Yokohama 045-651-3111 Naka-ku
Yokohama Town Hotel 045-260-6822 Naka-ku
Toyoko Inn Yokohama Sakuragi-cho 045-671-1045 Naka-ku -
Toyoko Inn Yokoahama Nihondai Dori Nichigin Mae 045-662-1045 Naka-ku -
Hotel Wing International 045-681-4800 Naka-ku
Navios Yokohama 045-633-6000 Naka-ku
New Otani Inn Yokohama 045-210-0707 Naka-ku -
Hotel New Ground 045-681-1841 Naka-ku
Yokohama Breezbay Hotel 045-253-5588 Naka-ku
Yokohama Heiwa Plaza Hotel 045-212-2333 Naka-ku
Hotel My Stays Yokohama 045-252-1311 Naka-ku
Yokohama Mandarin Hotel 045-243-3131 Naka-ku
Mielparque Yokohama 045-662-2221 Naka-ku
Hotel Monterey Yokohama 045-330-7111 Naka-ku
Richmond Hotel Yokohama Bashodo 045-228-6655 Naka-ku -
Hotel Rout Inn Yokohama Bashodo 045-227-8911 Naka-ku
Hotel Live Max Yokohama Kannai 045-250-1510 Naka-ku
Yokohama Sakuragi-cho Washington Hotel 045-683-3166 Naka-ku
Yokohama Isezakicho Washington Hotel 045-221-0489 Naka-ku
Yokohama B-side Hotel 045-251-4781 Naka-ku
Rose Hotel Yokohama 045-681-3311 Naka-ku
Hotel Alpha-1 Yokohama Kannai 045-231-8686 Naka-ku
Central Inn Yokohama 045-251-1010 Naka-ku
Daiwa Roynet Hotel Yokohama Koen 045-664-3745 Naka-ku
Daiwa Roynet Hotel Kannai 045-252-1475 Naka-ku
Escale Yokohama 045-681-2141 Naka-ku
Marutani Hotel 045-681-2748 Naka-ku -
Yokohama Royal Hotel 045-622-8917 Naka-ku -
Hotel Este 045-241-0313 Naka-ku -
Yamashiroya ryokan 045-231-1146 Naka-ku -
Hostel Nemunoki Minatokan 045-719-1541 Naka-ku -
Yokohama Hostel Zen 045-342-9553 Naka-ku -
Royal Hotel 045-622-8917 Naka-ku -
Toyoko Inn Yokohama Stadium Me Honkan 045-228-0045 Naka-ku -
Hotel Terrace Yokohama 06-6843-7201 Naka-ku
Yokohama Minato-Mirai Manyo Club 045-663-4126 Naka-ku -
Weekly Mansion Sakuragi-cho 045-262-5388 Naka-ku
Weekly Mansion Yokohama 045-253-3711 Naka-ku
Hotel Abeze Yokohama 045-262-2821 Naka-ku
yokohama City Isogo-ku
Hotel Name TEL Address
Hotel Nikko Sugita 045-772-3939 Isogo-ku -
Sugita Hotel 045-772-0066 Isogo-ku -
Isoichi 045-751-2774 Isogo-ku -
Yokohama City Kanazawa-ku
Hotel Name TEL Address
Yokohama Bayside Marina 045-770-1301 Kanazawa-ku
Techno Tower Hotel 045-788-8000 Kanazawa-ku
Nikko Hotel Kanazawa Hakkei 045-786-0011 Kanazawa-ku -
Kairakuen 045-701-9808 Kanazawa-ku -
Yokohama City Totsuka-ku
Hotel Name TEL Address
Sotetsu Fresa Inn 045-860-2031 Totsuka-ku
Yokohama City Kounan-ku
Hotel Name TEL Address
Kamiooka Fuji Hotel 045-843-3131 Kounan-ku -
Trianon 045-848-3122 Kounan-ku
Yokohama City Kanagawa-ku
Hotel Name TEL Address
Toyoko Inn Yokohama Sinkoyasu Eki Mae 045-451-2045 Knagawa-ku
Keikyu Ex Inn Yokohama Higashi guchi 045-311-1682 Knagawa-ku -
Nozomi Ryokan 045-322-4209 Knagawa-ku -
Nishi guchi Ryokan 045-311-0265 Knagawa-ku
Sakura Ryokan 045-441-3720 Knagawa-ku -
Business Hotel Fuji 045-312-4511 Knagawa-ku -
Asahisou Ryokan 045-491-3300 Knagawa-ku -
Yokohama City Nishi-ku
Hotel Name TEL Address
Aqua Yokohama 045-290-9197 Nishi-ku
Yokohama Ground InterContinental 045-223-2222 Nishi-ku
Yokohama Excel Hotel Tokyu 045-311-1682 Nishi-ku -
Camelot Japan for epicures 045-312-2111 Nishi-ku
Keikyu Inn Yokohama Eki Higashiguchi 045-441-3910 Nishi-ku
Yokohama Kokusai Hotel 045-311-1311 Nishi-ku
Toyoko Inn Yokohama Nishi guchi 045-313-1045 Nishi-ku
Pan Pacific Yokohama Bay Hotel 045-682-2222 Nishi-ku
Hotel Plumm 045-314-3111 Nishi-ku
Yokohama Bay Sheraton Hotel & Towers 045-411-1111 Nishi-ku
Yokohama Plaza Hotel 045-461-1771 Nishi-ku
Yokohama Royal Park Hotel 045-221-1111 Nishi-ku -
Sasamoto Ryokan 045-311-3050 Nishi-ku -
Yokohama City Tsurumi-ku
Hotel Name TEL Address
Rembrandt Inn Yokohama Tsurumi 045-504-8900 Tsurumi-ku
Hotel Parklane Yokohama Tsurumi 045-504-8900 Tsurumi-ku
E Hotel Yokohama Tsurumi 045-508-3737 Tsurumi-ku
Hotel Live Max Yokohama Tsurumi 045-500-6000 Tsurumi-ku
Toyoko Inn Yokohama Tsurumi Eki Higashi guchi 045-504-1045 Tsurumi-ku
Central Plaza Hotel 045-504-1122 Tsurumi-ku -
Business Hotel Tokiwa 045-501-2222 Tsurumi-ku -
Yokohama City Tsuzuki-ku
Hotel Name TEL Address
Hotel Atlas 045-949-0123 Tsuzuki-ku
Business Hotel Tropical 045-471-1619 Tsuzuki-ku -
Yokohama City Midori-ku
Hotel Name TEL Address
Hotel Pastorale 045-933-2551 Midori-ku -
Yoneya Ryokan 045-932-1180 Midori-ku -
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