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Welcome to Japan! We appreciate that you have visited our website.
Japan has over 20,000 Fuzoku Adult Entertainment. However, the number of foreigner friendly agencies are very limited. The main reason is due to the language barrier. Also to avoid commotion in regard to the cultural misunderstandings.
Japanese Escort Girls Club is an exclusive delivery health service for foreign guests. Our customer service staff are native English speakers and well versed in cultural differences. We deliver attractive Japanese girls to your stay. All girls are Japanese. We assure safe and secure adult entertainment for we are licensed by the Japanese government.
Relish our premier "Omotenashi" with Japanese pretty girls on this occasion.


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Our Service
Basic service-No additional charge

Embrace your Desire….

  • Facesitting
  • Handjob
  • Titjob
  • Footjob
  • Basic massage
  • Sixty-nine
  • Multiple orgasm
  • Nuru lotion
Pantyhose Pantyhose
Fish net stocking Fish net stocking
Take home panty Take home panty
Rotor Rotor
Golden shower Golden shower
Mutual masturbation Mutual masturbation
Demma (Machine) Demma (Machine)
Vibretor Vibrator

Our girls
only japanese girls

Click photo to see personal profile and information.

How to play


The benefit of Rendezvous is simply discreteness. Discrete from your neighbors or colleagues if you are here on a business trip and etc. In summary, you will not be seen by people you don't want to be seen.
Another advantage is you get to walk together and have chat as couples do on the way to Love Hotel.
The session time will begin to count after entering the hotel room. So no need to rush. Enjoy your company to the hotel.

rendezvous step1

Please tell us your suitable time to accommodate your request. Also after when you have reached to the meeting point, please call us for notice.

rendezvous step2

■Please be punctual on your reservation time.
If you have a designated “Love Hotel” in the meeting point area, please notify us in advance. If you do not, our escort will take you to our recommended reasonable “Love Hotel”.


rendezvous step3

The session time will begin to count after entering the hotel room. Please be respectful with the payment upfront.
※Hotel fee will be borne by the customer (only “YEN” accepted).

rendezvous step4

Indulge into intimacy. Embrace the moments of Japanese pleasure. Create an unforgettable memories together.


The benefit of outcall delivery is clearly for its convenience. No need to go out anywhere. Our Japanese escort will come through your door.
It will only take couple of minutes to make a reservation over the phone. After the call, just make yourself comfortable and relax.

delivery step1

Please share the information of your stay with us to accommodate your request.

delivery step2

You will receive a return call from us to be notified our escort’s estimated time of arrival. If your stay is at a hotel, we will send a call to your hotel room extension.
※To make calls to your hotel room extension, “Check-in name” is required. Please state your check-in name to us.

■Delivery map

delivery step3

Our escorts are appropriately dressed, well mannered and very discrete. Your companion will arrive with plenty of towels in order not to use yours. During the session, towels will be laid on your bed to prevent making a mess. After the session, your room will be just as it was. Even the waste during the session will be taken with our escort.

delivery step4

Indulge into intimacy. Embrace the moments of Japanese pleasure. Create an unforgettable memories together.

Prohibited Activities

  • Substance Abuse Substance Abuse
  • Sexual Intercourse Sexual Intercourse
  • "Violence / Digital" Abuse
  • Hidden Hidden "Camera / Video" Voyeurism
  • "Rudeness / Unpleasant" Behavior
  • STD / BAD Hygiene STD / BAD Hygiene


  60 min 75 min 90 min 120 min 150 min 180 min
Rendezvous 18.700yen 20,900yen 25,300yen 34,100yen 42,900yen 51,700yen
Delivery unavailable 23,100yen 27,500yen 36,300yen 45,100yen 53,900yen
  210 min 240 min 270 min 300 min 330 min 360 min
Rendezvous 60,500yen 69,300yen 78,100yen 86,900yen 95,700yen 104,500yen
Delivery 62,700yen 71,500yen 80,300yen 89,100yen 97,900yen 106,700yen
*Tax Included

Additional request / Extra charge*Tax Included

Pantyhose 2,200yen
Fishnet stocking 2,200yen
Take home panty 2,200yen
Rotor 2,200yen
Golden shower 2,200yen
Mutual masturbation 2,200yen
Denma 3,300yen
Vibretor 4,400yen

call us 03-5793-1515

How does Japanese Escort Girls Club work?

We provide Girlfriend Experience with Japanese girls (prostitution is illegal under the Japanese law and JEGC strictly abide by the law).
Girls are always surprisingly well mannered, just purely attentive and extremely discrete.
Ensuring the feminine touch of a sensual girl, always eager to deliver your longings and desires. Nourish your pleasure in an unrushed time. A blissful moment without any distractions and an absolute atmosphere to focus all on to her as she is on to you.
JEGC escorts will fit naturally into your social atmosphere. Companions are impeccably dressed for any occasion from theater, dining or simply your necessary escape from mundaneness of life.
Our goal is to leave a lasting impression thereafter. Always with utmost undivided attention to capture details and thoroughly anticipate to your needs. We are devoted to the core idea of "Omotenashi".

About Japanese Escort Girls Club

We perform in the Japanese Adult Entertainment business, Sex Industry in Japan. Providing Delivery Health which includes Soapland nuru massage. We are the one and only foreigner friendly Delivery Health (Deli Heru) service provider.
Delivery Health is a service to send escorts to address designated by customers. It can be a hotel (including love hotel), a home, basically any facility with a private bath. We provide an out call service of kissing, massage, sumata, manual and oral sex (without condom). We take place nationwide, from north of Sendai to south of Fukuoka.
In between, there are Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Osaka Umeda, Osaka Namba and Kyoto. We take place at all the main cities in Japan.
Not only do we send Japanese beauties, also an unforgettable delight of girlfriend experience in Japan.
JEGC always wish and believe your impression of our service will lead into profound conviction regarding the fact of Japanese women garnering immense praise by men worldwide.

Our Service Contents

We provide Japanese delivery health / deli-heru service. An adult entertainment to pamper you with utmost care. A girlfriend experience by a Japanese elite escort.
For example, right after the meeting our companion will assist you to seat, serve tea, light your cigarette and place an ashtray if you smoke. An enticing Japanese escorts filled with Omotenashi spirit are to tender your needs. Undivided attention from an alluring companion, it will be literally a King’s pleasure. With JEGC escorts, you will be taken care with extreme attention.
When bath is ready she will undress you for a body wash. An exclusive wash, a mixture of body to body massage and cleansing. Soapland nuru lotion will be poured into the body soap, an instant “nuru lotion soap”. Japanese women's peculiar smooth porcelain skin covered with plenty of nuru lotion soap will be fully attached to you. She will cleanse your body enthusiastically as she would to a king. You will see what Royal Style shower is all about.
In bed, she will begin from a zealous lick all around your body.... The method for a satisfying moment is infinite. And it will ensure your orgasm to be endless.
Titjob is to use the cleavage, the space between the breasts in order to stimulate orgasm. Sumata / intercrural sex is a sexual term in which the female rubs her labia majora and crotch against the male’s penis with plenty of nuru lotion. The friction achieves an orgasm identical to penetrative intercourse. And as much as sex positions, there are various positions in sumata. A tantalized blowjob with a great deal of passion will heighten your sex drive slowly but surely. The key to maximize the final moment of orgasm. So finish as you wish.
Make your impossible fantasies possible at Japanese Escort Girls Club. Because granting, the unworkable desires with your wife or your partner, is our specialty. A GirlFriend Experience with a Japanese.

JEGC delivery area

Call us to make a reservation.
The following areas are our delivery range. If your stay is out of the listed range, please call and ask. We will try our best answer to your needs.
We are an outcall Elite Escort, Deri heru in Japan. An adult night entertainment service in Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Kyoto, Sendai and Shizuoka. Deri heru, GFE with nuru massage.
Delivery area in Tokyo
Inside : 23 word
23 word, Shinagawa: Gotanda, MInato, Shimbashi, Shiodome, Shinagawa station, Roppongi, Akasaka, Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, Ueno, Asakusa, Akihabara , Tokyo station and etc... Ask us

Delivery area in Osaka
Osaka city, Kansai air port(KIX), Nishinomiya, Kobe, Ibaraki, Takatsuki, Moriguchi , Kadoma and etc... Ask us

Deliver area in Yokohama
Yokohama city, Yokosuka, Sagamihara and etc... Ask us

Deliverry in Nagoya
Nagoya city, Centrair International Airport, Toyota city, Komaki and etc... Ask us

Deliery in Fukuoka
Fukuoka city and etc... Ask us

Delivery in Kyoto
Kyoto city and etc... Ask us

Delivery in Sendai
Sendai city and etc... Ask us

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