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Sendai Escort Girls infoSendai Escort Girls info

There are various ways to play at our shop.

Sendai Escort services are used by many different walks of life.


Worried about vacancy? You can book early within the day!

First of all, there are two ways in which you will nominate a escort who will care for you.


When you receive an escort who likes you, and a course that reassures you great service; Choosing isn't really necessary.

Of course, if you need to be sure or you're just picky :-o, an additional 2000yen will be added.


If you are a registered member, there are discounts that can be issued depending on the time of year, so if you have been issued this discount,

we recommend that you use a long course. (It is possible to reserve even if the course is short.)


With our services, after booking, you can decide how to meet the escort.

There are several hotels that we are getting along with here,

so we will be able to introduce you to that hotel and then introduce you to the room ahead of time.

※ You can enter the hotel by yourself.


Furthermore, our rendezvous course has you head to the love hotel with the escort prior to entering as you would with your girlfriend.

You can choose from these two types of people.

If you are a tourist, you will be relieved by the location of the hotel if you are in a meeting-type,

and you can walk to the hotel while walking around Sendai with exquisite beauty.


※ The meeting type will correspond depending on the location, but if you have a meeting fee,

it will only be for love hotels ※ Home / business hotel guide available! !




We highly recommend house deliveries because this entails a longer course of 90minutes or more.


How to enjoy more from the 90-minute course?

It is possible to enjoy all the services we provide with no rushing

so you can enjoy a proper girlfriend experience without sex.



There are lots of benefits for members that give feedback about the ladies and can also acquire advanced bookings! !

If you have played once but don't remember your membership,

we recommend that you send us your details through our inquiry form within our website.

We look forward to your requests/reservations.

Please also keep an eye on our twitter account or our "what's new" section within the website for information about new escorts, deals etc.


Twitter : @j_night_com
Feedback page : https://j-night.com/real_users_coment/japanese_escort_girls_club/


Japanese Escort Girls Club , Sendai branch 

 03 5793 1515 (+81)

"I've done what I wanted to do, and I'm sure I've got all the sexual services this world has to offer already...Now I feel empty ... not satisfied" ... Have you ever felt this way?

I think that it is the moment when you can completely enjoy the true pleasure when you pull everything out.

If you only need to withdraw, you will not pay so much money
Sex is not cheap play at all. Twenty to thirty thousand yen is required for only one or two hours.
If you just want to withdraw you will not pay such high money.

Even so, it may not be because the customer is asking for anything more than playing with the customs.

"Although the appearance was good, the service was script-like and the talk did not go sweet...I wanted to complain, but I couldn't say anything..."

When I asked for a veteran woman, I was treated neatly and returned before time...

It is an example often mentioned as a failure story in customs. In this case, the heart will remain, but rather it will grow even bigger.

Although there are many shops in Sendai, one of the most popular war zones in the country, it is difficult to find a shop that meets the price and quality.

Among them, I would like to recommend the shop based on the concept of regulative appraisal, which has been increasing in recent years, known as Japanese Escort Girls Club in Sendai.

The attraction of a super large store that continues to expand its power throughout the country.
Japanese Escorts in Sendai has affiliated shops throughout the country and boasts an overwhelming number of members.

We offer the same fee and the same service regardless of which store you use in the country, and have received support from many customers.

We invite regular lecturers from the outside and give full-fledged guidance, so it is not a GFE (girlfriend experience) that has no structure.

Of course we have specialized knowledge about Japanese Escorts in Sendai; the flow of escort service is a solid 90 minute course for the care of our customers.

By doing this, the sexual feeling erupts a better climax and you can feel a tremendous finish with even no inter course.

Customers who have used the shop even once can become members of Japanese Escort Girls Club

and receive member benefits at affiliated shops across the country.

Since all records are kept by a unique management system, it is not necessary to exchange troublesome telephone receptions,

so to put it in the extreme, receptions just say "always" like a regular restaurant would do.

In addition, there are plenty of content that customers can enjoy, such as point redemption, coupon issuance,

and favorite woman search according to customer usage.

Our play system is meant to be the ultimate S = King, letting women do everything for you.
The customer is simply lying down without having to doing anything, and the woman leads the customer to pleasure.

Please try to imagine this beautiful woman will be obsessed with serving you obediently...
You will get an unprecedented feeling of pleasure.

If you are resisting to enter the hotel alone, or if you want to go in the hotel together, you can go to the hotel after meeting near the hotel.

We will prepare for session such as towel and bed makeup
We can deliver Japanese escorts in Sendai to your hotel or home.

When you have a time feel free to call us.

03 5793 1515 (+81)
Open 12 pm to 5 am (Last call) 


I do not understand Japanese, but I want to play in Japan.

He has often heard of that awful voice

How do you go to a country where you can not understand as much as you imagine and play?

If you want to sendai outcall you will be wondering ...

However, many foreigners are enjoying it in our shop.


The usage of the Japanese escort girls club's Derihell service is very simple

Please call in simple English first

Please tell me your place? You will be asked and asked some questions

Please let me know the hotel and your name

Then please let us know the time, items, etc.

After that you only pay to play.

Women always lead you, so you can enjoy and play well without words

It will be!

Women are not always fluent in English, but please be assured that you will have check sheets on play and so on. Above all, Japanese women are kind. are kind.

I think I will heal the fatigue of a long trip just by being together.

If it is good, if you speak greetings or simple Japanese slowly with the pronunciation of roman letter reading, the distance with the girl may be shortened.


I hope sendai outcall will be an unforgettable memory of Japan! !

JapaneseEscort Girls Club , Sendai branch 
Sendai outacall information here!!

"Japanese escort girls club" is a shop specializing in outcall customs from Japanese women for overseas customers who travel or visit Japan.

For foreign "men", one of the things I would like to experience in Japan is that there is "fashion".

In any case, Japanese customs have an unprecedented variation in the world, and they are highly regarded from all over the world!


Since the club was opened, the reputation received from overseas customers has never ceased.

There are cute and friendly Japanese girls, and all the girls in the main store are girls strictly selected by the interviewer and the photos are real so please rest assured.

Basically, you can choose from the photos of the Japanese girl listed on the Japanese Escort Girls Club website, but if you cannot find your favorite child, please use the recommended girl here.

Our shop is outcall so your favorite Japanese girl can show up so please tell us your type.

In order to provide the customers with excitement, they will stay close, and when our customers are inspiring and full, they are closer to you than anyone else.

Whether you are on a business trip or a trip Sendai Japan, make lots of fun and pleasure with Japanese customs and make lots of wonderful memories.

We look forward to hear from you


We will open 24 May.


It is not uncommon for the Tohoku area to have many tourists from overseas and visit Japan Escort.


Thank you for visiting the Japanese escort girls club homepage from among the many sendai outcall stores.


How do foreign customers portray sendai outcall?


Japan Escort is said to be very high leveled.


It is said that the level of so-called service is outstanding, and there are voices saying "Can you do this?"


Even in the conversations and skinship before and after play, there are many overseas customers who are surprised by the hospitality spirit of Japanese women.


Especially since people from overseas care to communicate, such points will look attractive!


There are also many tourists from overseas who are surprised at the variety and of variations of Japan Escort.


In addition to ejaculation, the point that you can enjoy various ways in the process leading to that point is the attraction of the night play of Japan Escort


 In sendai outcall, a wide variety of genres have been developed, and the numbers are skyrocketing.


There are many Japanese girls who are kind like "Yamato Riko" when you interact.


It would be a nice get together with Japanese women's sendai outcall.


If you'd like to try sendai outcall designed for overseas customers, please call at once!

Japanese Escort Girls Club , Sendai branch

We will open 24 May noon!!

Sendai Escort Service with  JEGC! !

Waiting for everyone in the Tohoku area.

Members have been awaiting for the spring and new delivery escorts. Finally May 24;


Each country in the world has its own rules, but in Japan, production is prohibited.

Therefore, there are many genres that can be enjoyed even without production.

Among them, the most common is health services.


What is a health service?


In extreme terms, anything other than production can be done.

We share time together like lovers in acts other than production.


"But can you be satisfied with that? ? ?"  I wonder if the question comes out.


Please rest assured there. Of course you can reach a climax.

Of course there are blow job and hand job, foot job etc ...

In Japan, there is a technique called "Sumata," a sex secret.


Click here for Sumata details explanation:

However, the same contents for every store, the same for customers and every store,

You will soon get bored ...


Therefore, we are trying to differentiate ourselves from incorporating the distinctive features of each store.


It is a health shop that decided the theme and wore uniforms,

It is something that limits the age group of women.


And there are two main types of health stores,


It is a in-call service.

This is a Sendai escort service where customers come to the shop, select a woman on the panel, and play in a designated room.

The merit is that you don't need a place fee, but the disadvantage is that you have to talk with the store clerk.


The other is a outcall.

As the name suggests, we will deliver the woman to the customer's location.

It will be the most casual way to play since it is a single phone reservation.

The merit is that it is more casual than anything, the disadvantage is that it may be that only the image of the home page is selected for women.

This time, we will open in Sendai, what is our shop JEGC? ? ?


JEGC is a well-crafted health service.


Customers regain health without doing anything.

"What else can you do besides having sex ???


Some people may think so.


Is it really fun to spend like a lover without a production?

Anyway, I want to fulfill the desires of men! ! That is our way of thinking.


The theme is "Women dedicated to men".


For your best acclaim,

From the moment you meet, the woman will serve you like your maid.


It is also possible to drink tea

It is also possible to take off your clothes


You can also wash yourself in the shower

The women will help you.


Just being washed is boring, isn't it?

They'll use their soft skin and own body to help with the shower.


Women will lead after, returning to the bed.


She will stimulate by using all the right points of the body.


"It is not interesting when the escort doesn't put in work".


Along the way, they touch and caress the woman's body and lead each other to near its top.


At the end you will have the highest climax you have never tasted before.


This is JEGC! ! !


Because it is a outcall service, you will only be in contact with our staff by phone.


Our shop is a large group agency that develops adult entertainment throughout the country.

Seven years ago, we have provided services to foreign customers with the same content and rates as Japanese customers.


We have staff who speak English, and we try to be as enjoyable as possible to our customers without any language barriers.


Of course, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us in English! ! !


At JEGC, there is one thing that we cherish, is that everyone from overseas can be satisfied.


All the women enrolled in our shop are pure Japanese! ! !


"I wanted to come to Japan and play with Japanese women but the woman who appeared was a woman of my country...." This experience often happens.


Please rest assured.

Our women are truly Japanese women! !


Japanese women have the hospitality spirit distilled within themselves.

It has eroticism unique to Asians.


We aim to be a shop that you can play with confidence, so please look forward to our outcall services.


Opening is May 24th! ! !


As we will update the page gradually, so please wait for Sendai escort service to open.

Thank you

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