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【About Nomination fee】
Choosing a girl, we charge 2,000YEN as a requesting fee.
Without request, we send a girl in the order of popularity. So even without request we send the best girl in the moment. We are willing to adjust the girls as much as possible to the customer's taste, so give us the details.

【About Special Girl Fee】
Are Girls most highly popular among our customers, and passed promotion standards.The HOTTEST GIRLS of our shop. For qualifying Girl, From 1,000 yen to 8,000 yen will be charged for Special girl fee besides requesting fee.

Please double check girls schedule page.

delivery price girls schedule

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Special girl Fee4,000JPY


【Spring has come】At first glance She is just adorable looking for petite slender figure.
However must surprise you if once you take off her clothes and know she owns gorgeous...


Special girl Fee4,000JPY


She is a young sexy woman.
Be that as it may she is in early twenties. She isn't only feeling young but she's feeling relaxed and calm for each one of her action.
Her a...


Special girl Fee2,000JPY


【3 some available】
She likes to be horny enough to admit herself. Upon entering the play "Otona pheromone" will be unleashed and she will swallow you into a pleasure vortex


First day!


Special girl Fee4,000JPY


【3 some available】
She has a calm atmosphere which is adult-like but she also is cute. She is a girl who teases the man's heart. Furthermore she has a marvelous and stunning...


Special girl Fee3,000JPY


【Preeminentlooking】Greatest looking So sweet and gentle mannered lady. Her sexiness deep inside would be very flexible depending on what you like. Please find out what she likes:)...


Special girl Fee1,000JPY


【3 some available】

【Healing Beauty】An adult woman who seems to be calm and relaxed kind and has a cute smile. Her nuturing effect is overwhelming. Big "F" cups with a ...

3 Some

Special 3 Some session available in Nagoya branch.
Price will be 2 sessions fee. Feel free Ask us.


【Exotic Princess】 Sexy body that is impressive with beautiful E cups.
A man will be captivated and entangled with her lip service and shaved lower parts.


Special girl Fee3,000JPY


It is a beautiful Slender lady that is highly recommended.
There is no doubt that you will be attracted by her gentle atmosphere!
While being inexperienced it seems that...


Special girl Fee1,000JPY


Her specialty is body washing while cleansing you with foam. She can entertain and be cheerfully bright all by herself. If you really want to enjoy no-handed play this is a girl w...


Special girl Fee5,000JPY


A sweet atmosphere; She has a smiling face with great posture that shows off her feminity! Once her clothes are off her E-cup breasts are a sight to behold! She doesn't seem like ...


【3 some available】
A cute young lady of a former dental assistant. Outstanding looks and her charms turn you on to the max right after the moment to see her at first sight!


She's any man's dream come true. Cute face tall stature E-cup beautiful breasts are sure to exicite you. And she gets turned on in bed too. What could be more luxurious than tha...


【3 some available】
There is no mistake that you can feel the gap with the cute appearance with amazing rich service.
Her former job is a dental assistant excitedly reson...


【3 some available】

An outstanding sweet and cute look!
Fluffy cute visuals and the personality of a healing system are ideal.
The charm as an adult woman is in...


Special girl Fee1,000JPY


【3 some available】

Full of impact G cup beauty ♪ You cant imagine from a clean appearance at all but she loves to fool around. Please enjoy the multitude of her service...


【3 some available】
I will stimulate the man's heart to talk tone and standing behaviors!
A woman who has firm sense of common sense and manner as an adult female.


【3 some available】
Beautifully busty! It is a feminine adult woman full of calmness kindness and healing elements. While the E cup's breasts steal the show there is no mis...


She is a petite lovely lady.
Even she has a calm atmosphere in the pretty facial features of youthfulness
A cute smile gives a superb comfortable space to a friendly per...


Small build and innocent looking cute lady. She is calm and kind a perfect embodiment of a healing atomosphere. And together with her rather assertive and beautiful H-cup breats ...


【3 some available】
Petite and neatly lady has come in. That body is a beautiful and slender with beautifull ideal chest which makes you impatient to grab her body. It is defi...


Brilliantly lively and friendly personality
It also has adult feminine works and dignity not only bright but also suppressed men's acupressure
That appeared from her will...


【3 some available】
Skinny girl went into an adult calm! The atmosphere that can be brought out just because it is an adult woman will feel motherhood and wrap you. Also in pl...


Special girl Fee2,000JPY


We have received praise from the quality of the beauty and service that deserves to be premier.
At first glance there is a cool beauty atmosphere but the gaps of the atmosphe...


She is a lady who keeping the point of sweetie and clean ♪ She is a pretty and lovely woman so you receives a relaxing impression that makes you relieved but learns pleasure in le...


Her big G-cup breasts are a must see. She gets pleasure from making her man happy. We guarantee that her excellent body with give you the best service ever!


【3 some available】
Being small and cute plus being mature gives her a advantage.
Additionally her nice shaped breasts goes well with her body! She will waste no time to...


[Head Turner] A clean skinny lady. Your eyes will be turned on by her beautiful waist line. She likes to take the initiative but at the same time be initiated. Her lovely body wil...


It is a stylish style pretty healing lady. Many men will be healed by that pretty smile.
Also she loves nasty things how about enjoying a marvelous moment with an interesti...


Tall and beautiful girl with big boobs come down here! Line from the chest to the buttocks and its looks. She holds factor to make guys crush on. Attractiveness is not limited to ...


Special girl Fee3,000JPY


Small build white complexion... Cute-looking popular poster girl. You'll fall in love with the perfect manifestation of a healing goddess. She's also very sensitive and responsiv...


She is a neat and clean pretty woman.
However She also has femininity like an adult.
Looking forward to how she grows from now on.
She may not seem like it but she ...


She is a lovely lady who has no sense of innocence
While having a youthful face she also has an adult feminine restlessness
The healing effect of those E cup's beauty bi...

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