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How to get your hands on a lovely Shinjuku Escort while staying in Tokyo?

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Shinjuku is a big city with high populations and skyscrapers with many things to do, especially when it comes to having an escort..


The Kabukicho area is one of the most stand-out locations for entertainment including adult themed attractions when it comes to Shinjuku Escorts.

Here are some ways you can access such a great site:


It's safe even with your first time going! How to transfer from JR Shinjuku station to other railways & subways


Shinjuku station boasts the number one getaway in the world. Various routes are getting in and it is a station that often gets lost in just by switching to each line.


In this article, to make it easy for people who used Shinjuku Station for the first time to understand, I will explain in an easy-to-understand manner how to transfer from JR Shinjuku Station to each line.


One of the leading hub station in Tokyo "Shinjuku"


Shinjuku dotted with department stores, established huge fashion buildings, drinking streets such as Kabukicho and Golden Street, is a sightseeing spot where people gather at night and day.


"Shinjuku station" boasts the number one getaway in the world. Because it is also one of the main spots in Tokyo, there are multiple routes, and its complexity is about to get lost even by Japanese people who partake in the same Shinjuku Escorts.


In this article, I will explain in an easy-to-understand manner how to transfer from JR Shinjuku Station to each private railway / subway so that even people using Shinjuku Station for the first time will not get lost.


Seven routes from JR Shinjuku station

* If you click on the route name, it jumps in detail.


C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g713_713_pc_03.jpg C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g817_817_pc_02.jpg C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g688_688_pc_03.jpg


Major spots on route name route


1. Odakyu Line

Hakone, Shimokitazawa


2. Keio Line

Mt. Takao, Hachioji


3. Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line

Ginza, Koishikawa Korakuen etc.

4. Toei Oedo Line

Tsukiji, Roppongi etc.


5. Toei Shinjuku Line



6. Keio New Line

Hatsudai Station, Honachiman Station, Sasazuka Station


7. Seibu Shinjuku Line

Takadanobaba, Honkawagoe


Besides Shinjuku Station, Tokyo Metro and Metropolitan Line also have "Shinjuku Station" which is divided into small areas such as "Shinjuku Sanchome" station and "Shinjuku West Exit" Station, each of which is within walking distance.


If you use a station on the same line, it is the difference whether one station going through to arrive at the destination station increases or decreases.


Here we introduce you to the "Shinjuku" station.


The ticket gate of JR Shinjuku station is divided into the ground and underground

The JR Shinjuku station is divided into two floors, the ground and the basement.

The main exits are East Exit, West Exit and South Exit. Let's remember that the east entrance and the west entrance are underground and the south entrance is above the ground.


For details, please see "To enjoy Shinjuku smartly! Destination separate · Shinjuku station exit guide".


There are several routes to change to each line, but here we will focus on the easy to understand directions.


C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g688_688_pc_02.jpg C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g728_728_pc_03.jpg C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g843_843_pc_01.jpg


1. Transfer port of Odakyu Line (West exit ground ticket gate)

The Odakyu line is a convenient route when going to Hakone. If you take the Odakyu Romance Car you can reach the Hakone sightseeing entrance "Hakone Yumoto" station in approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes (charge 2,280 yen).


In addition, without having to use the Odakyu Romance Car you can arrive at "Katase Enoshima" station nearest to "Enoshima" (about 1 hour 10 minutes, 630 yen) and "Shimokitazawa" station (about 10 minutes, 160 yen) without transfer.


If you need to buy a ticket to the West Exit

I went to the west exit ticket gate

If you need to purchase a ticket from the Odakyu Line after leaving the ticket gate once, let's get out of the "West Exit".

As you exit the ticket gate, there is a large staircase and escalator beside the shop "Odakyu AZUR". Please go up here.


West exit ground

As you climb the stairs, the front has become a space opened, and there is a ticket gate on the Odakyu line in the back. Tickets etc are on the left side facing the ticket gate.


Central west entrance is convenient if you have an IC card

Odakyu West Exit Underground

In the central west entrance, there is a ticket gate with which the exit of JR Shinjuku station and the entrance gate of the Odakyu line became together.

For those who do not need to buy a ticket, such as an IC card, this ticket gate is convenient.


C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g369_369_pc_01.jpg C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g369_369_pc_03.jpg C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g842_842_pc_03.jpg


Transfer tickets

Since it is in line with the transfer entrance of the Keio Line, I will head towards the one with the blue sign (out side of the picture).

It is easy to remember that "blue is the Odakyu line".


Since this ticket gate is exclusively for transfer, if you want to go out on the ground or outside the ticket gate please get out from the ticket gate at the west entrance.


2. Change port of Keio Line

Keio Line

The Keio Line was created as a route connecting Shinjuku and Hachioji City. Therefore it is convenient to go to western Tokyo, Takao Mountain etc. From Shinjuku station to Takao Yamaguchi station it takes approximately 50 minutes by express, and the charge is 390 yen.

If you need to buy a ticket to the West Exit

Keio Line

After going out the wicket gate at the west entrance, go straight ahead and you will see the signs for the photo "Odakyu ox SHOP" at the left side. To the Keio Line, turn left at here:Coin locker

Pass through a narrow street where coin lockers line up and go straight.



Proceed along the road between Omusubi store on the front "Odusubi" and curry shop "curry shop C & C". The curry looks delicious during business hours.


Keio Line

When you get off the road, there is a ticket gate on the left side.

Central west entrance is convenient if you have an IC card


Transfer tickets

Keio Line

Alongside the ticket for transferring the Odakyu line is the staircase leading to the Keio Line. Go down the stairs of the photo and go straight ahead.


Ticket gate

As you climb the stairs at the end, there is a pink color ticket on the right side. It is also a place where the exit of the JR line and the entrance of the Keio line are together so it is recommended for those who do not need to buy a ticket.


3. Transit of the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line

East east underground

The Tokyo Metro where there is a station underground further goes down from the east exit of B1F. After going out the east exit and going down the road on the left side, let's go down as the stairs will be visible.


Underground Guidance:

As you descend, there is a large underground aisle.


Marunouchi Line

Going diagonally to the right, it is a ticket gate for the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line. If you are going to Ginza (Ginza station), Koishikawa Korakuen (Korakuen station) in the Japanese garden, Tokyo Dome City (Korakuen station), it is convenient to use here.


4 ~ 6. Let's memorize the Oedo Line ·Shinjuku Line and Keio New Line as a set

Oedo Line

Three lines of Toei Oedo Line, Shinjuku Line, Keio New Line are a bit complicated.

The Oedo Line is followed by Roppongi, and the Shinjuku Line follows Jimbocho. Let's learn here with a set as these are ticket gates together. It is along with the way to change from the central west entrance to the Keio Line until halfway.


C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g737_737_pc_01.jpg C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g763_763_pc_02.jpg C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g722_722_pc_02.jpg


Ticket gate

At the Keio Line, I went through a pink ticket gate, but I switched to 3 wires, on the left, I left a green JR ticket gate.


It is safe even for the first time! How to transfer from JR Shinjuku station to private railway / subway

Go straight under the sign surrounding with the red circle in the left back.


Turn left

Turn left at the place written "KEIO MALL". If you go straight ahead, there is a sign written as "Oedo Line" and you can see the ticket gate.


After going straight ahead, there is also a ticket gate on the Oedo line on the right side, but there is a ticket gate only for the Oedo line.

If you want to ride the Keio new line, Shinjuku line, let's go straight through "KEIO MALL" and use the ticket gate that you see in front.


7. Switch to the Seibu Shinjuku Line

Seibu Shinjuku eki

Seibu Shinjuku line, located just a bit away from JR Shinjuku station. You can go to "Honkawagoe" station where you can go to "Takadanobaba" station at Waseda University and Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine famous for the god of marriage.


Shinjuku Don Quijote

Let's use the east exit for the exit. If you go straight on Shinjuku Station with Shinjuku Station on the east exit, you can go to Kabukicho area.

When you go out on the street where Don Quijote is located, cross the pedestrian crossing and turn left.


Go straight ahead

Seibu Shinjuku eki

If you proceed as it is, you will arrive at a brown building with a sign with "Pe Pe".

This is the Seibu Shinjuku Line.

As we go down the road under the signboard there is a ticket gate.


Seibu Shinjuku Station Google Map


Even if you mistake the exit, be sure to check the signs with patience!

As shown in the table below, it is also possible to transfer from the exit other than the one introduced this time.

The exit came out, but I did not understand! In case you do not mind, please check the sign.




Changeable exit

Odakyu Line West Exit, Central West Exit, South Exit

Keio Line West Exit, Central West Exit, South Exit

Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line East Entrance, West Exit

Oedo · Shinjuku Line, Keio New Line Central West Exit, South Exit

Also, if it is difficult to see the sign, let's also ask with the stations information desk or station employees.


Please safely master the transfer and have a nice trip!

Outcall Escort in Tokyo ,  Shinjuku, Shinokubo available

[PHONE]03 5793 1515 (+81)

[OPEN HRS]12 pm - 5 am (Last call)  GMT+9


Tokyo Escorts information for when you're in the mid-town areas of Tokyo, Japan.

(Minato-ku, Chuo-ku, Chiyoda-ku)


C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g332_332_pc_03.jpg C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g410_410_pc_02.jpg C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g548_548_pc_02.jpg


First off, what is Ginza?


Ginza in Tokyo is where classy environments and shopping spots are available.

Originally it was an artificial island, and the name "Ginza Official Gate" was placed in this place, a silver coin mine (ginkgo hensho).


It is located from 1 - chome to 8 - chome, and each street runs vertically and horizontally, centered around Chuo - dori, while being in the chuo-district.


While continuing to further establsh Western culture in gourmet and fashion, it also inherits Japanese traditions such as Kabukiza and Tsukiji.


There are also many department stores, luxury shopping streets, overseas brand stores, showrooms for electric appliances including Sony Building, and attracting attention as a shopping mecca.

In addition, the Tsukiji market called Tokyo's kitchen is also nearby.


There are 6 4-star hotels in Ginza and 12 3-star hotels (including "Sotetsu Fresa Inn Ginza 3-chome" opened in the winter of 2017), 1 2-star hotel, 1 capsule hotel....Yes.


The price will be around 30,000 to 40,000 yen for a 4 star hotel and around 20,000 yen for a 3 star hotel, but it is necessary check because there is a day for one night per night of 5,000 yen at the 2 star "Hotel Ginza Daiei" .


There are also many business hotels that can be relatively reasonably sought from Yurakucho and Shimbashi within walking distance from Ginza, from the five 5-star hotels "The Peninsula Tokyo" and "Imperial Hotel Tokyo".


Every hotel has a great plan such as early division, consecutive nights discount, lady's plan etc on the official website, so please check in advance.

No wonder why there are so many Tokyo escorts especially in this area.

The amazing bomb shells you see on the street are either rich from escorting or famous.


C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g392_392_pc_02.jpg C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g388_388_pc_02.jpg C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g228_228_pc_02.jpg


How to get to Ginza from Narita Airport:


From Narita airport to the Tokyo Metro Ginza station there is a high-speed bus "THE access Narita" of JR Bus Kanto, Asuka Traffic and Peace Transport joint operation, the journey time is about 90 minutes (depending on traffic conditions), the fare is 1,000 It is convenient and convenient yen.

Also, the Keisei bus "Tokyo Shuttle" (1,000 yen), Tokyo Airport Transport "Airport Limousine" (3,100 yen) is coming to Tokyo Station. From there one station to Ginza station, Tokyo Metro Marunouchi line, 170 yen.


Those who wish to use the railroad are required to take the JR Limited Express Narita Express to Tokyo Station for about 1 hour, the fare requires 1,320 yen tickets and a limited express ticket of 1,700 yen.


How to get to Haneda Airport from Ginza

From Haneda airport, Keikyu Airport line to Shinbashi station to 570 yen, or East Ginza station to 610 yen, which takes about 30 minutes for both. Also, if you use the Tokyo Monorail, you can get to Hamamatsucho Station about 20 minutes, from there you can get to Shimbashi station at JR Yamanote line, total fare is 630 yen.

JR Shimbashi Station is a station southwest of Ginza, about 10 minutes on foot to Tokyo Metro Ginza Station. If you are uneasy about walking, those with lots of baggage, you can take the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, it is one station to Ginza Station.


Directions from Ginza to Tsukiji

Go Southern Avenue on Sony Building, Ginza Mitsukoshi, then past Tokyo Metro Higashi Ginza Station and highway, there is Tsukiji.

As the Tsukiji temple is visible, the Tsukiji market is just around the corner. It is about 10 minutes on foot, but if you take the Tokyo Metro Hibiya line you can go to the Tsukiya station from the Ginza station by the landing station, 170 yen.


At Tokyo Metro Ginza Station there are three subways, Ginza Line, Marunouchi Line and Hibiya Line, so it can be said that the subway or walk alone is sufficient for the movement.


C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g651_651_pc_02.jpg  C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g758_758_pc_02.jpg


Ginza Line Home is Central Chuo Line, Marunouchi Line Home is Outer Hori Dori, Hibiya Line is in the basement of Harumi Avenue, there are exits A1 to A13 (A4 is closed), B1 to B10 and C1 to C9 excluding A6. The main spots near the exit are as follows.


· A7, A8, A11 ...... Ginza Mitsukoshi

· A9, A10 ...... Ginza Wako

· A12, A13 ...... Matsuya Ginza

· B9 ...... Sony Street

· C2 and C4 ...... Sekoiyabashi intersection

· C4 ...... JR Yurakucho Station

· C6 ...... Printemps Ginza


Also, there are elevators to the ground, at exits A8, B2, B7, B8. Also, the distance from the exit with Ginza Mitsukoshi to Tsukiji is about 1 km away.


Apart from the Ginza line, the "Ginza 1 - chome" station on the Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line is in the basement of Yanagidori, and if you leave the second exit, the JR Yurakucho station is just over there.

"Higashi Ginza" station of Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line and Toei Asakusa Line is convenient to go to Kabuki-za.


Ginza is also accessible from JR Yurakucho station and JR Shinbashi station on foot, and can be accessed by the metropolitan bus "Business 10" connecting Shinbashi and Tokyo Sky Tree Station, or a Tokyo metropolitan bus that connects Tokyo Station and Tokyo Big Site "City 05 Because it is running, please use it according to the signs in front and back.

Ginza sushi shop

Sushi represents Japanese food and because the Tsukiji market is near, there are many delicious sushi restaurants in Ginza. But sushi is not cheap at all, especially at Ginza, which has many famous stores.

It is likely to cost tens of thousands of yen, so let's eat deliciously using the shop offering a great lunch and all you can eat. For the recommended sushi shop, please see the following article.


If you want to eat sushi to the fullest in Tokyo, here are 3 sushi all-you-can-eat shops:


C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g693_693_pc_02.jpg C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g771_771_pc_02.jpg C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g844_844_pc_01.jpg


Eel cuisine

Because the eel is a premium ingredient, where your wallet is concerned, you can eat grilled eel with reasonable prices.

Tokyo Metro Ginza Station There is a Ginza shop in Subaru Building 1F immediately after exiting the B2 Exit, and Shinomiya (Tomimatsu) (Higashi Ginza shop) in the eleventh Ginza Building 1F near Kabukiza.


Address: Ginza 4-3-7 Chuo-ku, Tokyo Subaru Building 1F

Phone number: 03-3535-5341

Western food "Brick Tate"

At Brick Tate, founded in 1895, you can enjoy "Western food" developed independently in Japan, such as omelet rice, Hayashi rice, potage soup, fried shrimp and pork cutlets. Exits B1 exit of Tokyo Metro Ginza Station and is 2 minutes' walk north of Suzuran Street.


Address: 4-2-15 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Boso Tsukamoto B1F

Phone number: 03-5250-1081

Michelin's yakitori "Birdland Ginza store"

Grilled chicken stewed with charcoal and baked with charcoal is a taste of the Japanese populace, but there is a Yakitori shop that won a single star (2015 edition) with a French Michelin Guidebook.


The name is also Birdland Ginza store. It is in the basement 1F of a building directly connected from Tokyo Metro Ginza Station C6 exit. Please enjoy the Japanese popular cuisine that French people also admire.


Address: 1-2-3 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Phone number: 03-5524-3641


Japanese food "Gonpachi"

A 5-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Ginza Station, there is G - Zone Ginza, where you can have several dining options, and you can enjoy meals as entertainment.

Among them, the inside of the Japanese-style Ryo-Hachi store is a very elaborate interior decorating old Japanese streets.

You can see how yourself in the shop and you can eat while grabbing sushi or grill yakitori at the counter.

There are table seats, private rooms, and a cushion, so please choose your favorite places.


C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g660_660_pc_02.jpg C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g457_457_pc_01.jpg C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g739_739_pc_03.jpg


Shabu-shabu "Shabusenshin"


Shabu-shabu is a dish that sliced ​​meat is quickly passed through a boiled soup stock, heated and cooked with vegetables and tofu to be cooked on ponzu and paste and eaten.

In Shibusinshin in Ginza, menu of English, Chinese, and Thai is prepared, and the lunch menu is advantageous.


Address: 5-8-20 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Ginza core B2F

Phone number: 03-3572-3806


I also want to read:

About shabu-shabu way of eating that you cannot ask now


Katsukarai "Ginza Switzerland"

Katakare, which topped with pork cutlet and fried pork cutlet for curry rice, was born in Ginza Switzerland, founded in 1947. That menu, which was innovative at the time, was now a cuisine familiar to the public. Ginza Switzerland's rich thick cutlet curry with a perfect score, please relish it once.


Address: 3-5-16 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Phone number: 03-03-3563-3206

Izakaya "Soil furnace" Ginza 1 chome branch

Although there are many pubs, there will be no izakaya stuck to the interior like a soil furnace (and bath). Through the "Wabi · Sabi" reminiscent of the world of the tea ceremony, I step in the store made from the concept of wanting to convey the traditional culture of Japan, it seems that time slipped in the Edo period.

I am glad that there is an English and Chinese menu.


Address: 1-10-6 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Ginza First Building B2F

Phone number: 03-3563-3033


Sake cocktail with "SAKE HALL HIBIYA BAR"

Very popular sake overseas. SAKE HALL HIBIYA BAR is what made cocktail that sake. If a cocktail made easy to drink while leaving the goodness of sake, it seems that even those who do not like sake are a bit weak.


Address: 5 - chome, Ginza, Chuo - ku, Tokyo 5-6 - 12 Miyuki Building underground 1F

Phone number: 03-3572-7123


Most of our Tokyo Escorts are not open to receiving eating engagements so please be sure to call us after your meal.


C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g861_861_pc_02.jpg C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g721_721_pc_03.jpg C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g419_419_pc_03.jpg


~ Hotel in Ginza ~


Ginza which can enjoy gourmet and shopping, there are many hotels around.


Bellevue Hotel

A reasonable 3 star hotel starting at 6,000 yen per person with breakfast. It is 2 minutes on foot from Tokyo Metro Ginza Station C2 Exit and good access, all rooms are equipped with WiFi.


Mitsui Garden Hotel Ginza Premier

Michelin Guide In this 4-star hotel that continues to be posted in Tokyo, you are sure to spend the best time watching the night view of Tokyo from the rooms and the 16th floor lobby. Although the price is high, there are also good deals, so please use by all means.


Hotel Monterey Ginza

It is a 4 star hotel with excellent location, but I'm happy to have suggested a great price setting from 4,700 yen for consecutive night plans and early reservations.

There is a main building with rooms that make use of natural materials, a new building of contemporary design like Parisian creators live, and La Suchega like apartments in Paris.


Hotel Gracery Ginza

With good access, WiFi in all rooms, 3F guest lounge also has free service of coffee and mineral water, popular with businessmen. It is also nice that the ladies' room is provided with equipment and amenities for women.


Ginza Capital Hotel

This hotel, which is convenient for visiting the Tsukiji market, "Hato bus" which provides Tokyo sightseeing and day trips runs, so there is a free pick up service to Tokyo station every morning and also accepts tour requests It is. There is free coffee in the morning.


Tokyu Stay Tsukiji (Old Tokyu Stay East Ginza)

Tokyu Stay Higashi Ginza, where the picture of a big snapper is a landmark, was renewed in March 2016 as Hotel Tokyu Stay Tsukiji. There is room with fully automatic washer / dryer and mini kitchen, and it is convenient for long-stay people.


You and your Tokyo Escort will be fully satisfied with a positive attitude from start to finish with any of these hotel options.


C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g730_730_pc_03.jpg C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g732_732_pc_01.jpg C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g804_804_pc_03.jpg



The Ginza area is by far the most flexible when it comes to choosing a Tokyo Escort with Japanese Escort Girls Club since you can choose from any branch with a decent transportation fee and 75mins.


The best of Tokyo Escorts is here.


Outcall Escort in Tokyo , Ikebukuro , Shinjuku, Roppongi, Shinagawa, Ueno available

[PHONE]03 5793 1515 (+81)

[OPEN HRS]12 pm - 5 am (Last call)  GMT+9


Akihabara's Otaku · Area Guide (Tokyo outcall services)


C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g349_349_pc_03.jpg C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g349_349_pc_02.jpg


A place that prospered as one of Japan's leading electric streets. It is also an area where you can experience nerd culture.


Here we summarize what you want to know in order to enjoy Akihabara, such as how to get to Akihabara, guide around the station, 44 sightseeing spots including shopping spots and maid cafe, features of otaku culture and gourmet spots.


The central street intersection which is the main street of Akihabara Electric Town is a busy area where many people come and go. In the vicinity, you can find restaurants such as taverns, restaurants and cafés, as well as hobby shops and duty-free shops where you can purchase souvenirs.


On Sundays and public holidays it is a pedestrianized heaven and you can walk the roadway and street performances by maids and idol eggs are also done. It's a spot where you can feel Akihabara's appearance.


Akihabara Electric word of mouth areas:


C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g418_418_pc_02.jpg C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g484_484_pc_02.jpg C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g353_353_pc_03.jpg


In the vicinity of the electric town of JR Akihabara station, specialty stores of electrical equipment such as personal computers and amateur radio parts will be joined together. You can see the appearance of Akihabara's flourished electric town.


There are also "AKB Theater" where you can see the stage of AKB 48 which is a representative idol group in Japan, including maid cafe in the periphery. When you visit Akihabara, it is a spot you really want to check.


Junk Street


Junk Street refers to the alley behind the central street. On the street along the street PC parts are stuck in a bared state, and ordinary home appliance stores deal with products that are difficult to obtain.


Not only shops of PC parts but stores of various genres such as shops treating miscellaneous goods and everyday eating and drinking establishments are lined up. If you enjoy the local atmosphere of Akihabara, here is also a spot for checking.


C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g353_353_pc_01.jpg C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g405_405_pc_03.jpg C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g405_405_pc_01.jpg


For details, please refer to "walking on a juncture street symbolizing the deep Akihabara".


Outside Akihabara Electric Town

In areas slightly off the Akihabara Electric Town, the office streets where high-rise buildings line up across.


There are not many shops where you can purchase souvenirs, but you can also watch skyscrapers while walking along the Kanda River.


As a sightseeing plan to fully enjoy the streets of Akihabara, there is also a tour with the maid. When visiting Akihabara, please also consider using this.


Akihabara sightseeing & shopping spot

PC & Home Appliances

AKKY head office


"AKKY head office" is the head office of the AKKY group in Akihabara. Here we have a lot of electric appliances for overseas that correspond to foreign languages ​​such as personal computers and cameras.

C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g763_763_pc_02.jpg C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g763_763_pc_03.jpg C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g763_763_pc_01.jpg


"AKKY ONE Akihabara store" is a duty free shop that sells electric appliances for overseas, one store in the AKKY group. Among them, this shop boasts the largest area among 3 shops in Akihabara.

They also handle computers and smart phones of overseas models that are difficult to obtain in Japan. Moreover, staff capable of multilingual correspondence are stationed, so even first timers will be able to shop with confidence.


"AKKY Ⅱ" is one of the AKKY group located in Akihabara. This store has the characteristic that the number of exhibitions of English version PC is very large compared with other stores.


In addition to that, we handle a wide range of genres such as overseas mobile phones, perfumes, bags and souvenirs. Because there are multilingual staff, it is also one of the attractions that you can shop while feel free to consult.


"LABI Akihabara PC Hall" is a home electronics mass merchandising store boasting the best selection of Akihabara. Popular appliances such as computer peripherals and digital cameras are lined up on 6 floors of B1F to 5F.


The location of LABI Akihabara PC Hall is also one minute walk from JR Akihabara Electric street entrance. There are also tax exempt counters set up, and services for tourists visiting Japan are being deployed.

C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g460_460_pc_01.jpg C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g491_491_pc_02.jpg C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g491_491_pc_01.jpg


"Sofmap Main Building" is an electronics mass merchandising store located in the electric town of Akihabara. In the store of all seven floors, we handle a lot of electric appliances such as personal computer peripherals and cameras.


We also sell beauty appliances, video games, toys, etc. popular to visitors to Japan at stores. Access from Akihabara station is also good, so please do come and see.


"Yodobashi camera multimedia Akiba" is a general electronics mass merchandiser located in front of Akihabara station. It deals with Japanese home appliances such as rice cooker and beauty facial equipment and it is a popular spot for visitors to Japan.


In addition to home appliances, stores of various genres such as fashion brands and restaurants are included. In addition to home appliances, please also check here.


Sofmap Reuse Comprehensive Hall specializes in selling home appliances. Underground 1F is developing as a tax exclusion section. Because there is plenty of assortment, you might have a chance to buy home electronics you are looking for cheaply.


Laox Akihabara Main Store is a comprehensive dealer of electrical appliances that is developing chains throughout Japan. In addition to home appliances, in addition to games and watches, we have nearly 70,000 items of items popular among visitors to Japan like jewelry.


C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g488_488_pc_01.jpg C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g488_488_pc_02.jpg C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g488_488_pc_03.jpg


This store is also known for thick correspondence to visitors to Japan, and staff capable of multilingual correspondence is always present in the information counter.


Support of shopping, as well as surrounding tourist information and tax exemption procedures are perfect. It is a spot where visitors can enjoy shopping comfortably even by tourists.


Maid Cafe & Anime Cafe

One of the things people come up with when asking Akihabara is a maid cafe. Please check out the distinctive café that you cannot taste abroad, if you are interested.


"@ Ho - Mu Cafe" is a particularly popular store among the maid cafes in Akihabara. With a history of 12 years since opening in 2005, many tourists visit as tourist attractions.


All 4F - 7F of the building are maid cafe, and about 180 maids are enrolled. There are also menus written in English, so let's try to cook and order drinks.


Staff who dressed as a maid of a school or a butler will do hospitality, as "Ausikuu Sukuu Akiba set".


Every customer enters as a student who has been transferred, and the staff will provide a service to enjoy the school life. There is also a menu of food and drinks, so please also check here.



In "Maid coffee Ogifestoranda", staff dressed in maid's attire will do hospitality.


Café menu deals handmade set meals and sweets daily. There are abundant kinds of drinks such as herb tea and flavored tea, so please try to taste it here as well just as you would with a Tokyo outcall service. ;)


"Queen's Court" is a shop based on the concept that "the courtyard made by the goddess to hospitality people". The staff is able to enjoy conversation, meals, etc. with the setting of maid of the goddess descending from heavenly world.


In addition to main dishes such as pasta and omelet, the menu offers sweets such as parfait and soft drink cocktails.


Let's definitely visit and enjoy the atmosphere of the goddess's inner courtyard.


Pina Foa No. 1 Store was a long established maid cafe that opened in 2003.

In Akihabara there are 3 shops, 1st shop, 3rd shop and labyrinth shop, offering a rich food and drink menu.


The first shop features a calm atmosphere is popular as a spot where you can enjoy conversations with unique maids. It is one of the charms that you can visit any time of the day, such as opening the store from noon to 5 o'clock in the morning on Friday and Saturday.


"Angel and Devil Pray" is one of the maid cafes in Akihabara.


It is an interesting point that maids here are set with angels and devils, clothes etc are also separated by white and black.


C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g263_263_pc_02.jpg C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g480_480_pc_03.jpg


In the store, in addition to a drink menu such as demonic beer and angel beer, they have expanded many original cocktails.

Enjoy an original drink while having fun talking with a maid.


"AKIHABARA FUN" is a karaoke bar opened in 2015. A karaoke stage is set up in a retreat in a cozy little place.


In addition to enjoying karaoke on stage on stage, you can also have favorite songs sung by pretty staff. Alcohol drinks are also handled so we can enjoy singing together.


"Gundam Cafe" is a concept cafe located near the electric town of JR Akihabara Station. This is popular as a cafe in which the world feeling of Gundam which is a popular anime of Japan is reproduced. In addition to the Gundam statue being set up in the store, various tricks are hidden.


"Nadeshiko Sushi" is a sushi specialty shop located in Akihabara. This is an unusual shop where only female sushi craft worker is enrolled.


In the store you can order sushi while consulting with craftsmen with design that feels Japanese atmosphere. If you want to eat sushi in Akihabara, it is one of the shops you would like to include in your candidate.


"Cafe ASAN" is a concept cafe between Akihabara and Okachimachi of the next station. ASAN stands for "Asian animation" and is gaining popularity as a space where you can share the splendor of animation.


Hammocks are set up in the shop, and you can read animation materials and cartoons. Since Wi-Fi and outlet are also equipped, it is safe even for a long stay.


C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g480_480_pc_01.jpg C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g354_354_pc_03.jpg


"NEWTYPE" is one of the maid cafes in Akihabara. This is a male maiden's daughter' Man's daughter (female otaku)' is enrolled as a staff, service of a different genre from other maid cafe is gaining popularity.


The popular omelet rice, including the food menu is substantial. Let's enjoy your stay while looking at the appearance of maid who was a little rare in Akihabara.


Then finally we have Tokyo outcall services that can be ordered for delivery in almost every hotel in Akihabara.


After a long day of walking around and tickling any fancy you may have had to be fully satisfied, once you've possessed everything you wanted, there still is a void of completion.


That fulfillment is something that only a Tokyo outcall service could provide which is a beautiful Japanese Escort for a GFE (girlfriend experience).




Japanese Escort Girls Club, Tokyo Shinagawa, Ueno, Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, Minato-ku and more.

Phone number: 03 5793 1515 (+81)

Open Hours: 12 pm to 5 am.



C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g405_405_pc_02.jpg C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g688_688_pc_02.jpg C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g688_688_pc_01.jpg


Japanese Escorts in Tokyo , Japan can be utilized in many ways. Taking an escort on a date is very ideal and has been gaining popularity in the adult industry of Japan.


Of course for most people, they would consider it a bit odd or unnecessary to take an Escort on date; most people may be unaware of the beauty and hospitality.


Other countries escort agencies for the most part focus mainly on getting you to ejaculate and finish the session as quick as possible to receive your money and leave.


Most Japanese escorts in Tokyo have morals, dress and act the part while being able to fully cope with the vast majority of  "normal". Furthermore there is absolutely no drugs or crime figures in between all of this which makes the Japanese  


STAR ISLAND has multiplied fireworks, a Japanese traditional culture, with 3D sounds and performance evolved into unprecedented entertainment. Tickets were popular therefore sold out in advance this year when it was held for the second time and as many as 15,000 people will be at the venue.


▽A full celebration from the first opening!" Report of "STAR ISLAND" held in 2017 is from here


"Tickets were sold out and as many as 15,000 people got into the venue".


Although the fireworks are during the night, fireworks are in the venue along with the opening at 16 o'clock (a long line before the opening enters the entrance!), everyone going towards the beach looking for a fireworks appreciation impressive.


Nonetheless, there is still time before the start of fireworks....


C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g743_743_pc_02.jpg  C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g743_743_pc_03.jpg


If it is an existing fireworks festival, "STAR ISLAND" where DJs are playing in the hall and performances everywhere by fireworks, etc., where it is unclear how to spend time to firework fireworks It's just amazing that not only enjoying.


Shinya Okino who plays at the future type fireworks entertainment "STAR ISLAND


Besides, DJs that appear also SHUYA OKINO, MINDO GROSSO 's SHINICHI OSAWA, Naoki Serizawa and Licaxxx are also appealing to those who are active in BARBARI' s one - line artists also have great appeal (moreover, It was nice to hear it!).


STAR ISLAND is also one of the highlights directed by professionals.


In addition, performers who wear costumes like residents of different worlds not only perform very well (their performance is also amazing), they are very friendly and take pictures together easily It should be pleasing for visitors.


"STAR ISLAND (Star Island)" established a kid's area and nursing room for families with children


C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g417_417_pc_02.jpg C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g417_417_pc_01.jpg


Besides, there are many families with children only for fireworks, and for such visitors there are a lot of kids area, nursing room and so on, and the feeling of being extremely impressive! It was exactly entertainment that everyone can enjoy.


Fire performers and water performers who collaborate brilliantly with fireworks at "STAR ISLAND"


Even though it cannot be said that the weather is sunny on occasion, the sunset dyes the water surface beautifully from time to time, and the visitors are entranced. And fireworks are starting at the place where darkness has come!


"STAR ISLAND" has become one of the popular fantastic shows making full use of 3D sound and lighting


A message directed to the future was delivered in the venue, and when the first fireworks flew the night sky a lot of spectators were already captivated by "STAR ISLAND".


Not only fireworks, but also various performers (fire performers and water performers) appearing one after another on the special stage and water, and 3D sound and lighting that excites the audience's mood as well.


C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g287_287_pc_03.jpg  C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g287_287_pc_02.jpg


The audience who can just watch in the dazzling world where all these are fused. It is like a looking at the screen, fireworks and music, the performance synchro rate is tremendously completed, one work completed.


Despite being in Odaiba, you'd feel like being in a different world somewhere.


"STAR ISLAND" attracting the audience's heart with various stages of fireworks, music and performance multiplied


Shinichi OSAWA's "Star Guitar" was also good, and the music which is close to the fireworks, such as pop, rock, EDM and classic was also good, and I saw fireworks while listening to "Aalkos With" of Aerosmith and Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars's "Uptown Funk" were exciting after all and Eric Prydz was exceptional in compatibility with "STAR ISLAND". EDM + Fireworks is also a mystery, Zedd's "Clarity" is comfortable, while super-heavy & dope sound and contrast of fireworks.


In addition to Porter Robinson and björk's "hyper-ballad". Everyone was crazy about the magnificent and fantastic world view.


"STAR ISLAND" where various large and small fireworks are launched in the back of the Rainbow Bridge.


On the other hand, once you look around, the wristband with built-in LEDs distributed to visitor's glows also....


C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g771_771_pc_01.jpg C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g730_730_pc_02.jpg


This is also flashing fireworks, music, and lighting and synchronized flickering, its precise composition is so amazing!


The built-in LED wristbands distributed to the visitors are synchronized with fireworks, music, lighting and flashing


In addition, "LIMITED STAR SEAT - DINNER -" with dinner that will entertain also with taste and smell, and a bed where you can watch while lying down.


Newly spent couple and friends gracefully set up, and that attitude that turns vectors of fireworks viewing and enjoyment directions to various directions is also different from existing fireworks display.


"STAR ISLAND" where you can choose how to look at fireworks and how to enjoy such as where you can watch while lying down


C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g729_729_pc_02.jpg C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g729_729_pc_01.jpg C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g721_721_pc_03.jpg


So having a Japanese Escort doesn't necessarily mean just sexual pleasures but since we provide a GFE (girlfriend experience), going on a date to build up momentum for the latter is perhaps the wisest choice for an unforgettable time.


If you want to see Tokyo Escort before using, click below!


Japanese Escort Girls Club, Tokyo Shinagawa, Ueno, Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, Minato-ku and more.

Phone number: 03 5793 1515 (+81)

Open Hours: 12 pm to 5 am.

Tokyo is the perfect place for living alone for men.

However, there is only one big disadvantage.


That is, the rent is expensive.

If the rent is expensive, wouldn't that mean less people will try to live there?


It would seem so, however it is an area in Tokyo where a man living by themselves is increasing year by year.


Because the advantage is far more prominent than the disadvantage.

It is an area where you can live with convenience in shopping, eating and drinking,


C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g640_640_pc_03.jpg C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g647_647_pc_02.jpg


Tokyo has an embarrassing shop that is pleasing for men.

That shop is called a Pinsaro (pink salon).


Pinsaro can be used within 10,000 yen. Because rent is expensive, this point is very helpful.


That is why Tokyo Pinsaro will always be around successfully.


Even if money is scarce, it does not matter.

Tokyo Pink Salon game is a simple establishment where you can ejaculate pleasantly on a low budget.



Pinsaro which operates in Tokyo is full of demerits.




Reason being, Tokyo's Pink Salon has been badly reviewed by men who have used the services in that area.


The benefits of Pinsaro should be the low pricing to fit your budget but even though you can use with a cheap fee, it really turns out you spend quite a bit..


So, why is Pinsaro popular?

That is because the women are young and cute so even with a low budget, you can spend time with younger individuals.



Watching a girl giving a blowjob to somebody else or vice versa may not be desired.

The tea and drinks that they serve are very mysterious and kind of scary.


Furthermore, after ejaculating you're left as is with no way of properly cleansing afterwards.

Also because of the narrow space area, you will feel a bit claustrophobic.


There is such a disadvantage in the Pink Salon industry.

However you are still willing to wait in a long line for a 'public' lady because it is cheap and affordable.


That is why while a customer feels a disadvantage, the man does not stop using the service.

However, the quality of women is disappointing in many of Tokyo's Pink Salon's.


There are very few ideal women to get your hopes for from a Pink Salon.

And, compared with Shinagawa Deriheru in the center of Tokyo, the number of stores is overwhelmingly small.


That's why they will not compete with each other.

As a result, we cannot put effort into hospitality and play unless we focus on the quality of women.


To sum everything up, Pinsaro in Tokyo is not worth your money in the long run.


Fortunately, there are several love hotels around Tokyo, which is a blessed environment.

Therefore men can enjoy the privacy while being with a lady


There is an issue when using escorts in Tokyo; since there are so many services, most may not be what you're exactly looking for looks wise, price and service wise.


C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g228_228_pc_01.jpg C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g641_641_pc_01.jpg


In other words, it can be said that there are only a very few women who can meet even match your lowest standards for the price.


This is the biggest drawback with Tokyo Pink Salon.


The good news is there are certain shops that consider what the man mostly wants in order to have repeating customers.

It is here at our Tokyo Escort branches where we focus on how to produce the perfect service for customers to repeat use and alternatively benefit in the long run.


Even a good woman, such a content spends a painful time for a man from beginning to end.

That is why educating the ladies is a top priority in this industry

Our instructions given to the ladies has been from decades of experience by what men seek the most in Escort services.


In other words, when using our shop, customer service / courtesy + play content is always exceptional


Please graduate from a service where both parties suffer from being in a stuffy room.

It can be experienced with a low budget but your fail rate is higher than ejaculation which can be experienced several times.

Please feel confident with an intense, unforgettable ejaculation that you can experience for sure even it may be once a month instead of once a week at a pink salon.


By creating a concept, there are no different services depending on the women.


It is only our shop that you can experience a well thought-out brilliant service without paying attention to the small details and gambling with a choice or even having to with someone else's review.


C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g388_388_pc_02.jpg C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g180_180_pc_02.jpg


How much is the price? If you want to check the pricing of no-longer play you are interested in here!


You can deliver in the whole Tokyo area within 30 minutes after you have completed your reservation.

We do not convey any false arrival time.


Please use with confidence.


If you want to see beautiful women before using, click below!


Japanese Escort Girls Club, Shinagawa , Ueno , Ikebukuro , Shinjuku , MInato-ku and  more.

Phone number : 03 5793 1515 (+81)

Open Hours : 12 pm to 5 am.




Roppongi deriheru  now and the latter:

Roppongi is an area that is gaining popularity among couples even in Tokyo.

The stylish cityscape that makes it feel a foreign country can make it appealing.


Whether you go shopping or eat, it is a region where women are pleased.

There are also many business men caught in the midst of all this lovely couple stuff.

Why do business trippers appear in Roppongi?

That's because business hotels are concentrated in this area.


A lot of angry business become the result due to all these couples and loneliness arises.

No matter what you do or how you do it, avoiding these couples with be nearly impossible.


The best solution would be to beat them at their own game and have yourself a Japanese Escort for a girlfriend experience.

Ordering a deriheru service in the Roppongi area can be very beneficial in a few different ways.


Not only can you exterminate the loneliness that will partake when seeing other couples, you can also approach others with confidence when having a companion for a good time.


While contemplating on which services you want to choose from when it comes having a Roppongi escort lady, you may think which to agency would be best.


There are just too many deriheru shops that look suspicious and seem like a gamble which may turn you off in most cases.

It can also appear to be a daunting task and time consuming.


Sometimes the man's desire may not be just to have ejaculation.  

On the other hand, most deriheru shops main focus can be just that!


It is not bad to be simply ejaculated from a cute, beautiful woman.

However, it is born one after another that a deriheru shop that does not match the fee by itself.


What kind of other services can be provided you may ask?

If you just wanted a release, masturbation can be all it takes.

So why do men want to use Deriheru services and spend money for it?


The main reason will be to have a great time and experience with another body.

This provides a memory that can last and help you through any other kind of lonesome time.


We provide a service that changes the game by 180 degrees when it comes to the delivery health image, providing all the necessities for you to be fulfilled with whatever it is you are looking for.


This is good news for proper gentlemen who are looking for more than just a simple fix.


Our service is specialized for foreigner members only which means we take heed to the demands and requests from the past.


We are not just a simple fix. We lead proactively and dedicatedly.



Of course, we also take into consideration your sexual desires as well so you don't have to worry about breaking any rules.


She will cleverly lead you to the edge little by little which is of course the best approach.

So from the beginning when taking of the clothes till the moment she leaves the room, you will be thriving with enjoyment.


Since we provide such an exclusive concept, no matter which lady you are paired with, she'll provide the same included services.


Not only will the girl provide all of the services in a included package, you can also provide the lady with or whenever you like.


You or her can take the initiative.


Usually when ordering escorts to the Roppongi area, it can take up to 60 minutes in most cases. However, when using our delivery system, on an average 30mins or less, the lady will arrive.


Japanese Escort Girls Club, Shinagawa , Ueno , Ikebukuro , Shinjuku , MInato-ku and  more.

Phone number : 03 5793 1515 (+81)

Open Hours : 12 pm to 5 am.





g236_236_pc_01.jpg Reo01.jpg









在新的一年里,我们真心诚意为客户提供服务, 请大家多多支持和关照。谢谢!





Japanese Escort Girls Club, Shinagawa , Ueno , Ikebukuro , Shinjuku , MInato and  more.

Phone number : 03 5793 1515 (+81)

Open Hours : 12 pm to 5 am.

【The Tokyo Shrines and Temples that have Omikujis in English】 


When the Japanese welcome the New Year, there is one customs here in Japan which is called "Hatsu-moude".(New Year Embrace)


"Hatsu-moude" is known as the visiting a Shinto shrine or Buddhist temple to pray for safety and peace for the year.  It is believed that the appropriate time is from the 1st of Jan to the 2nd of Feb since it should be done at the beginning of the year. 


Therefore, most of the Japanese folk tend to visit the places right after welcoming new year as you could see many shrines and temples get crowded with people normally from midnight of 31th Dec.

Also, there is one more thing to do during Hatsu-moude and it is called "Omikuji".(Fortune)



What is "Omikuji"??

It is a fortune slip which you would choose and draw from the box. When you open the slip that you recieved, you could see your predictions of the year which would be one of the listed titles below:


大吉 "Dai-Kichi"→Excellent Luck

中吉 "Chuu-Kichi"→Fair Luck

小吉 "Shou-Kichi"→A little Luck

吉 "Kichi"→Good Luck

末吉 "Sue-Kichi"→Uncertain Luck

凶 "Kyou"→Bad Luck(Misfortune)

大凶 "Dai-Kyou"→Worst Luck(Great Misfortune)


They also give you some pieces of advice about the way on how you could spend the time of the year peacefully followed by your luck. As the increase of foreign tourists nowadays, some shrines and temples have Omikuji with English explanation so that we found out those foreigner friendly shrines and temples this time! If you still have the chance, we would definitely recommend you to experience this Japanese custom during your stay in Japan, to get to know the tradition more.

Foreigner friendly Shrines and Temples:


増上寺 Zojoji Temple                

4-7-35 Shibakoen Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0011 Japan  



浅草寺 Senso-ji Temple           

2-3-1 Asakusa Taito-ku, Tokyo 1110032 Japan   



成田山新勝寺 Naritasan Shinshoji Temple   

1 Narita Narita-shi, Chiba 2860023 Japan



明治神宮 Meijijingu Shrine    

1-1 Yoyogikamizonocho Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 1518557 Japan


東京大神宮 Tokyodaijingu Shrine

2-4-1 Fujimi Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 1020071 Japan



日枝神社 Hiejinja Shrine

2-10-5 Nagatacho Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 1000014 Japan


If you've got a Dai-Kichi fortune, why don't you call us at Japanese Escort Girls Club Tokyo branch?

You have a high percentage to meet a Dai-kichi Japanese Escort with ease.

We hope you guys have a happy new year!

And look forward to your continued patronage in the year 2018.

Outcall Escort in Tokyo , Ikebukuro , Shinjuku, Roppongi, Shinagawa, Ueno available
[PHONE]03 5793 1515 (+81)
[OPEN HRS]12 pm - 5 am (Last call)  GMT+9




Everyone needs guidance sometime in their life.


With convenience being a major factor in this 21st century, the internet has become the main source for information.


Especially in the most crowded place in the Japan, searching for an escort, Japanese Escort Girls Club will be your ultimate Tokyo adult guide.


Being the longest running company employing only Japanese nationals, Japanese Escort girls Club Tokyo provides the most authentic services.



Other locations and agencies focus on appeal rather than service.


They try to impress their potential clients with stunning looking (photo shopped) escorts.

Their price scheme is also according to this since most pretty girls are stubborn and only want the most amount of money with the less amount of work.


Most all escorts do their job for the quick money.

However for those Japanese Escorts that want a high salary, they all end up usually at the same type of agency.


Being a reasonably priced company, our ladies are well balanced and humble.


That is why at JEGC we allow kissing, touching, licking and blowjob without a condom for the same price (sometimes) cheaper than most Escort agencies could ever possibly consider.


Those that are stubborn and prideful because of their appearance cannot work at our shop due to the fair prices.


Considering this, that means you will pay almost double the amount without half the options for a spoiled brat.  



That is why we sincerely recommend that you do your research prior to running of your visual instincts about an escort's profile that looks so glamorous.


Our Japan Adult Entertainment Guide will be your best source especially when in need of a Tokyo adult guide.


Not only do we provide real user comments feedback about a lady, we also provide information about recommended sightseeing spots and lady advice.


During recent contemplation, we are in the midst of updating our Tokyo adult guide (J-night) to have a more interactive section where even non-members can leave comments and have discussions but before we do, we need more gentlemen like yourself to participate with the girlfriend experience that we provide.


Especially during this Christmas & New Year holiday we urge you to meet with at least one Japanese escort from JEGC.


Japanese Escort Girls Club, Tokyo branch



Tokyo is an amazing place to share with a Japanese companion at your side.



Almost all foreigners from across the globe wants to check out Japan.


Because there are many foods that can be tasted only in Japan.


Of course it is not just the food.


It is mostly because the atmosphere protecting artistic culture and old Japanese customs is very fresh and appealing.


In other countries, racial discrimination is noticeable in some countries.

However, there is nothing to discriminate against in Japan at all.


That is why it attracts many tourists in Japan because it is very safe.


In addition, Japan has an atmosphere that is very welcoming.


To prove it, in order not to confuse foreigners, almost everything is translated to English.


Due to such circumstances, Japan is a well thought out destination for internationals.

Japan is a country with lots of original entertainment that is fulfilling.


Especially for men, it is an area that you can relax and enjoy without wanting to sleep.


There are just too many ways to be entertained by whatever it is you're looking for to your convenience.


This is a special place where you can enjoy a sexy hentai lady that will be 100% Japanese.




Services that cannot be offered in your country can be experienced in Japan.


That is why many male foreigners come to Japan everyday seeking a Japanese Hentai lady.


In Tokyo, foreign women stand out more than Japanese women.


After enjoying eating and having enjoyed the Japanese culture, make it a more memorable experience by spending time with a devoted Japanese escort.


However, when looking for an erotic time with someone in Japan, most likely you will end up meeting some lady that is not Japanese.


Of course spending time with someone from the same country is more relative;

It can be more spectacular having a new experience with a Japanese lady or unfamiliar nationality.


When being in Japan, the real desire is to meet with a beautiful Japanese native.


Also, there are various options for shops where women other than Japanese stand out.

For most men, options may seem a bit unusual.

That is why It is not a bad thing that there are plenty of options available to make it more casual.

Additionally there are times when you regret adding options from one to the next because the total amount will be outrageously expensive.


Frequently you will be charged more than twice or more than three times the anticipated amount.


In addition, many of the Japanese adult entertainment shops that prepare plenty of options do not focus on the customer service.

In other words, there are many women who cannot care about men paying a lot of money.



The main reason is because the shop may not think customer's satisfaction is not important if the lady can just provide what is asked.


Unfortunately, there are many adult entertainment shops that service foreign men that don't get treated fairly.


Truth is many foreign men say that they were not satisfied paying extra money for options.


It is ideal that most customers want to have assurance when spending a certain amount of money.

That's why when you use a escort service, you have to choose carefully.


Japanese Escort Girls Club is a escort agency that will not fail in Japan.


● Are you tired from work?

● Have you became homesick?


While in Japan and you feel this sort of way, getting healed sexually is the best solution.


There is no point in using a particular lady if the service was not what you were expecting.

However it may seem troublesome to visit other countries and look for good shops.

So, good news for foreign men who came to Japan and want to be healed from their heart


A place that takes the man's intuitions and understands how the customer satisfaction is top priority will no doubt be Japanese Escort Girls Club.



Japanese Escort Girls Club only has highly erotic enthusiastic Japanese women..

Without even having to choose, the service will most likely be the same satisfactory rate.


Of course, that alone is not the sales point of Japanese Escort Girls Club.

Japanese Escort Girls Club is perhaps the only agency that is dedicated towards the males conveniences.



From the moment you meet the lady, you don't have to worry about having to impress her etc.

She will be devoted to you from start to finish.


We promise rich service from beginning to end.

You will experience the hospitality of unquestionable service from both the staff and escort.


A must try adult experience with Japanese Escort Girls Club which will not charge an exceeding amount of money for additional option.


You and your friend can enjoy discounts for introducing!


When you find a interesting store, most likely you will tell your associates.

This is no exception when it comes to adult themes.


It's always nice to put a smile on your friends/associates face after a interesting time out and about.



We are humbly waiting for gentlemen interested into knowing the ultimate service that Japanese hospitality can provide.


Japanese Escort Girls Club Escort list: ←Click Here

The year-end and New Year period are as follows:

We are open during the end and beginning of the year.

31/12/2017   :       12:00 pm  open - 8:00 pm closed

01/01/2018~ :      Regular Hours * 12:00 pm - Next 5:00 am Last call

※01/01/2018-03/01/2018 : Please understand we charge extra 1,000 yen as the special service fee for New Year holidays. 

We would like to take a moment to say thank you for the support you have given us throughout the year.

We wish you the best this holiday season and look forward to your continued  patronage in the year 2018.


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