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Tokyo Escort Girls infoTokyo Escort Girls info

It's been quite a while since my last business trip to Tokyo, and I've long waited for this day because the only chance I could be at Fuzoku was on my business trip.
Fuzoku is a general term of Japanese sex industry

However, it turned out to be a disappointment. She was unfriendly and uptight, it was a total mistake.

"I can't end like this, not like this!" I picked up my smartphone to search for a decent shop with a satisfying escort. After narrowing down my choices, I made a few phone calls. And one of the staff told me just what I wanted to hear, "I have the perfect companion for you."

I told the staff I needed big breasts, enthusiastic and most of all...FRIENDLY. The staff repeated the same words but in the most convincing tone, "Yes, I have the perfect companion for you." And that was the line I ached to hear. So I went where he told me to be to meet my perfect match.

JEGC at Shinagawa Escort is in Another League!

It's been almost ten years since I've been to Fuzoku in Tokyo, just twice, so I'm almost a beginner here. Anyhow, while I was waiting, my heart was pounding. And after a few minutes at the meeting spot, came a woman, she was the classiest.

"Mr. Juni?" She asked me with the softest tone, and I stuttered spontaneously "Ye, yes." "I'm Aoi, nice to see you."

I was super excited with joy on the inside, but I didn't want her to notice that I was thrilled, so I acted calm on the outside and just said "Oh, I'm glad such an attractive lady like you came." Aoi smiled and put her arm around mine and we walked arm in arm. Just walking with her side by side had me feeling giddy, it was as if I won a prize.

We were chatting while on our way to the Love Hotel (and her voice is so cute!)

Right after we entered the hotel room, she made a graceful bow with three fingers on each hand on the floor. I saw what she did on a Japanese historical drama a few times, but I never imagined it would actually happen to me. Not only was I surprised but I was deeply moved by her Japanese courtesy.

"Thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity. I will serve you to the fullest." She actually said that! Rather than joy, I was shocked. I couldn't imagine such an elegant lady like her would say such a thing to me. Obviously, she raised the bar and my expectations rose as well.

Her various techniques were just voluptuously sensual

Even the bath was tempting.

After I got out of the bath I waited for Aoi in bed, and she shyly crawled into my arm.

"Ahh," she whispered when I teased her erect nipples, and her tone aroused me.

Aoi got on top of me and murmured into my ear, "Now leave it all to me, just lie down and relax," for a passive guy like me, she said just what I wanted to hear

From my nape to my ears, even my nostrils, she lashed and lapped her tongue to it so lewdly. And the slight feminine scent in the moist she left got me heightened even more.

Despite her classy appearance, she was so nasty and I couldn't keep my eyes off her. A hot open-mouthed suck, lashing her tongue out of her month devouring me so eagerly. The most lewd sound echoed throughout the room. All the sudden Aoi was hovering right next to me so close, breathing ragged and nagging me to kiss. I sank my tongue into her mouth, both eagerly sucking and twirling with each other's tongue. We just kept on kissing and the room echoed with lustful noise again.

Aoi sure was an arousing spark. To be honest, just by that kiss I nearly ejaculated.

We kept on kissing for like 10 minutes. I love French kissing and we shared such an incredible kiss, so it really got me into it, but "now it's time to see how you taste" right after Aoi whispered she shifted her tongue to my lower body.

Her blowjob was just as awesome as her kissing.

Aoi pressed her soft lips gently to mine, while she smoothed my pulsing penis up and down with her mouth, she was clinging her tongue simultaneously. When she swallowed my whole penis right down to the base, I shivered in pleasure and thrusted unconsciously, she pushed her face back in response. Moreover, she inhaled so deep my penis reached inside her throat, she did it again and again. It was amazing.

While I was indulging in her relentless licking, lapping and sucking, "Now I want to suck your balls." Obviously, she's extremely immoral, and I love it.

Aoi sucked in "Stuff the Whole Balls in Mouth" style, just the way I wished for. I was already close being knocked out.

Just when I was about to crash right over the edge, "Can you get down on all fours?"

There was no reason to say no, so I went right into that embarrassing body position obediently as Aoi asked me to. And before I knew it I felt something soft and warm in my anus.

I looked in the mirror right by the bed, I saw myself on all fours and Aoi digging her face into my ass, shaking her neck lewdly, twisting and turning her tongue against my ass. I got more excited than ever.

It's hard to believe a lady with such an innocent exterior would do such a thing. Not only was she licking and sucking, she was drilling. Yes, Aoi was drilling her tongue into my hole.

It felt so good in my ass and I couldn't help myself whimpering pathetically. I guess that excites her, because she responded by drilling her tongue into my ass even deeper, very deep.

I went into a full body shiver and couldn't hold myself on all fours, I lied on the bed prone. And now she's crawling face down, swinging her neck left to right up and down, still trying to dig her face into my ass, obsessed with drilling her tongue. Despite her demure demeanor, her skills were too intense...

Now it was my turn to roll her eyes. I slid down between her legs and lashed my tongue across her wetness, already dripping wet, I pushed in drilling inside her to show her how much I loved what she did to me. And from the way she caused an explosion it seems she liked it too, Aoi overflowed even more than before covering my whole face with her juice

"Ah, no, don't, you'll get your face all messy..." Regardless of her bashfulness I remained undeterred, dragging my tongue along the length of her, over and over, relentlessly circling her clit, sucking and licking, until Aoi started to quake like mad, tossing back her head, squealing like crazy. "Oh, that's so good, the shiver, I can't stop it, I'm coming so hard!"

Her skills were amazing and also so responsive, an absolute dream come true. She sure knows how to make a man feel worthy. Just when I was rewinding my mind about what just happened with Aoi, she asked me softly "How do you want it?" I answered "Sumata then."

Aoi got on top of me. Wow, I felt as if I was actually tunneling in and out. Shallow, deep, thrusting harder and deeper. She even went into reverse cowgirl, facing my feet. She sure did put on a show. When she swiveled back facing me again, my eyes were locked on her enticing breasts. I took my time lavishing attention on each breast, licking, lapping and sucking while Aoi kept on thrusting enthusiastically. It was magnificent, she worked it so real. And I threw back my head and groaned. I came pulsing around her navel.

Come to Shinagawa Tokyo and Indulge in Decadence

I know, fantasy tends to go wild before, and especially after you make the phone call. But be assured, Japanese Escort Girls Club Shinagawa won't let you down. They will certainly answer to your expectations. Moreover, maybe you'll experience the unexperienced.

So complete your uncompleted fantasies.

Escorts at JEGC Shinagawa are way more intense than you can imagine.

The year-end brings no greater pleasure than the opportunity to thank you for your support

and wish you a prosperous 2021 filled with health, happiness and success.

The Year-End & New Year's Opening Hours are as follows: 

31.Dec : From 12:00 - until 20:00 (8:00 pm)  Close 
01.Jan : From 12:00 - until  Next 3:00  Close 
02.Jan : Regular Hours

              12:00 pm - until Next 3:00 am  Close

              *Calling center will open 11:00 am.

Note: New Year Special Price 1,000yen will be added through 01.Jan to 03.Jan

We appreciate many customers who used our service this year.
We, all staffs, will do our best for your satisfaction in the new year.
Thank you in advance.

We would like to take a moment to say thank you for the support you have

given us throughout the year.

We wish you the best this holiday season and look forward to your continued

patronage in the year 2021.

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We hope things get back to normal soon.
Next year for sure!

Japanese Escort Girls Club

[Phone] (+81)3.5793.1515 | [OPEN HRS] 12PM-3AM(GMT +9)
[Nationwide] https://japanese-escort-girls.com/
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There is a cafe called "maidreamin SHIBUYA, Tokyo "

 where the maids do their best on serving everyday to put smiles on masters 

and princesses' faces.

They all come from another dimension, 

have  their unique stories about how they ended up on planet earth.

They may serve sandwiches and coffee, but how about themselves??

No, you can't make your fantasy come true up there but here, Tokyo outcall JGEC!!

Be sandwiched by 2 beautiful Japanese women. 

You may have had a few take outs before but service here 

is nothing compared to the rest.

Price will be double the single course + nomination fee + rank fee.


The BEST of BESt Tokyo out call !!
Japanese Escort Girls Club , Shinagawa branch (Tokyo)

Reservaiton 03 5793 1515  (International +81)

Fuzoku Lovers, This is a MUST SEE!

Introducing the Attraction of Tokyo Escort Known for Those in the KNOW


Fuzoku is a general term of Japanese sex industry


Yoshiwara is well known as Tokyo Escort's Fuzoku Town. However, besides that,

did you know that Gotanda in Shinagawa area is garnering good reputation among Fuzoku lovers?


Rumor spreads that a certain Delivery Health is becoming a hot topic in Gotanda.


Those in the know,

know about this Delivery Health that can satisfy even the most enthusiastic Fuzoku lovers.

Warriors that conquered its field nationwide can easily be persuaded.


The author of this article went to Gotanda to experience the actual process,

and it was nothing but immense sexual pleasure that was beyond words.


This scintillating ecstasy will be explained in details, wade through this article and you will obtain information that is priceless. 

About Delivery Health in Gotanda, that Those in the Know, KNOW


Recently, Fuzoku lovers in Gotanda are taking notice of JEGC. 


They seem to be a typical Delivery Health, sending escorts to client's designated area,

such as hotel and home. And JEGC is garnering excellent reputation due to its service content.    


There are tons of Delivery Health service in Tokyo Escort, Gotanda, Shinagawa area,

and of all that competitors, it is not an overstatement to say that JEGC is a top-notch.


The author's impression of the service content at JEGC is

"There is no more pleasure in this world."


You cannot state yourself as a Fuzoku Warrior (Fuzoku lovers of lovers) unless you have experienced Delivery Health in Gotanda. 

Fulfill the Exquisite Sexual Pleasure at JEGC


What makes JEGC in Gotanda special is the sexual pleasure, it is on another level.


Their selling point is the escort's devotion to clients. Everything is done one step ahead.

For instance, they will bathe you thoroughly from head to toe, and furthermore,

without asking girls will move on to fellatio, eat testicles and more. 


And each companions' technique are exquisite,

they are on a whole another level which is impossible to endure your cum.


At a typical Tokyo Escort Delivery Health, it is usually necessary to instruct escorts,

"Do this and Do that" and after the long effort, finally, you get the vibe.

This does not apply to JEGC at all, all girls are one step ahead of you and some are even two or three steps ahead.    


Without any instructions,

JEGC companions will immediately locate each client's arousing spots with pinpoint accuracy.

They are just amazing.


The author had no expectations on JEGC, which turned out to be intensely a welcoming mistake,

and all he could do was to moan at their extreme skills.


The pleasure JEGC provides cannot be monopolized,

and for such reason it motivated the author to write this article.  

Only Escorts that are the Best of the Best enroll at JEGC,

an Excellent Delivery Health in Tokyo Escort Gotanda


I have used JEGC in Gotanda several time, and what surprised me was the quality of each escort. 


I assume every Fuzoku Lover will check escorts' photo or their blog before nominating.

So please be assured, an escort that is beautiful same as the photo will appear at always.  


Regarding JEGC, it is unnecessary to be anxious whether the photos are retouched or not,

which is quite a surprising anomaly in this industry.


Even without nominating an escort (I have only nominated once,

which was an escort I met the very first time at JEGC),

a gorgeous lady will come to you, so gorgeous it is extremely rare to meet in daily life.

The excitement is beyond words.    


The reason why JEGC succeeded to accomplish enrolling such high quality escorts are

due to its extremely high recruitment standards and the tough selection process.


Their attitude towards taking a proactive stance on customer satisfaction deserve

all the respect and appreciation.

It is obvious to repeat again at JEGC, Tokyo Escort in Gotanda


The main concept of JEGC in Gotanda is escort's devotion to clients.


at times, it is surely good to switch places and arouse your companion in return.


So the content can be flexibly altered regarding on your mood.


Say if you are in the mood for a multiple cum, or maybe you wish to give multiple orgasm to the escort,

at every occasion regarding how you feel that day,

the content will be altered to your desire,

which makes the session always pleasurable as it was on your first time at JEGC.

And this flexibility is the reason why first time users return to JEGC as repeat customers one after another.    


 In addition, cases as following also tend to occur,

Tokyo Escort users that chose many agency randomly become JEGC's heavy (only) user after the encounter.


This is realized based on the fact that AUTHENTIC PLEASURE at JEGC is secured.


JEGC has captured so many men and still is continuously,

due to its extreme service quality. Without a doubt, the author is also one of the addicted ones.



I have written this article to introduce the attraction of a particular

Tokyo Escort known for those in the known.


JEGC, Tokyo Escort in Gotanda,

Shinagawa area provides top notch service in this industry and enrolled with fascinating high standard escorts.


The sexual pleasure JEGC provide is more than satisfying and the content will be altered to your desire,

so it is always pleasurable as it was on your first time.


If you are a fuzoku lover searching for an unrevealed ecstasy,

if you still have not been involved with JEGC,

then you are missing out a lot more than you can ever imagine.

Because they will overwhelm your expectations and grant your desires

in the most astonishing way. Yes,

JEGC is a must to see.   

Fuzoku is a general term of Japanese sex industry


If you have never experienced Fuzoku,
I assume you do not understand the charge payment system.

I guess the impression of Tokyo Escort Fuzoku is to be expensive.
So to remove that anxiety, it is necessary to understand the charge payment system.


"What if I get overcharged later on?"

It is just natural for beginners to hold such concern. 


So to take away your uneasiness, today,

I would like to explain the charge payment system very clearly.


If you wish to enjoy Fuzoku in Shinagawa Gotanda area safe and secured,

please read this column to understand how it goes. 

Various course are set


Firstly, there are many kinds of Fuzoku in Tokyo Escort, Shinagawa area.

However, regardless of its kind, the charge payment system is basically the same.

For example, all kinds of Fuzoku is set to choose from several types of course.
The various session course are set on the length of time with each escorts.

So before making a decision of your Session Course,

you need to consider how long you want to be with your companion.


Of course, the shorter the session is, the reasonable the pricing will be.

For instance, the price set at shops of Delivery Health Fuzoku in Shinagawa area are around 15,000 yen.
Note that charges incurred for each course is listed as "Price" or "System".

Nominating (to choose a companion) will incur more charges


Now the next thing you have to keep in mind is what is called "Nomination Fee".


Some customer would choose a companion in advance before making contact to the shop.


And some will choose an escort during the phone call with the shop.


Nominating will be a better option if you are the "Discerning Type of a Guy".


However, additional charge will incur when you nominate a girl.


A reasonable shop sets the price at 1000 yen,

on the other hand an expensive shop sets the price from 2000 to 8000 yen.  


Not only the difference between each shop causes fluctuations in Nomination Fee,

but also regarding to each escorts popularity.


Ordering "Additional Option" will also incur additional charge 


One of the best part of Fuzoku is ordering an Additional Option.

When you add an Additional Option, the things you can do with your companion will enlarge the variation.

So many Fuzoku repeaters tend to order Additional Option.


However, additional charge will incur even at the try out of Additional Option.


Also the price of Additional Option are not equal due to its various varieties.


Therefore, if you are planning to try out an Option, you should grasp the price of each one.


Overall, the price is set from 1000 Yen to about 10000 Yen.


Incidentally, in some cases, there are Additional Option free of charge, so if you have any chance finding such an Option, you should give it a try.


Of course no extra charge will incur, it is free of charge.


Any shop in Fuzoku has a free Option, it is just difficult to find since it is under the cover of so many non-gratis Options. 


From what I have explained, the only charge that incurs among "Charge Payment System" is the "Session Course", others can be made at no cost. 


Unless you extend your session, be assured, besides what is listed on the Price List will never be charged.


Extension Fee is usually set comparatively higher than the Session Course Fee.


Most users tend to be unsatisfactory for choosing a short term session. So if you are planning to experience Fuzoku, I suggest for you to choose a longer one.


Also, note that some Fuzoku shop charge what is called "Admission Fee" to first time users.


The average price for an Admission Fee is 1000 to 3000 Yen. However, recently there are shops that does not charge Admission Fee at all. 


So if you do not intend to spend an extra expense, you should look for a Tokyo Escort Fuzoku that does not charge any Admission Fee. 


BEST of the BEST "Tokyo Escort Service"
Japanese Escort Girls Club , Tokyo
Reservation : 03 5793 1515 (+81)


When you go to Fuzoku, with no doubt for sure you will receive a fellatio.

(Fuzoku is a general term of Japanese sex industry.) 


Well, like that, fellatio is a must, but skills regarding to it is completely dependent on each shop. 

Due to the expensive pricing of its service, it is just natural to expect for a good blowjob.

For satisfaction, call Tokyo Escort, JEGC.

At JEGC, an extremely altruistic fellatio is assured.


The escort's techniques are authentic, every single clients are satisfied. Currently, JEGC has become one of the top shop in Tokyo filled with enthusiastic repeaters.

Let me be more specific about Tokyo Escort, JEGC.


By the time you finish reading this article, you will mostly be aroused and raring to go. 

First-Class Fellatio at Tokyo Escort

Once you undergo, no doubt to be engaged in it. Tokyo Escort, JEGC is dangerously addictive.


JEGC enroll companions in the age range 18 to early 40s.


Their fellatio technique are outstanding, not to mention every companion's appearance are as well.

The reason why their techniques are standing out is because all JEGC escorts are under thorough guidance of female instructor

who kept being the top in this industry. 

A female instructor that understands men's feeling more than men, guide all girls to arouse men with pinpoint accuracy. 

Of course their skills beside blowjob are also first-class.


JEGC will provide the best fellatio you cannot forget.

Moreover, another reason for JEGC to be the top notch is their original service "No Hands." 

"No Hands" meaning "You don't need use your hands."

 For instance, if you are thirsty, she will bring the glass to your mouth, you don't need to pick the glass up for yourself.

If you are smoking, you don't need to hold your cigarette, she will bring it up to your mouth,

put the ashes in the ashtray and lit the cigarette out for you when you have finished smoking.

JEGC's ultimate goal is Devotion.

JEGC will grant men's wish other competitors can never do,

Companions' extreme devotion and attention are ensured, the spirit of OMOTENASHI.

About Price

I have explained JEGC's guaranteed quality, I guess now all of you are concerning their pricing.

Regarding JEGC's quality, most men will probably tend to take their price expensive.

However for a 60 minutes session, the price is set at 17,000 Yen, which is a prevailing price for the market. 

90 minutes session is mostly recommended by JEGC. So if it is within your budget, you should try the 90 minutes. 


I have referred JEGC, companions are brimmed with hospitality and devotion.

Not only their exclusive "No Hands" service but a rich and lewd blowjob will be given to your heart's content.  

Girls are always well mannered to clients, so if you ever had an unpleasant experience at a different agency in the past,

JEGC will redeem your disappointment.

And if you have never experienced Fuzoku, no need to hesitate, staff and escorts are very friendly. 


JEGC's Japanese escorts are specialized to comfort men.


You will find yourself indulging into your companion.

After the finish but if you have still got it, no worries.


JEGC ensures service filled with altruism even after your first end.


When you are completely pleased with your first cum but if the time has still not run out,

companion can give you a massage, so your time with your escort is assured to be satisfying from the beginning the end.

The price is also very reasonable. So why not give Tokyo Escort, JEGC a try in this occasion.

Phone number 03 5793 1515 (+81)

Relish the BEST Fellatio in Tokyo Outcall Agency


One of Tokyo Outcall agency provides the best fellatio, as if they would to a king.


Here is a question to men who experienced Fuzoku. In all your experience at Fuzoku, how many times were you truly satisfied? (Fuzoku is a general term of Japanese sex industry.)


Perhaps some may answer "Every single one was great!" Lucky guys. However, I believe many left a bad taste in the mouth, at least once or twice, or maybe even more.


I suggest Tokyo Outcall Fellatio; "JEGC," for those who were disappointed. 


The concept of JEGC is: "NO HANDs" which means to pamper clients with utmost care. Their ultimate goal is to do everything for each clients, literally the escorts will become client's hands. For instance, if you are thirsty, she will bring the glass to your mouth, you don't need to pick the glass up for yourself. If you are smoking, you don't need to hold your cigarette, she will bring it up to your mouth, put the ashes in the ashtray and lit the cigarette out for you when you have finished smoking. JEGC's ultimate goal is Devotion, "OMOTENASHI." JEGC escorts are attentive, they will quickly respond to client's needs. Companion's hands will become the client's, companions will do everything for you, everything! No need to use your Hands, "NO HANDs", get it?         


Now Gentlemen be assured! JEGC is recommended by a confident guy, me! Now follow me for an orientation.

Really,,, it's unnecessary to use hands


Unless you wish to, if not, it isn't necessary to make physical contact. The concept is "It's okay to Remain Intact, until you Want to make physical Contact." Passive or not, if you're looking for an aggressive escort, an escort that makes the first move, that does everything, anything, a lots of things to turn you on, then YES, you hit the jackpot. Welcome to JEGC.  


So "No Hands" meaning "You don't need use your hands" because girls at JEGC are noticing, brimmed with hospitality and devoted to you.


These are all set in the service.


Surprising, isn't it?



Hosting you with utmost care

Of all the Fuzoku you have been to, wasn't there an escort that gave you the cold shoulder, unfriendly?


Never will you see such an escort at Tokyo Outcall: JEGC!


If your experience was disappointing and become your trauma,,,

Give JEGC your last shot! You won't regret it, I give you my word.


JEGC companions are determined to provide the best of the best to every clients.

If you want physical Contact, go for it!

Our concept is "No Hands", but no worries. Obviously that's not it!


It's ensured.


Girls' supreme Altruism will heighten your arousal. When senses are high up to the peak, reveal your instinct and relish your desire.


 "Stay still if you want escort's contact, go forward for their physical intact."


JEGC will make you feel as if you are a King, the Royal style Fuzoku.


If you are beginning to get bored of Deri-Heru Fuzoku and thinking for something new, you MUST try "No Hands Fuzoku."



Fellatio is JEGC's specialty


JEGC's house specialty is "Fellatio." Handled with extreme enthusiasm.


Every single one of JEGC companions are Wizard of Fellatio.


Indulge in JEGC's enchanting fellatio to the fullest extent.


The shivering sensation will demolish your daily grind and workaday stress.

NEVER! Will you be unsatisfied, nothing but MORE than your expectation!

Have you ever been into this kind of irritating situation?


Escort doesn't stop talking.

Talking instead of undressing.

Not seducing but talking.

These are bad, very bad,,,


Principally, time is limited at Fuzoku.


It's just natural to demand a satisfying lewd service due to the companion's expensive hourly wage.


To avoid such frustration from clients, at Toyo Outcall: JEGC, companions are thoroughly educated to provide a satisfying service. At JEGC, complete sexual gratification is assured.


Practically, only sexually explicit escorts are selected at JEGC. All companions are attentive, the session might happen ASAP if you are looking for it, because that's what their good at, reading the atmosphere.


Escorts would rather be willing to undress you.


JEGC companions will stimulate your erotic sensor specifically.


Call Tokyo Outcall in this occasion, JEGC will be your favorite indulgence and your fantasy escape.  

Tokyo outcall is about JEGC, Tokyo!!
Phone number 03 5793 1515 
International 81 3 5793 1515


I'm an office worker and 5 years has passed since my marriage.

At work I'm always told off by my boss and because of him I hate to go to work.


For me, my home is the only place I feel comfort and relaxed. Well, it used to be,,, 

Recently my relationship with my wife is not in good terms.


My wife is very strong willed who hardly takes "No" for an answer.

Sadly, I'm no match in an argument with her.


Therefore, before I knew it, she wears the pants in our relationship.


I often hear, the relationship I have with my wife is the key to keep a marriage going, the wife to be in control.

Well not for me, I don't agree, to be honest it's depressing.


I feel as if I'm her servant. And I don't like it.

So for now, I have no place to be completely calm and relaxed.



Attentive and Devoted?


Lately, I happened to overhear a story of my associate.

He was sharing  his experience at Fuzoku to his close associates.

(Fuzoku is a general term of Japanese sex industry)

I'm almost 40 and yet I'd never been to such a place.


I was immensely curious and luckily he was sitting next to me, I was all ears.

He mentioned a name of a Tokyo escort agency called JEGC.


I know nothing about Fuzoku, "JEGC" didn't quite get to me.

Apparently, the concept of JEGC is hospitality, to be exact "Omotenashi" in Japanese. 

He said the girls at JEGC are attentive to client's needs and devoted to answer to it.

Finally I understood what my associate was trying to say, basically at JEGC, men wear the pants.


After his story, I couldn't help to think about JEGC and wondered how it would be for me.

Until then, in some ways I had a twisted prejudice against sex industry, Fuzoku.

However from what I heard, I was convinced that JEGC will be an absolute experience for me.


Sex with my wife has always ended in frustration. 

She never showed much enthusiasm.

Eventually I end up making the first move to turn her on to me.


That itself is fine, but, after all, it always drains me midway through. 

So I was extremely grateful to find JEGC, they make me feel secured.


On that day I searched the website of JEGC.

As soon as their website appeared on the screen, a graphic of a woman popped up.

I whispered unconsciously, "INTENSE", the woman in the picture fascinated me instantly.

I scrolled down for details and searched variously.


It seems JEGC girls are high standard and brimming with hospitality.

Apparently, everyone's awareness tend to go with companion's attentiveness and devotion. 

However, I found out, here, besides that, there are several other interesting elements.


One of it is their various age range.

Say if I'm with an escort with the same age as my wife or maybe a bit young or above.

The situation makes it as if I'm having an affair with another house wife.


I never had an affair and I don't think I ever will.


This is going to be just pure excitement.


Next, each escort is carefully chosen.

I searched their profile for more details.


And what I witnessed is nothing but gorgeous escorts.

Absolutely high standard, just as if they popped out from a porn movie.


The level is extremely high with various variations, yet the price is reasonable. 

Obviously, JEGC is honest and trustworthy.


I can't imagine other agencies can provide service in the same standard with the same price by the same level of escort woman.


I made up my mind, and called JEGC for a booking.

I asked for an escort lady, Miss M, age 30.


Her huge breasts are the reason why I chose M.

Of all the escort girl her breast was overwhelmingly huge. 


My wife's breast size is no match compared to hers.

It was just inevitable to choose her.



Tokyo escort; I've never met someone so LEWD 



Of course I can't call M to my home.

So I went to JEGC's recommended hotel in Gotanda, Tokyo.


First, we met up outdoor, close to the hotel.

In general, people say 30's does not look young.

However M looked younger than her actual age.


Her demeanor looked more like a 25 year old.

Maybe it's because I'm almost 40, but substantially I think 30's nowadays all look younger than their age.


And so we went to the love hotel together.

She astonished me as soon as we entered the room. M embraced me in the most lewd



I thought we would have a small chat first, but no, it began immediately. 

My expectation was betrayed, in a extremely good way. 


I guess effectively JEGC's scenario is set in such a way.

And I was at the mercy of M, as she granted her soft full lips and luscious tongue to me.


Then she undressed me and we went for a shower.

Taking a shower with the companion is mandatory in Tokyo escort.

And even in shower she took care of me enthusiastically.


I didn't mind at all to wash myself, but no, she wouldn't let me. 

She cleansed me from top to bottom.

I've never experienced anything like this before, not even from my wife.

Not only have I aroused sexually, but I found inner peace in her devotion.


Furthermore, right after we've got out of shower she began fellatio.

This ,   is ,  WOW, , ,  !


Anyway from the very beginning, it was exciting, titillating, continuously stimulating.

And NO, my sex drive didn't slow down, on the contrary it accelerated.


Of course even after to bed she caressed me carefully with a zealous lick all around.

My ears, nape, nipples, belly, and my private was heightened with her alluring tongue and soft smooth hands.


During in bed, she kept shooting me with flirtatious looks and it seemed she was obsessed with my body.

The scenery led me to say unintentionally "You're so lewd M." I said so smiling, and she replied "I can't help it, the size of your penis and shape is just the way I love."


Her word lifted me up remarkably.

I can't remember since when, I got overly excited like I was with M.


Obviously, my wife would never say such a thing.

I found solace in her words and it touched me deeply. 


And it wasn't just blowjob.

She began to lick my testicles.

Her zealous lick aroused me tremendously.


Her petting was suitably pleasant, when she licked my testicles my body shivered spontaneously.


I couldn't hold myself any longer, I jumped on her explosive body.

To be passive, to let M do all the work is great, but when my sex drive reached a peak I urged to taste her.  


I never experienced anything like this before.

Sex with my wife is almost like a task.

Oppositely, there's no doubt, I was extremely exhilarated with M.



Tokyo escort; An ideal experience, JEGC is totally satisfying 



The time with M was certainly a valuable experience for me.

There are tons of Tokyo escort agencies, however, personally, I would recommend JEGC.


Firstly, the escort's age range are various.

And all companions are high standard.


With girls at JEGC, satisfaction is assured.


People who hasn't experienced Fuzoku may worry about the price and many other details.

However, from my experience I believe people should go to Fuzoku on occasion.


Because girls at JEGC are attentive to client's needs and devoted to answer to it.

A satisfying time is assured here.


Of course as for me, I'll be using Escort Tokyo, JEGC regularly.

Its a perfect cure for my life's mundaneness and workaday stress.


Japanese Escort Girls Club , Tokyo area.
Open 12:00PM - 5:00AM
Phone number : 03-5973-1515

We are starting a new limited time promotion!! 

This is the best deal ever we've offered.

Surprisingly, there's no charge transportation fee until the end of the year. 

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You can call for your "love" as many times as you like to the hotel.

This kind of opportunity hardly come, so please take this chance to have the best nightlife ever.



This promotion is offered by Shinagawa branch, others are not covered.

It will be applied by those who stay at a hotel located around Gotanda Station (¥1,000 ~ ¥2,000 area).

*We will let you know the details by phone.

Japanese Escort Girls Club is a delivery health escort. 

We deliver Japanese-style GFE to your hotel room. 

Please have an entertaining night of Japanese erotic "omotenashi" by beautiful and sexy naked girls.

Japan's elite escort you have never had before offers you a memorable happy ending.

*Year-end and New Year Opening hours Information.


Dec. 31 2019 :  12:00 pm open - 8:00 pm closed

Jan. 1 2020  : Regular Hours * 12:00 pm - Next 5:00 am Last call

※  Jan. 1, 2020 - Jan. 3, 2020 : Please understand that we charge extra 1,000 yen as the special service fee for New Year holidays.

Feel free to call us.

Local 03 5793 1515 

International 81 3 5793 155

It will be five years from when JEGC has opened it services.

Due to our nationwide expansion with customer support, we are available every day to many customers region wide.

Therefore, as a feeling of gratitude we'd like to return the favor and will have a limited time offer for our services in the Shinagawa branch.

A very popular option (cosplay) is back and does not cost anything extra! !

Shinagawa branch limited !!

Only 5 requests available per day!!

Cosplay originally was not a free option and was extra ! ! ! !

Now we offer cosplay free of charge.

Costume include:

School girl uniform

Idol-style uniform (JK)




Kimono dress



You can select from the list and be sure to make a request by phone.



Service course is limited to 75 minutes or more.

Cosplay may not be accepted depending on the situation.

Only available at our Shinagawa branch.


Costume play is a subculture that represents Japan.

Nightlife with cosplay is sure to be a more exquisite experience in Japan! !

We look forward to your call.

 Please chesk Shinagawa page!!!


Phone number 03 5793 1515 (+81)

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