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Tokyo Escort Girls infoTokyo Escort Girls info

2020/05 2020/05
Men are addicted to Tokyo First-Class Fellatio.


When you go to Fuzoku, with no doubt for sure you will receive a fellatio.

(Fuzoku is a general term of Japanese sex industry.) 


Well, like that, fellatio is a must, but skills regarding to it is completely dependent on each shop. 

Due to the expensive pricing of its service, it is just natural to expect for a good blowjob.

For satisfaction, call Tokyo Escort, JEGC.

At JEGC, an extremely altruistic fellatio is assured.


The escort's techniques are authentic, every single clients are satisfied. Currently, JEGC has become one of the top shop in Tokyo filled with enthusiastic repeaters.

Let me be more specific about Tokyo Escort, JEGC.


By the time you finish reading this article, you will mostly be aroused and raring to go. 

First-Class Fellatio at Tokyo Escort

Once you undergo, no doubt to be engaged in it. Tokyo Escort, JEGC is dangerously addictive.


JEGC enroll companions in the age range 18 to early 40s.


Their fellatio technique are outstanding, not to mention every companion's appearance are as well.

The reason why their techniques are standing out is because all JEGC escorts are under thorough guidance of female instructor

who kept being the top in this industry. 

A female instructor that understands men's feeling more than men, guide all girls to arouse men with pinpoint accuracy. 

Of course their skills beside blowjob are also first-class.


JEGC will provide the best fellatio you cannot forget.

Moreover, another reason for JEGC to be the top notch is their original service "No Hands." 

"No Hands" meaning "You don't need use your hands."

 For instance, if you are thirsty, she will bring the glass to your mouth, you don't need to pick the glass up for yourself.

If you are smoking, you don't need to hold your cigarette, she will bring it up to your mouth,

put the ashes in the ashtray and lit the cigarette out for you when you have finished smoking.

JEGC's ultimate goal is Devotion.

JEGC will grant men's wish other competitors can never do,

Companions' extreme devotion and attention are ensured, the spirit of OMOTENASHI.

About Price

I have explained JEGC's guaranteed quality, I guess now all of you are concerning their pricing.

Regarding JEGC's quality, most men will probably tend to take their price expensive.

However for a 60 minutes session, the price is set at 17,000 Yen, which is a prevailing price for the market. 

90 minutes session is mostly recommended by JEGC. So if it is within your budget, you should try the 90 minutes. 


I have referred JEGC, companions are brimmed with hospitality and devotion.

Not only their exclusive "No Hands" service but a rich and lewd blowjob will be given to your heart's content.  

Girls are always well mannered to clients, so if you ever had an unpleasant experience at a different agency in the past,

JEGC will redeem your disappointment.

And if you have never experienced Fuzoku, no need to hesitate, staff and escorts are very friendly. 


JEGC's Japanese escorts are specialized to comfort men.


You will find yourself indulging into your companion.

After the finish but if you have still got it, no worries.


JEGC ensures service filled with altruism even after your first end.


When you are completely pleased with your first cum but if the time has still not run out,

companion can give you a massage, so your time with your escort is assured to be satisfying from the beginning the end.

The price is also very reasonable. So why not give Tokyo Escort, JEGC a try in this occasion.

Phone number 03 5793 1515 (+81)

Relish the BEST Fellatio in Tokyo Outcall Agency

Relish the BEST Fellatio in Tokyo Outcall Agency


One of Tokyo Outcall agency provides the best fellatio, as if they would to a king.


Here is a question to men who experienced Fuzoku. In all your experience at Fuzoku, how many times were you truly satisfied? (Fuzoku is a general term of Japanese sex industry.)


Perhaps some may answer "Every single one was great!" Lucky guys. However, I believe many left a bad taste in the mouth, at least once or twice, or maybe even more.


I suggest Tokyo Outcall Fellatio; "JEGC," for those who were disappointed. 


The concept of JEGC is: "NO HANDs" which means to pamper clients with utmost care. Their ultimate goal is to do everything for each clients, literally the escorts will become client's hands. For instance, if you are thirsty, she will bring the glass to your mouth, you don't need to pick the glass up for yourself. If you are smoking, you don't need to hold your cigarette, she will bring it up to your mouth, put the ashes in the ashtray and lit the cigarette out for you when you have finished smoking. JEGC's ultimate goal is Devotion, "OMOTENASHI." JEGC escorts are attentive, they will quickly respond to client's needs. Companion's hands will become the client's, companions will do everything for you, everything! No need to use your Hands, "NO HANDs", get it?         


Now Gentlemen be assured! JEGC is recommended by a confident guy, me! Now follow me for an orientation.

Really,,, it's unnecessary to use hands


Unless you wish to, if not, it isn't necessary to make physical contact. The concept is "It's okay to Remain Intact, until you Want to make physical Contact." Passive or not, if you're looking for an aggressive escort, an escort that makes the first move, that does everything, anything, a lots of things to turn you on, then YES, you hit the jackpot. Welcome to JEGC.  


So "No Hands" meaning "You don't need use your hands" because girls at JEGC are noticing, brimmed with hospitality and devoted to you.


These are all set in the service.


Surprising, isn't it?



Hosting you with utmost care

Of all the Fuzoku you have been to, wasn't there an escort that gave you the cold shoulder, unfriendly?


Never will you see such an escort at Tokyo Outcall: JEGC!


If your experience was disappointing and become your trauma,,,

Give JEGC your last shot! You won't regret it, I give you my word.


JEGC companions are determined to provide the best of the best to every clients.

If you want physical Contact, go for it!

Our concept is "No Hands", but no worries. Obviously that's not it!


It's ensured.


Girls' supreme Altruism will heighten your arousal. When senses are high up to the peak, reveal your instinct and relish your desire.


 "Stay still if you want escort's contact, go forward for their physical intact."


JEGC will make you feel as if you are a King, the Royal style Fuzoku.


If you are beginning to get bored of Deri-Heru Fuzoku and thinking for something new, you MUST try "No Hands Fuzoku."



Fellatio is JEGC's specialty


JEGC's house specialty is "Fellatio." Handled with extreme enthusiasm.


Every single one of JEGC companions are Wizard of Fellatio.


Indulge in JEGC's enchanting fellatio to the fullest extent.


The shivering sensation will demolish your daily grind and workaday stress.

NEVER! Will you be unsatisfied, nothing but MORE than your expectation!

Have you ever been into this kind of irritating situation?


Escort doesn't stop talking.

Talking instead of undressing.

Not seducing but talking.

These are bad, very bad,,,


Principally, time is limited at Fuzoku.


It's just natural to demand a satisfying lewd service due to the companion's expensive hourly wage.


To avoid such frustration from clients, at Toyo Outcall: JEGC, companions are thoroughly educated to provide a satisfying service. At JEGC, complete sexual gratification is assured.


Practically, only sexually explicit escorts are selected at JEGC. All companions are attentive, the session might happen ASAP if you are looking for it, because that's what their good at, reading the atmosphere.


Escorts would rather be willing to undress you.


JEGC companions will stimulate your erotic sensor specifically.


Call Tokyo Outcall in this occasion, JEGC will be your favorite indulgence and your fantasy escape.  

Tokyo outcall is about JEGC, Tokyo!!
Phone number 03 5793 1515 
International 81 3 5793 1515

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