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Tokyo Escort Girls infoTokyo Escort Girls info

Escort Tokyo Escort Tokyo
Fuzoku Lovers, This is a MUST SEE!Tokyo Escort service.

Fuzoku Lovers, This is a MUST SEE!

Introducing the Attraction of Tokyo Escort Known for Those in the KNOW


Fuzoku is a general term of Japanese sex industry


Yoshiwara is well known as Tokyo Escort's Fuzoku Town. However, besides that,

did you know that Gotanda in Shinagawa area is garnering good reputation among Fuzoku lovers?


Rumor spreads that a certain Delivery Health is becoming a hot topic in Gotanda.


Those in the know,

know about this Delivery Health that can satisfy even the most enthusiastic Fuzoku lovers.

Warriors that conquered its field nationwide can easily be persuaded.


The author of this article went to Gotanda to experience the actual process,

and it was nothing but immense sexual pleasure that was beyond words.


This scintillating ecstasy will be explained in details, wade through this article and you will obtain information that is priceless. 

About Delivery Health in Gotanda, that Those in the Know, KNOW


Recently, Fuzoku lovers in Gotanda are taking notice of JEGC. 


They seem to be a typical Delivery Health, sending escorts to client's designated area,

such as hotel and home. And JEGC is garnering excellent reputation due to its service content.    


There are tons of Delivery Health service in Tokyo Escort, Gotanda, Shinagawa area,

and of all that competitors, it is not an overstatement to say that JEGC is a top-notch.


The author's impression of the service content at JEGC is

"There is no more pleasure in this world."


You cannot state yourself as a Fuzoku Warrior (Fuzoku lovers of lovers) unless you have experienced Delivery Health in Gotanda. 

Fulfill the Exquisite Sexual Pleasure at JEGC


What makes JEGC in Gotanda special is the sexual pleasure, it is on another level.


Their selling point is the escort's devotion to clients. Everything is done one step ahead.

For instance, they will bathe you thoroughly from head to toe, and furthermore,

without asking girls will move on to fellatio, eat testicles and more. 


And each companions' technique are exquisite,

they are on a whole another level which is impossible to endure your cum.


At a typical Tokyo Escort Delivery Health, it is usually necessary to instruct escorts,

"Do this and Do that" and after the long effort, finally, you get the vibe.

This does not apply to JEGC at all, all girls are one step ahead of you and some are even two or three steps ahead.    


Without any instructions,

JEGC companions will immediately locate each client's arousing spots with pinpoint accuracy.

They are just amazing.


The author had no expectations on JEGC, which turned out to be intensely a welcoming mistake,

and all he could do was to moan at their extreme skills.


The pleasure JEGC provides cannot be monopolized,

and for such reason it motivated the author to write this article.  

Only Escorts that are the Best of the Best enroll at JEGC,

an Excellent Delivery Health in Tokyo Escort Gotanda


I have used JEGC in Gotanda several time, and what surprised me was the quality of each escort. 


I assume every Fuzoku Lover will check escorts' photo or their blog before nominating.

So please be assured, an escort that is beautiful same as the photo will appear at always.  


Regarding JEGC, it is unnecessary to be anxious whether the photos are retouched or not,

which is quite a surprising anomaly in this industry.


Even without nominating an escort (I have only nominated once,

which was an escort I met the very first time at JEGC),

a gorgeous lady will come to you, so gorgeous it is extremely rare to meet in daily life.

The excitement is beyond words.    


The reason why JEGC succeeded to accomplish enrolling such high quality escorts are

due to its extremely high recruitment standards and the tough selection process.


Their attitude towards taking a proactive stance on customer satisfaction deserve

all the respect and appreciation.

It is obvious to repeat again at JEGC, Tokyo Escort in Gotanda


The main concept of JEGC in Gotanda is escort's devotion to clients.


at times, it is surely good to switch places and arouse your companion in return.


So the content can be flexibly altered regarding on your mood.


Say if you are in the mood for a multiple cum, or maybe you wish to give multiple orgasm to the escort,

at every occasion regarding how you feel that day,

the content will be altered to your desire,

which makes the session always pleasurable as it was on your first time at JEGC.

And this flexibility is the reason why first time users return to JEGC as repeat customers one after another.    


 In addition, cases as following also tend to occur,

Tokyo Escort users that chose many agency randomly become JEGC's heavy (only) user after the encounter.


This is realized based on the fact that AUTHENTIC PLEASURE at JEGC is secured.


JEGC has captured so many men and still is continuously,

due to its extreme service quality. Without a doubt, the author is also one of the addicted ones.



I have written this article to introduce the attraction of a particular

Tokyo Escort known for those in the known.


JEGC, Tokyo Escort in Gotanda,

Shinagawa area provides top notch service in this industry and enrolled with fascinating high standard escorts.


The sexual pleasure JEGC provide is more than satisfying and the content will be altered to your desire,

so it is always pleasurable as it was on your first time.


If you are a fuzoku lover searching for an unrevealed ecstasy,

if you still have not been involved with JEGC,

then you are missing out a lot more than you can ever imagine.

Because they will overwhelm your expectations and grant your desires

in the most astonishing way. Yes,

JEGC is a must to see.   

Guidance for Beginners in Tokyo Escort Japanese Fuzoku

Fuzoku is a general term of Japanese sex industry


If you have never experienced Fuzoku,
I assume you do not understand the charge payment system.

I guess the impression of Tokyo Escort Fuzoku is to be expensive.
So to remove that anxiety, it is necessary to understand the charge payment system.


"What if I get overcharged later on?"

It is just natural for beginners to hold such concern. 


So to take away your uneasiness, today,

I would like to explain the charge payment system very clearly.


If you wish to enjoy Fuzoku in Shinagawa Gotanda area safe and secured,

please read this column to understand how it goes. 

Various course are set


Firstly, there are many kinds of Fuzoku in Tokyo Escort, Shinagawa area.

However, regardless of its kind, the charge payment system is basically the same.

For example, all kinds of Fuzoku is set to choose from several types of course.
The various session course are set on the length of time with each escorts.

So before making a decision of your Session Course,

you need to consider how long you want to be with your companion.


Of course, the shorter the session is, the reasonable the pricing will be.

For instance, the price set at shops of Delivery Health Fuzoku in Shinagawa area are around 15,000 yen.
Note that charges incurred for each course is listed as "Price" or "System".

Nominating (to choose a companion) will incur more charges


Now the next thing you have to keep in mind is what is called "Nomination Fee".


Some customer would choose a companion in advance before making contact to the shop.


And some will choose an escort during the phone call with the shop.


Nominating will be a better option if you are the "Discerning Type of a Guy".


However, additional charge will incur when you nominate a girl.


A reasonable shop sets the price at 1000 yen,

on the other hand an expensive shop sets the price from 2000 to 8000 yen.  


Not only the difference between each shop causes fluctuations in Nomination Fee,

but also regarding to each escorts popularity.


Ordering "Additional Option" will also incur additional charge 


One of the best part of Fuzoku is ordering an Additional Option.

When you add an Additional Option, the things you can do with your companion will enlarge the variation.

So many Fuzoku repeaters tend to order Additional Option.


However, additional charge will incur even at the try out of Additional Option.


Also the price of Additional Option are not equal due to its various varieties.


Therefore, if you are planning to try out an Option, you should grasp the price of each one.


Overall, the price is set from 1000 Yen to about 10000 Yen.


Incidentally, in some cases, there are Additional Option free of charge, so if you have any chance finding such an Option, you should give it a try.


Of course no extra charge will incur, it is free of charge.


Any shop in Fuzoku has a free Option, it is just difficult to find since it is under the cover of so many non-gratis Options. 


From what I have explained, the only charge that incurs among "Charge Payment System" is the "Session Course", others can be made at no cost. 


Unless you extend your session, be assured, besides what is listed on the Price List will never be charged.


Extension Fee is usually set comparatively higher than the Session Course Fee.


Most users tend to be unsatisfactory for choosing a short term session. So if you are planning to experience Fuzoku, I suggest for you to choose a longer one.


Also, note that some Fuzoku shop charge what is called "Admission Fee" to first time users.


The average price for an Admission Fee is 1000 to 3000 Yen. However, recently there are shops that does not charge Admission Fee at all. 


So if you do not intend to spend an extra expense, you should look for a Tokyo Escort Fuzoku that does not charge any Admission Fee. 


BEST of the BEST "Tokyo Escort Service"
Japanese Escort Girls Club , Tokyo
Reservation : 03 5793 1515 (+81)

Men are addicted to Tokyo First-Class Fellatio.


When you go to Fuzoku, with no doubt for sure you will receive a fellatio.

(Fuzoku is a general term of Japanese sex industry.) 


Well, like that, fellatio is a must, but skills regarding to it is completely dependent on each shop. 

Due to the expensive pricing of its service, it is just natural to expect for a good blowjob.

For satisfaction, call Tokyo Escort, JEGC.

At JEGC, an extremely altruistic fellatio is assured.


The escort's techniques are authentic, every single clients are satisfied. Currently, JEGC has become one of the top shop in Tokyo filled with enthusiastic repeaters.

Let me be more specific about Tokyo Escort, JEGC.


By the time you finish reading this article, you will mostly be aroused and raring to go. 

First-Class Fellatio at Tokyo Escort

Once you undergo, no doubt to be engaged in it. Tokyo Escort, JEGC is dangerously addictive.


JEGC enroll companions in the age range 18 to early 40s.


Their fellatio technique are outstanding, not to mention every companion's appearance are as well.

The reason why their techniques are standing out is because all JEGC escorts are under thorough guidance of female instructor

who kept being the top in this industry. 

A female instructor that understands men's feeling more than men, guide all girls to arouse men with pinpoint accuracy. 

Of course their skills beside blowjob are also first-class.


JEGC will provide the best fellatio you cannot forget.

Moreover, another reason for JEGC to be the top notch is their original service "No Hands." 

"No Hands" meaning "You don't need use your hands."

 For instance, if you are thirsty, she will bring the glass to your mouth, you don't need to pick the glass up for yourself.

If you are smoking, you don't need to hold your cigarette, she will bring it up to your mouth,

put the ashes in the ashtray and lit the cigarette out for you when you have finished smoking.

JEGC's ultimate goal is Devotion.

JEGC will grant men's wish other competitors can never do,

Companions' extreme devotion and attention are ensured, the spirit of OMOTENASHI.

About Price

I have explained JEGC's guaranteed quality, I guess now all of you are concerning their pricing.

Regarding JEGC's quality, most men will probably tend to take their price expensive.

However for a 60 minutes session, the price is set at 17,000 Yen, which is a prevailing price for the market. 

90 minutes session is mostly recommended by JEGC. So if it is within your budget, you should try the 90 minutes. 


I have referred JEGC, companions are brimmed with hospitality and devotion.

Not only their exclusive "No Hands" service but a rich and lewd blowjob will be given to your heart's content.  

Girls are always well mannered to clients, so if you ever had an unpleasant experience at a different agency in the past,

JEGC will redeem your disappointment.

And if you have never experienced Fuzoku, no need to hesitate, staff and escorts are very friendly. 


JEGC's Japanese escorts are specialized to comfort men.


You will find yourself indulging into your companion.

After the finish but if you have still got it, no worries.


JEGC ensures service filled with altruism even after your first end.


When you are completely pleased with your first cum but if the time has still not run out,

companion can give you a massage, so your time with your escort is assured to be satisfying from the beginning the end.

The price is also very reasonable. So why not give Tokyo Escort, JEGC a try in this occasion.

Phone number 03 5793 1515 (+81)

How to find a Satisfying Escort Tokyo agency


I'm an office worker and 5 years has passed since my marriage.

At work I'm always told off by my boss and because of him I hate to go to work.


For me, my home is the only place I feel comfort and relaxed. Well, it used to be,,, 

Recently my relationship with my wife is not in good terms.


My wife is very strong willed who hardly takes "No" for an answer.

Sadly, I'm no match in an argument with her.


Therefore, before I knew it, she wears the pants in our relationship.


I often hear, the relationship I have with my wife is the key to keep a marriage going, the wife to be in control.

Well not for me, I don't agree, to be honest it's depressing.


I feel as if I'm her servant. And I don't like it.

So for now, I have no place to be completely calm and relaxed.



Attentive and Devoted?


Lately, I happened to overhear a story of my associate.

He was sharing  his experience at Fuzoku to his close associates.

(Fuzoku is a general term of Japanese sex industry)

I'm almost 40 and yet I'd never been to such a place.


I was immensely curious and luckily he was sitting next to me, I was all ears.

He mentioned a name of a Tokyo escort agency called JEGC.


I know nothing about Fuzoku, "JEGC" didn't quite get to me.

Apparently, the concept of JEGC is hospitality, to be exact "Omotenashi" in Japanese. 

He said the girls at JEGC are attentive to client's needs and devoted to answer to it.

Finally I understood what my associate was trying to say, basically at JEGC, men wear the pants.


After his story, I couldn't help to think about JEGC and wondered how it would be for me.

Until then, in some ways I had a twisted prejudice against sex industry, Fuzoku.

However from what I heard, I was convinced that JEGC will be an absolute experience for me.


Sex with my wife has always ended in frustration. 

She never showed much enthusiasm.

Eventually I end up making the first move to turn her on to me.


That itself is fine, but, after all, it always drains me midway through. 

So I was extremely grateful to find JEGC, they make me feel secured.


On that day I searched the website of JEGC.

As soon as their website appeared on the screen, a graphic of a woman popped up.

I whispered unconsciously, "INTENSE", the woman in the picture fascinated me instantly.

I scrolled down for details and searched variously.


It seems JEGC girls are high standard and brimming with hospitality.

Apparently, everyone's awareness tend to go with companion's attentiveness and devotion. 

However, I found out, here, besides that, there are several other interesting elements.


One of it is their various age range.

Say if I'm with an escort with the same age as my wife or maybe a bit young or above.

The situation makes it as if I'm having an affair with another house wife.


I never had an affair and I don't think I ever will.


This is going to be just pure excitement.


Next, each escort is carefully chosen.

I searched their profile for more details.


And what I witnessed is nothing but gorgeous escorts.

Absolutely high standard, just as if they popped out from a porn movie.


The level is extremely high with various variations, yet the price is reasonable. 

Obviously, JEGC is honest and trustworthy.


I can't imagine other agencies can provide service in the same standard with the same price by the same level of escort woman.


I made up my mind, and called JEGC for a booking.

I asked for an escort lady, Miss M, age 30.


Her huge breasts are the reason why I chose M.

Of all the escort girl her breast was overwhelmingly huge. 


My wife's breast size is no match compared to hers.

It was just inevitable to choose her.



Tokyo escort; I've never met someone so LEWD 



Of course I can't call M to my home.

So I went to JEGC's recommended hotel in Gotanda, Tokyo.


First, we met up outdoor, close to the hotel.

In general, people say 30's does not look young.

However M looked younger than her actual age.


Her demeanor looked more like a 25 year old.

Maybe it's because I'm almost 40, but substantially I think 30's nowadays all look younger than their age.


And so we went to the love hotel together.

She astonished me as soon as we entered the room. M embraced me in the most lewd



I thought we would have a small chat first, but no, it began immediately. 

My expectation was betrayed, in a extremely good way. 


I guess effectively JEGC's scenario is set in such a way.

And I was at the mercy of M, as she granted her soft full lips and luscious tongue to me.


Then she undressed me and we went for a shower.

Taking a shower with the companion is mandatory in Tokyo escort.

And even in shower she took care of me enthusiastically.


I didn't mind at all to wash myself, but no, she wouldn't let me. 

She cleansed me from top to bottom.

I've never experienced anything like this before, not even from my wife.

Not only have I aroused sexually, but I found inner peace in her devotion.


Furthermore, right after we've got out of shower she began fellatio.

This ,   is ,  WOW, , ,  !


Anyway from the very beginning, it was exciting, titillating, continuously stimulating.

And NO, my sex drive didn't slow down, on the contrary it accelerated.


Of course even after to bed she caressed me carefully with a zealous lick all around.

My ears, nape, nipples, belly, and my private was heightened with her alluring tongue and soft smooth hands.


During in bed, she kept shooting me with flirtatious looks and it seemed she was obsessed with my body.

The scenery led me to say unintentionally "You're so lewd M." I said so smiling, and she replied "I can't help it, the size of your penis and shape is just the way I love."


Her word lifted me up remarkably.

I can't remember since when, I got overly excited like I was with M.


Obviously, my wife would never say such a thing.

I found solace in her words and it touched me deeply. 


And it wasn't just blowjob.

She began to lick my testicles.

Her zealous lick aroused me tremendously.


Her petting was suitably pleasant, when she licked my testicles my body shivered spontaneously.


I couldn't hold myself any longer, I jumped on her explosive body.

To be passive, to let M do all the work is great, but when my sex drive reached a peak I urged to taste her.  


I never experienced anything like this before.

Sex with my wife is almost like a task.

Oppositely, there's no doubt, I was extremely exhilarated with M.



Tokyo escort; An ideal experience, JEGC is totally satisfying 



The time with M was certainly a valuable experience for me.

There are tons of Tokyo escort agencies, however, personally, I would recommend JEGC.


Firstly, the escort's age range are various.

And all companions are high standard.


With girls at JEGC, satisfaction is assured.


People who hasn't experienced Fuzoku may worry about the price and many other details.

However, from my experience I believe people should go to Fuzoku on occasion.


Because girls at JEGC are attentive to client's needs and devoted to answer to it.

A satisfying time is assured here.


Of course as for me, I'll be using Escort Tokyo, JEGC regularly.

Its a perfect cure for my life's mundaneness and workaday stress.


Japanese Escort Girls Club , Tokyo area.
Open 12:00PM - 5:00AM
Phone number : 03-5973-1515

What is so special about a Tokyo Escort?

What is so special about a Tokyo Escort?



Topics such as "The Japanese have SEX annual number of times less than the whole world" has become a cliche. In terms of the world, it is an average of 103 times / year, while the Japanese are 48 times / year. For girls who wish to go out with foreigners or to marry internationally in the future, sexual life in the other country is anxious.

Announcing in descending order of annual number! !

10th country with most annual sex:

1st Greece                 6th Poland

2nd Brazil                 7th Malaysia

3rd Russia                 8th Switzerland

4th China                  9th Spain

5th Italy                   10th Mexico



The Greeks who make sex with an average of 164 times a year are magnificent 1st place. It is 87% of those who always sex at least once a week. The proportions of Brazil and Russia that follow are 82% and 80%, respectively. China is the best in Asia and it is ranked number one in the sustained ranking of stamina.

10th place with least annual sex:

1st Japan                    6th Australia

2nd USA                    7th Singapore

3rd Nigeria                  8th Hong Kong

4th United Kingdom          9th Netherlands

5th Canada                  10th New Zealand




The fact that Japan is a sexless country is famous worldwide and is considered abnormal.

In the data, the average number of Japanese sex annuals is assumed to be 48 times,

45% of Japanese women are asexual who are indifferent to sex and 35% of Japanese young men have data of being asexual .

Among the Japanese, 15% are satisfied with sex life. Except for Nigeria, the number of sex seasons is low compared to developed countries.


Sex Stamina 

European countries have a distinctive feature that sex is long and Asia has short sex. British people start with communication as it is a gentlemanly image, and it does not become like the end just after doing. Many Thai men think that it is okay for themselves to be satisfied, they seem to tend to progress at their own pace..


A country where sexlessness leads to divorce:

The country where sexless leads to divorce is France. In France which is a country of love, it is natural for couples to have sex even if they get older, so sexless = leading to divorce because there is no love. There is also the word "divorce if you do not have pillows". It may be tough for a person marrying a French women!


This is just grazing the topic of such a dilemma but when it comes to finding a companion especially in Tokyo, things can either be very tricky or just plain simple.


One of the easiest ways is to order a Japanese Tokyo Escort for a girlfriend experience (GFE)



The cliché sexless parody can be completely demolished when going this route because yes, it's what you paid for!


Tokyo Escorts within Japanese Escort Girls Club may not be able to provide a full sex service, but due to their skills and the need for alternatives is most likely able to give you a sensation and experience that is better than sex plus hard to forget.


Don't fall into a victim when it comes to the data shown above and call us pronto!


*Year-end and New Year period are as follows:

Dec. 31 2018 :  12:00 pm open - 8:00 pm closed

Jan. 1 2019   : Regular Hours * 12:00 pm - Next 5:00 am Last call

※  Jan. 1, 2019 - Jan. 3, 2019 : Please understand that we charge extra 1,000 yen as the special service fee for New Year holidays.

Tokyo Escorts information for when you're in the mid-town areas of Tokyo, Japan.

Tokyo Escorts information for when you're in the mid-town areas of Tokyo, Japan.

(Minato-ku, Chuo-ku, Chiyoda-ku)




First off, what is Ginza?


Ginza in Tokyo is where classy environments and shopping spots are available.

Originally it was an artificial island, and the name "Ginza Official Gate" was placed in this place, a silver coin mine (ginkgo hensho).


It is located from 1 - chome to 8 - chome, and each street runs vertically and horizontally, centered around Chuo - dori, while being in the chuo-district.


While continuing to further establsh Western culture in gourmet and fashion, it also inherits Japanese traditions such as Kabukiza and Tsukiji.


There are also many department stores, luxury shopping streets, overseas brand stores, showrooms for electric appliances including Sony Building, and attracting attention as a shopping mecca.

In addition, the Tsukiji market called Tokyo's kitchen is also nearby.


There are 6 4-star hotels in Ginza and 12 3-star hotels (including "Sotetsu Fresa Inn Ginza 3-chome" opened in the winter of 2017), 1 2-star hotel, 1 capsule hotel....Yes.


The price will be around 30,000 to 40,000 yen for a 4 star hotel and around 20,000 yen for a 3 star hotel, but it is necessary check because there is a day for one night per night of 5,000 yen at the 2 star "Hotel Ginza Daiei" .


There are also many business hotels that can be relatively reasonably sought from Yurakucho and Shimbashi within walking distance from Ginza, from the five 5-star hotels "The Peninsula Tokyo" and "Imperial Hotel Tokyo".


Every hotel has a great plan such as early division, consecutive nights discount, lady's plan etc on the official website, so please check in advance.

No wonder why there are so many Tokyo escorts especially in this area.

The amazing bomb shells you see on the street are either rich from escorting or famous.




How to get to Ginza from Narita Airport:


From Narita airport to the Tokyo Metro Ginza station there is a high-speed bus "THE access Narita" of JR Bus Kanto, Asuka Traffic and Peace Transport joint operation, the journey time is about 90 minutes (depending on traffic conditions), the fare is 1,000 It is convenient and convenient yen.

Also, the Keisei bus "Tokyo Shuttle" (1,000 yen), Tokyo Airport Transport "Airport Limousine" (3,100 yen) is coming to Tokyo Station. From there one station to Ginza station, Tokyo Metro Marunouchi line, 170 yen.


Those who wish to use the railroad are required to take the JR Limited Express Narita Express to Tokyo Station for about 1 hour, the fare requires 1,320 yen tickets and a limited express ticket of 1,700 yen.


How to get to Haneda Airport from Ginza

From Haneda airport, Keikyu Airport line to Shinbashi station to 570 yen, or East Ginza station to 610 yen, which takes about 30 minutes for both. Also, if you use the Tokyo Monorail, you can get to Hamamatsucho Station about 20 minutes, from there you can get to Shimbashi station at JR Yamanote line, total fare is 630 yen.

JR Shimbashi Station is a station southwest of Ginza, about 10 minutes on foot to Tokyo Metro Ginza Station. If you are uneasy about walking, those with lots of baggage, you can take the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, it is one station to Ginza Station.


Directions from Ginza to Tsukiji

Go Southern Avenue on Sony Building, Ginza Mitsukoshi, then past Tokyo Metro Higashi Ginza Station and highway, there is Tsukiji.

As the Tsukiji temple is visible, the Tsukiji market is just around the corner. It is about 10 minutes on foot, but if you take the Tokyo Metro Hibiya line you can go to the Tsukiya station from the Ginza station by the landing station, 170 yen.


At Tokyo Metro Ginza Station there are three subways, Ginza Line, Marunouchi Line and Hibiya Line, so it can be said that the subway or walk alone is sufficient for the movement.




Ginza Line Home is Central Chuo Line, Marunouchi Line Home is Outer Hori Dori, Hibiya Line is in the basement of Harumi Avenue, there are exits A1 to A13 (A4 is closed), B1 to B10 and C1 to C9 excluding A6. The main spots near the exit are as follows.


· A7, A8, A11 ...... Ginza Mitsukoshi

· A9, A10 ...... Ginza Wako

· A12, A13 ...... Matsuya Ginza

· B9 ...... Sony Street

· C2 and C4 ...... Sekoiyabashi intersection

· C4 ...... JR Yurakucho Station

· C6 ...... Printemps Ginza


Also, there are elevators to the ground, at exits A8, B2, B7, B8. Also, the distance from the exit with Ginza Mitsukoshi to Tsukiji is about 1 km away.


Apart from the Ginza line, the "Ginza 1 - chome" station on the Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line is in the basement of Yanagidori, and if you leave the second exit, the JR Yurakucho station is just over there.

"Higashi Ginza" station of Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line and Toei Asakusa Line is convenient to go to Kabuki-za.


Ginza is also accessible from JR Yurakucho station and JR Shinbashi station on foot, and can be accessed by the metropolitan bus "Business 10" connecting Shinbashi and Tokyo Sky Tree Station, or a Tokyo metropolitan bus that connects Tokyo Station and Tokyo Big Site "City 05 Because it is running, please use it according to the signs in front and back.

Ginza sushi shop

Sushi represents Japanese food and because the Tsukiji market is near, there are many delicious sushi restaurants in Ginza. But sushi is not cheap at all, especially at Ginza, which has many famous stores.

It is likely to cost tens of thousands of yen, so let's eat deliciously using the shop offering a great lunch and all you can eat. For the recommended sushi shop, please see the following article.


If you want to eat sushi to the fullest in Tokyo, here are 3 sushi all-you-can-eat shops:




Eel cuisine

Because the eel is a premium ingredient, where your wallet is concerned, you can eat grilled eel with reasonable prices.

Tokyo Metro Ginza Station There is a Ginza shop in Subaru Building 1F immediately after exiting the B2 Exit, and Shinomiya (Tomimatsu) (Higashi Ginza shop) in the eleventh Ginza Building 1F near Kabukiza.


Address: Ginza 4-3-7 Chuo-ku, Tokyo Subaru Building 1F

Phone number: 03-3535-5341

Western food "Brick Tate"

At Brick Tate, founded in 1895, you can enjoy "Western food" developed independently in Japan, such as omelet rice, Hayashi rice, potage soup, fried shrimp and pork cutlets. Exits B1 exit of Tokyo Metro Ginza Station and is 2 minutes' walk north of Suzuran Street.


Address: 4-2-15 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Boso Tsukamoto B1F

Phone number: 03-5250-1081

Michelin's yakitori "Birdland Ginza store"

Grilled chicken stewed with charcoal and baked with charcoal is a taste of the Japanese populace, but there is a Yakitori shop that won a single star (2015 edition) with a French Michelin Guidebook.


The name is also Birdland Ginza store. It is in the basement 1F of a building directly connected from Tokyo Metro Ginza Station C6 exit. Please enjoy the Japanese popular cuisine that French people also admire.


Address: 1-2-3 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Phone number: 03-5524-3641


Japanese food "Gonpachi"

A 5-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Ginza Station, there is G - Zone Ginza, where you can have several dining options, and you can enjoy meals as entertainment.

Among them, the inside of the Japanese-style Ryo-Hachi store is a very elaborate interior decorating old Japanese streets.

You can see how yourself in the shop and you can eat while grabbing sushi or grill yakitori at the counter.

There are table seats, private rooms, and a cushion, so please choose your favorite places.




Shabu-shabu "Shabusenshin"


Shabu-shabu is a dish that sliced ​​meat is quickly passed through a boiled soup stock, heated and cooked with vegetables and tofu to be cooked on ponzu and paste and eaten.

In Shibusinshin in Ginza, menu of English, Chinese, and Thai is prepared, and the lunch menu is advantageous.


Address: 5-8-20 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Ginza core B2F

Phone number: 03-3572-3806


I also want to read:

About shabu-shabu way of eating that you cannot ask now


Katsukarai "Ginza Switzerland"

Katakare, which topped with pork cutlet and fried pork cutlet for curry rice, was born in Ginza Switzerland, founded in 1947. That menu, which was innovative at the time, was now a cuisine familiar to the public. Ginza Switzerland's rich thick cutlet curry with a perfect score, please relish it once.


Address: 3-5-16 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Phone number: 03-03-3563-3206

Izakaya "Soil furnace" Ginza 1 chome branch

Although there are many pubs, there will be no izakaya stuck to the interior like a soil furnace (and bath). Through the "Wabi · Sabi" reminiscent of the world of the tea ceremony, I step in the store made from the concept of wanting to convey the traditional culture of Japan, it seems that time slipped in the Edo period.

I am glad that there is an English and Chinese menu.


Address: 1-10-6 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Ginza First Building B2F

Phone number: 03-3563-3033


Sake cocktail with "SAKE HALL HIBIYA BAR"

Very popular sake overseas. SAKE HALL HIBIYA BAR is what made cocktail that sake. If a cocktail made easy to drink while leaving the goodness of sake, it seems that even those who do not like sake are a bit weak.


Address: 5 - chome, Ginza, Chuo - ku, Tokyo 5-6 - 12 Miyuki Building underground 1F

Phone number: 03-3572-7123


Most of our Tokyo Escorts are not open to receiving eating engagements so please be sure to call us after your meal.




~ Hotel in Ginza ~


Ginza which can enjoy gourmet and shopping, there are many hotels around.


Bellevue Hotel

A reasonable 3 star hotel starting at 6,000 yen per person with breakfast. It is 2 minutes on foot from Tokyo Metro Ginza Station C2 Exit and good access, all rooms are equipped with WiFi.


Mitsui Garden Hotel Ginza Premier

Michelin Guide In this 4-star hotel that continues to be posted in Tokyo, you are sure to spend the best time watching the night view of Tokyo from the rooms and the 16th floor lobby. Although the price is high, there are also good deals, so please use by all means.


Hotel Monterey Ginza

It is a 4 star hotel with excellent location, but I'm happy to have suggested a great price setting from 4,700 yen for consecutive night plans and early reservations.

There is a main building with rooms that make use of natural materials, a new building of contemporary design like Parisian creators live, and La Suchega like apartments in Paris.


Hotel Gracery Ginza

With good access, WiFi in all rooms, 3F guest lounge also has free service of coffee and mineral water, popular with businessmen. It is also nice that the ladies' room is provided with equipment and amenities for women.


Ginza Capital Hotel

This hotel, which is convenient for visiting the Tsukiji market, "Hato bus" which provides Tokyo sightseeing and day trips runs, so there is a free pick up service to Tokyo station every morning and also accepts tour requests It is. There is free coffee in the morning.


Tokyu Stay Tsukiji (Old Tokyu Stay East Ginza)

Tokyu Stay Higashi Ginza, where the picture of a big snapper is a landmark, was renewed in March 2016 as Hotel Tokyu Stay Tsukiji. There is room with fully automatic washer / dryer and mini kitchen, and it is convenient for long-stay people.


You and your Tokyo Escort will be fully satisfied with a positive attitude from start to finish with any of these hotel options.





The Ginza area is by far the most flexible when it comes to choosing a Tokyo Escort with Japanese Escort Girls Club since you can choose from any branch with a decent transportation fee and 75mins.


The best of Tokyo Escorts is here.


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Japanese Escorts in Tokyo , Japan can be utilized in many ways

Japanese Escorts in Tokyo , Japan can be utilized in many ways. Taking an escort on a date is very ideal and has been gaining popularity in the adult industry of Japan.


Of course for most people, they would consider it a bit odd or unnecessary to take an Escort on date; most people may be unaware of the beauty and hospitality.


Other countries escort agencies for the most part focus mainly on getting you to ejaculate and finish the session as quick as possible to receive your money and leave.


Most Japanese escorts in Tokyo have morals, dress and act the part while being able to fully cope with the vast majority of  "normal". Furthermore there is absolutely no drugs or crime figures in between all of this which makes the Japanese  


STAR ISLAND has multiplied fireworks, a Japanese traditional culture, with 3D sounds and performance evolved into unprecedented entertainment. Tickets were popular therefore sold out in advance this year when it was held for the second time and as many as 15,000 people will be at the venue.


▽A full celebration from the first opening!" Report of "STAR ISLAND" held in 2017 is from here


"Tickets were sold out and as many as 15,000 people got into the venue".


Although the fireworks are during the night, fireworks are in the venue along with the opening at 16 o'clock (a long line before the opening enters the entrance!), everyone going towards the beach looking for a fireworks appreciation impressive.


Nonetheless, there is still time before the start of fireworks....




If it is an existing fireworks festival, "STAR ISLAND" where DJs are playing in the hall and performances everywhere by fireworks, etc., where it is unclear how to spend time to firework fireworks It's just amazing that not only enjoying.


Shinya Okino who plays at the future type fireworks entertainment "STAR ISLAND


Besides, DJs that appear also SHUYA OKINO, MINDO GROSSO 's SHINICHI OSAWA, Naoki Serizawa and Licaxxx are also appealing to those who are active in BARBARI' s one - line artists also have great appeal (moreover, It was nice to hear it!).


STAR ISLAND is also one of the highlights directed by professionals.


In addition, performers who wear costumes like residents of different worlds not only perform very well (their performance is also amazing), they are very friendly and take pictures together easily It should be pleasing for visitors.


"STAR ISLAND (Star Island)" established a kid's area and nursing room for families with children




Besides, there are many families with children only for fireworks, and for such visitors there are a lot of kids area, nursing room and so on, and the feeling of being extremely impressive! It was exactly entertainment that everyone can enjoy.


Fire performers and water performers who collaborate brilliantly with fireworks at "STAR ISLAND"


Even though it cannot be said that the weather is sunny on occasion, the sunset dyes the water surface beautifully from time to time, and the visitors are entranced. And fireworks are starting at the place where darkness has come!


"STAR ISLAND" has become one of the popular fantastic shows making full use of 3D sound and lighting


A message directed to the future was delivered in the venue, and when the first fireworks flew the night sky a lot of spectators were already captivated by "STAR ISLAND".


Not only fireworks, but also various performers (fire performers and water performers) appearing one after another on the special stage and water, and 3D sound and lighting that excites the audience's mood as well.




The audience who can just watch in the dazzling world where all these are fused. It is like a looking at the screen, fireworks and music, the performance synchro rate is tremendously completed, one work completed.


Despite being in Odaiba, you'd feel like being in a different world somewhere.


"STAR ISLAND" attracting the audience's heart with various stages of fireworks, music and performance multiplied


Shinichi OSAWA's "Star Guitar" was also good, and the music which is close to the fireworks, such as pop, rock, EDM and classic was also good, and I saw fireworks while listening to "Aalkos With" of Aerosmith and Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars's "Uptown Funk" were exciting after all and Eric Prydz was exceptional in compatibility with "STAR ISLAND". EDM + Fireworks is also a mystery, Zedd's "Clarity" is comfortable, while super-heavy & dope sound and contrast of fireworks.


In addition to Porter Robinson and björk's "hyper-ballad". Everyone was crazy about the magnificent and fantastic world view.


"STAR ISLAND" where various large and small fireworks are launched in the back of the Rainbow Bridge.


On the other hand, once you look around, the wristband with built-in LEDs distributed to visitor's glows also....




This is also flashing fireworks, music, and lighting and synchronized flickering, its precise composition is so amazing!


The built-in LED wristbands distributed to the visitors are synchronized with fireworks, music, lighting and flashing


In addition, "LIMITED STAR SEAT - DINNER -" with dinner that will entertain also with taste and smell, and a bed where you can watch while lying down.


Newly spent couple and friends gracefully set up, and that attitude that turns vectors of fireworks viewing and enjoyment directions to various directions is also different from existing fireworks display.


"STAR ISLAND" where you can choose how to look at fireworks and how to enjoy such as where you can watch while lying down



So having a Japanese Escort doesn't necessarily mean just sexual pleasures but since we provide a GFE (girlfriend experience), going on a date to build up momentum for the latter is perhaps the wisest choice for an unforgettable time.


If you want to see Tokyo Escort before using, click below!


Japanese Escort Girls Club, Tokyo Shinagawa, Ueno, Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, Minato-ku and more.

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Open Hours: 12 pm to 5 am.

Good Tokyo Escorts on your trip to Tokyo

Good escorts for foreign tourists in Japan exist in Tokyo mostly.

It is because we want you to make a good memory with high class escort girls when you come to Japan.
In Tokyo with many adult entertainment areas, you will meet favorable escort girls for sure.

There are many types of Tokyo Escorts in Japan.
The service differs in each Tokyo Escorts like delivery health, soapland, pink salon and so on.
There are many adult entertainment areas. Above all, Yoshiwara is good for foreign men.
Yoshiwara is a place you can experience Japanese traditional escorts and red-light district.

I recommend soapland when you have fun in Yoshiwara.
There are very high-class escort girls in Yoshiwara.
They are polite. You will see what Japanese adult entertainment is.
And those escort girls will make a good memory.
Please have adult entertainment in Yoshiwara, Tokyo, when you travel to Japan.

Tokyo Escorts offer totally different services depending on area and agent.

Completion of Tokyo Escorts is hard not only for us, foreigners, but also for Japanese people working or living in Tokyo.

I collected information before I came to Japan. Surprising numbers of Tokyo Escorts exist just on internet.
If you count Tokyo Escorts not coming up on internet search, the number will be huge.

In my experience, the two delivery health agents I used on sightseeing trip in Japan were completely different.
Their escort girls were up to the early 20's and mature women from the 30's. The same service felt very different.
Also, some Tokyo Escorts divine girls by body figures.
They are like agents of slender girls only, chubby girls only, big boobs, big booties and so on. You can choose Tokyo Escorts by body figure of your type.

Moreover, I also saw Tokyo Escorts of certain concepts, such as roll play, cosplay mania, domination, masochistic and so on.
As those Tokyo Escorts are all over Tokyo, it is good to try more than one area.

Checked foreigner friendly Tokyo Escorts on portal sites

Japan's capital city, Tokyo, has all kinds of escorts, such as soapland, fashion health, delivery health, SM club, onanism club and so on.

Therefore, I recommend you to stay in Tokyo if you want to fully enjoy Japanese sexual service.

However, several Tokyo Escorts limit foreign guests to use their service. You have to know this.
Some Tokyo Escorts say no foreigners completely. Some other Tokyo Escorts accept if you can speak Japanese to some extent or specific languages like English or Chinese.
Thus, it is smart to check information of foreigner friendly Tokyo Escorts before you hang out the city. It is better than walking around to seek Tokyo Escorts to use in the town.

There are many internet information sites featuring foreigner friendly Tokyo Escorts only.
The information of these sites can be displayed in foreign languages, so there is no language barrier. It helps smooth check of Tokyo Escorts information.
Please make a good use of them and fully enjoy Japanese escort service.

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