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Escort Tokyo Escort Tokyo
Japanese Escorts in Tokyo , Japan can be utilized in many ways

C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g405_405_pc_02.jpg C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g688_688_pc_02.jpg C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g688_688_pc_01.jpg


Japanese Escorts in Tokyo , Japan can be utilized in many ways. Taking an escort on a date is very ideal and has been gaining popularity in the adult industry of Japan.


Of course for most people, they would consider it a bit odd or unnecessary to take an Escort on date; most people may be unaware of the beauty and hospitality.


Other countries escort agencies for the most part focus mainly on getting you to ejaculate and finish the session as quick as possible to receive your money and leave.


Most Japanese escorts in Tokyo have morals, dress and act the part while being able to fully cope with the vast majority of  "normal". Furthermore there is absolutely no drugs or crime figures in between all of this which makes the Japanese  


STAR ISLAND has multiplied fireworks, a Japanese traditional culture, with 3D sounds and performance evolved into unprecedented entertainment. Tickets were popular therefore sold out in advance this year when it was held for the second time and as many as 15,000 people will be at the venue.


▽A full celebration from the first opening!" Report of "STAR ISLAND" held in 2017 is from here


"Tickets were sold out and as many as 15,000 people got into the venue".


Although the fireworks are during the night, fireworks are in the venue along with the opening at 16 o'clock (a long line before the opening enters the entrance!), everyone going towards the beach looking for a fireworks appreciation impressive.


Nonetheless, there is still time before the start of fireworks....


C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g743_743_pc_02.jpg  C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g743_743_pc_03.jpg


If it is an existing fireworks festival, "STAR ISLAND" where DJs are playing in the hall and performances everywhere by fireworks, etc., where it is unclear how to spend time to firework fireworks It's just amazing that not only enjoying.


Shinya Okino who plays at the future type fireworks entertainment "STAR ISLAND


Besides, DJs that appear also SHUYA OKINO, MINDO GROSSO 's SHINICHI OSAWA, Naoki Serizawa and Licaxxx are also appealing to those who are active in BARBARI' s one - line artists also have great appeal (moreover, It was nice to hear it!).


STAR ISLAND is also one of the highlights directed by professionals.


In addition, performers who wear costumes like residents of different worlds not only perform very well (their performance is also amazing), they are very friendly and take pictures together easily It should be pleasing for visitors.


"STAR ISLAND (Star Island)" established a kid's area and nursing room for families with children


C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g417_417_pc_02.jpg C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g417_417_pc_01.jpg


Besides, there are many families with children only for fireworks, and for such visitors there are a lot of kids area, nursing room and so on, and the feeling of being extremely impressive! It was exactly entertainment that everyone can enjoy.


Fire performers and water performers who collaborate brilliantly with fireworks at "STAR ISLAND"


Even though it cannot be said that the weather is sunny on occasion, the sunset dyes the water surface beautifully from time to time, and the visitors are entranced. And fireworks are starting at the place where darkness has come!


"STAR ISLAND" has become one of the popular fantastic shows making full use of 3D sound and lighting


A message directed to the future was delivered in the venue, and when the first fireworks flew the night sky a lot of spectators were already captivated by "STAR ISLAND".


Not only fireworks, but also various performers (fire performers and water performers) appearing one after another on the special stage and water, and 3D sound and lighting that excites the audience's mood as well.


C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g287_287_pc_03.jpg  C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g287_287_pc_02.jpg


The audience who can just watch in the dazzling world where all these are fused. It is like a looking at the screen, fireworks and music, the performance synchro rate is tremendously completed, one work completed.


Despite being in Odaiba, you'd feel like being in a different world somewhere.


"STAR ISLAND" attracting the audience's heart with various stages of fireworks, music and performance multiplied


Shinichi OSAWA's "Star Guitar" was also good, and the music which is close to the fireworks, such as pop, rock, EDM and classic was also good, and I saw fireworks while listening to "Aalkos With" of Aerosmith and Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars's "Uptown Funk" were exciting after all and Eric Prydz was exceptional in compatibility with "STAR ISLAND". EDM + Fireworks is also a mystery, Zedd's "Clarity" is comfortable, while super-heavy & dope sound and contrast of fireworks.


In addition to Porter Robinson and björk's "hyper-ballad". Everyone was crazy about the magnificent and fantastic world view.


"STAR ISLAND" where various large and small fireworks are launched in the back of the Rainbow Bridge.


On the other hand, once you look around, the wristband with built-in LEDs distributed to visitor's glows also....


C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g771_771_pc_01.jpg C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g730_730_pc_02.jpg


This is also flashing fireworks, music, and lighting and synchronized flickering, its precise composition is so amazing!


The built-in LED wristbands distributed to the visitors are synchronized with fireworks, music, lighting and flashing


In addition, "LIMITED STAR SEAT - DINNER -" with dinner that will entertain also with taste and smell, and a bed where you can watch while lying down.


Newly spent couple and friends gracefully set up, and that attitude that turns vectors of fireworks viewing and enjoyment directions to various directions is also different from existing fireworks display.


"STAR ISLAND" where you can choose how to look at fireworks and how to enjoy such as where you can watch while lying down


C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g729_729_pc_02.jpg C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g729_729_pc_01.jpg C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g721_721_pc_03.jpg


So having a Japanese Escort doesn't necessarily mean just sexual pleasures but since we provide a GFE (girlfriend experience), going on a date to build up momentum for the latter is perhaps the wisest choice for an unforgettable time.


If you want to see Tokyo Escort before using, click below!


Japanese Escort Girls Club, Tokyo Shinagawa, Ueno, Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, Minato-ku and more.

Phone number: 03 5793 1515 (+81)

Open Hours: 12 pm to 5 am.

Good Tokyo Escorts on your trip to Tokyo

Good escorts for foreign tourists in Japan exist in Tokyo mostly.

It is because we want you to make a good memory with high class escort girls when you come to Japan.
In Tokyo with many adult entertainment areas, you will meet favorable escort girls for sure.

There are many types of Tokyo Escorts in Japan.
The service differs in each Tokyo Escorts like delivery health, soapland, pink salon and so on.
There are many adult entertainment areas. Above all, Yoshiwara is good for foreign men.
Yoshiwara is a place you can experience Japanese traditional escorts and red-light district.

I recommend soapland when you have fun in Yoshiwara.
There are very high-class escort girls in Yoshiwara.
They are polite. You will see what Japanese adult entertainment is.
And those escort girls will make a good memory.
Please have adult entertainment in Yoshiwara, Tokyo, when you travel to Japan.

Tokyo Escorts offer totally different services depending on area and agent.

Completion of Tokyo Escorts is hard not only for us, foreigners, but also for Japanese people working or living in Tokyo.

I collected information before I came to Japan. Surprising numbers of Tokyo Escorts exist just on internet.
If you count Tokyo Escorts not coming up on internet search, the number will be huge.

In my experience, the two delivery health agents I used on sightseeing trip in Japan were completely different.
Their escort girls were up to the early 20's and mature women from the 30's. The same service felt very different.
Also, some Tokyo Escorts divine girls by body figures.
They are like agents of slender girls only, chubby girls only, big boobs, big booties and so on. You can choose Tokyo Escorts by body figure of your type.

Moreover, I also saw Tokyo Escorts of certain concepts, such as roll play, cosplay mania, domination, masochistic and so on.
As those Tokyo Escorts are all over Tokyo, it is good to try more than one area.

Checked foreigner friendly Tokyo Escorts on portal sites

Japan's capital city, Tokyo, has all kinds of escorts, such as soapland, fashion health, delivery health, SM club, onanism club and so on.

Therefore, I recommend you to stay in Tokyo if you want to fully enjoy Japanese sexual service.

However, several Tokyo Escorts limit foreign guests to use their service. You have to know this.
Some Tokyo Escorts say no foreigners completely. Some other Tokyo Escorts accept if you can speak Japanese to some extent or specific languages like English or Chinese.
Thus, it is smart to check information of foreigner friendly Tokyo Escorts before you hang out the city. It is better than walking around to seek Tokyo Escorts to use in the town.

There are many internet information sites featuring foreigner friendly Tokyo Escorts only.
The information of these sites can be displayed in foreign languages, so there is no language barrier. It helps smooth check of Tokyo Escorts information.
Please make a good use of them and fully enjoy Japanese escort service.

The variety of Tokyo Escorts surprised me.

Tokyo has really many Tokyo Escorts.

There are many and various services. I used every day but never got tired of Tokyo Escorts.
On the first day I came to Japan with big expectation, I had adult entertainment with a fresh escort girl that was just graduated high school.

And on the second day, the escort girl was a mature lady that was very different from the girl on last day.
I used a delivery health of mature escorts, The service and communication skills are totally different. I could release sex drive in new feeling again.

After that, I used masochistic sexual feeling massage and fully enjoyed Japanese girls' skills to make men cum.
To speak of a distinguish experience, onakura (onanism club) was very exciting in my opinion.
Meeting Japanese girl is a rare experience. Moreover, masturbation before the girl gave me more mental excitement than physical excitement.
Like above, there are many Tokyo Escorts to satisfy various sexual propensities, I recommend you to try more than one agent. Once is not enough.

Many Tokyo Escorts are fun spots.

I like Japan very much and visit for sightseeing on vacation.

I do night entertainment with my Japanese friend every time. The friend said he would take me to fun spot and took me to Tokyo Escort called Oppabu (Oppai Pub).
Oppabu is a dream store where escort girls entertain as hostesses and please us with their boobs.

Very many Japanese girls have nice body figures and beautiful boobs.
They are very kind in the service, and conversation is interesting. Oppabu with nice boobs was a great adult entertainment.
The next Tokyo Escort he took me was a pinsalo (pink salon).
I selected an escort girl's photo at the reception and received service in the store.

I took a shower first. The escort girl served well. I ejaculated a lot because I had not for a while.
In pinsalo, I could get very nice sexual service from the escort girl, which oppabu does not offer.
I would like to use this again for sure. I will make a reservation by myself and travel to Japan.

You can relax and enjoy Tokyo Escort.

Foreign men come to Japan maybe on business trip.

When you spend a night alone at hotel, you might feel lonely.
There foreigner friendly Tokyo Escorts. How about comfort by girls?

How about stimulation with aroma scent by a good looking girl if you like relaxation through your sense of smell, too?
They touch your penis well during massage.
You will have bit ecstasy when she touches from your glans penis to testicles.

You can call in Tokyo Escorts to your hotel. Thus, you can sleep in a warm bed just after the session.
You do not have to take a cab again to go back to your hotel. That would cool you off. It is nice.
Among many escort girls, you can find Japanese classy and cute girls. It is also nice to request a girl when you call in Tokyo Escorts to your hotel.

There Tokyo Escorts to taste sensation.

Probably, foreign men travel to Japan from abroad and look for some stimulus Tokyo Escorts.

Normal escort service is pretty good, but I recommend you to try CFNM style escorts if you have some masochism in you.

There are escorts to try soft SM in stead of hard one.
Some Tokyo Escorts have selected high-class girls only. You can make a good memory with beautiful girls.
If you are not sure finding escorts without getting lost, delivery health is convenient to use.

Girls do not give sexual service at once. They do dirty talk or facestitting after gentle massage relaxes you.
Especially GE tease with binding will give you extraordinary submissive ecstasy.
They look up and tempt you. You will ejaculate.

There is Tokyo Escorts to heal tiredness from trip.

Maybe many foreign men come to Tokyo on their first sightseeing trip to Japan.

Some of you probably go around famous sightseeing spots in daytime and wonder what to have for night entertainment.
Escorts is good for adult entertainment.

Traveling is fun, but you can get very tired.
Some Tokyo Escorts are delivery health by professional technicians.
They can rub oil on your body carefully and give good massage on tip toes, the bottom of thighs, shoulders and neck.

When you are relaxed and refreshed, dirtier service is provided.
Prostate massage escorts are good if you want to know new sexual feeling.
They give lots of stimulation not only your penis, but also inside the anal.
They widen your anal gently and stimulate it with a finger and enemagra for ecstasy.
You will be able to gain strong ecstasy that makes your legs numb.

Tokyo Escorts are very provocative.

I came from U.S.A. to Japan for business, and the thing that surprised me the most is that the cities change their look massively at night.

The capital city, Tokyo has escorts everywhere.
There are very many Tokyo Escorts like soapland, fashion health, pink salon, or delivery health. They are various with different price and service.

Most girls are Japanese. They do good service to foreign men like me.
I cannot forget how nice it felt in soapland when a girl gave me full body wash.
Japanese omotenashi spirit is impressive when we see it in Tokyo Escorts.

The soapland I went was within walking distance from the station.
People can go there without car as they have their store in good access.
I did not know the area, but the website of the soapland was kind, so I could find it easily with a help of their map.

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