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在新的一年里,我们真心诚意为客户提供服务, 请大家多多支持和关照。谢谢!





Japanese Escort Girls Club, Shinagawa , Ueno , Ikebukuro , Shinjuku , MInato and  more.

Phone number : 03 5793 1515 (+81)

Open Hours : 12 pm to 5 am.

The year-end and New Year Information


The year-end and New Year period are as follows:

We are open during the end and beginning of the year.

31/12/2017 :          12:00 pm open - 8:00 pm closed

01/01/2018~ :      Regular Hours * 12:00 pm - Next 5:00 am Last call

※01/01/2018-03/01/2018 : Please understand we charge extra 1,000 yen as the special service fee for New Year holidays. 

Gentlemen all over the world take notice on Tokyo escorts.

At first sight, Tokyo escorts look in your eyes and greet with smile.

Your heart will be heale and make warm.
And the sexual service itself are great.

All things are for customer's benefit.
Our Tokyo Escorts ladies have a great spirit.


We would like to take a moment to say thank you for the support you have given us throughout the year.

We wish you the best this holiday season and look forward to your continued  patronage in the year 2018.

Yours sincerely.

Jpanese Escort Girls Club,   JEGC by Manga

In search for the delivery health service with full of hospitality in Shinjuku....

Why Sinshuku has a lot of delivery health??


It is said that more than 70% of Fuzoku is typed in delivery health recently. And Shinjuku city has the most amount of delivery health shops, having a lot of guys everyday.

You could use some lines of train to get Shinjuku station not only to use Fuzoku but also to drink, shopping.

Thinking commercially, the place people get together has many shops.


Another reason is that there are many love hotels in south and west exit of the station.
Love hotel will be surely required when you call delivery health.

Thus, there is few Fuzoku shop in the place has few love hotel.

From these reason, it is necessary that love hotel get increased in Shinjuku.

 The service required for delivery health

DELI image.jpg

Shinjuku is the battle field of Fuzoku for each shops.
There are lot of much high quality ladies.

But it would often occur that even the lady everybody acknowledge as a high quality doesn't have much nomination,
the lady nothing in particular has much more nomination beyond expectation.

No matter how cute and beautiful appearance the lady has, she has a less popularity if she could do only poor service.

If we are said that it is better taking myself rather than wasting money for poor service, there is nothing value of existence of Fuzoku.

Just pretty is not enough for customer of Fuzuku.


She will do anything you want. This is the shop where you could hire a servant for a sex.
You don't need to do anything. She will be always helping you feeling good at any moment you want.

For the young guys, they might feel this service is like playing with caring sister. For the old guys,
they might feel it is like sexual play with the lady who knows man better, smart lady.

Although we can not know how many Fuzoku shops exist,
our shop will provide you the service that you could never get from you wife nor girlfriend.

When we talk about common "Wife health", it is tend to cheap and poor service.
We could meet few nice older lady.

Our shop have such nice ladies who aged well over the years, so called "active service".
If we use duty words, the lady we have is that you want have a sex with, and the lady you want steals from another's lover.

Of course, it is true that cute, beautiful, good body type is important points when we choose the lady.
But it is wrong that men are gonna satisfied with just ejaculation.

We mean the process to ejaculation is much important
When the service is poor, you do not feel like see her again even if you got a ejaculation finally.
In opposite, you feel like see her again when the service was good, even if you didn't have a ejaculation.

The point customer check on lady.


・Your partner is having a good time with you or not?

・You are giving the customer careful hospitality or not?

・She is tring her best for every single things for me.

・She is loving to make a atmosphere.

「Girlfriend experience」is certainly well said, you could experience the feeling that you would have at early time when you got a new girlfriend.

That makes customer feel good to the lady. That is the concept to of our service.

The complete hospitality with love.

IMAGE D3.jpg

You could enjoy even basic type of the session.
Drink a cup of tea, sit on the chair, smoke, take off the socks, wash your body in the shower, dry your body on a towel, our lady will help

you everything instead of you with full of hospitality.

We recruit ladies around 10 to 20 years old, and they have to be well trained and well know about male.
The service that we do is never experienced with your wife or girlfriend.
We have gotten a lot of good feedback from the customer surprising "How deep service she gave me".

Recently Japanese Escort Girls Club has been receiving a lot of repeated customers for last 5 years.
You could think "I wanna her to become my wife", "I wanna steal her of her husband"

during the session. You could completely enjoy with our session.

Regarding to the ranking for repeated customer updated once a month, the lady who ranked high quality is kind of "Icon" of our shop Japanese Escort Girls Club.

If you thinking about getting escort service in Shinjuku area, if you have had our service before,

we hope you have a session with these high quality lady to make much more awesome memory.

One more info, Shinjuku needs 90 min minimam session. But we are sure it worth of that.
Please check Delivery Information.

Waiting for your contact.


High Class Escort and Unforgettable Memory in Tokyo

【Famous Tokyo High Class Escort among the world】



First off, have you ever tried Japanese escort? 

If yes, how was it? If no, then it will be one of things you have to try while you are here.

As it is famous, Japan has gained so much Fuzoku culture like other Europe countries.
Usually escort service in Europe will provide sex. However, in Japan, it is not legally allowed to sell and buy sex.

It many sounds not interesting to you if there isn't sex. But these days in Japan many foreigners love to try Japanese Fuzoku.

 And there are many kinds of Fuzoku services.

Here, I would like to talk about HIGH class escort because this is getting more and more attention since past a few years and though
t to share

this trend information and the reason why so popular even without sex among people who are visiting Tokyo or people who live in Tokyo.


【Japanese "High Class Escort" has not only high quality service but also high quality ladies!】

As it is shown, it's called HIGH class, you will get a variety of high qualified service with pretty, sexy, and kind Japanese lady.

Of course their skills will be professionally well trained. And they will make you relax from your heart and also satisfy you physically as well.

If it's good skill but ugly lady, we won't call it as HIGH class escort service. But the point is good looking girls have professional skills.

This means technically this high class escort isn't just for ejaculation.

It is the thing you enjoy the moment with amazing lady and you get physical satisfaction from them.  

 【However they often cahrge you a large amount of money unfortunately.】

Some company asks you more than 80000 yen for only 90 min.

This price is not reasonable for majority of people.

 And usually the reason why they charge you that much is they do some illegal thing such as selling sex, so their quality of their service isn't good.

What they can do is only sex. And girl are not trained at all because they only need to give you her vagina.

Even basic rate was reasonable for everyone, more options you add like pussy licking, prostate massage,

and testical massage, more expensive it gets such as 80000 yen.  

And if they know you are foreigner, they often charge you extra money.


 Additionally, if you can't speak japanese,

a lot of high class escort shop won't let you use their service or they provide their service

to you even though you don't understand the system and charges in order to get money.

Like I mentioned above, there are many issueseven for Japanese,

but when it comes to foreigners the number of the problems gets doubled sadly.

【So we just opened 100% safe "High Class Escort club" in Toyko for foreigners!】



Since we have received many foreigners' voice to open high class escort service which offers to foreigners only,

we finally decided to have high class escort club in Tokyo. Many interesting things are included!!

And we promise these things listed below.

1.We dont ask you any extra charge unless you add any options.

2.We will explain the rules, fees, and how it works, and answer any questions you have.

3.We only have high level Japanese ladies.

4.Girls' pictures are 100% real.

5.The service we provide is absolutely legal service.

6.We make sure our girls don't have any kind of STD by STD testing at the hospital.

【Reasonable but high level service and lady is the real HIGH CLASS ESCORT!!】

Usually when it comes to High Class Escort, you will have to pay a large amount of money.

It will only allow rich people to use it. It doesn't sound fair.

So we set these reasonable prices below so that everyone can enjoy!

Rendezvous:You come to our designated meeting point and go to Love hotel with the girl.

Delivery: The girl will visit your hotel or your private resident.




 Even though it's reasonable, we didn't give up on girls' level.

Our ladies have higher standards in their appearance.

Also we have professional trainers, so they don't let you down by their skills.

In addition to it, you will definitely love their sweet heart, warm mind, and thoughtful personality.

They will enthrall you with their loveliness! If you want wonderful and romantic memory, they will certainly help you.

Expensive escort is NOT high class escort.

HIGH CLASS ESCORT is reasonable but high level in service and lady. This is the true HIGH CLASS ESCORT in Tokyo!



We are sure that we are the best of "Real HIGH CLASS ESCORT in Tokyo!"

For more INFO click here to check our English



Married women deliheru is very fun Escort services in Tokyo.

Delivery health is very popular Escort services in Tokyo now.

As they have no real stores, they do not need initial cost and maintenance cost, so Escort services in Tokyo can start business easily. Thus, they increase.
Therefore, the competition is severe. The Escort services in Tokyo lower price surely and work hard to promote their original concepts. It is very good to us, users.
The interesting Escort services in Tokyo is delivery health of married escort women.
The Escort services in Tokyo is based on the concept "affair with married women". The main escort girls are in the early 30's.
Some of them are real wives. But quite a few of them are divorcees or single mothers with little children. They give good Escort services in Tokyo to keep their lives. Those fake married women are so good and erotic to men.
Their main Escort services in Tokyo is oral. But they also have sumata, intercrural sex between male genital and female genital. This is premium ecstasy.
Please enjoy Escort services in Tokyo, Japanese pretty girl's cow girl style sumata for a good memory of Japan.

Japanese Escort Girls Club, Japan Kanto Tokyo and Kansai Osaka
Elite Escort You've Never Had Before

[Phone] (+81)3.5793.1515(+81)3.5793.1515 | [OPEN HRS] 12PM-5AM(GMT +9)
[Nationwide] //japanese-escort-girls.com/concept.php|
[skype] japaneseescortgirlsclub
[Facebook] www.facebook.com/japanese.girls.club

Fashion health is very enjoyable Escort services in Tokyo.

Would you care for Escort services in Tokyo called fashion health?

I am afraid of that foreign men do not figure out what fashion health is.
It is Escort services in Tokyo to prepare private rooms where pretty girl provides sexual service for curiosity of man.
This real store type service has different style from outcall (delivery) Escort services in Tokyo.

The characteristics are relatively lower price and young girls. This is very good one for men wanting to know what Japanese pretty girls' Escort services in Tokyo are like.
The Escort services in Tokyo is that pretty girl leads a man to ejaculation by her hands and mouth. Nurulotion is often used. I can say it is safe and secure sexual feeling.
Price is a little higher, but Escort services in Tokyo doing air mattress service are good, too.
The Escort services in Tokyo is that a full naked pretty girl pours lots of nurulotion and attaches her body on your body on an air mattress. I assure you will feel heavenly with the addictive ecstasy.
Please enjoy fully Japanese pretty girls' hospitality and strong sex drive.

Japanese Escort Girls Club, Japan Kanto Tokyo and Kansai Osaka
Elite Escort You've Never Had Before

[Phone] (+81)3.5793.1515(+81)3.5793.1515 | [OPEN HRS] 12PM-5AM(GMT +9)
[Nationwide] //japanese-escort-girls.com/concept.php|
[skype] japaneseescortgirlsclub
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Called in a foreign girl in Escort services in Tokyo

I am a Westerner.
Japan has various good point. I think not only Japanese culture or landscape, but also sexual aspects are wonderful.
It is outstanding compared to other countries, such as in game or manga cartoons.
Especially, Escort services in Tokyo are very attractive. Devoted blowjob or boob job are so nice.
Moreover, Escort services in Tokyo offers GFE with good conversation. So not only bottom body, but also my mind is satisfied.
However, I used Escort services in Tokyo having foreign escort girls on purpose this time.
There are Escort services in Tokyo both of foreign and Japanese pretty girls work for.
Those Escort services in Tokyo can be the highest class agents. I nominated an escort girl from my country.
She gave me wonderful service as well as Japanese escort girls.
Besides, we speak same language. It was very enjoyable.
My country has sexual industry, too. But they are somehow businesslike. I think Japanese juicy Escort services in Tokyo is worth to pay good money.

Japanese Escort Girls Club, Japan Kanto Tokyo and Kansai Osaka
Elite Escort You've Never Had Before

[Phone] (+81)3.5793.1515(+81)3.5793.1515 | [OPEN HRS] 12PM-5AM(GMT +9)
[Nationwide] //japanese-escort-girls.com/concept.php|
[skype] japaneseescortgirlsclub
[Facebook] www.facebook.com/japanese.girls.club

Video transmit type Escort services in Tokyo

Various Escort services in Tokyo flourishes now.
Your unknown one is Video transmit type Escort services in Tokyo.
Agents file the paper under video transmit type Amusement Business Law prepare private rooms with PC having web cam, or service providers prepare that at home. Pretty girls transmit their nude, masturbation, or evacuation on the internet.
On the websites of those Escort services in Tokyo, many pretty girls are waiting for connecting by men impatiently.
Men watch sexual posing of those pretty girls.
The Escort services in Tokyo charge during the time men connect to the websites, and that becomes income of those Escort services in Tokyo and pretty girls.
For those pretty girls, this Escort services in Tokyo is safe and secure because there is no risk of STD in Escort services in Tokyo without direct physical contact and very less risk of stalking.
Moreover, it is also good pretty girls can start this as easy part-time job because the Escort services in Tokyo is ready for 24 hours, and they can work at home anytime.
Even foreigners can connect to the websites of Escort services in Tokyo, so I think this is very useful to know how Japanese pretty girls are.

Japanese Escort Girls Club, Japan Kanto Tokyo and Kansai Osaka
Elite Escort You've Never Had Before

[Phone] (+81)3.5793.1515(+81)3.5793.1515 | [OPEN HRS] 12PM-5AM(GMT +9)
[Nationwide] //japanese-escort-girls.com/concept.php|
[skype] japaneseescortgirlsclub
[Facebook] www.facebook.com/japanese.girls.club

Delivery health is popular in Escort services in Tokyo

One of the most popular Escort services in Tokyo is deliheru.

Deliheru is an abbreviation of delivery health. It is Japanese-English surely. Foreigners would not understand perhaps.
Deliheru's concept is as follow; an escort girl is delivered to a man's accommodating place like love hotel and provides sexual service to satisfy his sexual curiosity.
The biggest character is outcall service without real store. This type of Escort services in Tokyo are not under regulation about business place and hours, so it is good to call in Escort services in Tokyo for 24 hours.
To speak of the sexual service, an escort girl touches and licks male genital and around it, anal, or nipples of course, and a man can touch and lick her genital and around it, anal, or nipples, too.
The advantage of delivery health is optional services above all.
Especially cosplay is a recommended optional service. Please have an escort girl wear anime character costume that is popular also in foreign countries and enjoy Escort services in Tokyo.

Japanese Escort Girls Club, Japan Kanto Tokyo and Kansai Osaka
Elite Escort You've Never Had Before

[Phone] (+81)3.5793.1515(+81)3.5793.1515 | [OPEN HRS] 12PM-5AM(GMT +9)
[Nationwide] //japanese-escort-girls.com/concept.php|
[skype] japaneseescortgirlsclub
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The spot of masochistic sexual feeling Escort services in Tokyo is Gotanda.

Escort services in Tokyo called masochistic sexual feeling is popular.

Gotanda is the most popular area, but you can have that adult entertainment in Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ueno areas.
It is outcall Escort services in Tokyo that you can enjoy at your hotel. The concept is men just receive and pretty girls dominate.
It means pretty girls give male body fulfilling Escort services in Tokyo.
I think CFNM style is more adequate to fully enjoy Japanese pretty girls' "omotenashi" hospitality. Please try masochistic sexual feeling Escort services in Tokyo definitely.
The characteristic service is GE tease, intensive stimulation on male glans penis.
When you are going to ejaculate, Escort services in Tokyo grabs the bottom of your penis not to ejaculate easily.
Thus, ecstasies last more and more. A man begs for ejaculation crying. You can imagine how good it feels.
Also, prostate massage inserting enemagra into male anal is popular domination in Escort services in Tokyo.

Japanese Escort Girls Club, Japan Kanto Tokyo and Kansai Osaka
Elite Escort You've Never Had Before

[Phone] (+81)3.5793.1515(+81)3.5793.1515 | [OPEN HRS] 12PM-5AM(GMT +9)
[Nationwide] //japanese-escort-girls.com/concept.php|
[skype] japaneseescortgirlsclub
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