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2019/04 2019/04
There are quite a few sex shops in Shibuya.



"Shibuya-ku, Shibuya" Hasn't everyone been here once?


It is one of Tokyo's leading business districts and has become a city of cutting-edge fashion, fashion, and music and youth culture.


Shinjuku, Shibuya and Ikebukuro are all too famous as the three major city centers. Parco and 109, department stores and restaurants such as Seibu department store and eastern department store are lined up around Terminal Station of Yamanote Line.


Design complex "Shibuya Hikarie" designated by the Urban Renewal Special Measures Act as a designated urban renewal emergency maintenance area, and a large-scale development project advanced and opened


Furthermore, the redevelopment plan advances from 2020 to 2027, and the city of Shibuya is about to achieve transformation into a city with many skyscrapers on a scale called once in 100 years.


It is not a city only for young people, but a city in Shibuya that is changing as a city.

There are always lots of people in the city, but there is a business that is always present where people gather...




 That's the Sex Shop.


"Demerit of using a hotel in Shibuya"


There are so many things that can be said where people gather, and it is a "sex shop".

Naturally there are also many love hotels around the station.


When it comes to using customs in the city of Shibuya, I think that there are a lot of dispatch type sex shops such as incall and outcall in the image.

I wonder if it's a land, store-style sex shop is less than Shinjuku and Ikebukuro.

Although it is natural for outcall, when using outcall etc. at home, business hotel or city hotel, you must use Love Hotel.


There are quite a few love hotels around Dogenzaka and Maruyamacho.

Naturally, there are quite a few sex shops in Shibuya.


Not only Shibuya but also neighboring Shinjuku Ward, Meguro Ward, and Deriheru from Minato Ward are within the range, so there are quite a few sex shops.


Even if there are a large number of love hotels compared to other areas, it is the size of this city, so I think that there will be a great number of customers of the sex shop one day.




In addition, there will be a large number of couples rather than the use of a sex shop, and the love hotel in Shibuya is being remodeled rapidly, so there are very many beautiful hotels.


There is also a women's association plan, etc., and I think that there are many uses for the purpose of being used for the party only by women.


Therefore, even if you want to use it, you may have to wait until there is no room available, and if the time is late it will be used for accommodation unless it is a 24 hour break hotel.

It will not be available until morning.


I think that there are not many people who have experience that they cannot use even if they want to use the hotel completely.

If this happens, it is completely hotel refugee status.


I searched for a flat room and an ugly room, and although I happened to find an empty room, a vacant room is a suite room......


The charge for the Shibuya sex shop is 20,000 yen, and if the hotel charges are originally supposed to be 4 to 5,000 yen for a break, 15,000 to 20,000 yen for the suite room.


If it is this charge, it will be called even a high-end delihel (laugh)


As this rate is so tight, it is as if there is a custom that there is no way to give up crying.



"The merit of using a hotel in Shibuya"


Shibuya's customs and circumstances due to the size and population of the city.

There may be many vacancies or hardships.


However, not only bad things.

It is a hotel where there are so many people and there are many daily visitors, so repeated renovations, etc., the hotel is often beautiful.


There is also a reasonable hotel with a 24-hour break, a hotel with a slightly higher price, a gorgeous hotel with ample amenities, and a hotel targeted at women. So, of course, it's beautiful and there are many, so you can choose a hotel that suits your needs.


Once you have decided on the hotel, the rest is over.

There is no limit to the choices you can make, such as Shibuya's Hote Hell and Ebisu's Deriheru.


If there is no waiting time girl will come within 10 minutes, and even Deriheru will not take 20 minutes if the store from Shibuya.

I think there are a lot of cute girls in any store, probably because the competition is fierce.


Compared with other areas, stores that have a lot of girly girls like girls with amateurish-style shops and uniforms and school girls with a concept of high school girls and girls with loli-like high school girls.


After all it may be because it is a town with many young people, or there are many who want to play with girls of about the same age.




"Fashion Health of Shibuya"


Although it is not accurate, there are about 800 cases in the Shibuya area alone and about 600 shops in Ebisu.

I think that there are more than 3000 cases including Shinjuku Ward and Minato Ward.

I think that everything is not a delivery type, so there are so many stores, though not so many in practice.


As a result, we talked only about love hotels this time, but if you can secure a hotel, you can just choose whatever you want.


It may be different if it is a girl who is too popular and will soon be filled with reservations, but unless there is a particular commitment, there are a wide range of shops from superstores to super high-end shops, and there are ways to play according to the mood of the day and wallet circumstances.


There is also a sex information center, and it may be good to use it when you cannot choose it yourself.




Japanese escort girls is a great stress relief.


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