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2018/10 2018/10
How to get your hands on a lovely Shinjuku Escort while staying in Tokyo?

How to get your hands on a lovely Shinjuku Escort while staying in Tokyo?



Shinjuku is a big city with high populations and skyscrapers with many things to do, especially when it comes to having an escort..


The Kabukicho area is one of the most stand-out locations for entertainment including adult themed attractions when it comes to Shinjuku Escorts.

Here are some ways you can access such a great site:


It's safe even with your first time going! How to transfer from JR Shinjuku station to other railways & subways


Shinjuku station boasts the number one getaway in the world. Various routes are getting in and it is a station that often gets lost in just by switching to each line.


In this article, to make it easy for people who used Shinjuku Station for the first time to understand, I will explain in an easy-to-understand manner how to transfer from JR Shinjuku Station to each line.


One of the leading hub station in Tokyo "Shinjuku"


Shinjuku dotted with department stores, established huge fashion buildings, drinking streets such as Kabukicho and Golden Street, is a sightseeing spot where people gather at night and day.


"Shinjuku station" boasts the number one getaway in the world. Because it is also one of the main spots in Tokyo, there are multiple routes, and its complexity is about to get lost even by Japanese people who partake in the same Shinjuku Escorts.


In this article, I will explain in an easy-to-understand manner how to transfer from JR Shinjuku Station to each private railway / subway so that even people using Shinjuku Station for the first time will not get lost.


Seven routes from JR Shinjuku station

* If you click on the route name, it jumps in detail.



Major spots on route name route


1. Odakyu Line

Hakone, Shimokitazawa


2. Keio Line

Mt. Takao, Hachioji


3. Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line

Ginza, Koishikawa Korakuen etc.

4. Toei Oedo Line

Tsukiji, Roppongi etc.


5. Toei Shinjuku Line



6. Keio New Line

Hatsudai Station, Honachiman Station, Sasazuka Station


7. Seibu Shinjuku Line

Takadanobaba, Honkawagoe


Besides Shinjuku Station, Tokyo Metro and Metropolitan Line also have "Shinjuku Station" which is divided into small areas such as "Shinjuku Sanchome" station and "Shinjuku West Exit" Station, each of which is within walking distance.


If you use a station on the same line, it is the difference whether one station going through to arrive at the destination station increases or decreases.


Here we introduce you to the "Shinjuku" station.


The ticket gate of JR Shinjuku station is divided into the ground and underground

The JR Shinjuku station is divided into two floors, the ground and the basement.

The main exits are East Exit, West Exit and South Exit. Let's remember that the east entrance and the west entrance are underground and the south entrance is above the ground.


For details, please see "To enjoy Shinjuku smartly! Destination separate · Shinjuku station exit guide".


There are several routes to change to each line, but here we will focus on the easy to understand directions.




1. Transfer port of Odakyu Line (West exit ground ticket gate)

The Odakyu line is a convenient route when going to Hakone. If you take the Odakyu Romance Car you can reach the Hakone sightseeing entrance "Hakone Yumoto" station in approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes (charge 2,280 yen).


In addition, without having to use the Odakyu Romance Car you can arrive at "Katase Enoshima" station nearest to "Enoshima" (about 1 hour 10 minutes, 630 yen) and "Shimokitazawa" station (about 10 minutes, 160 yen) without transfer.


If you need to buy a ticket to the West Exit

I went to the west exit ticket gate

If you need to purchase a ticket from the Odakyu Line after leaving the ticket gate once, let's get out of the "West Exit".

As you exit the ticket gate, there is a large staircase and escalator beside the shop "Odakyu AZUR". Please go up here.


West exit ground

As you climb the stairs, the front has become a space opened, and there is a ticket gate on the Odakyu line in the back. Tickets etc are on the left side facing the ticket gate.


Central west entrance is convenient if you have an IC card

Odakyu West Exit Underground

In the central west entrance, there is a ticket gate with which the exit of JR Shinjuku station and the entrance gate of the Odakyu line became together.

For those who do not need to buy a ticket, such as an IC card, this ticket gate is convenient.




Transfer tickets

Since it is in line with the transfer entrance of the Keio Line, I will head towards the one with the blue sign (out side of the picture).

It is easy to remember that "blue is the Odakyu line".


Since this ticket gate is exclusively for transfer, if you want to go out on the ground or outside the ticket gate please get out from the ticket gate at the west entrance.


2. Change port of Keio Line

Keio Line

The Keio Line was created as a route connecting Shinjuku and Hachioji City. Therefore it is convenient to go to western Tokyo, Takao Mountain etc. From Shinjuku station to Takao Yamaguchi station it takes approximately 50 minutes by express, and the charge is 390 yen.

If you need to buy a ticket to the West Exit

Keio Line

After going out the wicket gate at the west entrance, go straight ahead and you will see the signs for the photo "Odakyu ox SHOP" at the left side. To the Keio Line, turn left at here:Coin locker

Pass through a narrow street where coin lockers line up and go straight.



Proceed along the road between Omusubi store on the front "Odusubi" and curry shop "curry shop C & C". The curry looks delicious during business hours.


Keio Line

When you get off the road, there is a ticket gate on the left side.

Central west entrance is convenient if you have an IC card


Transfer tickets

Keio Line

Alongside the ticket for transferring the Odakyu line is the staircase leading to the Keio Line. Go down the stairs of the photo and go straight ahead.


Ticket gate

As you climb the stairs at the end, there is a pink color ticket on the right side. It is also a place where the exit of the JR line and the entrance of the Keio line are together so it is recommended for those who do not need to buy a ticket.


3. Transit of the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line

East east underground

The Tokyo Metro where there is a station underground further goes down from the east exit of B1F. After going out the east exit and going down the road on the left side, let's go down as the stairs will be visible.


Underground Guidance:

As you descend, there is a large underground aisle.


Marunouchi Line

Going diagonally to the right, it is a ticket gate for the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line. If you are going to Ginza (Ginza station), Koishikawa Korakuen (Korakuen station) in the Japanese garden, Tokyo Dome City (Korakuen station), it is convenient to use here.


4 ~ 6. Let's memorize the Oedo Line ·Shinjuku Line and Keio New Line as a set

Oedo Line

Three lines of Toei Oedo Line, Shinjuku Line, Keio New Line are a bit complicated.

The Oedo Line is followed by Roppongi, and the Shinjuku Line follows Jimbocho. Let's learn here with a set as these are ticket gates together. It is along with the way to change from the central west entrance to the Keio Line until halfway.



Ticket gate

At the Keio Line, I went through a pink ticket gate, but I switched to 3 wires, on the left, I left a green JR ticket gate.


It is safe even for the first time! How to transfer from JR Shinjuku station to private railway / subway

Go straight under the sign surrounding with the red circle in the left back.


Turn left

Turn left at the place written "KEIO MALL". If you go straight ahead, there is a sign written as "Oedo Line" and you can see the ticket gate.


After going straight ahead, there is also a ticket gate on the Oedo line on the right side, but there is a ticket gate only for the Oedo line.

If you want to ride the Keio new line, Shinjuku line, let's go straight through "KEIO MALL" and use the ticket gate that you see in front.


7. Switch to the Seibu Shinjuku Line

Seibu Shinjuku eki

Seibu Shinjuku line, located just a bit away from JR Shinjuku station. You can go to "Honkawagoe" station where you can go to "Takadanobaba" station at Waseda University and Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine famous for the god of marriage.


Shinjuku Don Quijote

Let's use the east exit for the exit. If you go straight on Shinjuku Station with Shinjuku Station on the east exit, you can go to Kabukicho area.

When you go out on the street where Don Quijote is located, cross the pedestrian crossing and turn left.


Go straight ahead

Seibu Shinjuku eki

If you proceed as it is, you will arrive at a brown building with a sign with "Pe Pe".

This is the Seibu Shinjuku Line.

As we go down the road under the signboard there is a ticket gate.


Seibu Shinjuku Station Google Map


Even if you mistake the exit, be sure to check the signs with patience!

As shown in the table below, it is also possible to transfer from the exit other than the one introduced this time.

The exit came out, but I did not understand! In case you do not mind, please check the sign.



Changeable exit

Odakyu Line West Exit, Central West Exit, South Exit

Keio Line West Exit, Central West Exit, South Exit

Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line East Entrance, West Exit

Oedo · Shinjuku Line, Keio New Line Central West Exit, South Exit

Also, if it is difficult to see the sign, let's also ask with the stations information desk or station employees.


Please safely master the transfer and have a nice trip!

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