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2022/03 2022/03
Rimming at Tokyo Escort was too good

It's been quite a while since my last business trip to Tokyo, and I've long waited for this day because the only chance I could be at Fuzoku was on my business trip.
Fuzoku is a general term of Japanese sex industry

However, it turned out to be a disappointment. She was unfriendly and uptight, it was a total mistake.

"I can't end like this, not like this!" I picked up my smartphone to search for a decent shop with a satisfying escort. After narrowing down my choices, I made a few phone calls. And one of the staff told me just what I wanted to hear, "I have the perfect companion for you."

I told the staff I needed big breasts, enthusiastic and most of all...FRIENDLY. The staff repeated the same words but in the most convincing tone, "Yes, I have the perfect companion for you." And that was the line I ached to hear. So I went where he told me to be to meet my perfect match.

JEGC at Shinagawa Escort is in Another League!

It's been almost ten years since I've been to Fuzoku in Tokyo, just twice, so I'm almost a beginner here. Anyhow, while I was waiting, my heart was pounding. And after a few minutes at the meeting spot, came a woman, she was the classiest.

"Mr. Juni?" She asked me with the softest tone, and I stuttered spontaneously "Ye, yes." "I'm Aoi, nice to see you."

I was super excited with joy on the inside, but I didn't want her to notice that I was thrilled, so I acted calm on the outside and just said "Oh, I'm glad such an attractive lady like you came." Aoi smiled and put her arm around mine and we walked arm in arm. Just walking with her side by side had me feeling giddy, it was as if I won a prize.

We were chatting while on our way to the Love Hotel (and her voice is so cute!)

Right after we entered the hotel room, she made a graceful bow with three fingers on each hand on the floor. I saw what she did on a Japanese historical drama a few times, but I never imagined it would actually happen to me. Not only was I surprised but I was deeply moved by her Japanese courtesy.

"Thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity. I will serve you to the fullest." She actually said that! Rather than joy, I was shocked. I couldn't imagine such an elegant lady like her would say such a thing to me. Obviously, she raised the bar and my expectations rose as well.

Her various techniques were just voluptuously sensual

Even the bath was tempting.

After I got out of the bath I waited for Aoi in bed, and she shyly crawled into my arm.

"Ahh," she whispered when I teased her erect nipples, and her tone aroused me.

Aoi got on top of me and murmured into my ear, "Now leave it all to me, just lie down and relax," for a passive guy like me, she said just what I wanted to hear

From my nape to my ears, even my nostrils, she lashed and lapped her tongue to it so lewdly. And the slight feminine scent in the moist she left got me heightened even more.

Despite her classy appearance, she was so nasty and I couldn't keep my eyes off her. A hot open-mouthed suck, lashing her tongue out of her month devouring me so eagerly. The most lewd sound echoed throughout the room. All the sudden Aoi was hovering right next to me so close, breathing ragged and nagging me to kiss. I sank my tongue into her mouth, both eagerly sucking and twirling with each other's tongue. We just kept on kissing and the room echoed with lustful noise again.

Aoi sure was an arousing spark. To be honest, just by that kiss I nearly ejaculated.

We kept on kissing for like 10 minutes. I love French kissing and we shared such an incredible kiss, so it really got me into it, but "now it's time to see how you taste" right after Aoi whispered she shifted her tongue to my lower body.

Her blowjob was just as awesome as her kissing.

Aoi pressed her soft lips gently to mine, while she smoothed my pulsing penis up and down with her mouth, she was clinging her tongue simultaneously. When she swallowed my whole penis right down to the base, I shivered in pleasure and thrusted unconsciously, she pushed her face back in response. Moreover, she inhaled so deep my penis reached inside her throat, she did it again and again. It was amazing.

While I was indulging in her relentless licking, lapping and sucking, "Now I want to suck your balls." Obviously, she's extremely immoral, and I love it.

Aoi sucked in "Stuff the Whole Balls in Mouth" style, just the way I wished for. I was already close being knocked out.

Just when I was about to crash right over the edge, "Can you get down on all fours?"

There was no reason to say no, so I went right into that embarrassing body position obediently as Aoi asked me to. And before I knew it I felt something soft and warm in my anus.

I looked in the mirror right by the bed, I saw myself on all fours and Aoi digging her face into my ass, shaking her neck lewdly, twisting and turning her tongue against my ass. I got more excited than ever.

It's hard to believe a lady with such an innocent exterior would do such a thing. Not only was she licking and sucking, she was drilling. Yes, Aoi was drilling her tongue into my hole.

It felt so good in my ass and I couldn't help myself whimpering pathetically. I guess that excites her, because she responded by drilling her tongue into my ass even deeper, very deep.

I went into a full body shiver and couldn't hold myself on all fours, I lied on the bed prone. And now she's crawling face down, swinging her neck left to right up and down, still trying to dig her face into my ass, obsessed with drilling her tongue. Despite her demure demeanor, her skills were too intense...

Now it was my turn to roll her eyes. I slid down between her legs and lashed my tongue across her wetness, already dripping wet, I pushed in drilling inside her to show her how much I loved what she did to me. And from the way she caused an explosion it seems she liked it too, Aoi overflowed even more than before covering my whole face with her juice

"Ah, no, don't, you'll get your face all messy..." Regardless of her bashfulness I remained undeterred, dragging my tongue along the length of her, over and over, relentlessly circling her clit, sucking and licking, until Aoi started to quake like mad, tossing back her head, squealing like crazy. "Oh, that's so good, the shiver, I can't stop it, I'm coming so hard!"

Her skills were amazing and also so responsive, an absolute dream come true. She sure knows how to make a man feel worthy. Just when I was rewinding my mind about what just happened with Aoi, she asked me softly "How do you want it?" I answered "Sumata then."

Aoi got on top of me. Wow, I felt as if I was actually tunneling in and out. Shallow, deep, thrusting harder and deeper. She even went into reverse cowgirl, facing my feet. She sure did put on a show. When she swiveled back facing me again, my eyes were locked on her enticing breasts. I took my time lavishing attention on each breast, licking, lapping and sucking while Aoi kept on thrusting enthusiastically. It was magnificent, she worked it so real. And I threw back my head and groaned. I came pulsing around her navel.

Come to Shinagawa Tokyo and Indulge in Decadence

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