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The Year-End & New Year's Opening Hours information

The year-end brings no greater pleasure than the opportunity to thank you for your support

and wish you a prosperous 2021 filled with health, happiness and success.

The Year-End & New Year's Opening Hours are as follows: 

31.Dec : From 12:00 - until 20:00 (8:00 pm)  Close 
01.Jan : From 12:00 - until  Next 3:00  Close 
02.Jan : Regular Hours

              12:00 pm - until Next 3:00 am  Close

              *Calling center will open 11:00 am.

Note: New Year Special Price 1,000yen will be added through 01.Jan to 03.Jan

We appreciate many customers who used our service this year.
We, all staffs, will do our best for your satisfaction in the new year.
Thank you in advance.

We would like to take a moment to say thank you for the support you have

given us throughout the year.

We wish you the best this holiday season and look forward to your continued

patronage in the year 2021.

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We hope things get back to normal soon.
Next year for sure!

Japanese Escort Girls Club

[Phone] (+81)3.5793.1515 | [OPEN HRS] 12PM-3AM(GMT +9)
[Nationwide] https://japanese-escort-girls.com/
[skype] japanesescortgirlsclub

Choosing the right escort for adult services in Shinjuku.

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What is panel magic?


Panel magic is mainly used towards gravure photo of a woman working in the sex industry, photo shopping her looks as if she was thin by correction or editing, making the eyes look bigger like magic.


The word which united two words is panel magic. Furthermore, it is a standard slang word and is used seriously in the industry.


I cannot mention the name of the shop, but the sex shop I went to a little while ago was an open-minded composite with the gravure photo and background.


It was not a good store!

The expectation of how the services were going to be changed when the escort arrived....


Coming with expectations with in fact be a letdown and you wouldn't even feel like finishing.


Does the adult services in Shinjuku with soft service raise the woman rate of outstanding looks?


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Among the many genre stores, it is roughly divided into two service contents.

That is "hard service" & "soft service".


The health shop is "hard service" because the service content is hard.

I think that there is no doubt that the content of the service is a blowjob or a deep kiss, and there is a body touch from the customer = hard service.


Compared with that, in the case of esthetics systems, many shops refuse any body touch from customers, and blowjob and deep kiss are not included in the content of the play.


I think that there is no mistake in the interpretation of such service content = soft-core service.

(Of course, our Kyoto Rejuvenated Sexual Massage Club is a soft service.)


Working women will first look at the job site and decide which shop will work with the content of their work. (Eg play content and salary)


Earn with soft service rather than with hard service. If you are a worker, you must be looking at job information with this mind.

What changes here is salary and employment conditions for those working in the adult service industry in Shinjuku.

Basically, hard service offers higher salary. And the recruitment conditions are somewhat loose.


Soft service is set a little lower salary than hard service.

However, the Kyoto Escort Club has a system for raising money that can earn a high income that is not inferior to the hardest of circumstances.


Erotic esthetics are mostly soft services, and on the other hand there is no bit of fun if your position is that women are not cute.

Japanese adult services in Shinjuku (Japanese Escort Girls Club) understands that feeling!


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A high-end store among the genre of sexual feeling beauty treatment. The hiring conditions are set high, and only women who can be confidently informed to any customer are employed.


Japanese Escort Girls Club, Tokyo Shinagawa, Ueno, Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, Minato-ku and more.

Phone number: 03 5793 1515 (+81)

Open Hours: 12 pm to 5 am.


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