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【About Nomination fee】
Choosing a girl, we charge 2,000YEN as a requesting fee.
Without request, we send a girl in the order of popularity. So even without request we send the best girl in the moment. We are willing to adjust the girls as much as possible to the customer's taste, so give us the details.

【About Special Girl Fee】
Are Girls most highly popular among our customers, and passed promotion standards.The HOTTEST GIRLS of our shop. For qualifying Girl, From 1,000 yen to 8,000 yen will be charged for Special girl fee besides requesting fee.

Please double check girls schedule page.

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Special girl Fee5,000JPY


【Cute Lady】Pretty with a lovely smile she's super neat! She'll make you want to be together for the rest of your life. She requires an additional 5 000yen and it is totally worth...


Special girl Fee3,000JPY


[Fit for a King] A model like beauty that shows royalty. You will be captivated by her outstanding figure.
She has a few special body techniques that will no doubt cleanse you...


Special girl Fee4,000JPY


【Erotic goddess】Looks and style both perfect. Her stance for eroticism it helps you to become a man who is looking for the female god. Also her prostate technic is a first clas...


Special girl Fee4,000JPY


【New Beaut】 Accepted immediately! Exceptional proportion with white clear transparent skin! When she speaks her cute smile will not stop. For those who plan to meet this lady pre...


Special girl Fee3,000JPY


[Looks of Intelligence] She is the type to be very horny only behind closed doors.. You will be completely shocked by the difference in her personality and appearance.


Special girl Fee3,000JPY


[Mind Blower] She is a down-to-earth tender lady. I assure you will enjoy her gap between the cute look and glamorous body! Her technique is excellent. You will be totally fascinat...


Special girl Fee3,000JPY


【Excellent Beauty】 The excitement by just being within 3 meters radius of her you can sense something very special. You may be a bit embarrassed in her presence and can't look str...


【Impossible】 She has the ultimate "I" cup. Whatever it is that you can imagine to do with them it can happen. She has the intelligent looks and personality but with those breast...


【Untainted Flower】 The word pretty is there for her. While being a young lady in the industry completely inexperienced she is very aggressive in how she plays♪ Please fully enjoy ...


Special girl Fee4,000JPY


【Supreme excitement】 Appearance · Play · Atmosphere ♪ Please enjoy experiencing exceptional play that will relieve stress.


Special girl Fee3,000JPY


【Supreme Jewel】 Looks · Style · Style is perfect in everything. It is a young wife who has a lot of opportunity to be popular here. Please spend some time like the king ★


Special girl Fee2,000JPY


【Whispers of Dreams】 While having an awesome aura a withe of charm with a clean atmosphere and a lovely smile
There is nothing to resist in the presence of her charm!


Special girl Fee2,000JPY



Special girl Fee2,000JPY


【Blessing】slender beauty has arrived♪ You will lose your patience when being with this lady and want to go straight to the bed. A bright personality with a beautiful body line.


【Erotic terrorist】 Like a gravure model this lady has full-body proportions that you'd be able to notice with even her clothes on. A cute face to go along with everything else sh...


【Horny Part-Time Work】 Petit Pichi Pichi Pichi body on your skin! Young wife full of wife is very interested in horny things. Experience the sweet and serene time with a young lady...


【White Model Beauty】 Proportioned with transparent white skin. It is a woman who can please you just by her appearance but it is not just her looks! Her services are also phenomena...


【Erotic Japanese】A stereotypical Japanese lady who can resemble those women who wore kimonos back in the day. A date with this lady will make you feel like your in a movie with a s...


She is a kind of stereotypical looking married lady.
Her looking is erotic and with an awesome bed technique makes you addictive.
Just leave yourself to her service and h...


Her atmosphere giving out a lot of charms and eroticism. Feel her great technique and leave all yourself to enjoy.


【Deep Secrets】 A proper lady who can not hide her deep emotions and desires. She will reveal her sexuality and unleash passion on you even while being polite and attentive to your ...


Her smile when you feel comfortable is the finest item ♪ The girl is filled with gentleness from the dignified atmosphere. Why don't you enjoy her techniques that make full use of ...


She is the real sister of "Akane" enrolled in our shop. Enjoy being comfortable by calm atmosphere and pretty smile ♪ Wonderful consequence will be waiting for you ♪


【The beauty that keeps shining】 It is Oriental beauty beautiful of preeminent look ♪ The popularity boiled mistake is excellent with the outstanding proportion in beautiful appeara...


It is a lovely lady. She seems serious but once her erotic switch turn on ... ♡ Please taste the wonderful erotic wife.


Special girl Fee3,000JPY



Special girl Fee3,000JPY


【A adult novel type companion】Although she may be new to the industry her admiration for the job is unbelievablel!
A sensitive individual with F-cup breasts that is very sat...


Well proportioned with a slim body she has all the right features.
Her mouth is very clean and she is well maintained.
A clean proper lady is always a go...


Special girl Fee3,000JPY


【Forbidden fruit】She looks like good looking style and everybody turns around when she is walking. Nevertheless her personality is so friendly and gentle. Besides her splendid B...


Special girl Fee1,000JPY


【Pure White Canvas】Completely inexperienced with the adult Industry Her G cups are like fruit from the garden of Eden♪ You would not be able to maintain yourself from picking at t...


【Secret Mistress】 If your a man looking for an ideal lady for soothing your body and fulfilling your sexual appetite.

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