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Price / SystemPrice / System


  60 min 75 min 90 min 120 min 150 min 180 min
Rendezvous 18.700yen 20,900yen 25,300yen 34,100yen 42,900yen 51,700yen
Delivery unavailable 23,100yen 27,500yen 36,300yen 45,100yen 53,900yen
  210 min 240 min 270 min 300 min 330 min 360 min
Rendezvous 60,500yen 69,300yen 78,100yen 86,900yen 95,700yen 104,500yen
Delivery 62,700yen 71,500yen 80,300yen 89,100yen 97,900yen 106,700yen
*Tax Included
  • Delivery fee is dependent on your area. Please confirm "DELIVERY CHARGE"
  • Delivery to home (Airbnb included): 90 minutes or more
  • Delivery Area over 4400 yen: 90 minutes or more
  • Delivery Area over 5500 yen: 120 minutes or more
Terms of Use

Please ensure to make the phone call by the actual user of our service.
The booking will be completed after your phone call. Reservation call for a third party is not accepted.

1.To all people intending to experience JEGC.

  • We only accept Japanese mobile phone users / mobile SNS users / people staying in a hotel with a room extension / people who has a landline at home.
  • In case of emergency, we need to make contact to customers. We cannot provide our service to people that does not have contact information (we cannot make phone calls to international mobile phone).

2.Hotel / Home Delivery

  • We only deliver to hotel that has a room extension / home with landline / Japanese mobile phone users / mobile SNS users.
  • Some hotel does not allow visitors in the guest room. In such cases, with an additional guest fee will make your room for two people.
  • The session will take place only with one person in the room.

3.We operate under the Japanese law

    When the following violations are detected, we will stop the session immediately and report to the law enforcement if necessary.

  • Any request or negotiation that is not in our service content.
  • Substance Abuse
  • Use of violence and abusive language.
  • Hidden camera and video voyeurism
  • Monetary trouble

Please follow our regulation above in order to have a pleasant time. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Payment System /*Tax Included

Admission fee 1,100 YenThis fee is only for the first time. Welcome to JEGC!
Nomination fee 2,200 YenExtra charge is required to nominate an escort. If you do not have specific interest in nominating, the most popular escort available will be sent to you. And it usually turns out to be a success. Of course no extra charge.
Extension fee 11,000 Yen per 30 minHowever, if the escort is booked after your present session, it will be declined.
Hotel fee Love Hotel fee in the meeting point area.
The minimum required payment for a 75 min session is approximately 2,750 Yen to 5,500 Yen maximum.
Credit card We accept VISA and MASTERCARD. Additional 15% of the total price will be charged as transaction fee.
Receipt We issue receipts in the name of two restaurants. If a receipt is necessary, please notify us in advance.
Reservation Advance reservation can be made by telephone. Please call us one hour before your specified time for confirmation.
Click here for details "Group Reservation (2 or more)"
Refund Policy After reservation confirmation call, cancellation or request for switching to another escort is not accepted.
After the meeting, cancellation or request for switching to another escort is not accepted and no refund will be given.

Additional request / Extra charge*Tax Included

*Please order in advance due to the necessity of preparation.

Pantyhose 2,200yen
Fishnet stocking 2,200yen
Take home panty 2,200yen
Rotor 2,200yen
Golden shower 2,200yen
Mutual masturbation 2,200yen
Denma 3,300yen
Vibretor 4,400yen

Japanese Escort Girls Club reservation

Two types of way. Select your playful way.


The benefit of Rendezvous is simply discreteness. Discrete from your neighbors or colleagues if you are here on a business trip and etc. In summary, you will not be seen by people you don't want to be seen.
Another advantage is you get to walk together and have chat as couples do on the way to Love Hotel.
The session time will begin to count after entering the hotel room. So no need to rush. Enjoy your company to the hotel.

rendezvous step1

Please tell us your suitable time to accommodate your request. Also after when you have reached to the meeting point, please call us for notice.

rendezvous step2

■Please be punctual on your reservation time.
If you have a designated “Love Hotel” in the meeting point area, please notify us in advance. If you do not, our escort will take you to our recommended reasonable “Love Hotel”.


rendezvous step3

The session time will begin to count after entering the hotel room. Please be respectful with the payment upfront.
※Hotel fee will be borne by the customer (only “YEN” accepted).

rendezvous step4

Indulge into intimacy. Embrace the moments of Japanese pleasure. Create an unforgettable memories together.


The benefit of outcall delivery is clearly for its convenience. No need to go out anywhere. Our Japanese escort will come through your door.
It will only take couple of minutes to make a reservation over the phone. After the call, just make yourself comfortable and relax.

delivery step1

Please share the information of your stay with us to accommodate your request.

delivery step2

You will receive a return call from us to be notified our escort’s estimated time of arrival. If your stay is at a hotel, we will send a call to your hotel room extension.
※To make calls to your hotel room extension, “Check-in name” is required. Please state your check-in name to us.

■Delivery map

delivery step3

Our escorts are appropriately dressed, well mannered and very discrete. Your companion will arrive with plenty of towels in order not to use yours. During the session, towels will be laid on your bed to prevent making a mess. After the session, your room will be just as it was. Even the waste during the session will be taken with our escort.

delivery step4

Indulge into intimacy. Embrace the moments of Japanese pleasure. Create an unforgettable memories together.

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