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Yokohama Girls Information

Due to Novel coronavirus countermeasures
To ensure customers safety all JEGC staff, all people involved and all companions, the following is enforced.
  • Regularly and thoroughly clean hands with an alcohol-based hand rub
  • Wear face mask always in office
For your own safety, please cooperate to clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub together with our companion at the beginning of the session.

Please kindly note regardless with clients, companions may wear face masks before entering the room.
Please pardon our companions if they are not wearing face masks due to shortages.

Thank you for your understanding
Japanese Escort Girls Club

Pictures are all real, No Photo Shop!

No False Age!

No Compromise!

【About Nomination fee】
Choosing a girl, we charge 2,000YEN as a requesting fee.
Without request, we send a girl in the order of popularity. So even without request we send the best girl in the moment. We are willing to adjust the girls as much as possible to the customer's taste, so give us the details.

【About Special Girl Fee】
Are Girls most highly popular among our customers, and passed promotion standards.The HOTTEST GIRLS of our shop. For qualifying Girl, From 1,000 yen to 8,000 yen will be charged for Special girl fee besides requesting fee.

Please double check girls schedule page.

delivery price girls schedule

*Click each girl's photo for other pictures and more information.


Special girl Fee4,000JPY


[Untainted Love] A body that has a beautiful silhouette that just fascinates men. Her E-cup breasts will have you craving the next day! While being such beautiful. She is a very hi...


Special girl Fee2,000JPY


A Sexy looking figure with beautiful face.
Her lovely bumbi eyes and smile makes you feel no regret.
Her beautiful D cup shape and it is worthy her white fluffy skin in ...


Special girl Fee3,000JPY


[Ultimate Neatness] A woman who is wrapped with a beautiful aura that looks involuntarily.
It is an inexperienced new woman advent of expectation that is perfect for this conc...


Nonoka is smoking hot 25 year old and clearly understands it by the way she moves. With shiny bright short hair silken smooth porcelain skin enticing soft large E cup breasts an...


Special girl Fee2,000JPY


Experience the finest beauty of a lady that has become innovated through revolution. She is still young a sensitive so please play gentle with her pure heart.


【Elegant Flower】 Slender fit type body. extremely lovable and erotic! Black long hair. She has a special smile where she would usually bite her lips. It is very sexy.


Yuuri is not only innocent and naivete but also huggable reacting and passionate.
All parts that make up who she is are just wonderful.
Educated language elegant behavio...


Special girl Fee2,000JPY


Super Natural Sweetie.
She has everything in need of girls. Looks style attitude how to talk and so on...You will be enchanted in spending time with her. Leave yourself to ...


【glamorous and lascivious lady】
In a word pretty erotic lady.
She is for men who were looking for sexiness and bewitching aura.
Just let us know if you really want ...


Special girl Fee2,000JPY


When it comes to beautiful girl She is the one to pop up in my head first.
Once you take a look at her Outer appearance of hers are tough to tear away from your head for a l...


She is a beautiful slender lady! !
Although the appearance is an impression made to be relieved on the bed it is a superb Eros and a huge turn on...
She will drag you i...


Slender girl rolled in.
Bright personality with lovely smile impress you her friendliness well.
Needless to say that attractive appearance is very approachable.


E cup beauty big tits draw beautiful and soft silhouette. The color incense that emanates from the scalp applied to the breast from the neck makes you feel the aesthetic sense of a...


Cool beauty and a modeling style makes guys drive more than satisfied.
Her kind of sadistic playstyle stair up your unawakened part of sexual sense and How about to leave your...


【Breast Power】She leaves a great impression and has very inviting eyes. Her sensitivity is also outstanding. She will make you feel right at home... THE ideal woman.


Her behavior and attitude for sexual things are devoted.
The aura only beautiful woman has is shining.
There's no doubt she is going to be the best girl in Yokohama branc...


Special girl Fee3,000JPY


[Fit for a King] A model like beauty that shows royalty. You will be captivated by her outstanding figure. She has a few special body techniques that will no doubt cleanse your min...


like a model!
Beautiful! slender! Horny! A perfect triangle.
Her speech is solid and the customer service is also high standard!


The beginning of play is a shameful impression
As you move forward one side will become more and more erotic
Especially the neck is sensitive!
There is something u...


Special girl Fee1,000JPY


She is good at caring and often knows how to make you crash on. Beautiful and attractive E cup style with an excellent body that is very sensitive. A beautiful toned voice and her ...


Nice size of boobs and her height makes her perfect to describe the model.
Well-stacked and fascinating booty is sticking out very sexy and her moist lips and cute face are g...


【Attractive Woman】Her G-cups will dominate any other feature possible. When you first set eyes on her you will become almost intimidated by the sheer size and beauty.
Once y...


The time with her would cause the illusion as if you were cheating.

Her seductive atmosphere will take you to the erotic world.


Special girl Fee1,000JPY


A behavior that makes you feel calm and elegant while having a soft healing atmosphere!
In addition E-Cup beautiful tits that appears when you take it off!
Leave your bo...


Super beautiful lady who has a sexy adult atmosphere.
Nervousness blows away with her smile and plenty of charms.
Her lovely personality is loved by everyone who meets he...


Special girl Fee2,000JPY


Chizuru is a beauty a chic lady combined with style class thoughtful and always well mannered. With silky black hair seductive black eyes and curves just where it should be. A ...


【High Quality】 In demand G Cup breasts here to serve you! Yes perhaps the main focal point will be her perky breasts which she knows how to use! She can be considered young for th...

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