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Tokyo Escort Girls infoTokyo Escort Girls info

2016/03 2016/03
Variety of Tokyo Escorts
March 31, 2016 10:56 PM | [Variety of Tokyo Escorts]Permalink

When I visit Japan for sightseeing travel or business trip, I see many night entertainment spots in Tokyo.

Especially, there are many and various Tokyo Escorts, and there are foreigner friendly secure Tokyo Escorts, too.
Some Tokyo Escorts are in-call agents, and some other Tokyo Escorts are outcall delivering escort girls to our staying hotels.

In-call Tokyo Escorts are called pink salon, soapland, and fashion health.
The service is from soft-core to harder. And the price is various, too.
It is good to fully enjoy Japanese Fuzoku adult entertainment in premium soapland. Or casual fun in pinsalo or fashion health is good to enjoy your time to the fullest.

Outcall Tokyo Escorts are called delivery health or hotel health.
Many of them do not have real stores. Because it is easy to call escort girl with one phone call, we can say foreigners can book easily.
And you can relax and receiver service without uncomfortable worries as it is not in a store, but in your accommodation facility. We recommend it.

Tokyo Escorts are getting ready for English service.

I have opportunities to entertain foreign guests for my business.

I wanted a group of men to try Tokyo Escorts the other day.
I think many men like ecchi adult entertainment in foreign countries, too.
I recommend you to make sure points in advance to care to avoid troubles in Tokyo Escorts.

I searched Tokyo Escorts. The quick way to find is to check if the Tokyo Escorts are foreigner friendly or not.
Tokyo Escorts did not accept foreigners very much before, but they are getting ready to accept corresponding to the global society.

And I hear Tokyo Escorts have English speakers as staffs or escort girls because people gather to Tokyo in Japan.
If you speak basic Japanese, it is good. But it can be difficult.
In that case, it is smart to ask the agent in advance if they have English speakers. Then, things will be easier.

Tokyo Escorts are the best for foreigners' adult entertainment

Japan's proud city, Tokyo, is busy all the time in day and night. It is a hot entertainment spot at night because restaurants and bars are open.

A lot of foreigners visit Tokyo throughout a year.
Many foreigners want to try Tokyo Escorts in Japan.

Tokyo Escorts in Japan are regarded wonderful first-class service and girls in the world.
Tokyo Escorts make efforts to provide safe adult entertainment as a global level game will come several years later.
The city is convenient with many Tokyo Escorts to use in any areas of your accommodation.

Akihabara is known as a town of anime, so Tokyo Escorts there offer casting with girls as anime characters.
Like that, each area has its originality, so adult entertainment would be fun.
The service of Tokyo Escorts are evolving. It would be more and more fun in the future.

Tokyo Escorts original service
March 28, 2016 12:08 AM | [Tokyo Escorts original service]Permalink

Japanese Escorts, sexual industry, has much more originality than other foreign countries.

Our country has same kind of service, but it is just simple. The service is nothing but for a happy ending, cum.
Therefore, the most of the service is directly to cum. The good point is you can cum quickly.

Compared to it, Tokyo Escorts gave me an impression that Tokyo Escorts offer extra with a happy ending.
In pinsalo (pink salon), BJ is main to cum. And the room is not very private.

In addition, I tried erotic massage, too. The massage was high-skilled. Even hand job brings lots of ecstasy.
Also, I saw Tokyo Escorts with specialized types of girls.
Specifically of married women or mature women, tasty or amateurish girls, chubby or slender and so on. I think a ecchi dirty time with favorable girl is Tokyo Escorts originality, too.

Tried in-call type Tokyo Escorts for the first time

I come to Japan regularly. In most cases, I call in Tokyo Escorts to staying hotels. But I went to in-call type Tokyo Escorts and tried adult entertainment for the first time the other day.

I dropped by on the way from shopping by chance. I was lucky to have adult entertainment without a booking.

There are many Tokyo Escorts on my way. Each Tokyo Escorts had clear explanations about their system, so I could find a matching agent without a problem.
I entered and waited in their waiting room. The mood in the store was pretty good, so it was not tough to wait.
I had a thrilling expectation how the girl would be in in-call type Tokyo Escorts as same as the waiting time in a hotel for outcall escort girl.

It is pretty nice to wait escort girls appear. The girl on the day was burning hot that upset me.
The great adult entertainment with such a sexy Japanese girl kept me excited even after the service.

Girls of Tokyo Escorts improve their technique every day.

I was surprised when I knew professional aesthetic masseuses work in Tokyo Escorts.

I thought beauty care and sexual feeling massage were different. And I did not understand Japan then. But I checked the Internet and found out some Tokyo Escorts support their girls to get qualifications.

I thought this system is very good as they can improve their massage skills to gain qualifications and get money, too.
The daily improved sexual feeling service skill satisfies men of all nationalities of course.

When I used Tokyo Escorts, I was fascinated with the whole body massage with hand motion from up to down and adequate pressure.
I still remember sexual feeling massage was very exciting because of the first whole body massage with palms.

Tokyo Escort assures sexual feeling experience.

In a capital city, Tokyo, a lot of Tokyo Escorts run their business. I am a foreign man. The numbers of Tokyo Escorts is surprising. I had no idea which one to choose.

But my Japanese friend said any Tokyo Escorts are sure to experience sexual feeling, so I tried casually. As a result, I was satisfied and glad at using Tokyo Escorts.

Sightseeing in Tokyo on the day was physically hard, so I used delivery health. I had a good time with the Japanese girl and hustled a lot in the adult entertainment. I was refreshed enough.
When the Japanese girl gave me body to body massage with delicate finger motion, I understood that's the Japanese girls' way.

I had a happy ending by hand job using delicate finger motion. The girls stuck to me after a happy ending. It gave me mental healing, too.
I used Tokyo Escorts on the next day, too. I would like to recommend Tokyo Escorts as they are so sensational.

Tokyo Escorts is an enough reason to visit Tokyo

Tokyo Escorts are very sincere.

Tokyo Escorts do not look suspicious. Their hospitality is like high-end service. I could relax soon after I got in.
And Japanese girls of Tokyo Escorts were really nice.
I know they were doing their job. But their tenderness looked too natural to call business. I felt as if I became a popular man.

I was tired on the first day, so I chose delivery health.
When I talked a little Japanese, she listened seriously to understand me.
Her eyes were very pretty, and I held her naturally.
And her fulfilling service made me cum twice though my body was tired.

Tokyo Escorts experience on the second day was a different one, pinsalo (pink salon).
My friend helped me as a guide and took me without an advanced notice.
The service started with one-to-one steamy hug.
And the blowjob was great. I had not had that deep strong suck in my life. I cum a lot in her mouth.

I crazy for uniform went to Tokyo Escorts.

I had seen Japanese high school girls on TV or Internet only. But I had adult entertainment with Japanese girls in school uniforms in Tokyo Escorts for cosplay.

I like short skirts very much. I asked Japanese girls to wear shorter skirts. They did for me. And the service was satisfactory, too. I like it.

When I saw school uniform in real that I had seen only TV or Internet, I felt emotion and excitement a lot.
When a girl in school uniform came up, I was happy about coming to Japan and using that Tokyo Escort. And I was looking for coming session with the girl in school uniform in front of me.

When the session started, I put my head under her skirt to smell her private part. Tokyo Escorts must be the only place to do such a hentai pervert act.
When I checked her lingerie under the skirt, her skirt and lingerie were matching. I found it great.

Ecstasy in Tokyo Escorts
March 22, 2016 3:18 AM | [Ecstasy in Tokyo Escorts]Permalink

When a Japanese man did business entertaining for me, I went to Tokyo Escorts. The Japanese man booked in advance, so I could have adult entertainment with a Japanese girl smoothly, which was nice.

There was not a waiting time really. Right after checking in at the reception, the girl appeared.

I had not had adult entertainment in Tokyo Escorts, so I checked the adult entertainment carefully and asked questions to the staff. The receptionist was very polite. I appreciate it.
I heard many Tokyo Escorts are foreigner friendly now. It is very helpful.

I had the adult entertainment with excitement. The feedback is very good in a word.
Even though we had a language barrier, the girl was very nice and caring. She pleased my body and gave a wonderful feeling.
I would like to go to Japan for adult entertainment again.

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