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Tokyo Escort Girls infoTokyo Escort Girls info

2016/11 2016/11
Unforgettable night with Japanese Girls from outcall Tokyo

Extraordinally!Japanese escort service is extraordinally!

Welcome to Japan! There should be many reasons to come to Japan.
It may be bussiness trip, just traveling, or living Japan. Especially Tokyo, people say foods, tourism, and Fuzoku are the three famous things to do.

A variety of Fuzoku shops exsit a lot. Since you come to Tokyo all the way across the country, you must be feeling like trying out Japanese Fuzoku.

Just because Japanese Fuzoku is extraordinally fun!


Causion! You have to be aware of these things mentioned below.



In Japan, there are several rules you need to understand nefore using Japanese fuzoku.
First off, selling and buying sex in Japan is illegal. If you became part of these crime, you also will need to recieve a punishment or penalty.

Second, there are many malicious fuzoku shop. Sometimes they steal money from your wallet while playing or your belongings.
Things like these are happening frequently. This means you have to be careful to choose your best fuzoku place in Japan. 

Furthermore, people insist that the lady wasnt Japanese and the pictures they listed on thier website were fake. As you can see here, prenty of troubles may occur to you.


Many troubles listed eariler exsit in using Japanese fuzoku.
When it comes to foreigners, language barrier brings these issues worse.

For instance, when you would like to make a reservation over the phone, they only speak Japanese.

So you couldnt make a booking or you werent explained clearly what kind of service you would get. in additin, you had to pay extra money compared to local Japanese customers.

And because you are not Japanese, the service was different from that of for Japanese.

Also she wasnt Japanese. Like these, more and more problems comes up to you. It is pity that you cant have good escort service here in Tokyo.

You just want to enjoy on the bed! 

Don't Worry! We have finally opened escort service for Foreigners!

Our porpose of establishing this escort service calling center which has English speakers for foreigners is
we just want you to have wonderful and unforgettable moments!


It enables you .....

1, You will get clear explanation from English speakers and safe service.

2, Of course no extra fee.You will get 100 % same service with Japanese.

3, Our ladies are 100% pure Japanese.

4, Our service follows Japanese law. It means our service is safe and legal.

Many pleasures you will only experience from our escort lady!

In many low quality escort shops, they only focus on options, and each oprtion isnt provided as professionally.

Some only focus on ladies' appearance, and thier service is not so good. However in our escort service, our options are not so many as much as other escort company has.

But we if look at how high quality our each options are, you will definetely satisfied with thier skills.

Also we set high bar to hire ladies by cheking thier appearance and thier personality. This is why we are sure that you can have amazing moments with our ladies.

 Moreover, you will be able to experience these options listed below. 

Each options are trained by proffesinal trainer so that they can offer a solid service. after the our special Nuru shower you never ever had, you will enjoy REAL girlfriend experience.

You can create YOUR girlfriend experience by adding some of options you like such as rimming, pink roter, golden shower and so on. 

Many girls who take your mind away from you in our escort club!


Our girls have abusolute higher quality than any other escort club.The reasons are....

  1. Our girls are very caring minded and paying sensitive attension.

  2. Our girls passed strict interview, and it means they have higher standard in apperance.

  3. Our girls are well trained by proffesional trainer.

We only have these ladies listed above.

The ladies we have are chosen by thier apperance and personality. If they have altimate technic, nothing you can say. 

You can count on our out call tokyo!

We have the girl who looks like cute small animals and makes you feel like talking to you, and the girl you want to be passive, and other types as well!



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