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Tokyo Escort Girls infoTokyo Escort Girls info

2018/06 2018/06
Shinagawa Deriheru and Tokyo Pink Salon. 

Tokyo is the perfect place for living alone for men.

However, there is only one big disadvantage.


That is, the rent is expensive.

If the rent is expensive, wouldn't that mean less people will try to live there?


It would seem so, however it is an area in Tokyo where a man living by themselves is increasing year by year.


Because the advantage is far more prominent than the disadvantage.

It is an area where you can live with convenience in shopping, eating and drinking,




Tokyo has an embarrassing shop that is pleasing for men.

That shop is called a Pinsaro (pink salon).


Pinsaro can be used within 10,000 yen. Because rent is expensive, this point is very helpful.


That is why Tokyo Pinsaro will always be around successfully.


Even if money is scarce, it does not matter.

Tokyo Pink Salon game is a simple establishment where you can ejaculate pleasantly on a low budget.



Pinsaro which operates in Tokyo is full of demerits.



Reason being, Tokyo's Pink Salon has been badly reviewed by men who have used the services in that area.


The benefits of Pinsaro should be the low pricing to fit your budget but even though you can use with a cheap fee, it really turns out you spend quite a bit..


So, why is Pinsaro popular?

That is because the women are young and cute so even with a low budget, you can spend time with younger individuals.



Watching a girl giving a blowjob to somebody else or vice versa may not be desired.

The tea and drinks that they serve are very mysterious and kind of scary.


Furthermore, after ejaculating you're left as is with no way of properly cleansing afterwards.

Also because of the narrow space area, you will feel a bit claustrophobic.


There is such a disadvantage in the Pink Salon industry.

However you are still willing to wait in a long line for a 'public' lady because it is cheap and affordable.


That is why while a customer feels a disadvantage, the man does not stop using the service.

However, the quality of women is disappointing in many of Tokyo's Pink Salon's.


There are very few ideal women to get your hopes for from a Pink Salon.

And, compared with Shinagawa Deriheru in the center of Tokyo, the number of stores is overwhelmingly small.


That's why they will not compete with each other.

As a result, we cannot put effort into hospitality and play unless we focus on the quality of women.


To sum everything up, Pinsaro in Tokyo is not worth your money in the long run.


Fortunately, there are several love hotels around Tokyo, which is a blessed environment.

Therefore men can enjoy the privacy while being with a lady


There is an issue when using escorts in Tokyo; since there are so many services, most may not be what you're exactly looking for looks wise, price and service wise.




In other words, it can be said that there are only a very few women who can meet even match your lowest standards for the price.


This is the biggest drawback with Tokyo Pink Salon.


The good news is there are certain shops that consider what the man mostly wants in order to have repeating customers.

It is here at our Tokyo Escort branches where we focus on how to produce the perfect service for customers to repeat use and alternatively benefit in the long run.


Even a good woman, such a content spends a painful time for a man from beginning to end.

That is why educating the ladies is a top priority in this industry

Our instructions given to the ladies has been from decades of experience by what men seek the most in Escort services.


In other words, when using our shop, customer service / courtesy + play content is always exceptional


Please graduate from a service where both parties suffer from being in a stuffy room.

It can be experienced with a low budget but your fail rate is higher than ejaculation which can be experienced several times.

Please feel confident with an intense, unforgettable ejaculation that you can experience for sure even it may be once a month instead of once a week at a pink salon.


By creating a concept, there are no different services depending on the women.


It is only our shop that you can experience a well thought-out brilliant service without paying attention to the small details and gambling with a choice or even having to with someone else's review.


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How much is the price? If you want to check the pricing of no-longer play you are interested in here!


You can deliver in the whole Tokyo area within 30 minutes after you have completed your reservation.

We do not convey any false arrival time.


Please use with confidence.


If you want to see beautiful women before using, click below!


Japanese Escort Girls Club, Shinagawa , Ueno , Ikebukuro , Shinjuku , MInato-ku and  more.

Phone number : 03 5793 1515 (+81)

Open Hours : 12 pm to 5 am.



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