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2020/06 2020/06
Tokyo Escort Girls Club Is A Top Notch !

Andrew.D               Member Since 2020      

Tokyo Escort Girls Club Is A Top Notch !

I used JEGC during my vacation from Hong Kong.


I was searching Japanese girls for fun and stumbled across this place.

Its catch was BE THE KING.

What a wonderful catch.


I met Erena, she has silky white skin,exotic look,beautiful long hair, and her perfume became

my favorite !




 I sat on a sofa and wanted to smoke , right after I took my cigarette out she lit it.

She already had a light somewhere in her pocket and immediately realized that I wanted to smoke.
I never had such a loyal service in my life.


We took a shower together and she gave me a soap-drenched boob job that I didn't even ask.lol 

It was soo good. 

Then she put my penis in her mouth which was so warm and wet.   

I washed all her areas including vagina.

I cleaned it and was ready to eat :))

Her body was so sensitive responding to every single touch I gave.

I poked nipples, circled areola, and puffed her cheeks.

Hey it's still at the beginning she finally asked me to stop saying we can have more fun in bed.


When I was about to get through the bathroom door,she knelt and put a towel on her thigh waiting for me.

I had no idea what was going on, but she kindly told me to put my each foot on her, and she wiped them both. OMG

I got finally a true escort...

I am the king now.


I laid on my stomach and she started to slowly lick over my back,turn me over and kept licking

from my neck,

to armpit which I never thought this good, to nipples whom the sexual nerves of were developed by her,

to belly button,to groin, she kissed head of my penis then to my testicle

which got drenched like a watermelon, and finally to anus...

My anus and her tongue just became best friends in Tokyo Escort!


While she was giving me a perfect blowjob and deep throat diagonally, I was tasting her nipple.

I liked her moan.

She even asked me to put my finger into her vagina.

Then I did with my middle finger. Her pussy was so wet and I can't get enough of this female scent. 

We changed the position,I sat behind her, she was jerking my penis from front and

I teased her nipple and rubbed her clit.

She cum. Her body was shivering that was soo cute. I felt like I wanted to make her cum more.

She got in a doggy style ,

her pussy and anus were completely shown looked so tasty.

I kept rubbing her clit and thrust my fingers into her vagina ,

she asked me to eat it so I put my face between the cheeks and wiggled my face left to right,

up and down, and circled it to eat and taste. 

She came 3 more times.  I never got full.   


She came on top and rubbed her vagina against my penis with lube,

(CAUTION! Penetrating is ILLEGAL!! )

it was not real sex but she used her hands and vagina simultaneously so

it felt very real as inserting my penis in vagina.

I reached climax and exploded all my sperm.

The session was not finished yet, she kept rubbing her vagina and I couldn't stand it,

it was so ticklish.lol



She gave me a regular body massage in the last minute and it was very relaxing.

It's equivalent to buying a Mariah Carey

concert ticket and you get to see Ariana Grande as  a guest for free.

Then we took a shower and she eroticly washed my body.


 Entire session was more than great, I was speechless.

If you are located in Tokyo area, I definitely recommend this place, Tokyo Escort Girls Club !!  

Japanese Escort Girls Club , Shinagawa 
03 5793 1515
81 3 5793 1515

Guidance for Beginners in Tokyo Escort Japanese Fuzoku

Fuzoku is a general term of Japanese sex industry


If you have never experienced Fuzoku,
I assume you do not understand the charge payment system.

I guess the impression of Tokyo Escort Fuzoku is to be expensive.
So to remove that anxiety, it is necessary to understand the charge payment system.


"What if I get overcharged later on?"

It is just natural for beginners to hold such concern. 


So to take away your uneasiness, today,

I would like to explain the charge payment system very clearly.


If you wish to enjoy Fuzoku in Shinagawa Gotanda area safe and secured,

please read this column to understand how it goes. 

Various course are set


Firstly, there are many kinds of Fuzoku in Tokyo Escort, Shinagawa area.

However, regardless of its kind, the charge payment system is basically the same.

For example, all kinds of Fuzoku is set to choose from several types of course.
The various session course are set on the length of time with each escorts.

So before making a decision of your Session Course,

you need to consider how long you want to be with your companion.


Of course, the shorter the session is, the reasonable the pricing will be.

For instance, the price set at shops of Delivery Health Fuzoku in Shinagawa area are around 15,000 yen.
Note that charges incurred for each course is listed as "Price" or "System".

Nominating (to choose a companion) will incur more charges


Now the next thing you have to keep in mind is what is called "Nomination Fee".


Some customer would choose a companion in advance before making contact to the shop.


And some will choose an escort during the phone call with the shop.


Nominating will be a better option if you are the "Discerning Type of a Guy".


However, additional charge will incur when you nominate a girl.


A reasonable shop sets the price at 1000 yen,

on the other hand an expensive shop sets the price from 2000 to 8000 yen.  


Not only the difference between each shop causes fluctuations in Nomination Fee,

but also regarding to each escorts popularity.


Ordering "Additional Option" will also incur additional charge 


One of the best part of Fuzoku is ordering an Additional Option.

When you add an Additional Option, the things you can do with your companion will enlarge the variation.

So many Fuzoku repeaters tend to order Additional Option.


However, additional charge will incur even at the try out of Additional Option.


Also the price of Additional Option are not equal due to its various varieties.


Therefore, if you are planning to try out an Option, you should grasp the price of each one.


Overall, the price is set from 1000 Yen to about 10000 Yen.


Incidentally, in some cases, there are Additional Option free of charge, so if you have any chance finding such an Option, you should give it a try.


Of course no extra charge will incur, it is free of charge.


Any shop in Fuzoku has a free Option, it is just difficult to find since it is under the cover of so many non-gratis Options. 


From what I have explained, the only charge that incurs among "Charge Payment System" is the "Session Course", others can be made at no cost. 


Unless you extend your session, be assured, besides what is listed on the Price List will never be charged.


Extension Fee is usually set comparatively higher than the Session Course Fee.


Most users tend to be unsatisfactory for choosing a short term session. So if you are planning to experience Fuzoku, I suggest for you to choose a longer one.


Also, note that some Fuzoku shop charge what is called "Admission Fee" to first time users.


The average price for an Admission Fee is 1000 to 3000 Yen. However, recently there are shops that does not charge Admission Fee at all. 


So if you do not intend to spend an extra expense, you should look for a Tokyo Escort Fuzoku that does not charge any Admission Fee. 


BEST of the BEST "Tokyo Escort Service"
Japanese Escort Girls Club , Tokyo
Reservation : 03 5793 1515 (+81)

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