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Tokyo Escort Girls infoTokyo Escort Girls info

Everyone needs guidance sometime in their life.


Everyone needs guidance sometime in their life.


With convenience being a major factor in this 21st century, the internet has become the main source for information.


Especially in the most crowded place in the Japan, searching for an escort, Japanese Escort Girls Club will be your ultimate Tokyo adult guide.


Being the longest running company employing only Japanese nationals, Japanese Escort girls Club Tokyo provides the most authentic services.



Other locations and agencies focus on appeal rather than service.


They try to impress their potential clients with stunning looking (photo shopped) escorts.

Their price scheme is also according to this since most pretty girls are stubborn and only want the most amount of money with the less amount of work.


Most all escorts do their job for the quick money.

However for those Japanese Escorts that want a high salary, they all end up usually at the same type of agency.


Being a reasonably priced company, our ladies are well balanced and humble.


That is why at JEGC we allow kissing, touching, licking and blowjob without a condom for the same price (sometimes) cheaper than most Escort agencies could ever possibly consider.


Those that are stubborn and prideful because of their appearance cannot work at our shop due to the fair prices.


Considering this, that means you will pay almost double the amount without half the options for a spoiled brat.  



That is why we sincerely recommend that you do your research prior to running of your visual instincts about an escort's profile that looks so glamorous.


Our Japan Adult Entertainment Guide will be your best source especially when in need of a Tokyo adult guide.


Not only do we provide real user comments feedback about a lady, we also provide information about recommended sightseeing spots and lady advice.


During recent contemplation, we are in the midst of updating our Tokyo adult guide (J-night) to have a more interactive section where even non-members can leave comments and have discussions but before we do, we need more gentlemen like yourself to participate with the girlfriend experience that we provide.


Especially during this Christmas & New Year holiday we urge you to meet with at least one Japanese escort from JEGC.


Japanese Escort Girls Club, Tokyo branch



GFE in Tokyo entertains foreign tourists nicely.

GFE in Tokyo cares enough for foreigners to enjoy secure.

First, GFE in Tokyo agents gather in certain areas called adult entertainment areas.
Moreover, you should go to a guide store if you want to make sure details of each GFE in Tokyo.
They welcome not only Japanese customers, but also foreign customers.
They have English-speaking staffs to solve language barrier. You can tell your request, and they will introduce your preferable GFE in Tokyo.
Not only guide centers, but also each GFE in Tokyo start making efforts for bilingual service.
As we have more foreign tourists, more foreign men use GFE in Tokyo.
Since you come all the way for adult entertainment, we want you to the best of the best for your memory. This is Japanese omotenashi.
Therefore, we hope you to feel secure about your try even if you do not speak Japanese.

Japanese Escort Girls Club, Tokyo
Phone: 03.5793.1515, (+81)3.5793.1515
・Booking by phone call only (OPEN HRS. Noon - 5:00AM)

I could choose GFE in Tokyo good for anal fuck.

GFE in Tokyo famous for erotic domination on whole male body gives even anal fuck using strap on dildo. The abundant service attracted me. 

It was the first experience for me that a pretty girl molested my anal. Because the pretty girl was good at GFE in Tokyo, so the good mood relaxed me.
I thought what helped me a lot to enjoy anal fuck smoothly was the GFE in Tokyo prepared various sizes of strap on dildo.
The matching size makes the session enjoyable without pain, and I was glad at the pretty girl flexed my anal very well.
I think caring dominatrix is the good characteristic of Japanese GFE in Tokyo. In fact, I did not feel any pain in the anal fuck.
Proper amount of nurulotion fine smoothness, so I appreciated I could enjoy ecstasy by strap on dildo.

Japanese Escort Girls Club, Tokyo
Phone: 03.5793.1515, (+81)3.5793.1515
・Booking by phone call only (OPEN HRS. Noon - 5:00AM)

My favorite set was anal vibrator and foot job in GFE in Tokyo.

I tried foot job in GFE in Tokyo for pretty masochistic men. The pretty girl performed a great session using sex toys, too.

First, she inserted an anal sex toy called anal vibrator into my anal. I realized the anal sex toy had no cord. It was a remote control type anal vibrator.
This solves a problem that a woman doing foot job cannot fuck my anal using her hands. I had sexual feeling on my penis and anal together.
I was surprised at that GFE in Tokyo makes a good use of sex toys. The pretty girl showed great technique to regulate foot job speed and strength corresponding to the sex toy's motion.
I am glad at various sorts of anal sex toys in GFE in Tokyo experience.

Japanese Escort Girls Club, Tokyo
Phone: 03.5793.1515, (+81)3.5793.1515
・Booking by phone call only (OPEN HRS. Noon - 5:00AM)

Learned 'sokusyaku' in GFE in Tokyo

In GFE in Tokyo, men are expected to be gentlemen. However, GFE in Tokyo often prepare several hot optional services like 'sokusyaku', blowjob right after you meet without a bathing.
I do not speak Japanese very much. When I saw 'sokusyaku', I had no idea. But I was interested at once when I heard what it was.
Pretty girl starts blowjob as soon as she appears. Moreover, the hard blowjob is moving.
Since I enjoyed this GFE in Tokyo, I always request a girl with sexy lips for 'sokusyaku'.
Because I ejaculate a little early, I have a pretty escort girl good at denial for blowjob so that I can keep erection during the session after that.
Pretty girls in GFE in Tokyo are very good at denial to stop my ejaculation. I am happy about GFE in Tokyo let me forget my early ejaculation.

Japanese Escort Girls Club, Tokyo
Phone: 03.5793.1515, (+81)3.5793.1515
・Booking by phone call only (OPEN HRS. Noon - 5:00AM)

GFE in Tokyo is good to experience exciting blindfolding.

It was not just to arouse sexual excitement. I found it original GFE in Tokyo. It was blindfold domination using an eye mask in GFE in Tokyo.

All sexual industry I have used in my home town just focuses woman serves man. I had not had such an adult entertainment to arouse thrilling feeling using an eye mask like GFE in Tokyo.
If you can enjoy the thrilling session like unexpected blowing into the ear of you seeing nothing, eye mask domination suits you.
GFE in Tokyo prepared adequate domination for the blindfolded situation only, such as butt petting by female pervert.
I also realized it in this GFE in Tokyo that blindfolding made my erogenous zones more sensitive.
I think this GFE in Tokyo is perfect for me in new for SM because it brings similar excitement as SM without pain.

Japanese Escort Girls Club, Tokyo
Phone: 03.5793.1515, (+81)3.5793.1515
・Booking by phone call only (OPEN HRS. Noon - 5:00AM)

Many pretty girls with nice body figures in GFE in Tokyo

Probably many foreign tourists cannot stop looking at attractive women in Tokyo.

Especially, men must imagine further fun with the pretty girls if you look at attractive girls with nice body figures.
However, talking to the pretty girl does not always mean you can ask her out for coffee finely.
Then, how about GFE in Tokyo with pretty girls having good body figures? The pretty girls will touch your penis a lot.
GFE in Tokyo stimulates your nipples and penis taking time. Some GFE in Tokyo provides facesitting or GE tease, too.
And you can find busty girls in GFE in Tokyo. If you want tit sex, you should request a pretty girl with bigger breasts for adult entertainment.
GFE in Tokyo stimulates your penis more and more. And you can have a great ejaculation in the end.
It refreshes you, and you will think you want to spend a good time in GFE in Tokyo when you come to Japan again.

Japanese Escort Girls Club, Tokyo
Phone: 03.5793.1515, (+81)3.5793.1515
・Booking by phone call only (OPEN HRS. Noon - 5:00AM)

Memorial pantie of GFE in Tokyo
January 12, 2016 1:57 AM | [Memorial pantie of GFE in Tokyo]Permalink

I had GFE in Tokyo for a memory. It was great with options perfect for making memories like take-home pantie.

GFE in Tokyo that values on the optional take-home pantie will be even better because a pretty girl hands you her pantie she has been wearing for long time. It is great.
A warm pantie reminds you the pretty girl's temperature, which is pleasing. Also, you can smell her private part on the pantie. I thought that is very original GFE in Tokyo, Japan.
I did not find such an erotic optional service in the sexual industry of my country. I am glad at many GFE in Tokyo supply maniac escort service.
Some pretty girls present not only panties, but also brassieres. It is so sweet they try to satisfy me as much as they can.
Needless to say I made an erotic memory, I also liked pantie collection.

Japanese Escort Girls Club, Tokyo
Phone: 03.5793.1515, (+81)3.5793.1515
・Booking by phone call only (OPEN HRS. Noon - 5:00AM)

More foreigner friendly GFE in Tokyo available

I think some of you visited to Japan long time ago and could not use GFE in Tokyo then.

Most girls in GFE in Tokyo could not speak English. Also law and regulation interrupted.
However, foreigners can use nowadays, and we have more GFE in Tokyo.
If you want to have an adult entertainment, you should find foreigner friendly GFE in Tokyo.
Then, you can check the price and out-call/ in-call on the websites. You can call in out-call GFE in Tokyo to your home or hotel. For in-call GFE in Tokyo, you have to go there.
They also have the list of pretty girls. You can check their nice body figures and pretty faces.
If you want to have good GFE in Tokyo after you look all, you can call in or go.
Staffs of GFE in Tokyo will answer you politely.

Japanese Escort Girls Club, Tokyo
Phone: 03.5793.1515, (+81)3.5793.1515
・Booking by phone call only (OPEN HRS. Noon - 5:00AM)

Pretty girls for GFE in Tokyo are polite and caring.

Perhaps, many foreign men wanted to try GFE in Tokyo when you came to Tokyo for sightseeing.

Maybe your penis reacted unintentionally when you just imagine how their bodies and service are.
Nowadays, there are more foreigner friendly GFE in Tokyo. Let's find a good one and try.
Above all, GFE in Tokyo offers polite and caring service. You would have a good time feeling their heart even if language matters a little.
For example, massage in GFE in Tokyo is finding your personal sensitive parts and whole flexing from the toe to upper body.
Each act is soft and caring. Unless the pretty girl is a dominatrix of SM club, she is never be suppressive in the service.
If you use an agent with S girls, the pretty escort girl leads and gives in the session, but she serves nicely out of the bed or during a talk.
You can enjoy secure, good, and fulfilling service. I recommend you to experience strongly.

Japanese Escort Girls Club, Japan Kanto Tokyo and Kansai Osaka
Elite Escort You've Never Had Before

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